52nd and Mane Is Open for Business!


Thank you everypony for your time and patience. And a special thanks goes to all the ponies who had lend of hoof to the repairs and the clean up effort during this week. Starting today (8/26/2011) 52nd and Mane is hereby reopened to the public. So to celebrate our reopening all drinks and selected dinner specials are at half price! Also we have some special new features for the restaurant after taking some suggestions from our patrons

Closed until further notice

The interior to 52nd and Mane had been damaged several earlier this morning. Any and all information as to what happened will be most helpful. Please inform the local guard. To the patrons of my beloved resturant and to the community as a whole don't fret. Business will continue, the sodas will still be delievered and all employees will until further notice be compensated for missed hours of work. A clean up effort will go underway starting tomorrow, all ponies are welcomed to join me. Thank you for your time and patronage.

Sincerly yours



52nd and Mane


Owner: MojitoJoe

Location: In the Town Square on Mane Street

Room: The Hub

Found on Mane Street in a former empty lot this two story building is now the home base for MojitioJoe’s Soda & Beverages Limited. However for the majority of the public this building serves as a new high end, fancy, but affordable restaurant experience.


52nd and Mane



Owner: MojitoJoe

Location: In the Town Square on Mane Street

Room: The Hub

Managers: Iona (Front end staff and servers) Jester (Bottleing and distrubtion) Showtime (Assistant Manager to Jester)

MojitoJoe's Sodas and Beverages limited.

The following is a flyer being distributed around town

Wanted Local Artists!

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