Ah guess Ah might have a minute or two ta myself. A'ight, pardner, let's talk...

Have yerself a seat. Yea, right there is fine. Ain't no bother ta me. I'm used to sittin' on hard ground, anyhow. *chuckles*

Ya wanna ask me about my homeland? Ah dunno... There's a lotta jabberin' that Ah could do about it, and Ah ain't really one fer...

Okay, okay! Sheeesh, friend, ya gotta way of convincin' a gryphon. Jus' stop givin' me them puppy dog eyes, little miss, and Ah'll get on with it.

The Lands Beyond



Ruler: No specific ruler, several assorted warlords own territory

Residents: Mostly Zebra and Gryphons, with some ponies, approximate overall population is 4.3 Million creatures, not counting monsters.

Location: Starting from Mild West's western border, and stretches west and north to the oceans, while continuing south until the Broken Laylands.


General Information:

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