The return of the Cyber Pony

For the residents of a rather out of place, modernist house with attached cloud loft in the residential district, surprise may be in store when the receive a letter addressed to them. For the past six months or so the house has been rented out from the landlords, a C. Hooves and V. Star, who have been absent from Ponyville since the beginnings of the terms of rent. The letter addressed to the residents reads thusly:

A matter of Hooves and Stars

  - There is a note pinned to the front door of Cyber Hooves' and Violet Star's house:

"Hey there everypony. Little note from Violet and Cy. We've both got a lot on our plates currently, what with Cy trying to move the business up to Ponyville and all the logistics and stuff that go with that, and I myself, having finished up my advanced Thaumaturgical exams, now need to head away and train myself spiritually for a bit. Can't really say what for, but hey, should be a great adventure. 

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