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Greenling's (M)Usings #1

Greenling Unicorn writing, on this, Day 47 since the return of Our Lunar Princess.

I write this journal to keep track of the wretched failure my life has become since getting this job in the Hoofenberg Greenhaus, the premiere greenhouse of Ponytory. I think I actually successfully bred a moon lotus! By crossing a red water lily with a blue lotus (the old-fashioned, Earth pony way, I might add), I have recieved buds of a color somewhere between a sort of 'natural hot-pink' and a pale violet-blue. I believe the second or thir generation will produce an even more lovely color! I need a blue to match the glossy luster of Lady Luna's mane in her moonlight. That will be my gift to her. I wonder how she'll reward me!


Sandy Rivers: Cartographer in action!

Hello everyone! I'm Sandy Rivers, one of the finest explorers and map makers in Equestria! I've been everywhere from Appleloosa to the Everfree forest on the hunt to find new and exciting things but I can tell you that I haven't seen one tenth of all the things out there. It's a big ol' world and I want to see it all! However, that doesn't mean that I don't take time to rest at home between journeys. Sometimes after a long trip you just want to curl up with a nice book or go out for some oats with your friends. Someponies like to say, 'work hard, play hard' but not me. I like it nice and easy.

Project Pegasus: An Update

As of the 4th of May, the testing of Project Pegasus has begun. Simple flight has been achieved, and can be maintained without the additional thruster pack initially believed to be necessary to achieve lift. I have performed a number of simple maneuvers, can come to a full aerial stop and maintain altittude, and can achieve a steady speed of 64km/h at maxiumum augmented thrust. The predicted ceiling of natural speed, without the aid of a long dive, is estimated to be 112km/h. I am still yet to perform any complex aerial moves, and have in fairness done littlre more than flew in a few circles, or in a straight line concerning the speed test.

Incandescence's Opinions

Just a second.. Let me get up on my platform here, adjust my mic... There we go. Ahem.

Today's Episode: The Grand Galloping Gala, Celestia's Rule, and Life in General.

Dearest Princess Celestia...


Dearest Princess Celestia,

It felt like just yesterday when I was assigned this new mission. Where I would stays in ponyville and study the magic of friendship. One thing I definitely learned is that time flies by fast when you have your friends around!

New Feature for some real fun!

Introducting: the In character Blog! Just by being registered, you can contribute to the main page itself now! The rules are the same as sitewide, and submissions will be reviewed before being published. The only thing extra special is this: When making an announcement, do so in character! Don't worry if you don't have the immediate nack for it, your submission might be edited by us for the sake of keeping it "In character" for you! Ready to really make Fillydelphia yours?



Edit: to submit to the character blog, Sign in, look to the left, click on In Character blog, and there ya go!

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