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The Lands Beyond



Ruler: No specific ruler, several assorted warlords own territory

Residents: Mostly Zebra and Gryphons, with some ponies, approximate overall population is 4.3 Million creatures, not counting monsters.

Location: Starting from Mild West's western border, and stretches west and north to the oceans, while continuing south until the Broken Laylands.


General Information:

Flutter Pony

Flutter ponies are a race of ponies found only in a small pocket of the Everfree Forest known as Flutter Valley. They have an extremly isolationist culture and do not regularly either visit the outside world or permit the outside world to visit them (with a few exceptions). For this reason they are relatively rare to find throughout Equestria.


Flutter Valley

Note: This is not a canon G4 location. It is however strongly based on G1 canon.


Owner: Ixia
Location: Somewhere inside the Everfree forest, possibly in the southeast?
Room: Other room


Description: Flutter Valley is the sole home of the Flutter Pony, a race of small, fairy like ponies with insectoid wings. It is a very isolated place, and it's residents like it that way.

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