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18:06:15 Luna:

18:06:37 Skar: (( and a step to the riiiiiiiiight ))

18:07:00 Vinyl_Scratch:

18:08:22 Rhythm: (( System of a Down. Havent heard them in awhile :O ))

18:09:10 Bealtz_Tahacian: ((*bows*))

18:09:13 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Okay, everypony set your songs back to the beginning please. XD Synchtube is not synching. )) ))

18:10:41 Rhythm: (( I've never heard of this synchtube thing before, but, as ordered! *Salute* ))

18:11:12 Sand_Chaser: ((Synch tube doesn't jive with Internet explorer :/ ))

18:11:40 MojitoJoe: (( It likes Chrome and Firefox ))

18:11:44 Luna: (( Okay, despite the fact that Nightmare Moon is not on yet, we will be starting anyway because it's her own damn fault for staying up till nine in the morning like a danged foal. ))

18:12:15 Darkseed: ((*sigh*))

18:12:24 Luna: (( If everypony will please familiarize themselves with the grounds through the link provided! ))

18:12:25 Inkdrop: (( You can only expect this from a dark queen.... ))

18:13:02 Chell: ((Doing that now!))

18:13:05 KiteCres: (( Oh dear..heh.. ))

18:13:07 Obsidian: (( glowy things acquired! ))

18:13:27 Kiwi: ((What's in the synchtube thing, anyway?))

18:13:35 Darkseed: ((Music, I would assume))

18:13:38 : Mayor_Mare gets into position in the town hall. She is not actually expected to do anything, but she sure know how to be official.

18:14:05 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Tonight's playlist! ... Why is everypony assuming this is in town? It's outside town! ))

18:14:30 Mayor_Mare: (( Cause you didnt' say where it is. ))

18:14:39 Jet_Black: (( tube no working for me... ))

18:15:08 Vinyl_Scratch: (( East of Ponyville! ))

18:15:30 Vinyl_Scratch: (( It's way too big to fit in town. ))

18:16:30 Kyubi_Hart: ((That explains why I couldn't find where to get in line! XD))

18:16:41 : Mayor_Mare have no prior notices on travelling out of town. Guess she might miss the event.. =/

18:17:08 Vinyl_Scratch: (( All the flyers that ponies were putting up should have had the place and the date on them. ))

18:17:24 Bealtz_Tahacian: ((question ....why are we all in the other room?))

18:17:29 Mayor_Mare: (( I am just toying ))

18:17:38 Mayor_Mare: (( Bealtz_Tahacian: read the front page. ))

18:17:43 Panty: (( Because stuff is gonna _happen_ ))

18:18:30 Darkseed: ((OH YEAH))

18:18:35 Ryu_Sword: ((So that those that don't want to be part of the event don't have to deal with all of us ponies that are.))

18:19:06 TGAPTrixie: (( For all the events here, seems Trixie will have to make a secondary description..ahh well ))

18:20:36 : Vinyl_Scratch takes her place in the DJ booth, head bobbing gently as ponies begin to arrive, awaiting the arrival of Princess Luna so the festivities may begin. She smiles at the arriving crowds acquiring their gear, and speaks through the mic. "All ponies please feel free to Mingle. The Princess will be arriving shortly and then the event will begin! Please feel free to purchase souvenirs or purchase food from booths, as well, Mojito Joe has kindly premiered a new flavor of his sodas for us tonight, and I hear it's a doozy!" she sits back in the booth, waiting.

18:22:33 : Kyubi_Hart zips over trying to get in before she gets her glowy thing but they won't let her through till she finally puts one on

18:22:44 : MojitoJoe trots into view wearing his black formal attire with silver thread pinstripes that glow white.

18:22:59 : Mayor_Mare is there, too, but she does not actually know what she should be doing. However, she gives absolutely no impression to any pony that she might not know what she is suppose to do. Just being there somewhere ought to be enough to look important.

18:23:53 : Ryu_Sword walks along after Kyubi and gets his glow necklace and continues into the place

18:23:57 : Obsidian gets his glowy things and puts them in his mane, making it light up as he heads towards the hug line

18:24:22 Kiwi: ((Question: Is look'n important all the Mayor actually does?))

18:24:51 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Answer: b098650b7/ ))

18:24:53 : Mayor_Mare will likely tell pony not to panic, too.

18:24:53 : Skar "Woot lets get this party start!" Skar is from head to hoof covered in a glow paint that makes his white coat very luminous and he has gold and red glitter in his wings. Where ever he trots he leaves behind a shimmer

18:24:57 : PlatinumSpark gets some glowing accessories as well and makes his way in aswell.

18:25:15 Marl: ((I knew it would be that picture.))

18:25:26 Kyubi_Hart: "Where do I get in line to hug Luna?"

18:25:34 Jet_Black: (( Okay. IE is the best browser [spoiler] to download other browser [/i] but should I get chrome or firefox? ))

18:25:47 Jet_Black: (( fail spoilers... *face hoof* ))

18:25:49 PlatinumSpark: (( chrome *shrugs* ))

18:26:00 Obsidian: (( chrome is good for me ))

18:26:06 Rhythm: (( LOL at the photo ))

18:26:07 Nightmare_Moon: Arrrgh. I hate my router.))

18:26:24 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Nightmare_Moon))

18:26:29 MojitoJoe: (( Hello queen of darkness <3 ))

18:26:40 Saix: (( Hi there~ ))

18:27:18 Obsidian: (( Does like Kyubi and Hugs NMM ))

18:27:27 : TGAPTrixie skulks into the grounds, glowstick wrapped around her neck.

18:27:42 KiteCres: (( *hugs NMM* I know what you mean. ))

18:27:49 Darkseed: ((NMM! <3))

18:27:57 : Marl trots back from his cabin to wherever this party is happening and stands off to the side, looking around, entirely unsure of what to expect from this whole thing.

18:27:59 Nightmare_Moon: I'm gonna fiddle with it and see why it isn't working...))

18:28:06 : DiamondCharm trots onto the scene wearing a full dark sapphire colored dress, wearing a moon lapel pin on the chest of her bodice. She stands off to the side and regards the others present indifferently. Sniffing the air briefly, she looks for several ponies in particular.

18:28:36 Olent: Olent and Kelpy get in line. She hopes they'll let a seapony in a tub on wheels enter...

18:28:50 DiamondCharm: ((Good luck!))

18:28:59 : Rhythm was sort of following everypony else for the time being...there was so much commotion, it was a bit confusing.

18:29:02 PlatinumSpark: "Why do you want to hug Luna so much Kyubi?" He also waves to DiamondCharm. He's just wearing his cyan scarf because he can.

18:29:13 : Kelpy_Blue whispers. "There are a lot of ponies here..."

18:29:24 : KiteCres trotting into the grounds, silver sunglasses on, no armor in sight but a glowstick over each wing and flaring them gently shows two more before he looks about.

18:29:45 : DiamondCharm snorts, "She won't rest until she's hugged everypony in Equestria at LEAST five times, dear Sparky."

18:29:48 : Fluttershy resumes talking to Rarity. "So, I was letting a butterfly go after he felt better, and do you know who returned to my home?" She seems more cheerful than she has in days, despite the anxiety about the party.

18:30:04 PlatinumSpark: "Oh yeah how could I forget >.>"

18:30:05 : Luna swoops down onto the stage, escorted by her guard... She takes a seat on the throne and waits, kicked back, watching as the sun sets in front of her... It was almost time to kick off the festivities, and she was gonna give them what they want.

18:30:07 Kyubi_Hart: ((Oh Kyubi is wearing a pink sailor school uniform and has a heart hair clip in her mane and now has glowy things on her ankles.))

18:30:24 Olent: Olent nods. "Would you rather just stay out here?"

18:30:57 : Skar "Hey everypony look whose on stage!" he laughs happily

18:31:05 Kelpy_Blue: "Um...well..I wanna go in...but I don't think they'll let me..."

18:31:12 Rarity: "Who?" she asks curiously. She rarely sees Fluttershy in such a state. "It must have been somepony special, you look positively radiant."

18:31:25 : MidknightHearts hovers near sweetie belle"wow LOOK IS THAT HER!?"

18:31:32 : Klondike exhales, trotting to the outskirts of the party with a few glow rings on. He scans the group, looking for a couple of ponies.

18:31:36 : Sweetie_Belle follows Rarity and Fluttershy, still looking up at her beautiful tiara. "Who?"

18:31:37 : Kiwi enters inconspicuously, appearing to wear a glowing blue wristband around each hoof.

18:31:43 Kyubi_Hart: "Well I haven't hugged her yet. And the last time I saw her she didn't want a hug. But this time it says we can hug her!" she says excitedly

18:32:00 : PlatinumSpark rolls his eyes at Kyubi_Hart.

18:32:01 : MojitoJoe spots Rarity and Fluttershy he smiles and waves to them both in his shinny suit

18:32:01 Klondike: (I should say bracelets.)

18:32:10 MidknightHearts: "the princess"

18:32:15 Olent: Olent glares. "Oh, yes they will!" She stubbornly pulls herself and Kelpy back in line.

18:32:15 : Obsidian comes up to Kyubi. "YOu'll have to beat me there"

18:32:19 : Fluttershy blushes and nods. "Oh, yes. And I missed him so much." She pauses to look down to Sweetie_Belle, then tells them both. "Angel came back!" She exclaims, though not loudly at all.

18:32:58 : Vinyl_Scratch speaks into the Mic again. "Attention, before the moon is raised, the Mayor of ponyville will be saying a few words before we kick off this festival, so, if she could please climb the steps up into the booth in the center of the dance floor?

18:33:14 : Kelpy_Blue is being a good filly. "It's very exciting."

18:33:20 : MidknightHearts is in a shimmery blue suit that rarity gave him

18:33:24 Sand_Chaser: (( Whats the Synchtube link? -got chrome - ))

18:33:30 : DiamondCharm sees a seapony and begins staring at Kelpy_Blue curiously.

18:33:49 : Kyubi_Hart looks at Obsidian "You can't beat me!" she says smiling mischievously

18:33:53 Olent: Olent looks back at Diamond and smiles. "Miss Diamond!"

18:33:53 : Marl looks around at all the ponies wearing glowsticks and fancy attire, and then looks down at his plain appearance, frowning a bit. Then, he turns and waits to hear what the Mayor would have to say.

18:34:34 : Bealtz_Tahacian is in his formal wear joining the festivity's

18:34:36 Rainbow_Dash_: chuckles at Fluttershy's words and flies over to the entrance, grabbing some glow-sticks, and wearing a bunch around her neck, before hovering up and listening to what the Mayor has to say.

18:35:00 Sweetie_Belle: "The who?" She asks again, not noticing anything else.

18:35:01 Bealtz_Tahacian: "magnifficent"

18:35:03 : DiamondCharm gives a slight bow to Olent and motions toward the stage, taking up position next to the interesting perfumer.

18:35:04 : Nao makes her way to the party wearing a light green summer dress with half moons on her sleeves.

18:35:26 : Inkdrop trots onto the grounds, getting a few glow-necklaces and looking up to watch Luna, and see what the Mayor would say.

18:35:32 : Rarity practically hugs Fluttershy. "Oh that is so wonderful! I just knew he would!"

18:35:34 : Panty makes her way to a spot and settles at a table to just watch. She isn't really dressed special or anything.

18:35:51 Obsidian: I can try ^_^

18:35:55 : MojitoJoe trots over to Rarity and Fluttershy

18:36:05 MidknightHearts: ((i thought vinyl had some kind of....accent^^))

18:36:07 Olent: Olent moves Kelpy's cart up so she can see as well.

18:36:10 Ryu_Sword: ((If anypony is wondering Ryu is just wearing his belt that he got from Rarity.))

18:36:17 : Kelpy_Blue seems a little overwhelmed, especially since she can't twirl.

18:36:30 Kiwi: ((Rrrrggh, I knew dinner was going to come and require me to leave.))

18:36:37 : Spanner waved to Marl through the commotion - he wasn't dressed super special, although he did decide to wear his best tie.

18:36:37 : Mayor_Mare speaks up in this sizable arena holding the Celebration after checked the mic quickly. "Fillies and gentlecolts, as mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Lunar Celebration! The beginning of the Celebration is coming soon! Meanwhile, please enjoy the music, and the foods and vendors!"

18:36:57 : Fluttershy smiles happily before looking down to Sweetie Belle again. "Angel is a white bunny who helps me out, he was bunnynapped a while ago."

18:37:00 : PlatinumSpark facehoofs at both Kyubi_Hart and Obsidian. "You know the line probably hasn't even started"

18:37:23 PlatinumSpark: (( yet* ))

18:37:34 MidknightHearts: ((oh yea and MidKnight is wearing a snazzy dark shimmering blue suit,just letting yall know X3))

18:37:38 Obsidian: Yet

18:37:46 Ryu_Sword: ((Well his sword and belt pouch are with him obviously. But hes not wearing anything fancy other then the belt.))

18:38:04 : MidknightHearts flys to joe"hey joe"

18:38:05 : Spitfire flies overhead and scopes out the scene before landing off to the side of the festivities. She then trots into the thick of it, hoping to experience everything evening has to offer.

18:38:14 Olent: Olent turns and noses Kelpy, asking if she needs anything.

18:38:17 Rarity: "Did you ever find out the scoundrel responsible?" she inquires. "Oh, I do hope so. How could he do that to you Fluttershy?"

18:38:43 : MojitoJoe looks over to Midknight... "Bonsoir Bleu Hearts. Are you here to see the Princess?"

18:38:50 Kyubi_Hart: "That doesn't matter. I must be first in line!" she says happily zooming off to find where to line up

18:38:52 : Kelpy_Blue shakes her head. "I'm okay."

18:38:54 : Rhythm glanced about, looking decidedly lost.

18:38:56 : DiamondCharm laughs, "That was underwhelming." She turns to Kelpy and continues to stare curiously.

18:39:17 : MidknightHearts nods"yep,miss rarity gave me this cool suit"

18:39:18 : Obsidian chases after Kyubi_Hart. "Not if I get there first!"

18:39:20 : Skar looks around just waiting for the music. He is is here to dance, sing and perhaps perform if he gets his chance.

18:39:23 Olent: "This is Kelpy Blue," Olent says to Diamond.

18:39:23 : Kelpy_Blue blinks. "Hello!" She says to DiamondCharm.

18:39:39 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity. "Is that so?"

18:39:42 : KiteCres stretching as he sits near the dance floor, looking at it and chuckling before looking around. It's going to be quite the party with so many ponies.

