May 2011

Original Characters



This chat is filled with original characters! Simply go to the chat, create one, and it will be listed here!

Some tools here to help you start making your own.




Hello! This is the entry page to the wiki about the world of Equestria. We are going to try to get all the information about Equestria here. 

Restructure Revolution!

As most of you who come to the chat rooms may be aware, there's been a restructure of the chat room system to hopefully make navigating/choosing where to play, a bit more obvious. Also, there've been updates to the rules So make sure that you give them a read! The room descriptions were done by Crescendo Kite, who also happens to play our local great and powerful Trixie!

Re-thinking Canon Characters. Sorry I can't seem to make my mind up.

I've been thinking about it. I've been doing things a bit wrong and a bit right. Mostly because of my getting overexcited and not thinking things through properly. You might notice what I've done to the prior announcement. There's a reason for it. I hope nopony is dissapointed. First and foremost though, I want to thank everyone who up and applied at the very least. You guys have been amazingly tolerant of my massive incompetence. See the image to the side there? I feel like that's how I've handled the whole Canon Character thing. I'm a bad pony, and my liscence should probably be revoked.


Sandy Rivers: Cartographer in action!

Hello everyone! I'm Sandy Rivers, one of the finest explorers and map makers in Equestria! I've been everywhere from Appleloosa to the Everfree forest on the hunt to find new and exciting things but I can tell you that I haven't seen one tenth of all the things out there. It's a big ol' world and I want to see it all! However, that doesn't mean that I don't take time to rest at home between journeys. Sometimes after a long trip you just want to curl up with a nice book or go out for some oats with your friends. Someponies like to say, 'work hard, play hard' but not me. I like it nice and easy.

Project Pegasus: An Update

As of the 4th of May, the testing of Project Pegasus has begun. Simple flight has been achieved, and can be maintained without the additional thruster pack initially believed to be necessary to achieve lift. I have performed a number of simple maneuvers, can come to a full aerial stop and maintain altittude, and can achieve a steady speed of 64km/h at maxiumum augmented thrust. The predicted ceiling of natural speed, without the aid of a long dive, is estimated to be 112km/h. I am still yet to perform any complex aerial moves, and have in fairness done littlre more than flew in a few circles, or in a straight line concerning the speed test.

Incandescence's Opinions

Just a second.. Let me get up on my platform here, adjust my mic... There we go. Ahem.

Today's Episode: The Grand Galloping Gala, Celestia's Rule, and Life in General.

Seeking out those interested in Auditioning... and then some!

















 Disregard this post. Just leaving it here for archive purposes.


Dearest Princess Celestia...


Dearest Princess Celestia,

It felt like just yesterday when I was assigned this new mission. Where I would stays in ponyville and study the magic of friendship. One thing I definitely learned is that time flies by fast when you have your friends around!

New Feature for some real fun!

Introducting: the In character Blog! Just by being registered, you can contribute to the main page itself now! The rules are the same as sitewide, and submissions will be reviewed before being published. The only thing extra special is this: When making an announcement, do so in character! Don't worry if you don't have the immediate nack for it, your submission might be edited by us for the sake of keeping it "In character" for you! Ready to really make Fillydelphia yours?



Edit: to submit to the character blog, Sign in, look to the left, click on In Character blog, and there ya go!

Role playing Guidelines

Main Entry:    role-play  (Roleplay)
Pronunciation:    'rOl-"plA, -'plA
Function:    verb
transitive senses : ACT OUT  <students were asked to role-play the thoughts and feelings of each character -- R. G. Lambert>
intransitive senses : to play a role


Canon Character Application and Checklist

See this for new update 


It's come to my attention that a lot of people are eager to play Canon Characters, and this is great. However, after a bit of consideration I've decided that the qualifications for running a Mane cast member, should be pretty high standard. I've also finally compiled an application, which should be sent to for consideration.


A huge shout out to Sethisto!

It was a really quiet and somewhat mild place for the first few weeks.


Then Sethisto featured us.


The Chat is alive, and better than ever these days, and we totally couldn't have done it without you.


Thanks, Equestria Daily. We wouldn't be the same without you!



OC Factory

Need help designing your OC?

Check this Flash Pony Creator by generalzoi


Check out these two pages on Ponibooru.


For Stallions

For Mares.

P-Day has come!

We've finally gotten featured on Equestria Daily. Of course that means, lots of you ponies are new around these parts! I want to welcome you with open arms and say "Hey!" It's great to have you aboard! In the chat, the following Ponies still haven't been taken yet:

New Feature! Interactive Stories!

We've got a new feature on the site. Interactive Stories! There isn't much up yet, but I'm sure it'll get there. I plan to be writing in there myself, so keep an eye out and have some fun reading, adding your own, or even helping others with theirs!

Interactive Stories

An Interactive story (IS) is basically this an entire message board devoted to a story.

All the people behind it are pretty much known as the "writers", and the story owner tends to be known as the "moderator" or "editor".

Now, there is a few basic about IS, but they usually made up of the following

1. Story name

  • This should be a name of the story, it is just a name, it can have a theme in it, like "My fillydelphia advanture" or "A pony journey to her first job". But it should not be too descriptive.

2. Description

  • This should be the description of the story, you should tell people a summery of the theme. You should tell them the major theme, if any, of this story.

Once we finishes with those, we need to write the first page of the story. Which should includes the following:

  • Story detail: If there are any story related information, like the main character name, where it take place, you should list them here.
  • Atmostphere: What city is this story taking place in? Is there any major different between it and the pony world? 
  • Rules: If you only want certain type of situation, like original character only, you probably should put it here. Remember, it is the moderator's, which is the owner of the Interactive story responsbility to make sure they follows them and edit / delete them if necessary. Creator of the story is the moderator. 

And that is pretty much it! To recieves publicity and input, it is best to open a forum post in our interactive story forum and discuss it there. It is best to includes the link to the forum topic in your story first page. 

A few thing to pay attention to:

Linking: It is possible create a link that link to existing page inside a story, or another story.

Permission: You can make it so everyone, just the page owner, or story owner and page owner, can edit a story.

PS: Make sure you understand the idea of interactive story before you create one. Don't think of it as a "Story request page". Until you made some effort into your own story, it is unlikely someone will just drop by and add on their own. Also, make sure you specifies any rule that story have on the description or at least on the first story page. Never leave Story Description empty! If you see any problem here, please let us know by feedback!

Also, you will need to login first to make a new story or add to existing story.