"Weekly Pony" #3

In this issue, you'll find:

Daring Do's confession!

Are changelings around us?

52nd and Mane is back in business.

Interview with Jester, a suspect.

News from the hat

"Weekly Pony" #2

In this issue, you'll find:

- new threats of recents events.

- more about Rainbow Dash.

- Tartarus. Should we afraid?

- Open letter from Varien Quill himself.

"Weekly Pony" first issue!

Ponies could see large, colorful cover of magazine. Portrait of hovering Rainbow Dash could be seen with huge Sonic Rainboom of the background.

Article of the week: Is Vinmart responsible of collapsed restaurant 52nd and Mane? Miss Chell who got recently arrested, was working for Vinmart? Who is mysterious pony who was probably seen near scene of the crime? Ponies are safe, when Vinmart and their employes are around?

Interview of the week: "Why I'm awesome" - small chit-chat with Rainbow Dash, captain of local weather team, dreamer who want to be a part of Wonderbolts. Her practices sometimes ends with random crashes.

Teatime with Rarity: This week, ponies will learn how do drink tea properly. Can unicorns use magic infront of earth ponies and pegasi? Also how to eat cheesecake on royal parties.

"Weekly Pony" office is finally open!

To all ponies.

I want to announce, that "Weekly Pony" finnally arrived to Ponyville. Do you like searching for scoops? Have interesting stories and gossips to share? You're talented artist? Come quickly then to office, near local Library. You'll get permanent or temporary job, so you can get many bits only for little of work!

If you want to only read those stories and interviews, you can come every saturday for new, delicious issue. And don't forget, "Weekly Pony" is the best magazine in Ponyville!"

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