18:39:45 : Marl smiles and waves back at Spanner across the crowd. He looks around a bit more, then trots back to where they were giving out the glowsticks and grabs one of the hoof rings. Satisfied with his festiveness, he trots off into the crowd, trying to head back toward where he had lost sight of Spanner in the sea of ponies.

18:40:00 : Sunset_Skye lands on the outskirts of the festival grounds and looks around a little bit, before finding a place to sit that's a little bit out of the way.

18:40:06 : MojitoJoe referring to of course what Midknight was saying.

18:40:06 : Luna tilts her head to one side and raises a hoof, asking for everypony to quiet down, as what she's going to do tonight is going to require a lot of concentration. "Okay, everypony please quiet down, as I am about to begin, and then we'll get things moving!"

18:40:21 : Apple_Bumpkin wanders in just as it seems the party is gettin started.

18:40:29 : DiamondCharm jumps slightly as she is addressed. She gives a deep bow, "Hello, dear, I'm Diamond Charm. I must confess, I've never seen anypony quite like you...?" She stops as Luna addresses the audience and turns back to the stage.

18:40:34 MidknightHearts: "yep...what do you think" he said refearing to his suit he is wearing

18:40:43 : Rarity turns to MojitoJoe "Joseph! How lovely to see you. Yes, it was a little something I had prepared."

18:41:02 Olent: Olent clams up and looks to the stage, bowing her head slightly in Luna's presence.

18:41:03 : Kelpy_Blue knows to keep quiet. Is a good little sea pony.

18:41:22 : Spitfire sits down on her haunches, pleased by the amount of activity going on in the area. In such big crowds, it was easy even for a celebrity to go unnoticed for at least a short while.

18:41:25 : Fluttershy sighs. "Oh, I know...poor Angel, having to deal with that mean thief. It makes me so mad, I just want to beat on the ground." And she then....taps a hoof ever so gently on the ground.

18:41:29 MidknightHearts: "*gasp* is that....the princess??"

18:41:46 : PlatinumSpark is now just standing near the booth waiting for the party to begin.

18:41:50 MidknightHearts: ((lol rage fail))

18:41:54 : Lemon_Drop walks to the event, incredibly nervous.

18:41:56 : MojitoJoe gives her a hug of course, last seeing her at his ... spat... with his family. "Oh its always lovely to see you ma cherie." he looks to Midknight. "She always has the best taste lil' monsieur

18:42:01 Fluttershy: ((No, Fluttershy win.))

18:42:03 : Rhythm had no idea who Spitfire was, but she was standing in front of him, so he did his best to crane his neck around her frame.

18:42:27 : Jet_Black stands next to PlatinumSpark "I didn't bring anypony, but then again I'm not sure if I was supposed to"

18:42:30 Oni_Sorasousha: (( Oh god. Fluttersheen. ))

18:42:31 : Sweetie_Belle is sits down on her haunches and keeps looking at her tiara. "OoooOOoooohhhh...."

18:42:45 : Spanner finally got Marl's attention again, which was for the best because he probably was going to vanish again with such a crowd.

18:42:51 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Oni))

18:42:53 : MidknightHearts nods"mmmhmm"

18:42:59 : MojitoJoe looks to Fluttershy "I hope Angel is doing better?"

18:43:02 Oni_Sorasousha: (( Fluttershy is winning. Winning here and winnign there. ))

18:43:02 : Chell steps slowly, shyly, into the area, wearing a black dress, her mane and tail braided quickly but neatly... The dress itself is fairly plain, but she has a fairly simple purse with her... She finds a spot in the back, away from everypony else, and listens to what the Princess has to say...

18:43:07 : Oni_Sorasousha hugs Kyubi.

18:43:08 Inkdrop: (( Fluttersheen: "I'm a winner! Oh. Um...that's okay with you, right?" ))

18:43:18 PlatinumSpark: (( Come one bro i've got pony blood~ ))

18:43:30 : Spitfire does her best to focus on the princess doing her thing as she is examined by a strange earth pony.

18:43:42 Inkdrop: (( And manticore DNA. ))

18:43:57 PlatinumSpark: (( ^ ))

18:43:58 : KiteCres lifts his head and ahems, suddenly whistling hard, "Everypony! Quiet Down! Princess Luna requires silence."

18:44:04 : Marl trots over toward Spanner and nods in greeting, but stays quiet and turns once more to watch the Princess.

18:44:05 MidknightHearts: "sh-shes beutifal..."

18:44:14 Ryu_Sword: ((Wow we're going to hit the 50 marker soon.))

18:44:26 MidknightHearts: "epp"he shuts up

18:44:27 : Skar starts to bob his head and wants to dance to the music in his head... he has been waiting to see a DJ-Pon3 show for a long time.

18:44:28 : Inkdrop silences, for Luna.

18:44:29 : Chell nervously pulls a drink from her purse, and starts gulping it down...

18:44:31 Jet_Black: (( Not bi polar... What does that even mean? I'm bi-winning ))

18:44:38 : Sunset_Skye spots Chell a short distance away, blinking a little at her being dressed up. He looks down at himself wearing nothing special, then shrugs, and turns to listen.

18:44:39 Bishop_Heart: **The Hearts enter quietly. They were certainly not going to miss an opportunity to see Princess Luna

18:45:08 : PlatinumSpark waves to Apple_Bumpkin from the booth. He is standing with Jet_Black.

18:45:14 PlatinumSpark: (( outside the booth* ))

18:45:22 : MidknightHearts flys up to see the princess from a distancee

18:45:50 : Sand_Chaser attempts to look around the ponies she was standing beside to get an idea of where the princess was. Her ears and head tilted forward to look, her mouth closed like Kite had requested/

18:45:58 : Luna clears her throat, and slowly raises her hooves to the sky as the sun finishes setting. For a moment, the world is pitch black. Not a star in the sky, not a nothing. Then a soft light from the throne.... She twitches a bit as conversation continues, but she manages to work through it. One by one, groups of stars appear in the sky, tiny points of light dotting the blackness.... And then, over her stage, rises a much greater blue glow... The whistle, the loudness almost stuns her out of it, but she continues. Slowly, the moon rises, and as it does, the blue tinted glow sweeps out across the staging grounds, and nearly everything begins to glow fluorescent! Luna immediately slumps back down in her chair as the guards form a path to her, that must be the line for hugs.

18:46:17 : Jet_Black "are you not going to talk?"

18:46:32 : Sweetie_Belle flails! Then awws, then heads for the hug line!

18:46:44 Olent: Olent gapes at the beautiful sight, utterly speechless.

18:46:45 : Obsidian races to the hug line

18:47:03 : MojitoJoe applauds for the raising of the blue moon.

18:47:06 : Vinyl_Scratch immdeiately starts up the music as soon as the moon is raised, the first song of the night, picked simply for a set of lyrics. Everypony will know which set when it rolls around. (( Title: System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B. )) "Let the festivities begin!"

18:47:06 : PlatinumSpark looks to Jet_Black. "What?" He's also observing the Luna's work...

18:47:07 : Rarity applauds politely at the display. It was impressive after all.

18:47:10 : MidknightHearts zooms to the huge line

18:47:14 Kelpy_Blue: "Woooooooow!" Kelpy flaps her fins, rising up first so she doesn't splash.

18:47:18 : TigerHeart flies in and lands near Chell and sighs, her hair is also done up. As simple as she could. At least it didn't look out of control. She didn't wear anything, it was all too girlie for her. "Is this ok Chelly Bean?" She watches the moonrise and the star-tastic display of.. stars.

18:47:22 : Apple_Bumpkin nods and wanders over toward PlatinumSpark. "Bit dramatic aint it. 'Sa beautiful Moon tho."

18:47:34 : Mayor_Mare leads the crowds on cheering.

18:47:39 MidknightHearts: "that was EPIC!"

18:47:50 : Rhythm was too busy staring at the sky to notice, stamping his hooves excitedly. He tapped Spitfire excitedly on the haunches. "Whooooa, cool! Didja see that, didja? Didja!?"

18:47:53 : Spitfire applauds loudly for the exhibition, "Yeah, thatta girl!" She turns to Rhythm, "1000 years and the old girl's still got it!"

18:48:00 MidknightHearts: "WOOO HOOO!!!!"he cheers

18:48:01 : Kyubi_Hart zips over to where the line starts and waits to start

18:48:10 : Inkdrop stands three in awe, before slowly walking to the hug line. She had watched Luna raise the moon! The moon! Luna! Raising!

18:48:16 : Saix teleports and then he trots over to the line as well.

18:48:18 : Fluttershy stares up at the sky, then forms the word 'Wow' with her mouth and looks to Rarity. "She's...she's amazing."

18:48:19 Spanner: (( I was not expecting music to just...start playign on my computer. Technology :O ))

18:48:25 Inkdrop: (( *there, not three ))

18:48:28 MidknightHearts: "hey kyubi you cant cut the line!!"

18:48:30 : Jet_Black "beautiful, isn't it?"

18:48:33 Sweetie_Belle: (( BRB ))

18:48:33 : Chell almost drops her now-empty drink at the beauty of the moon rising, an eye tearing up... That was something she never thought she'd see in person... She turns to Tiger, grinning wildly and hugging her tightly, turning back to look at the moon and the princess, glad to have seen it with Tiger, even if only just barely...

18:48:36 : Sundrop squeaks as his wings turn into beacons of resplendent color under the special moonlight.

18:48:40 Sweetie_Belle: (( lol wat yellow? ))

18:48:46 : Oni_Sorasousha sits around quietly at a lone table, humming to himself a little bit while watching things going about. He's wearing the more formal coat that Rarity had made for him, with silvery threads along the lining, and a glistening rainbow sheen.

18:48:57 Kyubi_Hart: ((Alright Obsidian time to roll (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 ))+3 quickness))

18:49:04 : Dinky_Doo cheers and stops her hooves in applause! "Go Princess!"

18:49:15 Obsidian: (( (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +1 quick +1 head start ))

18:49:20 : Rarity nods at Fluttershy. "I have to admit, it's stunning to see it first hoof. What splendor!"

18:49:29 MidknightHearts: "man that was cool!!!"

18:49:36 : DiamondCharm stands and watches the exhibition and applauds happily. Turning to Kelpy, she said, "That was one of the more interesting displays I've seen in a while. She definitely knows a thing or two about pausing for dramatic effect."

18:49:43 : Nao makes her way to the line without any special hurry, but it's mostly because she just feels lonely in general.

18:49:43 : TigerHeart wraps a wing around Chell and sighs. "I could have been here sooner if you hadn't yelled at me in big letters to do my hair."

18:49:51 MidknightHearts: "i wish they were here to see this"

18:49:53 : KiteCres stomping his hooves as he whews, [Wow..beautiful.] he grins slowly as he nods and stretches, then moves over silently to Spitfire, taking a round about path though.

18:49:58 : PlatinumSpark shrugs to Apple_Bumpkin. "It looks nice doesn't it ^^. " He also pushes Jet_Black towards Apple_Bumpkin. "Meet Jet_Black~"

18:50:00 : MojitoJoe smiles and looks to both Rarity and Fluttershy. "An amazing site indeed... and I'm happy to had shared it with you all." he chuckles.. "We best get in line if we want to see her grace..."

18:50:06 : Luna totally doesn't seem to notice the cursing in the music.

18:50:17 Kelpy_Blue: "I've never seen anything like that!" She smiles.

18:50:17 : Sakura takes specific note of Oni at one of the tables, having no real formal attire for which to wear at these sort of festivities, so merely plays it cool and casual as she goes and approaches him. "Enjoyin' it so far?"

18:50:17 : Fluttershy smiles a little. "Well,'s obvious why she's the princess." She nods.

18:50:25 : Sunset_Skye sighs softly at the display, but doesn't say anything.

18:50:33 : Obsidian gets to the Hug line before Kyubi. "Sorry, I'm first." and heads up to get hugges

18:50:33 Olent: "Neither have I!"

18:50:35 Rainbow_Dash_: watches the moon rising in awe, and applauds after it, whistling and cheering before perking up at the music and heading to the dance floor. On her way, she spots Spitfire, and manages to stop a squeal, zipping over and saying, "Um, hey there!"

18:50:36 : Chell blushes slightly and smiles to Tiger, and kisses her softly. She pulls a notebook from her purse. "Sorry, love," she writes. "You look fantastic." She grins softly, and kisses her again.

18:51:05 : Oni_Sorasousha blinks a few times and looks to Sakura. "Huh? Oh. Yeah. It's been interesting. I didn't even know they'd have this kind of thing here, but it's neat. Good music too."

18:51:07 Kyubi_Hart: "Awww. Oh well." she sighs waiting her turn

18:51:09 Kelpy_Blue: "Thank you for bringing me, Olent! You're the best!"

18:51:23 Olent: Olent just smiles.

18:51:24 : Luna taps a hoof gently as the black and red pony approaches her, tilting her head to one side and smiling. "Hello there, it's wonderful to see you here at this occasion."

18:51:33 : TigerHeart smooches Chell. "I always look fantastic. And you look simply, divine."

18:51:44 : MidknightHearts is in the hugline "i didnt even know there was a hug line,WOOO LUNA RULZ!!!"

18:51:50 : Licorice_Truffle stands there, in his dark florescent dress. He'd hope he would see Bluesie soon.

18:52:01 Sakura: "You're tellin' me." Sakura would wander a glance towards the stage, then look on back to Oni. "Seems everypony's havin' a good time though!"

18:52:06 Kelpy_Blue: "Why are those people in a line?" She asks.

18:52:08 : SmokyBlues enters, looking for Licorice_Truffle. He is dressed very sharply in a black pinstripe suit with blue sequins adorning the stripes. The breast pocket of the jacket has a blue silk handkerchief with "SB" sewn onto the front, and he has matching cufflinks with musical notes on them.

18:52:09 : Saix is in the hug line as well.

18:52:09 : Panty sits at the table munching on various foodstuff that is there. She hardly even thinks about the festivities themselves.

18:52:16 : Obsidian smiles as he gets his hug. "Hopefully you won't be tempted to turn me into a shrub this time" ^_^

18:52:27 Rarity: "Agreed. " she nods at Joe. "Come, Fluttershy, lets get in line before it gets too long."

18:52:50 : Skar doesn't much care for the hug line and is dancing first. His glittering body and luminous coat glows in the blue moon light

18:52:52 : Vinyl_Scratch ahems into the mic. "We will now be beginning a selection, which will end with a special guest on stage, so please to be prepared to shift your attention when notified."

