Archie's Most Recent Notes on the Everfree Forest

((This is in the large tome that Archie keeps all of his notes in, there is a carefully drawn map with various notations and symbols on it. There are also various disjointed notes from his most recent expedition.))

Discovered possible Hydra resting place, marked on map, set up a discrete small enchanted totem of sorts based on an energy supply from the abundant ambient magical energy to give me a warning whenever I'm approaching it from a certain distance.

Project Pegasus: An Update

As of the 4th of May, the testing of Project Pegasus has begun. Simple flight has been achieved, and can be maintained without the additional thruster pack initially believed to be necessary to achieve lift. I have performed a number of simple maneuvers, can come to a full aerial stop and maintain altittude, and can achieve a steady speed of 64km/h at maxiumum augmented thrust. The predicted ceiling of natural speed, without the aid of a long dive, is estimated to be 112km/h. I am still yet to perform any complex aerial moves, and have in fairness done littlre more than flew in a few circles, or in a straight line concerning the speed test.

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