P-Day has come!

We've finally gotten featured on Equestria Daily. Of course that means, lots of you ponies are new around these parts! I want to welcome you with open arms and say "Hey!" It's great to have you aboard! In the chat, the following Ponies still haven't been taken yet:

New Feature! Interactive Stories!

We've got a new feature on the site. Interactive Stories! There isn't much up yet, but I'm sure it'll get there. I plan to be writing in there myself, so keep an eye out and have some fun reading, adding your own, or even helping others with theirs!

Soon to be Spotlighted.

As some might know, my computer exploded for a bit. Well. it overheated anyways, and had to be sent in for repairs. So I hadn't been around. When I finally got to checking my email, being so busy catching up with all of the browsing I wanted to do that I couldn't... I got the most wonderful news. We're going to be spotlighted on Equestria Daily! This is how I felt.


Fillydelphia, We are GO!

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