Compendium Ink is Now Open

Are you the kind of pony who is always running out of ink? Then Compendium Ink is the shop for you!

I have all kinds of inks for any and all of your writing endeavors!

Want a certain color to write in? Pick your shade! Or ask for a cutsom color if you don't see it on the shelf.

Compendium Ink

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon
Owner: Claudio Compendium
Residents and/or Employees: Claudio Compendium
Location: Down the street from Twilight's Library
Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings

Rich's Barnyard Bargains Re-Opened!

A notice at the Town Hall Bulletin board: "Rich's Barnyard Bargains is re-opened for business after remodeling! Ponyville's number one grocery store awaits it's valued customers. Our prices are as low as they've ever been, and we hope to see the residents of our fine town soon. Mr. Rich himself would like to welcome his new competitors in this field, and may the best pony win!"

Rich's Barnyard Bargains




Owner: Filthy_Rich
Residents/Employees: Rich, BG ponies that are unnamed until a PC is hired
Location: A few blocks north of the Library
Room: Twilight's Library and Surrounding Area

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