18:52:54 : Apple_Bumpkin nods at the black pony. "Heya! Ya'all aren't related ta Crescendo Kite are ya?"

18:52:57 Spanner: (( This song makes me think about commercial... ))

18:53:05 : Licorice_Truffle manages to spot a familiar face. "Hun! You made it!" He skips over, his dress swaying as he skips, "So glad that you could make it!"

18:53:09 : Fluttershy's ears droop. "L-line? Oh, umm...okay." She nods and slowly moves to stand in line.

18:53:13 Vinyl_Scratch: (( (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom )) ))

18:53:15 Olent: "I think they're going to hug Princess Luna."

18:53:18 : MojitoJoe joins them both

18:53:26 : Oni_Sorasousha nods a little bit as he listens to that, and he would just chuckle softly. "Well yeah, I think a lot of ponies have partying in their blood, ya know." He would perk up a little bit on his haunches.

18:53:39 : Inkdrop smiles as she stands in the hug line. Hugs! From Luna!

18:53:40 Marl: "Well, that was something else," he says, looking over the crowd again, spotting Sunset at the back and shaking his head. "Sorry, friend," he says to Spanner, "I've got something to take care of." Then, he tries to push his way through the crowd toward Sunset_Skye.

18:53:40 SmokyBlues: Me too! I sorta fell in the basement. Took a while to get back up and dry off...

18:53:45 : ArcaneScholar and Agile enter the party, brohoofing before splitting off in their separate ways.

18:53:49 Bishop_Heart: ** The Hearts get in line to pay their respects to Princess Luna

18:54:00 : Ryu_Sword walks over to the hug line as well

18:54:05 : ArcaneScholar ** Only to reunite once they realize that oh hey HUGS!

18:54:14 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "Ahhh! I need to get a trap door for that hole!"

18:54:16 : Luna hugs Obsidian firmly, and releases him. "Me? why I would never! Hah~ Now, please exit to the right, lots of ponies to meet tonight."

18:54:16 Rarity: "Well we must see the Princess." she says taking Fluttershy with them. "Nothing to be nervous about."

18:54:31 : Dinky_Doo sprints to her place in line and bounces. "This is so awesome!"

18:54:36 Olent: She looks to Kelpy. "Would you like to hug the Princess?"

18:54:39 : ArcaneScholar gets in line behind Dinky

18:54:42 : Obsidian walks down off Luna's platform, grinning like an idoit

18:54:46 : Agile_Flourish joins Archie in the line

18:54:54 SmokyBlues: You're tellin' me. I'm just lucky I didn't fall in wearin' the suit...

18:54:55 : MojitoJoe smiles... "Yes its not like your socially obligated like I am... you will do just fine Fluttershy."

18:54:55 : MidknightHearts is next after the next pony

18:54:59 : Chell blushes deeply and smiles, holding Tiger and looking up at the sky...

18:55:02 : Fluttershy mumbles nervously and just gets pulled alone. "But," She squeaks nervously.

18:55:06 Sakura: "Some more than others. To be honest, I came a lil' tir..." Sakura's comment would be cut short by a sudden long, drawn-out yawn before she leaned herself against the table. "Ugh... I'm one, shattered pony."

18:55:10 Kelpy_Blue: "Ooooh." She bobs her head lightly, taking in all the sounds and sights. "Oh, no...I'm fine." Why would the princess want to hug a sea pony?

18:55:10 : PlatinumSpark pulls out a check list after pushing Jet_Black towards Apple_Bumpkin.

18:55:12 MidknightHearts: "i hope shes nice"

18:55:18 : Sunset_Skye is still sitting off on his own to the side, trying to meditate but failing. His eyes keep sliding back open and he looks around a fair bit lost.

18:55:19 : MojitoJoe is behind Fluttershy to encourage her

18:55:22 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "So... Uh..." He hugs, "Gotcha!"

18:55:32 : TigerHeart weaves to the music and watches the Chell.

18:55:40 Olent: Olent looks disappointed. "I know she'd just love to meet you."

18:55:40 : Saix is behind MidknightHearts in the line.

18:55:45 : DiamondCharm smiles from Olent to Kelpy, "Why wouldn't she? Our princesses love everypony."

18:55:50 : Kyubi_Hart as soon as Obsidian leaves zips up to Luna "Hi Banana!" she giggles remembering the first time they met

18:55:54 : Sand_Chaser stares up at the moon, still entrapped in it's sheen. Her silver eyes huge. She hadn't even realized that the hug line was huge now.

18:55:57 : Helpful_Heart smiles and nods as MojitoJoe gets in line behind them with a few friends

18:56:01 MidknightHearts: "after my hug IM GONNA MOSH!!!"

18:56:11 MidknightHearts: "i mean PARTY"

18:56:14 : Dinky_Doo turns to Achie and grins huge bouncing excitedly.

18:56:23 : Jet_Black smiles at Apple_Bumpkin "Hello"

18:56:34 : Oni_Sorasousha chuckles a little bit while watching Sakura. "Aww. Well, don't overstress yourself if you're that tired!" he advises caringly.

18:56:43 : Bealtz_Tahacian gets in line[am i the only goat here??]

18:56:57 ArcaneScholar: Hugging the Princess! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoooosh~

18:56:57 Kelpy_Blue: " would I get up there?" She points a fin to the stage.

18:56:57 : SmokyBlues is surprised at the sudden hug, but hugs back nonetheless, nuzzling him. "Ya look like a million bits."

18:57:06 : Luna immediately facehoofs at that comment. "It's Luna, please." she replies to the hyperactive lovebombomb.

18:57:07 : PlatinumSpark looks up from his list and looks around for TGAPTrixie.

18:57:08 Agile_Flourish: I know I know I KNOW! This is ridiculously awesome.

18:57:18 Olent: "I'll just wait in line and fly you up when I get to the front."

18:57:29 : DiamondCharm shrugs, "That's what her guards are there for, I'm sure."

18:57:36 : Marl pushes through the last bunch of ponies between him and where he had seen Sunset, and falls flat on his face as he trips over one of their hooves. He clumsily rights himself, and continues trotting towards Sunset, not even bothering to dust himself off. "I told you about moping at this thing, didn't I?"

18:57:37 Agile_Flourish: ((We should... Probably get a cue list o_o))

18:57:40 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - Rocketship 2010 ))

18:57:50 Kyubi_Hart: "Okay Luna!'" she giggles "Hug?" she asks opening up for her hug

18:57:57 Kelpy_Blue: "Oh." She squeaks. She is only a little sea pony, after all. "Okay."

18:58:17 : Luna opens her arms up for Kyubi, who was totally about to have a dream come true.

18:58:22 Olent: Olent smiles, pulling her up. "Seeya in a bit, Miss Diamond!"

18:58:30 MidknightHearts: "hurry up kyubi im next" he says exitedly

18:58:44 : MidknightHearts is next

18:58:53 : Licorice_Truffle awws, "Well you look like two billion bits!"

18:58:57 : Skar flies up a bit as he dances spreading some of the glitter on ponies below him. And he flies over head the hug line ponies too.

18:58:58 Kelpy_Blue: "I'm not too heavy?" She asks.

18:59:12 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Luna shes been wanting to do this since she kept dodging her the first time

18:59:17 : Obsidian walks to the food vendors and orders some of Joe's new soda and something spicy

18:59:20 : Sweetie_Belle is lost in the crowd! Oh dear!

18:59:20 : Sunset_Skye looks up at Marl, his face looking like barely contained despair. "You were wrong," he says quietly after a few moments, before gritting his teeth and looking down again. He was gonna try his hardest to not ruin the party for anypony, but it was quite hard right now.

18:59:35 SmokyBlues: Ha ha. Ya think so? I dunno. Might be a bit above the suggested retail price.

18:59:40 : TGAPTrixie is looking seriously for some pony, her hat missing but not her cape.

18:59:56 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity and Fluttershy... "See we are almost through the line"

19:00:04 : PlatinumSpark should seriously ask Luna for tips on dodging Kyubi_Hart....

19:00:05 Rarity: "So where is Angel tonight? Safe and sound at home, I expect?" she says to Fluttershy, trying to relax her. "I suppose he was fairly exhausted and happy to be home." she turns to MojitoJoe "Her friend Angel was kidnapped, but he found his way back." she says, giving him the gist of the event

19:00:11 : DiamondCharm follows Kelpy to the line, "I'll keep you company. I can hug the princess later, dear. So how have you found yourself here, Miss Blue?"

19:00:13 : Luna hurks and goes sort of bugeyed as she's hugged by the force of nature, arms gently struggling to apply pressure back. She looks extraordinarily uncomfortable, but she's still smiling.

19:00:17 : Sand_Chaser finally tore herself away from the gorgeous moon, and looked around the dance floor, wearing through the crowd to find Sunny.

19:00:17 Olent: Olent shakes her head. "Of course not."

19:00:18 : Licorice_Truffle happily noses, "Nah, you're worth much more than that."

19:00:29 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity... 'Yes I was informed, I hope he is doing better Rarity."

19:00:41 : Obsidian heads for Sunset_Skye. "Are you feeling alright?"

19:00:44 : Nao is somewhere in line, but she's really not keeping track where.

19:00:51 : Marl frowns. "Well, I'm frequently wrong, I've found. Now, Shinula isn't here tonight, so you don't have to worry about ruining my night. You're going to tell me everything."

19:00:54 : PlatinumSpark trots over to TGAPTrixie. "Hey Trixie where did Kyubi_Hart get those pictures?"

19:00:54 : Rhythm was equally lost. There were too many flashing lights and too much excitement to get one's bearings.

19:01:04 : MidknightHearts straightins his tie

19:01:07 : Chell blushes, suddenly realizing there's music... She'd been so caught up in the princess raising the moon, she'd completely tuned it out... She smiled gently to Tiger, and started trying to match the pegasus' weaving... She leans in, though, and whispers, "Don't let me hold you back if you want to meet her..."

19:01:21 Kelpy_Blue: "Well...A dragon wanted me as a pet and plucked me out of the water. I wiggled away and ended up in a pond that had a tunnel that led to the tiny pony outside. Then Mister Kite put me in the pond."

19:01:35 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Space Kitten ))

19:01:38 : Kyubi_Hart releases Luna "Thanks!" she says happily then bows and takes her leave. She will be back though

19:01:39 : Sakura had nearly already nodded herself off before jolting awake again! "W-wha!? O-Oh!... No, I'm good! I'm good!... Honest! Just been a long day is all, Oni..." She would then sigh, head hanging long. "...Blegh."

19:01:40 Kelpy_Blue: ((tiny pond* not pony))

19:01:41 : Fluttershy nods to Rarity. "Oh, yes. He's safe and sound in my cottage." She leans one side to look to Luna. "U-umm...she looks uncomfortable."

19:01:59 : MidknightHearts bows in front of luna respectively

19:02:07 : TigerHeart laughs. "Why do I need to go say Hi to the Princess? i've got my Chelly Bean and that makes me happy." Nuzzles Chell. "Now.. if you wanna go.."

19:02:12 : Oni_Sorasousha blinks at Sakura a little bit. "Well why has it been so long anyways?" He would ask curiously. "Been doing a lot of things in general or what?"

19:02:18 : Luna relaxes significantly. head bobbing to the new song, and waves to the little pegasus. "Greetings."

19:02:22 : Sunset_Skye looks up at Obsidian, honestly surprised and touched that he'd even been noticed like this. "I... I'm not okay guys, i'm sorry.. I just can't fake being happy right now because i don't want to. I don't want to ruin the party for you though. Please, don't let me bring things down for you.."

19:02:38 : Jet_Black shook her head "Sorry, I'm not."

19:02:39 : DiamondCharm laughs, "Sounds like quite an adventure. What would a dragon of all things do with a seapony?"

19:02:42 : TGAPTrixie looking to Platinum and hmphs, "Trixie does not know what you infer." she tells Platinum.

19:02:55 : Chell blushes deeply, and shakes her head rapidly.

19:02:58 Kelpy_Blue: "He thought I was cute." She pouted.

19:03:12 : Apple_Bumpkin kinda shouts over the music. "Shame, he's a really nice pony"

19:03:14 : MidknightHearts blushes afriad to move[do i....stop bowing now?]

19:03:23 Obsidian: I got what I came for. Do you wanna talk about it?

19:03:35 : Luna taps a hoof. "Well, ya coming up or not?"

19:03:47 : Skar doesn't hear a darn thing as he dances around to the music like a shiny top

19:03:51 Sakura: "S-sorta'. I've been practicin' some techniques with this body, not to mention I'm still tryin' to find enough ponies to form the health and fitness group." She would explain, shaking her noggin' to deter the sleepiness.

19:04:54 : PlatinumSpark continues talking to TGAPTrixie. "Those pictures of all those hugs. You know which you used for the illusions?"

19:04:56 : Spitfire grins at Rainbow Dash, "Oh, hay there! I thought I might catch a glimpse of my biggest fan here tonight! How are you and your friends doing these days?"

19:05:00 : Sand_Chaser is a bit lost in the crowd, her head turning. She didn't see Shinula and Marl.. or, for that matter, Sapphire and Sunset. Maybe those ponies just chose not to come. She shrugged to herself, still trying to find the dark reddish color of Sunny.

19:05:18 PlatinumSpark: [Its the least you could do after I got you drink before >.>]

19:05:22 MidknightHearts: "ahh!...sor-s-s-s-sorry prin-cess-l--Im um.........."he is so exited he just trying not to look desrepecful infront of royalty

19:05:30 : KiteCres seeing that Spitfire had Dash rapt attention, he chuckles and goes back to enjoying the music.

19:05:35 SmokyBlues: Well, how about that. So,,,what all do they got here?

19:05:38 : Marl looks around the party, snorting a bit. "Sunset. There is a sea ponies in these... glowstick things jumping around to extremely loud music, and I don't even get to laugh at my best friend as he joins them in making himself look like a buffoon.. This is the furthest thing imaginable from my idea of a good time, you can't even begin to imagine it. So, start sharing."

19:05:38 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Space Kitten ))

19:05:46 Vinyl_Scratch: (( ... Nargh. ))

19:05:47 Rarity: "She...does sort of." she says with a little smile. "Ah, the duties of royalty."

19:06:05 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town ))

19:06:08 Licorice_Truffle: "Lots of crazy music and lights and dancing and fun!" He looks around hopping a bit.

19:06:12 : Fluttershy swallows nervously. "I could never be a princess. It looks so hard."

19:06:12 : TGAPTrixie slowly tilting her head, "Trixie has no pictures and saw no pictures." she replies back.

