May 2011

Panacea Cross, the medical specialist

"Greetings everypony. I am Dr. P. Cross. I am a new arrival from San Frantello to staff Ponyville Urgent Care. I am a unicorn who's special talent is aiding the sick and injured back to full health. I am staying in a small cottage on the outskirts of town, near to Carousel Boutique. And professionally, I hope I don't see too many of you too often. However I am always interested in making new aquaintances outside of working hours."


Diamond Charm has entered the Governor race with style.

Hello, Foalton County!  I trust that this day finds you all well?  Good.

I am Diamond Charm, and I would like to be your next Governor.  As Governor, I will make sure to take into account the needs of the ponies, and how better to do this than to find out what those needs are?  If elected, I will work with a team of analysts who will work tirelessly to find out what Foalton's greatest assets and strongest detriments are, all in the name of flaunting what we have and fixing what we don't.  I will work to pass a number of measures and new programs that will be light on Equestrian pocketbooks while helping any wayward brothers and sisters that may have fallen upon some devastating luck lift themselves out of the depths of poverty. 

Stupid forcefield

There's a forcefield blocking Ponyville.... I can get in, I cant really visit any of the freinds I made since Ive been here.... I dont like it. The little ponies say theres this goopblob thingy... or somthing. How is a goop dangerous? This forcefeild shield thingy is stupid, I dont like it, I wanna see my freinds, so I'm taking it down. Besides!, even if there is an evil goop, isnt putting up a shield preventing ponies from escaping if they have to? I may be slow with thingys, but I'm smart and I know the shield is a no no.

"The Glooze Is Loose!" by Skyblaze

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!

It's nasty and and it's slimy It'll leave ya lookin' grimy!

It'll slop and splash and glop and crash

It smells like week-old moldy trash

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!


Well. Huh. One heck of a Friday the 13th huh...

Woke up from a concussion in the library to heard about this "glooze" stuff. I think that name's kind of silly to be honest...

A Royal Announcement From Princess Luna

Today, I recieved a letter from a haggard mail carrier. He had been assaulted on his way to deliver it to us. I was terribly worried, and now I am even moreso. this news has reached our ears late. It is apparent that some.. thing.. is targeting those who carry the Elements of Harmony. Yes, they are real, and yes, six ponies living down in ponyville hold and embody them. None of them have been assaulted more than once, so for now e are placing the highest priority on the remaining two. Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter, and Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic

Just to lighten the mood a little

For Anyone worried about the Glooze event going on. It won't last longer than a week. To commemerate keeping the spirit of silliness alive, I made this. <3 all of you very much. For full view, right click/view, or just click here

Defense grid activating

A quick update for all those ponies who are confused as to why there is a great big shining tower in the middle of town, and why some of your roofs may have new fancy ornaments. Due to the recent Glooze attacks, it has been decided that a shield should be erected over Ponyville for a small time period until the problem is rectified. The shield will impose a 5 meter flight ceiling restriction at the limits of Ponyville. In addition to this, a storm belt has been set up outside the shield, where it cuts off (5 metres above ground level), providing a constant water source to hopefully prevent the ooze from penetrating Ponyville. Remember this is only temporary until the problem is solved.

Dear Diary: Today has been crazy as all get out.

It... has been weird. I wound up... falling into this land, through a city of clouds, through rainbow, and... I was caught by this pretty pony with rainbow colored mane and tail. Crazy, huh?


A Few On-The-Road Hints

Hey everypony, Sandy Rivers here! Now, you don't need me to tell you that living on the road can be scary. There's a lot of things you need to know to get by but luckily you have me to give you the survival tips you need to survive!


Vote Spinner: She listens


Hello, friends. I will be honest here, I have had little political experience to this point. But in the course of listening to my respectable opponents, I have noted a certain tendency to charge forward with their opinions, regardless of objections. I would, therefore, like to throw my own hat into the ring.


Please do not be alarmed! Chat's down for a little

We're fixing it as fast as we can!

VERY temporary Chat room HERE till we can get our horseapples together. 

Update by Mayday: Thanks Myryan for fixing it! Firewall issue it appear.


Lady Octavia For Governor!


Lady Octavia for Governor of Foalton County

Vote Lady Octavia for the sake of effinciency and friendship across the land!

Remember: Lady Octavia ran first against the colt who ran first!

No military experience, who better to lead Foalton to everlasting peace?

Foalton county needs somepony. Lady Octavia is that pony.

Remember: A vote for Octavia is a vote for friendship! DO YOU HATE FRIENDSHIP?

((Hopefully, we will have an election whenever. For now, as there is no  worthy opponent, I'll leave it to the mods.))


Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is the lead character of the series. She is a Unicorn with a knack for magic, and because of such, is Princess Celestia's star pupil. She Represents the Element of Magic For the Elements of Harmony



Equestria is the Kingdom the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" series develops troughout the first season.



# Title Writer Original airdate Extra
1 Friendship is Magic, part 1 Lauren Faust 2010-10-10  
2 Friendship is Magic, part 2 Lauren Faust    

Colonel Graffheart For Governor!

Colonel Graffheart for Governor of Foalton County (Of which we have decided is the county of which ponyville is in.)

Vote Colonel Graffheart for the sake of efficiency across the land!

Remember: Colonel Graffheart ran first!

Ex-Military colonel, who better to lead Foalton to victory?

Foalton county needs somepony. Graffheart is that pony.

Remember: A vote for Graffheart is a vote for efficiency's sake!

((Hopefully, we will have an election whenever. For now, as there is no opponent, I'll leave it to the mods.))


The Landship

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Swash_Chuckle

Location: Somewhere near the Everfree forest, outside of Ponyville

Room: The Wild




Greenling Unicorn


[Pic soon to come]


Breed: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: A sunflower made up of spirals




Greenling is a very strange pony. She is a full-grown mare, but she still retains the stature of a baby pony.  She loves plants! Some could even say she has a green hoof! Greenie also loves Princess Luna to the point of obsession!




Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon


Greenling's (M)Usings #1

Greenling Unicorn writing, on this, Day 47 since the return of Our Lunar Princess.

I write this journal to keep track of the wretched failure my life has become since getting this job in the Hoofenberg Greenhaus, the premiere greenhouse of Ponytory. I think I actually successfully bred a moon lotus! By crossing a red water lily with a blue lotus (the old-fashioned, Earth pony way, I might add), I have recieved buds of a color somewhere between a sort of 'natural hot-pink' and a pale violet-blue. I believe the second or thir generation will produce an even more lovely color! I need a blue to match the glossy luster of Lady Luna's mane in her moonlight. That will be my gift to her. I wonder how she'll reward me!


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05/09/2011 - Wickedwishes and her Apple of Discord

ANOTHER Pony Wiki? Well. Sort of yes. Sort of not!


Hey again everypony! Thanks to the efforts of the tireless Mayday, we've got our own Wiki up, and ready to be filled in by the community. Of course, it's more than just another Wiki. We're looking for entries concerning the roleplay going on in the chat. Significant events. Original characters. ties to each other. Original Locations, and more. We're giving you, the community, even MORE ways to help make this place into... well. what you guys want it to be! Pic related. Wrap your brain around it slowly if you don't get it at first. It'll come to you, I promise. Oh, and by the way, the link to the Wiki is on the left Menu Bar.

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