Community Meeting

Community Meetings

Because of some issues lately, I've found myself in need to get ideas out. As well as to get ideas in, as well, from the community as a whole. I'm interested in talking with anyone who is interested in getting involved in the process. If you have questions about how we run things, suggestions, or just want to be a part of developing the community in general, we are holding an open forum event in the chat. For next four days (Tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and friday night, just in case we can't cover everypony in one day)  It will be held in the Other Room, from 18:00 chat time (3:00 PM PST, 6:00 PM EST) Until.... well. Whenever we don't have anything else to talk about. I will be there, Mayday will be there.  Of course, while we do want to hear from everypony, we still ask that everyone takes the time to listen to everypony else, and also be sure to listen to us admins when we ask you to quiet down so we can talk, or of course, quiet down when somepony wants to say something. We ask that everypony come if possible, but we understand that if you'd rather just play, you can do that too! If you can't show up but still have question or concern, just PUB me or Mayday your question so we can address your concern publically. 

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