19:06:17 : MojitoJoe "Indeed Rarity... Indeed." He chuckles

19:06:20 Marl: ((Take out that first imaginable*))

19:06:37 PlatinumSpark: [LIES]

19:06:42 SmokyBlues: Really? Wanna cut some rug?

19:06:51 : Luna leans in. "hun, there are lots of other ponies. Come on young man~"

19:06:56 : DiamondCharm shakes her head, "That's not right. Well, I'm glad you're here now, Miss Blue. Do you dream of going home again?"

19:06:59 : MidknightHearts closes his eyes and breathes

19:07:12 : MidknightHearts hugs her

19:07:23 : Kelpy_Blue nods sadly. "I miss my mommy..."

19:07:24 : MidknightHearts slightly shaking

19:07:31 : Sunset_Skye looks to Obsidian and then to Marl, opening his mouth before a lump forms in his throat and he has to swallow. He beckons them closer with a hoof.

19:07:34 PlatinumSpark: "Well anyway even if you don't want to tell me. If you want to get up to Princess Luna you'll have to get in line...." He says to TGAPTrixie.

19:07:41 : Obsidian leans in

19:07:43 : TigerHeart air guitars for this song and nods her head to the beat.

19:07:44 PlatinumSpark: [Dangit KiteCres i will GET you!!!]

19:07:47 : Luna hugs the pegasus, having been so close to kinetically manhandling him into a hug, and deposits him back to the stage.

19:07:53 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "Sure!" He warms up with his signature happy dance.

19:08:03 : Oni_Sorasousha smiles a little bit as he listens to that and he grins a bit. "Health and fitness group huh? Well, if you need help constructing a building for something like that, I might be able to help." ^^

19:08:04 Rarity: "I used to dream of being a princess." she has stars in her eyes. "Until..recently, actually" she says a little embarassed.

19:08:19 : Marl leans in, expectantly.

19:08:20 : Chell relaxes, still blushing deeply, and giggles silently, watching Tiger, glad her marefriend hadn't decided to push the issue about meeting the Princess...

19:08:20 : MidknightHearts bows and flys off fast

19:08:28 Rainbow_Dash_: "Oh, y'know, doing well." she says, with a grin. "But how about you? How're you doin?"

19:08:30 : Saix steps up next to hug Luna.

19:08:32 : TGAPTrixie smirking, "Trixie has to merely get after something of a trial..but Trixie can not find her here.."

19:08:40 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity. "Oh?... what would stop you from dreaming that Rarity?"

19:08:47 : Sand_Chaser catches a glimpse of Marl's mane, before rushing over to the other ponies. "Hey have you seen- Sunset.." She pauses, frowning at the expression on her big brother's face. "Are you okay?"

19:08:53 MidknightHearts: "wooohooo that was awesome!!!"

19:08:54 : Seabreeze gets in line for the hug

19:08:55 : Dinky_Doo springs forward, behind Saix and shuffles as she waits her chance.

19:08:59 PlatinumSpark: "Need some help Trixie?" He asks TGAPTrixie.

19:09:00 : Fluttershy shuffles a hoof a little on the ground and looks around, wondering if she could run away.

19:09:01 : SmokyBlues laughs and begins dancing as well, perhaps not expertly but certainly enthusiastically.

19:09:13 Inkdrop: stands in line behind Seabreeze.

19:09:18 : Mario finally gets to the party with his special Full Moon pizzas and sets them up at his stall ((1 Full Moon pizza is as big as 4 large.))

19:09:20 Rarity: "My Prince turned out to be...not quite what I dreamed." she laughed. "Oh, what a night."

19:09:24 : Luna waits happily for the next pony, her head tilting to one side. Everypony was so reluctant~ They should just come right up!

19:09:33 : ArcaneScholar steps up behind Dinky Doo, Agile following close behind.

19:09:33 : TGAPTrixie shaking her head, "Trixie is able to do this herself." she nods.

19:09:35 : Bishop_Heart steps up and gives Luna a deep bow of respect

19:09:39 MojitoJoe: "Oh who was the Prince?"

19:09:46 : DiamondCharm frowns, "I'm sorry to bring up such sad topics at such a happy occasion. Would it help if I said I'd love to help you find your home once more?" She offers, having no clue how to go about doing so.

19:09:51 : Saix hugs Luna. He feels the moons power and then trots off. "Thank you~"

19:09:51 : Licorice_Truffle wasn't that grand at dancing outside of happy dancing, but he did his best regardless. Luckily he didn't step on any hooves.

19:09:54 : Helpful_Heart steps up and gives Luna a hug

19:10:06 Seabreeze: Hey Inkdrop. How's it going with Inque?

19:10:13 : Fluttershy pauses and looks to Rarity, drooping her ears. "I-I...I, umm...was so awful."

19:10:14 Sakura: "A building?" Sakura perks up somewhat? "Y'mean I'd get a whole place for somethin' like that?.. Gee, didn't... think I would." She would blink intensely at Oni. "Wouldn't that be a ton of work though?"

19:10:14 Vinyl_Scratch: And now a little something lighter! (( Title: Owl City - Deer In The Headlights ))

19:10:25 Olent: "Well, I've found out that she may be from Haywaii..."

19:10:41 : Inkdrop blinks. "Oh. Well, I haven't seen him for a while. But I get to hug Luna!"

19:10:54 : Spitfire laughs, "Just keeping busy! The Wonderbolts NEVER rest! We never sleep! We're kind of scary that way."

19:11:09 : Luna hugs Saix back, and blinks as he promptly leaves... She shrugs and immediately hugs Helpful heart warmly. "Well you seem very nice!"

19:11:10 Kelpy_Blue: "I hope I get to see Mommy soon!"

19:11:16 : Bealtz_Tahacian is next after the next pony[i really am the only goat here...o well]

19:11:20 : Oni_Sorasousha blinks a bit. "Well, if Applejack helps out, and you, and maybe Appletart too, I think we could manage it pretty decently."

19:11:29 Rarity: "Oh Fluttershy.." she chuckles. "We were all a little crazy that night. I had a lovely time in the end."

19:11:35 Olent: "You will," Olent assures, moving closer to the front.

19:11:49 : Dinky_Doo springs up just as Saix steps away. Hugging onto the Princess tight. "Hi Princess! I'm Dinky_doo! I've been very good this year and I only want two things for Winter Wrap Up this year! I wanna abacus and an Easy Bake oven! The Abacus is so I can do my homework easier and be a scientist pony and the Easy Bake oven is so I can make muffins for my suister! she really LOVES muffins!"

19:11:50 : MojitoJoe chuckles... "Well I'm glad you both can laugh over it ladies."

19:11:55 : Kelpy_Blue nods.

19:11:58 Seabreeze: Yeah, I'm gonna tell her how much I love watching the night sky

19:12:11 : Fluttershy nods, then takes a small step away, still looking like she might try to escape the line. "I, umm...I know."

19:12:17 Dinky_Doo: ((EEP! Retract last post till Luna is clear!))

19:12:27 : Helpful_Heart giggles with joy

19:12:33 : Sakura sinks her head a little, looking rather glum suddenly. "... I'd hate askin' Applejack somethin' like that when I ain't even bothered to say hello to her yet. It'd sound kinda; selfish, don't you think OnI?"

19:12:37 : Bishop_Heart smiles

19:12:39 : DiamondCharm nods at Olent, "If anypony can make it happen? She lives right here in Ponyville. You'll see her."

19:13:02 Inkdrop: "I love night in general! And now I get to hug the pony who brings the night! I just...if I tried to express how excited I am, we might be here for a week."

19:13:07 : Marl swallows heavily, feeling his blood drain to his hooves. He takes a step back, mouth hanging open, then shakes his head slowly, speechless as his mind races.

19:13:12 : Skar goes over to the pizza stand... "Hey Mario my main Stallion what do you got!?"

19:13:13 Rainbow_Dash_: chuckles along with Spitfire and says, "Wow, I hope I can keep up with that." She blinks and then says, "Uh, y'know, competition wise. Hate for ya to think I was lazy or something."

19:13:15 : Luna smiles and releases Helpful heart.

19:13:20 : Obsidian pats Sunset_Skye on the shoulder. "Don't worry, things can't get that bad"

19:13:21 : Bealtz_Tahacian steps up to hug her but first bows

19:13:29 : Oni_Sorasousha blinks as he looks back to Sakura. "Naw, Applejack loves to help folks out. She helped me make my place, after all. She's very dependable, and super friendly too."

19:13:31 : PlatinumSpark trots back from TGAPTrixie. "Ok good luck..." He goes back to Apple_Bumpkin.

19:13:41 : Sand_Chaser looks up at Sunset Skye, leaning over to hug him. She didn't have anything to say, nothing she could phrase correctly to make the situation seem any better.

19:13:47 : ArcaneScholar is next after dinky who is next after Helpful heart.

19:13:50 Bishop_Heart: ** the Hearts step down

19:14:01 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - Frozen Oceans ))

19:14:05 Rarity: "Ooh! It's almost our turn!" she straightens her tiara and guides Fluttershy between her and MojitoJoe. "There, you can have a friend in front and behind so you won't be so nervous. You'll be sooo sorry if you miss this opportunity, Fluttershy. You must do this."

19:14:23 : Sunset_Skye doesn't really have anything else to say right now. He clings to that little fragment of hope that he refuses to let go of, hugging Sand tightly back.

19:14:28 : TGAPTrixie watching Spark then frowns, thinking of where Celestia could be if not with her dear sister.

19:14:29 : MojitoJoe nods.. "We are right here Fluttershy."

19:14:41 Sakura: "If you say so. I'd just been stayin' at Lazy Hooves' place for a while since I was goin' through the whole sneezin' transformations." She explained with a slight chuckle. "If you think so, though, then I'd love it!"

19:14:44 : Dinky_Doo springs up just as Saix steps away. Hugging onto the Princess tight. "Hi Princess! I'm Dinky_Doo! I've been very good this year and I only want two things for Winter Wrap Up this year! I wanna abacus and an Easy Bake oven! The Abacus is so I can do my homework easier and be a scientist pony and the Easy Bake oven is so I can make muffins for my suister! she really LOVES muffins!"

19:14:50 : Fluttershy shuffles a hoof on the ground. "B-but, I...umm, oh, do I have to?" She nearly whispers, the nervousness mounting.

19:14:51 : Luna immediately topples out of her throne at the stealth unicorn assault, blinking as she's addressed as if she were some sort of holiday gift bringer. "I.. What?"

19:14:51 Olent: Olent pulls them closer. Two more ponies...

19:14:53 Mario: "Itsa my Full Moon pizza special for tonight. It has seven different cheeses." he says happily to Skar

19:15:05 : Applejack is trying her best to navigate through the crowd, to say it was hectic would be an understatement.

19:15:22 : SmokyBlues smiles, just as happy as can be. He deviates a bit from his dance and is rewarded by a tumble and trip, falling to the ground in a tangle of hooves. "Whoops!"

19:15:27 : Dinky_Doo smiles huge and bright. "My sister Ditzy Doo said that if you're good Princess Luna brings you gifts for Winter Wrap Up!"

19:15:30 : Skar takes out his bits. "Sounds awesome!"

19:15:32 : Axl is at the celebration as well and gets in line. "Gotta do this quick before Sandy comes or i'm dead meat...."

19:15:37 : Swift_Bolt trots along side Applejack wearing a white T-Shirt that reads "Apple Security."

19:15:40 : KiteCres steps out of the way of Applejack as he nods, just enjoying the music.

19:15:44 : Sweetie_Belle finally finds Rarity and climbs up onto her back, breathing deeply. "W- woah!"

19:16:19 : Bealtz_Tahacian is next for hugz"it is an houner to finaly meet you Princess,I am Bealtz tahacian,perhaps you heard of my old band System of the Ground"

19:16:24 Obsidian: Sunset, Sandy, Marl, I'm going to get some food, want anything? my treat.

19:16:27 Rarity: "Oh pleeeeeaaassssee Fluttershy! I would be a terrible friend if I allowed you to pass on such an opportunity."

19:16:32 : Spitfire laughs, "Oh, it's not easy sometimes - but it's worth the effort everypony invests. So..." She looks around curiously, "Any of your friends' apple treats floating around this shindig?"

19:16:34 : Chell looks past TigerHeart and blinks, seeing her adopted brother not far away, with a small hoof-ful of other ponies... She gets Tiger's attention and points at him, an expression of concern on her face...

19:16:34 PlatinumSpark: "So Apple_Bumpkin you here with anypony else?"

19:16:46 : Applejack looks over at Swift_Bolt. "Ifin' ya see Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie or Rainbow, tell me!" She tries to shout over the music, and the crowd.

19:16:54 : Luna blinks and errs... But doesn't have the heart to say otherwise... "I'll see what I can do, okay? Now hurry on" .... she turns to the goat and ehhs? "No.. No I don't believe I have. Remember! I was on the moon!"

19:17:02 : TigerHeart looks and sees him and nods. "Lets go say Hi and see what is up."

19:17:05 Sunset_Skye: "Thank you Obsidian, but i'm not hungry," he says softly.

19:17:18 MojitoJoe: "Yes I second that Rarity, you shouldn't pass up such an opportunity to meet our fair princess."

19:17:24 : ArcaneScholar blinks. Wasn't he up ne- meh. He's cool with it.

19:17:27 Seabreeze: I know you do Inkdrop.

19:17:27 : Licorice_Truffle follows suit, as he finds himself tipping over to his side as well. "Oopsies." He giggles and lays there for awhile. (Internets keep a derpin' on me.)

19:17:33 : DiamondCharm starts watching the princess nervously. She adjusts her lapel pin and makes sure the moon is properly shined for the princess.

19:17:34 : Chell nods, and heads towards Sunset and the others slowly...

19:17:38 Swift_Bolt: "You got it." He scans the crowd trying to spot those ponies.

19:17:41 : Bealtz_Tahacian hugs her"my mistake

19:17:44 Bealtz_Tahacian: "*

19:17:45 : Dinky_Doo hugs Luna tight again and springs free and runs off to tell her sister she'd be getting the oven and would make her favorite, Blueberry muffins with Pony charms Marshemellows on top.

19:17:58 ArcaneScholar: ((That sounds ridiculously delicious.))

19:18:00 Mario: "How many slices would youa like?" he asks smiling "I also have other pizzas if you want something different."

19:18:26 : Obsidian walks over to Mario's stand

19:18:27 Skar: "Three slices brother~"

19:18:28 : SmokyBlues stands up and brushes himself off, sitting down next to Licorice Truffle. "Maybe we cut too much rug," he says, smiling.

