Brony In need?

Sometimes life isn't exactly peachy keen for all of us. But we can at least stick together. I don't have anything I can offer to Inkwell's player myself, but he's more than willing to take on your commissions, and more. Check out his deviantart to see the awesome work he's done, as well as the flash game he made that was featured on Equestria Daily. I can't think of much I can really do myself, aside from put the word out to everypony so that those who can help. Well. Can. Please visit his page and check out his amazing work. You can also likely get in contact with him in the chat too.

Pony videos to Promote our Site!


Short. Silly. Stupid. I'm trying to get the word out in a silly way. Have you made a Pony related Video? Do you have ideas for one? Contact me about it!

Just to lighten the mood a little

For Anyone worried about the Glooze event going on. It won't last longer than a week. To commemerate keeping the spirit of silliness alive, I made this. <3 all of you very much. For full view, right click/view, or just click here

Please do not be alarmed! Chat's down for a little

We're fixing it as fast as we can!

VERY temporary Chat room HERE till we can get our horseapples together. 

Update by Mayday: Thanks Myryan for fixing it! Firewall issue it appear.


ANOTHER Pony Wiki? Well. Sort of yes. Sort of not!


Hey again everypony! Thanks to the efforts of the tireless Mayday, we've got our own Wiki up, and ready to be filled in by the community. Of course, it's more than just another Wiki. We're looking for entries concerning the roleplay going on in the chat. Significant events. Original characters. ties to each other. Original Locations, and more. We're giving you, the community, even MORE ways to help make this place into... well. what you guys want it to be! Pic related. Wrap your brain around it slowly if you don't get it at first. It'll come to you, I promise. Oh, and by the way, the link to the Wiki is on the left Menu Bar.

Restructure Revolution!

As most of you who come to the chat rooms may be aware, there's been a restructure of the chat room system to hopefully make navigating/choosing where to play, a bit more obvious. Also, there've been updates to the rules So make sure that you give them a read! The room descriptions were done by Crescendo Kite, who also happens to play our local great and powerful Trixie!

Re-thinking Canon Characters. Sorry I can't seem to make my mind up.

I've been thinking about it. I've been doing things a bit wrong and a bit right. Mostly because of my getting overexcited and not thinking things through properly. You might notice what I've done to the prior announcement. There's a reason for it. I hope nopony is dissapointed. First and foremost though, I want to thank everyone who up and applied at the very least. You guys have been amazingly tolerant of my massive incompetence. See the image to the side there? I feel like that's how I've handled the whole Canon Character thing. I'm a bad pony, and my liscence should probably be revoked.


Seeking out those interested in Auditioning... and then some!

















 Disregard this post. Just leaving it here for archive purposes.


New Feature for some real fun!

Introducting: the In character Blog! Just by being registered, you can contribute to the main page itself now! The rules are the same as sitewide, and submissions will be reviewed before being published. The only thing extra special is this: When making an announcement, do so in character! Don't worry if you don't have the immediate nack for it, your submission might be edited by us for the sake of keeping it "In character" for you! Ready to really make Fillydelphia yours?



Edit: to submit to the character blog, Sign in, look to the left, click on In Character blog, and there ya go!

A huge shout out to Sethisto!

It was a really quiet and somewhat mild place for the first few weeks.


Then Sethisto featured us.


The Chat is alive, and better than ever these days, and we totally couldn't have done it without you.


Thanks, Equestria Daily. We wouldn't be the same without you!



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