Ponyville Town Watch

Attention all citizens of Ponyville!
This is a public announcment!

A Town Watch is being established for Ponyville.
Don't worry, your lives will continue unhindered by this change, and if anything will improve for the better!

The purpose of this unit is to ensure the continued safety of the townsfolk and to assist in public matters where needed.

Currently the team will consist of a small group of tight-knit ponies working together, working both night and day. We may be recruiting for a short time but our number will remain as little as necessary. Hopefully, Ponyville's low crime rate will not ask for more. While it will be lead by me, the organizer to report to is Kimono Rose.

- Captain Midwatch, Ponyville Town Watch


(( Please see this Forum topic for discussion and more details))

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