A Letter From Another World

This letter was found on one of the library desks, haphazardly placed, as if having fallen from a short distance. The date on the letter indicates that this letter was dated a day after Midnight disappeared from this world. How this letter found it's way to this world is a mystery that might never be truly solved.

The Nights Are The Worst

I think doing better...being here. In this Ponyville. A little.

I-I mean, I don't think I'll ever be fully used to it, and I'm still so scared of some of the things that happened. Like the Glooze

Dear Diary: Today has been crazy as all get out.

It... has been weird. I wound up... falling into this land, through a city of clouds, through rainbow, and... I was caught by this pretty pony with rainbow colored mane and tail. Crazy, huh?


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