Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop




Owner: Glimmer

Room: Library District


Wedding Planner: Blaire Bokette

Intern: Bonnette Bokette

((Sales Rep position available.))

Hours of operation: 9am-9pm

Fashionista's Palace

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon.

Owner: Mistress Perfect

Residents and/or Employees: Mistress Perfect, Arrietty Mana

Location: Near the Schoolhouse and the Library

Time Family Time Works

Owner/Manager: Jacklyn</a> Time


Location: In The Library area.


Room: Twilights Library Surroundings


The Ponyville branch of the famous Time Family Time Works shop, it is a store specializing in the making of, repairing, and delivering clocks to its patrons. In addition to the selling of clocks displayed inside, it also handles custom orders and deliveries.


Exterior Description

Rivers Cartography

After little more than a week, the tarps come down on the new construction site in the Library area. Just as fast as the site was erected, it was cleaned and cleared leaving behind a new two-story building. It's unclear exactly what the building is for. It's either a small business or a big home. Walking up to the door, there's a small sign hung beside it reading: 'Rivers Cartography.'

New Construction

There's an awful lot of hustle and bustle coming from the west end of the Twilight Library surrounding. It seems a construction crew from out-of-town has arrived and are briskly working to construct a new building. What it is exactly is unclear. It's surrounded by scaffolding and tarps, spotted with the occasional logo of the CCC (Canterlot Construction Company). Who the building is for is unclear but the workers are moving at a shockingly fast pace. Why, it seemed only yesterday that this place was a clear, grass field spotted with trees and now it's constantly drowned in dust and the loud sounds of hammers pounding, saws cutting and gruff ponys shouting one command or another day and night. Within a few days work, the building had already grown a second story and a by the next day work was already beginning on the exterior. Whatever it is, it won't be long before it's completed.

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