19:18:37 : Luna pats the goat gently on his horns with a confused look from her toppled position, and scrambles back up into her seat as soon he releases her.

19:18:46 Rarity: "Besides, it is nearly our turn. It'll be over just like that." she would snap, but lacking fingers, she stomps instead.

19:18:53 Octavia: (( >54 users ))

19:18:56 Octavia: (( WHY ))

19:19:01 : TGAPTrixie looking for that Princess, scouring the tent a little more where she can go and frowns. [No sign of her here..]

19:19:04 PlatinumSpark: (( hugs.... ))

19:19:04 : Bealtz_Tahacian heads too the dance floor

19:19:06 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - I Owe You A Love Song ))

19:19:14 MojitoJoe: (( because its that mainstream Octavia ))

19:19:17 : Licorice_Truffle giggles, "Or we mowed too much lawn." He picks himself up and sits next to Bluesie.

19:19:18 : ArcaneScholar trots up to Luna, giving her a deep bow "Hello, Luna."

19:19:20 Dinky_Doo: ((Luna and I planned this event as a chance to unless my D'aw against NMM. ))

19:19:25 Apple_Bumpkin: (( the statistic I'd like to see is how many unique players ))

19:19:27 Rainbow_Dash_: nods with a smile and then looks around. "Knowing Applejack, she's here for sure. I reckon she's got a stand set up somewhere."

19:19:34 : Fluttershy just whimpers softly and lowers her head at Rarity.

19:19:36 : Mario gets three slices for Skar "That will be three bits please." he says puting the slices in a carry out box

19:19:37 Luna: (( We did what? LIES. ))

19:19:47 : Swift_Bolt "Hey AJ I see Rarity and Fluttershy, there in line."

19:19:54 Obsidian: (( I'da rolled with it Luna ))

19:20:00 TigerHeart: ((Oh yeah.. sorry.. can't talk about it. Hush hush. ))

19:20:02 : Rarity gives Fluttershy a little hug.

19:20:03 : Marl shakes his head at Obsidian, and sits down near Sunset. "Wonder how she's going to pull herself outta this one," he says flatly, almost musing. "She's certainly setting up for a dramatic come from behind victory. Such a flair for the dramatic."

19:20:08 : Skar pays for his pizza and flies off with it. "Thanks!"

19:20:11 : Luna pokes Arcane on the head. "Hey Archibald! How be ya?"

19:20:19 : Sunset_Skye looks up and spots Chell, he doesn't bother smiling but does wave a wing a little.

19:20:21 : PlatinumSpark is back next to Apple_Bumpkin. "So did you come here with anypony else?"

19:20:26 : MidknightHearts finds sweetie belle"there you are you ok sweetie?"

19:20:28 ArcaneScholar: Just wanted to say, thanks for bringing an amazing night sky every night. Moving to Ponyville has let me see the stars even more clearly than before. And pretty good thanks~ I mean my date isn't actually here yet but I can manage!~

19:20:31 : Fluttershy squeaks at the hug, then calms down and stares wide-eyed at Rarity. "O-oh, why did you do that? I'm...I'm so nervous right now."

19:20:34 : MojitoJoe pats Fluttershy's back

19:20:47 : Applejack finally catches sight of Rarity, mostly because she's wearing a dress that just seems to reflect all the dang light near her. "Yeah, ah' see her." She remarks, heading towards Rarity and Fluttershy.

19:20:58 : Obsidian walks up to Mario, "One whole of your spiciest."

19:21:01 Mario: "Come again!" he says waving then looks to Obsidian "What can I geta you?"

19:21:02 : ArcaneScholar gives Luna a firm but gentle hug. This is something he's wanted to do for a really, really long time.

19:21:06 : SmokyBlues raises an eyebrow at that comment, then shakes it off. "What's with the line over there?"

19:21:08 : Swift_Bolt follows behind her

19:21:11 : Sweetie_Belle takes a couple more breaths. "I got lost an there were so many ponies and and and yeah!"

19:21:27 : Licorice_Truffle looks over, "Oh, hugs for Luna I think."

19:21:28 : Luna hugs him gently and closes her eyes, smiling wider.... Tonight was a good night.... "Thankyou."

19:21:32 : Chell raises an eyebrow... She looks at Tiger, and mouths the words, "I have to do this." She turns around and walks away for a bit...then turns around and charges Sunset for a full-on tackle-hug, dress and all!

19:21:37 : Spitfire laughs, "That's what I was hoping to hear. You wanna check out some of the different 'touristy' type things available here and then head up to meet the princess? I've received orders from her before, but I've somehow always missed the opportunity to meet her face to face." She starts trotting off toward the stand with the novelty saddle blankets.

19:21:41 : Eris walked into this part of town, she was in the hub before but there was nopony and she heard things from here so she decided to check it out.

19:21:48 Luna: (( Wrong! Hugs from Luna! ))

19:21:53 Olent: Olent pulls Kelpy up a bit more.

19:21:55 : TigerHeart blinks and laughs at Chell.

19:21:56 : ArcaneScholar releases the hug after a little while, grinning before spinning on his hooves and... He just moon walked right off the stage didn't he? Yes he did.

19:22:01 : Skar is enjoyin his pizza in the stands

19:22:05 Kelpy_Blue: "We are almost there!"

19:22:21 : Agile_Flourish face hoofs at Archie's moonwalk. She knew he was excited but that? Really?!

19:22:29 : Axl wonders who is in front of him in the line.

19:22:36 : Sunset_Skye just winces but holds his forelegs out, not wanting her to fall if she was really going to do this.

19:22:36 : DiamondCharm grins at Kelpy, "Indeed we are! Are you as excited as I am?"

19:22:42 Olent: The Pegasus smiles.

19:22:42 Luna: (( Everypony, Axl. ))

19:22:48 Luna: (( Muahahaha. ))

19:22:50 SmokyBlues: Wanna go see about that?

19:22:54 Axl: (( Heh ))

19:23:01 TigerHeart: ((Trolluna activated.))

19:23:08 : PlatinumSpark waves to Agile_Flourish and Arcane from the outside of the booth.

19:23:13 Obsidian: (( We're dewmed! ))

19:23:13 : Kelpy_Blue nods. "So excited!"

19:23:14 : Rarity turns to Sweetie_Belle. "I had wondered where you got to. Well, it's just about our turn anyway, so good timing."

19:23:20 : Eris looked around, soo many ponies! She did stay a bit out of the crowd though.

19:23:20 : ArcaneScholar trots up to Luna once Archie is done with his hug, giving a quick bow "Hi there Luna! If you don't mind me greeting you like that."

19:23:22 Mario: "Okay." he says turning to get his super spice Italiano pizza not many ponies asked for this "Here you go. ten bits please."

19:23:30 : Octavia suddenly appears! The truth is, she was there the whole time! She mostly, stands in the corner, away from other ponies; and complains about the music.

19:23:34 ArcaneScholar: ((....... ffff character fail))

19:23:35 MidknightHearts: "o...ok...time to MOSH!!!!!"

19:23:36 : TGAPTrixie growls gently, "Just where is Princess Celestia tonight? Not here for her sister?" grumble grumble...

19:23:46 : Agile_Flourish trots up to Luna once Archie is done with his hug, giving a quick bow "Hi there Luna! If you don't mind me greeting you like that."

19:23:55 : Applejack sidles up next to Rarity. "Howdy there, ah' didn't miss anythin' did I?" She asks, it certainly had been a late entrance.

19:24:01 : Vinyl_Scratch taps the Mic. "Everypony, If I can have your attention please, we will take a short break while our special guests set up. Please be prepared to divert your attention."

19:24:08 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "Sure!"

19:24:09 TigerHeart: ((Sweetie_Belle.. Cutie Mark Crusader Princess Huggers!! ))

19:24:20 : MidknightHearts flys to skar"Hey Skar wanna start a mosh Pitt!?"

19:24:24 Vinyl_Scratch: Have some niceness while you wait. r_embedded (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Apple Juice Break ))

19:24:24 : Sand_Chaser attempts to move out of Chell's way, and lets go of Sunset. "Sunny, you can't be sure it's true."

19:24:26 Sweetie_Belle: (( I was about to say that TigerHeart! XD ))

19:24:32 : Swift_Bolt "Hey there uh Miss Rarity." He smiled at her.

19:24:33 : Inkdrop prepares to divert her attention.

19:24:35 : Obsidian pays the bits. "Just how spicy is this sucker?"

19:24:38 MidknightHearts: ((epic))

19:24:42 Agile_Flourish: Night sky flights? When the stars are in full view? Best kinds of flights! Makes me wish I knew how to fly and take pictures at the same time!

19:24:47 SmokyBlues: (( Sounds like a...constricting job. ))

19:24:52 : Octavia notices that the music marginally increased in quality. Marginally. Like a decimal.

19:24:54 Ryu_Sword: ((Is Luna open for a hug or is there a pony hugging her right now?))

19:25:01 Axl: (( Agile is ))

19:25:06 : Sweetie_Belle goes wide eyed and then throws both of her hooves into the air. "Cutie Mark Crusader Huggers!" She declares before dropping them and then looking down. "Wait, when am I hugging her?"

19:25:11 Olent: ((Then Kelpy))

19:25:15 : Luna hugs Agile gently and rolls her eyes, chuckling softly.

19:25:18 Rarity: "We were just about to go up and see Princess Luna." she says. "I believe it's just about Joseph's turn. Did you hear the good news?"

19:25:21 : Oni_Sorasousha smiles a little bit as he looks back to Sakura. "I'm pretty sure that it'll be no trouble... and once again... great to see ya." ^^

19:25:29 Obsidian: (( i think Rarity, sweetie, Joe, and Fluttershy are after that ))

19:25:30 : DiamondCharm continues grinning, "That's good. Don't look now - it's almost your turn! The princess has been waiting just for you!" She giggles as she attempts to further excite the young seapony.

19:25:30 : Chell really does this. She leaps in the air, full speed, and tackles him backwards, as the DJ makes his announcement. She grins softly at him, hugging him tightly, and whispered in his ear, "I owed you for that one time..."

19:25:35 Axl: (( yeah ))

19:25:38 KiteCres: (( Scoots would be here..but two is enough for me for now. ))

19:25:38 : Agile_Flourish accepts the hug and gives her a great big bear hug

19:25:41 : SmokyBlues takes a spot at the back of the line, waiting patiently and bobbing his head to the music.

19:25:44 : Nao is still politely waiting in line too.

19:25:45 : Luna RRRRKS.

19:25:57 : Agile_Flourish releases after a few moments, not wanting to torture her for too long.

19:26:03 : Licorice_Truffle follows swiftly, standing behind Bluesie.

19:26:03 TigerHeart: ((I think you ment this one Vinyl ed (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Infiltrating The UN )) ))

19:26:13 : Skar looks to the stage... "No way..." he gets busy to dance his heart out to this.

19:26:15 : Agile_Flourish flutters off the stage, sighing happily

19:26:18 Vinyl_Scratch: (( I know what I meant. ))

19:26:19 TigerHeart: ((derp. Whisper fail.))

19:26:23 Kelpy_Blue: "Really?" Is so excited. "It's my turn!"

19:26:35 TigerHeart: ((And Copypasta fail too.))

19:26:54 : Applejack blinks. "Uh, looks like they're headin' up ta' <i>hug</i? her Rarity." She remarks, tilting her head just a little at the display.

19:26:58 Agile_Flourish: ((These songs are awesome.))

19:27:01 Octavia: (( I can't breathe. The Pony Density is too high. ))

19:27:03 Sunset_Skye: "I haven't given up, i refuse to yet," he replies to Marl and Sand both, but he can't say more as he's hit with a flying tackle from Chell. He oofs a little and catches her, skidding a little on the ground. Hearing her whisper was enough to make him smile just a fraction in spite of everything. "I guess you did, didn't you..?"

19:27:05 Octavia: (( you are welcome ))

19:27:07 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to Spitfire, and says, "Yeah sure!", following Spitfire, to the vendor stalls, and chuckling at some of the ridiculous goods. "I've only met her once before myself."

19:27:13 : Panty doesn't recognize Octavia in her disguise. Though, perhaps she doesn't care to that much.

19:27:13 : MidknightHearts shrugs and begins to boogie at the dance floor

19:27:16 : ArcaneScholar and Agile head right over to Sunset, Marl, Sand, and Chell

19:27:16 : Swift_Bolt looks to AJ. "We can do that?"

19:27:16 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay well Ryu got in line earlier but I guess hes behind Nao now. I should pay more attention.))

19:27:18 KiteCres: (( Now you know how Fluttershy feels, Octavia. ))

19:27:31 Rarity: "Well of course, Applejack. We cannot pass up the chance to meet Princess Luna."

19:27:32 Agile_Flourish: Hey! Sunset! Chell! Uh...

19:27:36 : Chell grins widely at him, despite his obviously being down, and whispered, "You better believe it, Flankhead... ((You forgot Tiger, Arcane!))

19:27:38 : Axl is behind Fluttershy...i guess

19:27:38 Sand_Chaser: (( I knew Octavia picked these songs! They scream her taste in music. ))

19:27:41 ArcaneScholar: Marl and Sand Chaser.

19:27:53 Chell: ((Insert a quotation mark somewhere in that mess of punctuation up there.))

19:27:54 Fluttershy: ((It's so crowded...*Squeak*))

19:27:55 Agile_Flourish: Marl! Sand Chaser!

19:27:59 Olent: Olent pulls Kelpy's cart up that much closer...

19:28:12 ArcaneScholar: And Tiger. You can't forget Tiger.

19:28:14 KiteCres: (( *hugs our sensitive pony* ))

19:28:20 Seabreeze: (( sorry Axl, I am ))

19:28:26 Agile_Flourish: TIGER TOO! Gah.... I'm so much of a ditz!

19:28:27 Kelpy_Blue: "It's my turn Olent!" She squeaks, flapping her fins.

19:28:27 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Fluttershy))

19:28:28 Axl: (( k ))

19:28:31 Seabreeze: (( then Inkdrop ))

19:28:44 Axl: (( double k ))

19:28:47 : Apple_Bumpkin gets in line for lack of knowing what else to do. * behind Axl?

19:28:56 : Vinyl_Scratch grins. "Attention ponies. Our Special guests have finished setting up, now, if you will please stomp your hooves for our special guests and get real, real loud to show them you care... Our friends from France.... The Daft Ponies!" lights click off and the performance stage lights up as the two wave from their booth, helmets blinking hellos to all present... As the music starts up.

