Incoming Adventure

Something is coming to Ponyville. What? Well, it's hard to say without giving away too much. But needless to say, it's going to be one of our biggest events to date. Expect anything and everything from the mildly strange to perhaps, outright zany. More after the break.




Room reconfiguration completed

Finally got around to add new rooms and spread things out a bit. This was started in this post

See update to our Location and Rules related to this map changes too!

Whatever. ('cause this is my King-dom of, Equestr-i-a)



Let things be. If I get any flak I'm going to man up and deal with it. I'll just say that I am not the internet's parents. And parents who let the internet raise their kids are doin' it wrong anyways. Flank it.

Ponyville is now back to "Normal"

Well... as normal as it usually is anyway.

We can discuss more about the discord week here! No spoiler until tomorrow server time, though!

Weather system added to our chat!

Weather system online in the chat! Just in time with our Discord week! 

Most of the information about the weather system will be here! Don't worry if your suggestion is not in the graph yet. We are still making more and need icons for everything!

If you don't see a tacky little weather icon on top right of the message field, try refresh your browser!

Spoiler alert: Merging continuity at server time 23:59:59 Today!

At server time 23:59:59 today, September 17th, the same day Season 2 episode 1 aired, the roleplay in the chat will be merging story continuity with the show! So, if you don't want spoilers, you might want to delay your visit as characters (Mostly the canons one) and some non-canon character will behaves as if they have been through what happened in Season 2 episode 1! No spoiler without warning before that time, please.


Warning: Spoilers after the break!

Fillydelphia character Sprites

Themiles is starting her work on a Fillydelphia Original character fighting game sprites set! Let's see if we can get her some support over the forum here!

 I think they are pretty awesome so far, don't you think?  

New front page

Umm.... That is pretty much it. Let me know if you like it or whatever other suggestions you might have! 

Fillydelphia Gallery goes live!

 Good news Everypony!

After a long period in development thanks to Ryalor. Fillydelphia Gallery goes live!

It is a full featured gallery, support images, flash, video, illustrated story and document. Here is a Gallery feature list

This gallery is designed for content creator, if you didn't made it and have no permission to post it, please don't post it here! We wish to respect the original creator of the material in this site! discussion here!

A Personal Character Request thing. From Oni!

Yo everypony. I'm just doing a small request for auditions for some original characters of mine. I haven't drawn all of them, so that's also going to be part of the request too, unless I manage to make myself unlazy enough to draw them as well. But specifically, the characters I want played, are to be relatives of my main OC, Oni Sorasousha. If this doesn't appeal to you, I can understand, and don't feel that you have to read past the break, unless you are curious about doing so.




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