Clover Hills Apiary

The Clover Hills Apiary will soon be re-opening! Once Winter Wrap-Up is... well... wrapped up, the Honey Family will be hard at work seeding the fields, setting up the hive boxes, cleaning the production barn, and bringing the swarms back to town! Once production is back into full swing, the Honey Family will open their new store, located on-site in the big beehive-shaped building. Come on by and enjoy some free samples! We sell honey, honey sticks, honey sweets, honey buns, and bees' wax. Of course, no listing of our inventory would be complete without mentioning our baklava, the specialty of our very own Honeybun. We'll also re-open our cart stand in the Ponyville market for everypony's convenience.


The Clover Hills south of Ponyville will once again be open for picnics, grazing, star-gazing, and parties. All we ask is that you respect the bees and don't eat or damage too much of the clover. They need those clover flowers to produce the best honey this size of Canterlot!

Clover Hills Apiary

Location: The rolling hills and farmlands south of Ponyville
Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields
Residents and/or Employees: Honeybun, Grape Jelly


The Clover Hills Apiary is a small-time beekeeping and honey-producing operation. Operated by the Honey Family, Clover Hills provides honey, honey products, beeswax for candles and scroll seals, and pollination services for the many farms and orchards in the Ponyville area.


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