ColdRemedy's "humble abode"

Location: The Hub.
Residents: ColdRemedy

In between the packed buildings of the hub, is ColdRemedy's home, if you can call it one. Having to go theough a few alleyways to get to the "home", it was hidden from plain sight.

The home was more of a camp, consisting of a Tent, bedroll, and a portable coffe table. There was a cart next to the tent filled with supplies for daily life, food, water, etc. There was also a small foldable desk on the other side of the tent, on top of it were tubes, bottles and many more assortments for alchemy.

Lovely Sonata's Home~

Surrounding Area Lovely owns a good bit of land at the side of the lake in the SSA. The land is gorgeous and you can look out of any of her windows or even just sit on the porch and take in a lovely view~

The Shadow Home

This is where Orion, Raven, Melody, and their various housemates all live. (See Orion's profile for who exactly lives there.) The house is an exact replica of the Brownmane family home in Trottingham.

Physical Appearance (Exterior):

The return of the Cyber Pony

For the residents of a rather out of place, modernist house with attached cloud loft in the residential district, surprise may be in store when the receive a letter addressed to them. For the past six months or so the house has been rented out from the landlords, a C. Hooves and V. Star, who have been absent from Ponyville since the beginnings of the terms of rent. The letter addressed to the residents reads thusly:

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