19:28:57 : ArcaneScholar trots up to them "How're you ponies holding up so far?"

19:29:08 Agile_Flourish: ((............. I love this so much.))

19:29:10 : Spitfire blinks as she holds up some novelty crescent-moon shaped horseshoes curiously, "You met her? When? Rainbow Dash, now you're just trying to make me jealous!" She laughs.

19:29:14 Olent: She carefully pushes the cart up to the Princess, bowing away.

19:29:19 Ryu_Sword: ((I think your behind me Apple_Bumpkin.))

19:29:24 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007 Radio Edit) video ))

19:29:25 : ArcaneScholar and Agile stomp their hooves enthusiastically. Agile LOVED these guys!

19:29:29 : TigerHeart laughs at Archie. "Hello to you too Fedie scum." Offers him a brohoof.

19:29:40 : Octavia changes clothes somehow! She plugs her ears with cotton.

19:29:41 : Applejack looks back at Swift_Bolt. "Ah' guess so!" She remarks before looking back at Rarity. "Jus' thought it was sayin' howdy an stuff, ya know?" She asks, before gesturing to fluttershy. "She ahlrite?" She questions, suddenly pinning her ears back, what was that sound?

19:29:46 : PlatinumSpark has followed Apple_Bumpkin and got in line behind her.

19:29:50 : Obsidian heads back to Sunset's group with his pie

19:29:54 Kelpy_Blue: "Um, hello princess..." She says. "I'm Kelpy!"

19:29:55 : Marl nods politely at Arcane and Agile, but doesn't say anything for the moment.

19:29:56 : Luna immediately jolts upright in her seat, ignoring everything else and SCREAMING.

19:29:59 Sand_Chaser: (( Do we have a Soarin' character? ))

19:30:02 : Eris wonders if there is anypony she knows as she hears the voice of the speakers. She stomped slightly.

19:30:03 : ArcaneScholar brohoofs TigerHeart midstomp "The one year war shall be forgotten this night spacenoid!"

19:30:05 PlatinumSpark: (( nope ))

19:30:12 : Kelpy_Blue squeaks.

19:30:19 Octavia: (( Nope, check the BG ponies topic. No Soarin' ))

19:30:22 : KiteCres stomps his hooves as he keeps back then stops, looking over, "Oh Pony Feathers!"

19:30:28 Olent: Olent pulls her back.

19:30:28 : DiamondCharm stands back, grinning at the young pony's excitement. She sighs and watches to make sure things go over smoothly. When they do not, she grimaces and watches the guards for their reaction.

19:30:31 : Sweetie_Belle was about to go up and hug Luna, but Luna got all scary! "Eek!"

19:30:32 : Apple_Bumpkin looks up ay Princess Luna confused

19:30:33 : Kyubi_Hart senses something fun will happen when Platinum hugs Luna and watches

19:30:38 Octavia: (( Which reminds me I need to finish the list, hohum. ))

19:30:48 : MidknightHearts dances

19:30:52 : Sunset_Skye looks around a little in surprise at how many ponies were coming over here. Why? He was the biggest bring-down of the whole party tonight.. He sits up a little and gently deposits Chell back on her hooves. "How's.. Your evening going? You two having fun i hope..?"

19:30:53 : Luna bobs her head to the music. Heck yes.

19:31:03 Olent: "Oh...."

19:31:13 : TigerHeart sticks her tongue out at Archie. "The Principality of Zeon shall never be forgotten!"

19:31:24 Agile_Flourish: .................. Go Zaft?

19:31:25 : PlatinumSpark pulls out a checklist and puts it away. "Meh guess you have to face your fears...."

19:31:28 : Skar is in the zone dancing with the other ponies

19:31:29 : Chell shrugs slightly, and pulls out her notebook, writing a very small note for Sunset's eyes only...

19:31:29 : SmokyBlues laughs, stomping his hooves.

19:31:31 ArcaneScholar: ....... Agile. No. Jus- no.

19:31:38 : Kelpy_Blue looks at Olent, confused.

19:31:39 Bishop_Heart: ** The Hearts freeze and look up. Then seeing her begin to rock out, smile at each other and return to their partying

19:31:43 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Octavia made suggestions. Which were taken into consideration. ))

19:31:45 : Agile_Flourish huffs "I challenge you to a DANCE OFF!"

19:31:46 Obsidian: I always preferred the zero system suits

19:31:47 : KiteCres blinking then laughs and stomps his hooves, shaking his head as he chuckles.

19:31:52 Vinyl_Scratch: (( But this list is miiiiiiiiiine. ))

19:32:00 : TigerHeart looks to the stage and the yelling Luna. "Crud..."

19:32:10 : Licorice_Truffle simply bobs his head to the music.

19:32:10 InkyMarks: What a party!

19:32:12 Olent: Olent blinks. "I... guess the Princess is a fan of this band... Heh..."

19:32:12 : Axl waves to Apple_Bumpkin and PlatinumSpark. "Hi you two^^"

19:32:13 : Agile_Flourish starts busting moves, staring right at Archie (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +4

19:32:15 Octavia: (( Hence why it is not good in my opinion, but I respect your right to listen to what you want. ))

19:32:19 : DiamondCharm calls up onto the stage, "It's OK, Miss Blue! Just the music! She's just reacting to the music!"

19:32:25 Mario: ((If anypony comes over to get pizza whisper to get my attention. So many ponies and plying three is not easy. ^^;))

19:32:26 : Sunset_Skye reads it and then leans in, whispering softly back to her.

19:32:29 Rainbow_Dash_: "Well, we didn't really get a chance to talk though, it was kind of a different kind of, heh, meeting." she says, chuckling and remembering back. "Can't say I'd do that again though." She blinks and looks over at the royal stage and looks confused as Luna starts to cheer enthusiastically for the band. "Oookay then."

19:32:31 Rarity: "So where are the others Applejack?"

19:32:39 : MojitoJoe Awaits for Luna to regain her composure before attempting to greet her.

19:32:42 : ArcaneScholar nods in time to the music as Agile busts in some pretty impressive moves and starts trying to match up himself (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) +2

19:32:53 : Seabreeze waves to InkyMarks from the line

19:32:58 Inque: Certainly high-class enough for me...

19:33:00 : Sweetie_Belle approaches Princess Luna again, she seemed less scary now! "Uh- Hi!"

19:33:05 : Kelpy_Blue is still just little and confused. "Are we done, then...?"

19:33:05 : Eris slowly made her way trough the crowd, she didn't especially like it but oh well. She somehow ended up at the dancing area.

19:33:14 InkyMarks: Miss Seabreeze! havin' fun?

19:33:22 Octavia: (( I suggest that everypony whisper when they approach somepony. Makes it easier. ))

19:33:23 : ArcaneScholar dances as hard as he can but he can't seem to keep up with Agile's twirls and "robot" maneuver. She's simply too good at it.

19:33:26 Olent: Olent glares and shakes her head. "You didn't get your hug!"

19:33:28 : Vinyl_Scratch waves... "And that was them, folks! Now a short break while we set up our second set of beats!"

19:33:29 : Chell looks at Sunset, blinking some. "You think so, too, huh?" she writes.

19:33:32 ArcaneScholar: ((Good idea.))

19:33:33 PlatinumSpark: (( good idea ))

19:33:38 : Skar finished eating he spots Eris... he goes over to find her.

19:33:42 PlatinumSpark: (( ninja'd by a second ))

19:33:48 : Octavia continues not hearing the music, dressed as a maid.

19:33:55 : Luna waves to Sweetie Belle. "Hellomy little pony! How are you this evening!"

19:34:00 : ArcaneScholar laughs, stomping his hooves after being soundly defeated.

19:34:07 Kelpy_Blue: "That's okay...."

19:34:07 : Inkdrop waves excitedly to Inky.

19:34:08 : Sunset_Skye shakes his head, then leans in again, it was too hard to say it at more than a whisper.

19:34:16 Seabreeze: I'm good Inky. *leans in to whisper*

19:34:17 : Agile_Flourish stomps her hooves with Archie.

19:34:21 Inkdrop: From the hug line.

19:34:28 : Eris smiles as she sees Skar approach and couldn't stop herself but burst out laughing.

19:34:45 : Skar smiles "Hey babe!" he goes to hug her

19:34:48 : Applejack shrugs to Rarity. "Haven't seen em! Er- well Twi is at the libbrary with-" She stops to lean down and whisper something to Rarity.

19:34:48 Inque: WHat's this line for...?

19:34:57 : ArcaneScholar ** They high hoof and turn back to Tiger

19:35:01 Olent: For the first time in a while, Olent gets angry. ".... I'll see about that!" She trots up to the side of Luna's throne.

19:35:08 Agile_Flourish: How're you liking the party so far TigerHeart?

19:35:16 : Spitfire laughs, "I won't pry. Well, I don't think you'll have much of a chance to chat with her tonight, either. That's not really the point, though, is it?" She grins as she continues perusing novelties.

19:35:17 : Sand_Chaser frowns at Sunny and pulls him up. "Come on, maybe you can get your mind off of her?"

19:35:19 : Apple_Bumpkin smiles and nods toward Axl. "Heya!"

19:35:35 : Sweetie_Belle waves. "Good! I- Uh- I've never hugged a Princess Before!"

19:35:37 : Rarity's eyes widen. "W-what? Here? Why?"

19:35:44 : Eris hugs him back, she tries to get off the tears. "Sorry for kind of disappearing the last few days."

19:35:45 PlatinumSpark: "Don't you have a marefriend Axl?"

19:35:49 Olent: "Excuse me, Your Highness!"

19:35:50 Inkdrop: "This is the Luna hugs line, Inque.

19:35:52 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity and Applejack.

19:35:54 Inkdrop: "

19:35:55 : Chell grits her teeth silently, and hugs Sunset incredibly tightly, and shakes her head. "That's not gonna happen," she whispers. "Trust in me... I won't let you down."

19:35:57 : TigerHeart nods to Agile. "So far so good. I get to see chelly and dolled up, and see a Princess, and listen to great music... and see friends!"

19:36:03 : Luna scoops Sweetie belle up telekimagically and huggles the stuffing out of her!

19:36:07 : Applejack shakes her head. "Twi said they had some stuff ta' talk about, that's about it!"

19:36:08 : Obsidian is off to the side eating his pizza

19:36:20 : ArcaneScholar notices Chell and Sunset speaking about something serious.... "You okay there Sunset?"

19:36:22 Inque: Royalty eh?...I guess I can present my self!

19:36:32 : Agile_Flourish offers a hoof for a high hoof "Speak it sistah."

19:36:36 : Sweetie_Belle hugs back! Come on Cutie Mark! Come ooooooon!

19:36:41 Olent: ((;lkjhbvbhj))

19:36:41 Skar: "Its alright babe" He kissed her leaving behind a little glow paint on her. "We are having a good time and that is all that matters."

19:36:43 Axl: "Why do you think i'm trying to get this out of the way now Plats?" He also nods to Apple_Bumpkin. "Don't get this opportunity much huh?"

19:36:49 : Licorice_Truffle looks over to Bluesie, "Yeah, it looks like it's a hug line."

19:36:54 ProfessorWhoof: (Hi all!))

19:36:55 Chell: ((*head-asplodes from Sweetie Belle*))

19:36:55 : TigerHeart highhooves right off. "Hay Yeah."

19:37:01 SmokyBlues: And a doozy of a line, at that.

19:37:02 Seabreeze: (( HI! ))

19:37:05 : Sunset_Skye hugs Chell tightly back, closing his eyes. "I'm not giving up.. I -can't-.."

19:37:05 PlatinumSpark: (( Hi Prof ))

19:37:15 : Luna grins and sets Sweetie Belle down. "Now wit for your sister, okay?"

19:37:26 ArcaneScholar: ((Professor! HI!))

19:37:31 : Obsidian waves Orion over from the stands

19:37:32 Inkdrop: (( / Hello, Professor! ))

19:37:39 Apple_Bumpkin: "Can't says I do, no."

19:37:39 Olent: ((Proffy! You made it!))

19:37:42 Rainbow_Dash_: "Yeah I guess." she says, tilting her head. She looks back up at the royal stage, and says, "Oh wait, there's Applejack right there."

19:37:43 Agile_Flourish: So town guard is taking a break right now?

19:37:47 : Kiwi Kiwi wakes up among the stalls to the southwest. "Huh... I don't remember falling asleep..." ((What did I miss?))

19:37:47 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "Still wanna wait?"

19:37:50 : Vinyl_Scratch taps the Mic again. "Our beats will now resume!"

19:38:02 : Chell smiles softly to Sunset, and begins writing again. "So give me a smile, and remind yourself it's not going to happen and enjoy yourself. That's an order from your sister."

19:38:07 Vinyl_Scratch: r_embedded (( Title: "Its About Love" - The Medic Droid ))

19:38:07 Kiwi: ((Whoops...))

19:38:31 : Rarity looks up at Sweetie_Belle gets hugged. She supposed that was her cue, so she stepped up and bowed before Princess Luna. "Greetings, your majesty. You look ravishing tonight." she

19:38:33 Inque: It's pretty disconcerting how much music has changed in the years I skipped...

19:38:39 : MidknightHearts sees inky and lands on his back"hey grandpa"he is also wearing a snazz suit

19:38:39 : Sweetie_Belle nods. "Yes'm!" She replies before running off, she needed to see if she got a cutie mark!.

19:38:45 : ArcaneScholar taps Agile on the shoulder before trotting over to Chell and Sunset.

19:38:52 : TigerHeart nods. "We're all "off duty" for this. But our orders are to be watchful for anypony stirring up trouble. I'm sure Octavia will find some odd way of swooping in and causing a scene and escaping as she always does."

19:38:53 Inkdrop: "I like this music..."

19:39:01 : Fluttershy swallows nervously and stares at the princess from right behind Rarity, quivering slightly.

19:39:08 : MojitoJoe gestures to Sweetie Belle to wait for her sister with him.

19:39:21 : Spitfire looks around excitedly for Applejack, "Oh?" She frowns when she finds her, "Did she not bring her cart? That's understandable."

19:39:24 Seabreeze: Me too Inkdrop

19:39:26 Agile_Flourish: I wouldn't be surprised.... Well Archie and I are keeping on the look out too! So you've got our support too!

19:39:26 : Luna bows back to Rarity, and hugs her gently, being very careful of her mane... at first, but then she musses it just a teeny bit. "Relax hun, it's a party!"

