Daily Weather Plan



Welcome to the Weather Schedule page.


The weather will be posted here on a monthly basis, so please do not edit this page! If you want to make a request for the weather, please either PUB or whisper Rainbow Dash. PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS AT LEAST A FEW DAYS IN ADVANCE. 


10/01/13: Clear Sunny day!

10/02/13: Clear Sunny day!

A Personal Character Request thing. From Oni!

Yo everypony. I'm just doing a small request for auditions for some original characters of mine. I haven't drawn all of them, so that's also going to be part of the request too, unless I manage to make myself unlazy enough to draw them as well. But specifically, the characters I want played, are to be relatives of my main OC, Oni Sorasousha. If this doesn't appeal to you, I can understand, and don't feel that you have to read past the break, unless you are curious about doing so.




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