Fillydelphia Login

Welcome, please choose a character and login. Hint: Double-click on the Character box for a list

You need to Login at the main site first.


  1. Before entering the chat:

    It is required that you have read and understood the rules first!

  2. Please check the Chat features page as well, highly recommanded.

    To see how the roleplay is like without registering, click on view only!

  3. Upon trying to enter the chat:

    In this chat, all characters must be attached to an Account; specifically an forum account. If you don't have one, go sign up.

  4. On character creation:

    You need to be logged in at the forum. This page will detect that and give you a list of your characters (click on the Character Name box). However only characters you have created under your forum account will be avaliable.

    To create a new character, click on the Create New character button and enter the information required.

    If you have trouble logging in to the forum, creating a character, or other technical difficulty please contact us.

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