19:39:32 : Eris nods, "I think so too..", she then looked around, "Why is there a party actually?", she chuckled nervously.

19:39:42 InkyMarks: Hey Kiddo. Havin' fun?

19:39:49 : Applejack smiles at Rarity and just waits her turn, there wasn't much else to do in a line after all.

19:39:50 ArcaneScholar: ..... Chell? Sunset?

19:39:52 : Skar points to Luna on stage and the big blue moon

19:39:54 : Sunset_Skye smiles weakly upon reading it, nodding a little. "I-I can't promise i'll have fun.. But i won't give up hope.. Thank you sis, i l-love you.." He takes a deep breath and sighs slowly, managing to compose himself. He'd do his best to keep the night happy for the others, at least.

19:40:02 Olent: Olent sadly shrugs and trots back to Kelpy. "Sorry, sweetie... I guess she's too busy."

19:40:06 Inque: Well, forgive me for being a bit displaced...T-T;

19:40:14 Rarity: "Very much like your sister." she smiles at her and bows again before stepping down to find Sweetie Belle.

19:40:18 : Chell nods and smiles softly to Sunset, before turning to look at Arcane...

19:40:21 : Eris's eyes widen as she spots her, "Oooooooh... But why now?"

19:40:31 : ArcaneScholar gives a little wave to both of them.

19:40:39 Rarity: (( brb ))

19:40:39 Agile_Flourish: So you and Archie are Gundam fans?

19:40:45 : DiamondCharm calls up, "You're already on stage! Just do it!" She blocks the stage to prevent others entering so Kelpy can get her hug.

19:40:59 : Fluttershy slowly takes a few steps forward, standing right before Luna...before she ducks her head down and hides most of her face behind her mane, murmuring her greeting in a far too soft voice to be heard.

19:41:01 Kelpy_Blue: "Everypony got mixy mixed up!" She says. "It okay. It's other ponies turn. I'm hungry!"

19:41:05 MojitoJoe: "Did you like the Princess Sweetie?" he looks up to Fluttershy... "You will do fine... your next. Just smile "

19:41:06 : MidknightHearts nods "yep what do you think?"he mentions his suit

19:41:07 Inque: ((poor inque he's from a world without autotune....))

19:41:08 : Sunset_Skye waves a wingtip at Archie lightly. "Hey buddy."

19:41:19 Olent: Olent smiles and pulls her tank up to the Princess. "You hug her, young lady"

19:41:24 : Applejack punches the air with a hoof, passing silent cheers to the shy pony.

19:41:26 Inkdrop: (( No autotune? Blasphemy! ))

19:41:28 : Skar shurgs

19:41:34 Kelpy_Blue: "No, it's other ponies turn!" She frowned.

19:41:42 ArcaneScholar: [Well sunset's feeling down... Chell's hugging him, Sapphire is nowhere to be seen... Aaah I see...]

19:41:50 : Swift_Bolt looks to AJ... "Uh... is it okay if I get in line for the princess?"

19:41:51 Fluttershy: ((*Flutterstares at Inkdrop*))

19:41:53 : TigerHeart recoils from Agile. 'What?! Heavens no! I am not a Gundam fan! I am a fan of the Zaku! He is one of those Earth Federation fanatics that exploited the Principalities people."

19:41:53 ArcaneScholar: Want me to grab some cider for the two of you?

19:42:02 : Eris "Oh well.", she then paused and looked at him, "Radiating, are we?"

19:42:04 Inque: So, Miss Inkdrop...I see you're back to form...

19:42:10 Agile_Flourish: ....... Oooh. One of the- right.

19:42:11 : Apple_Bumpkin stifles a giggle as she sees Fluttershy being shy with Princess Luna

19:42:16 Inkdrop: (( What? What did I do to deserve the Flutterstare?! ))

19:42:20 Skar: "Oh heck yay.. got to stand out in the crowd."

19:42:23 Rainbow_Dash_: "Yeah, funny that. I'd have thought she would have. Oh well, I'm going to go round and say hi to her, maybe see if I can sneak in a hug with the Princess." she chuckles and says, "You coming with?"

19:42:25 : Agile_Flourish outstretches a hoof to Tigerheart "Hail ZEON!"

19:42:28 : DiamondCharm laughs, "If it's somepony else' turn, then I relinquish my turn to you, Miss Blue. Go. Hug. The. Princess." Diamond steps out of line.

19:42:32 : Inkdrop nods. "Yeah...I'm back."

19:42:40 : Applejack nods at Swift_Bolt. "Why not? Ah' don't need protection ya' know."

19:42:46 : MojitoJoe sees he is next he smiles and waits patiently.

19:42:53 : Luna steps down off her throne and hugs Fluttershy ever so firmly. "Heh, you're a shy one aren't you? I'm surprised you're here!"

19:42:58 : Obsidian walks over to Agile and TigerHeart, "Sorry, I'm a federation colt"

19:43:01 : Eris "You sure do!", she said laughingly, "So when is it you invite me to dance?", she said chuckling.

19:43:05 : Swift_Bolt nods ... "Well if you say so... but I'll go right to the stand afterwards."

19:43:08 Inque: G-good...things certainly had gotten...out of hoof.

19:43:09 Olent: Olent pushes her up. They'll all get their turn."

19:43:19 Kelpy_Blue: "No. It's not my turn!" She insists.

19:43:22 : PlatinumSpark just waits in line behind Apple_Bumpkin.He also looks to ArcaneScholar and TigerHeart. "Zeon?"

19:43:23 : Vinyl_Scratch grins. "Here's a personal favorite." (( Title: "Saddle Up" - The Medic Droid ))

19:43:34 : TigerHeart shakes her head. "Bah.. Another."

19:43:36 ArcaneScholar: ...... You two willing to forget about the one year war and relax?

19:43:39 : Fluttershy's eyes contract to tiny dots and she squeaks upon being approached, staying VERY still while being hugged. "Eep..."

19:43:43 ArcaneScholar: ((Wait wrong character.))

19:43:50 : Inkdrop blushes. "Yeaaaah...sorry about that..."

19:43:55 Agile_Flourish: You two willing to just forget about that an relax?

19:43:56 Sunset_Skye: "Thank you Archie but i'm not thirsty," he shakes his head a little in refusal. He looks at Sand and grimaces. "That's.. Not a plan of action i'm comfortable with, Sand.."

19:44:11 Obsidian: Sure, I'm more of a fan of Wing anyway

19:44:30 Agile_Flourish: ..... I liked 00 the best.....

19:44:32 : Luna pats Fluttershy on the nose and giggles, then pulls back onto her throne.

19:44:39 Inque: SImply a misunerstanding I assure you, a momentary lapse in composure, is all.

19:44:41 : Axl can't help but chuckle as Fluttershy stays VERY still.

19:44:55 Inkdrop: "Yeah..."

19:45:02 ArcaneScholar: If you say so then, Sunset.

19:45:03 : Rarity inches her way back to Applejack and Swift_Bolt. "Applejack!" she whispers at her.

19:45:04 : Applejack is about ready to drag Fluttershy back home if she passes out.

19:45:11 : Chell smiles gently when Sunset declines, and shakes her head gently as well. The energy drink she'd had was more than keeping her awake... She felt more able to focus on a single task than ever before seemed possible.

19:45:17 Kelpy_Blue: " it's my turn." She pouts.

19:45:21 : Applejack blinks and looks over art Rarity. "Yeah?"

19:45:23 MidknightHearts: "hey grandpa?"

19:45:28 Ryu_Sword: [Aww cute.] is what goes through his mind as he watches Luna hug Fluttershy

19:45:37 : Apple_Bumpkin nods and smiles not ready to try to hear and understand Archie's conversation

19:45:40 : Fluttershy blushes fiercely at the pat, before she swallows...brings up a small amount of courage...and moves up to hug Luna on her own volition. Then she faints.

19:46:05 Rarity: "I don't understand, is this some sort of social visit? That's not likely just now is it?"

19:46:06 Obsidian: 00, was that the fighting tournament?

19:46:07 InkyMarks: Yeah, kid?

19:46:10 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns-You Are the One (with lyrics) ))

19:46:13 KiteCres: (( *hears the many 'D'aaawwwws and joins in.'* ))

19:46:16 Agile_Flourish: No, no that was G.

19:46:25 Agile_Flourish: 00 had Celestial Being n' stuff.

19:46:29 PlatinumSpark: "Let's hope that i don't as well..." He says watching Fluttershy and tries to wave away the sadistic Kyubi_Hart.

19:46:48 ArcaneScholar: Guards are off duty today?

19:46:58 : Applejack face hooves, well, there went her night. "Ahm' not sure Rarity, they were talkin' bout district lines an stuff, an ah' sorta think Twi asked me ta' leave. Er- Ah' gotta take care ah' Fluttershy ah guess."

19:46:59 Obsidian: Haven't seen it. Any good?

19:46:59 Inque: So...Inkdrop...enjoying yourself tonight?

19:47:11 Kiwi: ((Okay, sorry for my ignorance, but I was out. How does hugging the princess work? Do I just walk up and hug, or what?))

19:47:21 Olent: ((You get in line_)_)

19:47:22 MidknightHearts: "is mom here?,i want to show her this cool suit i bought^^"

19:47:25 : Apple_Bumpkin laughs at Platty. "Hey, you can take one right? It's only your princess..."

19:47:34 : Swift_Bolt "I got it boss." goes to move the fainted Fluttershy off stage for AJ..."Pardon me..."

19:47:35 : Chell blinks at Arcane, and nods and shakes her head immediately after.

19:47:45 InkyMarks: Sorry, yo, can't say I've seen her.

19:47:54 : Kyubi_Hart isn't near Platinum shes watching from a distants

19:48:03 : PlatinumSpark knows...

19:48:07 : Inkdrop stares intently at Seabrezze after their whisper-conversation, and turns back to Inque. "Well...yeah, I'm...having a good time."

19:48:32 : Rarity sighs. "Well, if that's all it is." she sighs. "Do you need help with Fluttershy? It was my fault she went up...I'd be happy to watch her."

19:48:32 PlatinumSpark: "Of course i can take a hug from her >.>"

19:48:36 : DiamondCharm leaves the stage and trots on over to the dance floor. She grabs the nearest pony to attempt to dance the ponytrot to this newfangled music.

19:49:00 Olent: Olent pushes Kelpy up to Luna's throne and bows away.

19:49:09 MidknightHearts: "well do you like the suit im wearing?^^" he is wearing a shimmering blue suit that is dashing

19:49:13 : MojitoJoe watches Swift removing Fluttershy from the stage. He smiles happy to see she is okay. Joesph then looks over to Luna, he straightens his tie and checks to make sure his pinstripe glowing suit is straight before he approaches. He gives her a respectful bow as would be demanded from a pony of his station. "Princess Luna, I am Joesph Montgumery Regulus.. a pleasure to meet you."

19:49:22 Kelpy_Blue: "Um, hello!" She says shyly.

19:49:25 ProfessorWhoof: Orion, clad in a grey vest, Stetson, and bowtie runs into the festival grounds.

19:49:32 Sunset_Skye: "Chell," he says softly after a few moments, "What's your plan? Or can you not tell me?"

19:49:34 Seabreeze: Nice threads Midknight

19:49:38 InkyMarks: Lookin' snazzy, whre'd ya get it?

19:49:44 : Luna stares blankly for a moment, then squeals. "

19:49:46 Axl: "Bet you will freeze up in someway Plats.... If you do then you have to do something else to make up for it..."

19:49:47 : Obsidian waves at Orion

19:49:54 Axl: (( Enter key Luna? ))

19:49:55 : Applejack shakes her head. "Nah' Rarity, ya' got all dressed up an stuff, an this really ain't mah' sorta place." She replies, watching Swift pull the unconcious Pegasus from the stand. "Ah'll jus' drop in after Joe ah' guess an then head out."

19:50:01 Luna: "Sea pony!" and there is a sudden glomp. Sea ponies were adorable.

19:50:07 Sand_Chaser: "She's going to be fine, you know? What pony goes into their death willingly, if they knew about it? She'll be doing anything she can to prevent such a thing."

19:50:09 Luna: (( Yup. It's evil. ))

19:50:11 Inque: Erm, yes, good, good. Yes. Good times.

19:50:12 : Spitfire shakes her head, "Yeah." She shakes her head again, "Yean, I'm in, Rainbow."

19:50:15 Licorice_Truffle: (Sorry, I'm gonna be distracted for a bit.)

19:50:22 : Fluttershy slowly opens her eyes again and looks around. "Oh, u-umm...did I meet the princess?" She has her ears lowered.

19:50:25 SmokyBlues: (( That's fine! ))

19:50:30 MidknightHearts: "right before the party"

19:50:31 : Kelpy_Blue smiles. "I am very happy to meet you! Mommy says the moon is very important for sea ponies!"

19:50:32 ProfessorWhoof: Orion waves to Obsidian, then looks around. He joins the line.

19:50:35 Kiwi: [Hmm... a line, huh? Not exactly my style.] Kiwi slips out of sight. Soon he is inexplicably next in line.

19:50:41 : Tek_Croon follows the sound of good music

19:50:46 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Owl City - Galaxies (Official HQ) ))

19:50:49 PlatinumSpark: "Like what?"

19:50:56 ArcaneScholar: ...... Soooo undercover?

19:50:59 : Sunset_Skye looks Sand right in the eyes, then leans forward and whispers to her completely serious.

19:51:07 Axl: "Heh you'll see you foal XD"

19:51:10 : Marl sniffs and looks around the party, settling back into his old feeling of uselessness.

19:51:27 Kiwi: [I can wait for the seapony, I guess. ^^]

19:51:35 : Andromeda sighs and enters the throng of ponies, trying to distract herself.

19:51:45 ProfessorWhoof: He looks to Kiwi and waves.

19:51:50 MidknightHearts: "oh food!!" he burst off to the food stands

19:51:52 Inque: (shoop be doo)

19:51:53 : MojitoJoe sees he wasn't next like he thought. He waits for his turn...

19:51:57 Luna: Well your mommy is a very smart pony! ... *Luna glares, and in a flash of magic, banishes Kiwi to the back of the line*

19:52:02 : Chell glances at Sand Chaser, and sighs, looking at Sunset. She turns to TigerHeart, and suddenly gives her a tight hug...

19:52:07 : Sand_Chaser eyes widened again and then her ears drooped. "No! You can't do that."

19:52:13 Mario: ((Okay I'm going to log Mario but he'll still be selling pizza but I won't be RPing him.))

