Banished from Ponyville- Octavia

As of today, the Pony known as Octavia has been ordered banned from Ponyville.

The Octave

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

A WiP!

Owner: Octavia

Location: Beneath the cellar of SAA.

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

Entrances: WiP

Description:  WiP

First journal of Obsidian

I don't know why I'm doing this, but here goes.

I finally got help from KiteCres to drive the dogs out of my family's mines, along with some repellant from Shinula. But when we got there, we were met by the leader of the dogs, Alpha_Bowie. I was prepared to fight, but KiteCres kept me from doing something stupid. Alpha_Bowie asked us what we were doing in HIS mine, and showed us a ridiculous forgery. KiteCres was able to deduce that Octavia gave the dogs that piece of paper in exchange for digging a series of tunnels under Ponyville. Why would she need tunnels?

Lady Octavia For Governor!


Lady Octavia for Governor of Foalton County

Vote Lady Octavia for the sake of effinciency and friendship across the land!

Remember: Lady Octavia ran first against the colt who ran first!

No military experience, who better to lead Foalton to everlasting peace?

Foalton county needs somepony. Lady Octavia is that pony.

Remember: A vote for Octavia is a vote for friendship! DO YOU HATE FRIENDSHIP?

((Hopefully, we will have an election whenever. For now, as there is no  worthy opponent, I'll leave it to the mods.))

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