The State of Don

"In the Beginning of time, five beings stepped forth to create a shinning world.  Terra, Fiona, Kilrik, Galen and Sol worked together to bring the world they dreamed of into reality, and used their powers to form Don.  Terra, the Healer of Rock, gathered the minerals from space in a composite and create the Earth.  Fiona, Priestess of Life, melted the core and gave the new planet internal warmth.  Kilrik, Warrior of Water, filled the world with oceans, seas and lakes, giving it a beautiful Azure sky from the reflection.

Fire At the Carousel Boutique

The blaze at Carousel Boutique flamed up suddenly, without warning. Is this the same sort of 'accidental' sabotage that occurred at 56th 52nd and Mane? or just a common household fire caused by an untended stove? The entire boutique would have burnt to the ground quite quickly had it not been for a few vallient ponies that saved the day. Thanks go to VarienQill, Rarity herself, Skyflys, PlatinumSpark, and GamePlan for their vallient helps in putting out the fierce flames. Also helping was OrionShadow, helping to clean up, and your correspondant, Almondflash. Nopony was harmed, but thousands of bits of damage were wrought. The downstairs was almost completely ruined, kitchen and boutique area. Hopefully, no more of these accidents occur any longer.

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