Panty's going away thing

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Wed, 2011-07-27 17:00 - 20:45

Time: 07/27/2011 Wedensday 17:00 server time

That means 14:00 PST time, 17:00 EDT time, and 22:00 UK Time

Location: Lunar Temple (The wilds)

Panty is finally going away now that the last incident have been concluded! That is it! She is going back to her own world! Come say good bye!

Notice on the door of the Carousel Boutique

The following notice is posted on the door of the Carousel Boutique


Dearest Patrons,

The Carousel Boutique will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in preperation for the Summer Festival. If you have an order in already, you may pick them up at the Meeting Hall where I, Miss Rarity, will be decorating. If you require additional services or have already scheduled an appointment, please do feel free to visit me there. However do note that all commissions not directly partaining to the Summer Festival (unless otherwise noted) will not be completed until preperations are complete. If in the event I am unavaliable, do please feel free to contact my assistant Panty or leave me a message (PUB) at the boutique.

I look forward to helping each and every pony possible, do not be shy about asking.

~Miss Rarity

Journal Entry of Nurse Dart Heart



Today, something very strange happened. I have gotten a job in Ponyville as Nurse. I am happy to be a medic, but it is slightly dampened by the fact that my younger brother, Grind, has also gotten the job. But, I digress. I am helping ponies, and many would tell others that I did. At least, I hope they would.

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