19:52:15 Inque: (which happens to be on teh moon)

19:52:22 : Seabreeze smirks at the banishment

19:52:24 Fluttershy: ((Serves you right Kiwi.))

19:52:44 : Kelpy_Blue smiles brightly, happy to have her hug. "Thank you for the hug!" Looks at Olent, ready to give the next pony their turn.

19:52:51 : Chell whispers in TigerHeart's ear.

19:52:54 PlatinumSpark: "This song ain't so bad ^^"

19:52:55 : Applejack approaches Swift_Bolt. "Ah'll take her home, ya' get some rest." She remarks before approaching The Next Pony In Line. "Hey, ah' was wonderin' ifin' ah could drop in, jus wanna say hi ta' the princess an' get poor Fluttershy outa' here.

19:53:01 : TigerHeart hugs Chelly back and listens.

19:53:03 : Kiwi just laughs. "Guess she's more attentive to detail than I thought!"

19:53:08 Olent: Olent beams and pulls the cart back.

19:53:11 : Rarity loiters at the line exit waiting for MojitoJoe to finish. She looks around the area trying to relax.

19:53:17 Inkdrop: " So, um, Inque, I, uh....I' to you after I get my hug from that okay?"

19:53:18 : Luna sets Kelpy down, and with a little zap of magic, gives her little wings for the night so she can swoop around.

19:53:27 : Apple_Bumpkin isn't too sure about this music.

19:53:28 Swift_Bolt: "Okay AJ."

19:53:31 Inque: Oh, yes. Sure. yes.

19:53:43 ProfessorWhoof: "What happened to her?"

19:53:48 Spitfire: ((Flying Seaponies are magical win.))

19:53:53 Olent: Olent gasps. "Oh, Kelpy!"

19:54:08 Inkdrop: (( It's a pega-mer-pony! ))

19:54:14 Tek_Croon: (( Swoop be doop Swoop swoop be doop ))

19:54:17 Kelpy_Blue: "Oh! Wow! Thank you Princess Luna!" *gives her another fin hug and tries out her wings. "I've always wanted to fly!"

19:54:20 Seabreeze: Sure AJ

19:54:24 Axl: "Meh its ok but kinda weird..."

19:54:26 : MidknightHearts lands on inkys back with two slices of pizza "want one inky?"

19:54:53 Kiwi: "*whistles* cool."

19:54:58 InkyMarks: Oh, hey, thanks kid!

19:55:04 : Tek_Croon finds his way to the DJ booth and nods to his friend Vinyl_Scratch.

19:55:05 : Applejack smiles at Seabreeze. "Thank ye' kindly Miss." She remarks before approaching the stage, and as a result, Luna. "Er- Howdy there Princess!" She replies, not sure why everypony was hugging!

19:55:35 : DiamondCharm leaves the dance floor and is disappointed by the lack of willing participants to dance vintage steps with her. She looks around for somepony she knows to spend the evening with.

19:55:37 Luna: (( Okay who's next, I lost track. Okay then. Seabreeze is after AJ.. XD ))

19:55:53 MojitoJoe: (( I was waiting in line behind fluttershy ))

19:55:56 Apple_Bumpkin: (( MojitoJoe got skipped ))

19:55:59 : Sunset_Skye sits back up straight again, giving Sand as much of an empathetic look as he can. "Some things.. Require it, Sand. I've not given up hope, but i'm going to be here, either way, for her. That's the only reason i'm here tonight."

19:56:01 InkyMarks: *pizzanom*

19:56:05 ProfessorWhoof: He sighs. "My word, it's crowded..." He stands at the back of the line.

19:56:17 : Andromeda wanders toward the origin point of the beat, still looking a little down.

19:56:17 : MidknightHearts hooves inky a slice[if im gonna be jette ever again, i better change first]

19:56:18 Luna: (( Bleh, okay. Joe then Seabreeze. ))

19:56:23 Applejack: (( Er- Sorry! ))

19:56:25 Inkdrop: (( I'm behind Seabreeze. ))

19:56:28 : TigerHeart nods and kisses Chell. "you do what you think is right."

19:56:41 MojitoJoe: (( Go Ahead AJ you already there ))

19:56:43 : Luna hugs applejack up warmly and smiles. "You seem to be having trouble with your hat lately."

19:56:45 Kiwi: ((I dunno, either. I'm kinda relying on everypony else to tell me when I'm next.))

19:56:51 Axl: (( I think after Seabreeze, Inkdrop, Ryu_Sword, Nao, Axl, Apple_Bumpkin PlatinumSpark, Kiwi? ))

19:57:05 Axl: (( Correct me if i'm wrong.... ))

19:57:06 Olent: Olent follows Kelpy, pulling the cart behind her.

19:57:10 : Kelpy_Blue is flying around Olent. "This is so neat!"

19:57:12 : Chell pounds a hoof into the ground, audibly. "I don't know what's--" she whispers, hoarsely, then starts coughing...

19:57:14 : Luna totally puts Spark after Inky. ))

19:57:26 Seabreeze: (( I think InkyMarks and Inque are after Inkdrop ))

19:57:29 : Spitfire trots into line and waits for Rainbow Dash.

19:57:39 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday (Music Video) ))

19:57:41 Apple_Bumpkin: (( Spark is totally after me ))

19:57:42 : TigerHeart hugs Chell. "Shhh.. Shh. Don't worry."

19:57:50 : Sunset_Skye looks at Chell worriedly at hearing her coughing. "Easy sis, don't strain yourself.."

19:58:00 : Applejack blinks and paws at her own hat, oh Sweet Celestia, she'd just about hugged the entire royal family now. Well, other than Celestia. "Er- jus' a tad ma'am." She replies, tentatively hugging the Alicorn back.

19:58:04 PlatinumSpark: (( When did InkyMarks get there? O_o ))

19:58:06 ProfessorWhoof: Orion waves to Spitfire. "Good evening, miss."

19:58:15 InkyMarks: (( I feel loved. ))

19:58:16 : Applejack has hugged Nightmare Moon, geteth at me __

19:58:18 Olent: "They're pretty!" Olent admires the silver-scaled wings.

19:58:18 ArcaneScholar: Chell? You okay there?

19:58:23 Applejack: *))

19:58:29 MidknightHearts: ((hes always here.........ALLLWAYS))

19:58:33 : Luna smiles and releases Applejack. "I'd offer you a spare, but I can't make something that special."

19:58:36 Rainbow_Dash_: "Awesome." She flies over to the Royal Stage, and waves to Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy. She then notices Applejack currently occupied and chuckles before just getting in line.

19:58:54 : Chell shudders and catches her breath, and hugs Tiger back, tightly for a long moment, then turns and hugs Sunset... "I won't let it happen," she whispers again...

19:59:20 : Kelpy_Blue flies over to DiamondCharm. "Look at what Princess Luna gave me!"

19:59:28 Agile_Flourish: @Obsidian: It was pretty darn good.

19:59:31 Olent: Olent follow, panting slightly.

19:59:33 : Tek_Croon sees Andromeda in the crowd but doesn't think she sees him. She seems .. distracted. He moves to where he can watch her without being seen.

19:59:53 : Applejack smiles warmly. "Well, thank ye' for the offer ma'am, ah hope ya' have a good night." She replies with a nod before gesturing to Fluttershy. "Ahm' jus' gonna get her outta' here. See ya' later Princess!" She adds, heading to the unconscious Pegasus.

19:59:54 Obsidian: I'll have to look it up then

20:00:08 MojitoJoe: Joesph then looks over to Luna, he straightens his tie and checks to make sure his pinstripe glowing suit is straight before he approaches. He gives her a respectful bow as would be demanded from a pony of his station. "Princess Luna, it is a pleasure to meet you... again."

20:00:09 : TGAPTrixie continues her search for that Princess Celestia. Why was a pony that tall hard to find!?

20:00:11 : Octavia continues standing in the corner after her player forgot to mention she would be gone for a few minutes, but is back now. Continues to complain about the music.

20:00:17 : Sand_Chaser doesn't make any other attempt to speak. However she does watch the other ponies around him closely.

20:00:21 Axl: (( Inkdrop, InkyMarks, Inque, Ryu_Sword, Nao, Axl, Apple_Bumpkin, PlatinumSpark, Kiwi Is that it? ))

20:00:37 : Spitfire smiles and nods excitedly to Professor Whoof, "And a good evening to you, sir." She grins at how odd it feels to speak so formally and turns back to Rainbow Dash, "So... You've met her before. What was your *first* impression of our nocturne princess?"

20:00:42 : Swift_Bolt is still holding the fainted Fluttershy for AJ.

20:00:48 TGAPTrixie: (( Most are waiting for the line to lower, I do believe.. ))

20:00:52 Seabreeze: (( I'm next before all them ))

20:00:58 : Sunset_Skye hugs Chell tightly back and whispers something softly to her.

20:01:01 Axl: (( I know^^ ))

20:01:24 PlatinumSpark: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" Still keeps his place.

20:01:25 ProfessorWhoof: Seeing the line was incredibly long, he wanders out of it.

20:01:25 : Luna giggles. "Don't worry, I'll pay for the damages, Joe. I just wanted to fool around a bit."

20:01:35 Scraggly: (( Hey everypony. ))

20:01:38 : Mayor_Mare decided to go organizes the line, and messes up all the ordering. Then tell ponies not to panic. No. Just kidding, she is just going to just watch for now.

20:01:43 Vinyl_Scratch: r_embedded#t=7s (( Title: Shiny Toy Guns "Le Disko" ))

20:01:50 : KiteCres hangs back as he watches the goings ons, head tilted as he rubs a hoof at his chin.

20:01:50 : Octavia complains.

20:01:54 Axl: (( Hey scraggs ))

20:01:57 : WickedWishes appears in a sudden explosion of blackness before she wraps her forelegs around Octavia and squeezes the bejeezus out of the Earth Pony. She then vanishes in a second black explosion, giggling like a madpony.

20:02:02 : DiamondCharm jumps at the sight of flying seaponies, "My word, darling! I TOLD you she'd love to meet you, dear!"

20:02:04 : Chell glares at him. "Don't be stupid," she writes. "That's not happening to anypony tonight. Not me, not you, not her, not Tiger, not anypony. I told you, trust in me..."

20:02:21 : Mayor_Mare asks Octavia if she would like to complain again.

20:02:30 Agile_Flourish: Y-you guys okay over there?

20:02:33 : MidknightHearts eating so much candy and sweets

20:02:37 : PlatinumSpark spots WickedWishes hug Octavia. "That is pretty scary O_o"

20:02:39 : Seabreeze waves to Scraggly to get in line with her

20:02:42 : MojitoJoe chuckles over the Princess speaking of his name in such familiar tone... "Thank you your grace." he approaches her. "House Regulus is always loyal to you and your sister. If you need anything of us again let me know."

20:02:48 Olent: Olent smiles. "Thanks again for helping, MIss Diamond."

20:02:53 : Octavia decides to stop complaining, and sets to brooding.

20:03:07 : Scraggly trots in. He was kinda glad he finally got LittleSpin to go to bed as he trots next to Seabreeze, nuzzling her.

20:03:08 : Kelpy_Blue smiles. "It's the best! I get to fly for a while. I wish Ixia was here!"

20:03:09 : Luna rolls her eyes and hugs Joe uncomfortably hard. "Awww just get outta here ya galoot! Go party!"

20:03:14 Sunset_Skye: "I do trust you. I told you, i'm not giving up.. If you need help, let me know," he nods a little bit.

20:03:19 : Applejack hefts Fluttershy onto her back and departs with the unconscious Pegasus.

20:03:24 : MidknightHearts noms noms

20:03:25 : Kiwi Kiwi just blinks at WickedWishes' sudden appearance. "What was that?"

20:03:27 : Octavia would also consider suing WickedWishes for assault, had her sock lawyer not lost his value postmortem.

20:03:27 ArcaneScholar: ..... Sunset? Chell? Tiger?

20:03:30 Seabreeze: Great timing Spin, it's almost our turn

20:03:32 : Andromeda almost giggles as she spots Tek attempting to hide in the crowd. But then it disappears. There's obviously a reason he's hiding...She notices Luna talking to ponies and smiles. "My son always did worship the ground you walk on..." She mutters to herself.

20:03:42 : DiamondCharm shakes her head, "I haven't done anything too helpful, dear! I just wanted to make sure Ponyville's newest resident was well taken care of."

20:03:47 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to ProfessorWhoof too and looks back to Spitfire. "Well, seeing as our first meeting was her kinda as, well, heh, Nightmare_Moon.. not that great? But she seemed real nice afterwards, when Twi kinda saved her and stuff."

20:04:01 ProfessorWhoof: ((BRB, supper time!))

20:04:10 Obsidian: (( See ya ))

20:04:11 : MojitoJoe He hugs her back... surprised over her enthusiasm. "Will do m'lady... I hope to see you again." He graciously then leaves her for the next pony to approach her.

20:04:26 : Chell smiles gently to Sunset, her expression softening. She turns to Arcane and writes, "Jewel and Sunset are being harebrained and silly," she writes, nodding conclusively. "Somdpony's gonna do something stupid, and I'm gonna stop it. That's all."

20:04:30 Olent: She hugs Diamond lightly. "Well, it still means a lot."

20:04:39 : Scraggly smiles. "G-Great." He was a little nervous meeting royalty, but tries not to show it.

20:04:42 : Fluttershy is no longer fainted.

20:04:47 ArcaneScholar: I'm here to help you!

20:04:51 Axl: (( Yay~ ))

20:04:57 ArcaneScholar: At.... Anytime you might need help. Wow I sounded stupid.

20:04:59 : Seabreeze leads Scraggly up to the stage. Bowing lightly, she says "Princess, it's an honor. We love your work."

20:05:01 : Swift_Bolt goes to the end of the line

20:05:05 : Tek_Croon stays near Andromeda, watching, trying to decide how in Equestria to approach her after earlier.

20:05:15 Axl: (( Ok now Scraggly's in the line too? ))

20:05:28 : Skar goes to dance with Eris... "Hey babe follow me."

20:05:28 Seabreeze: (( with me, I was holding the place ))

20:05:39 : Inkdrop squees quietly. She was almost at Luna hugs!

20:05:46 Axl: (( k now Swift is there too ))

20:05:46 : Eris nods and follows him.

20:05:51 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Earth Versus The World Music Video ))

20:05:55 : Chell chuckles silently, and writes to Arcane, "If you've got a spell that'll give me a voice for ten minutes tonight, I may give you a signal for it... Otherwise, just do what comes natural when the time comes."

20:05:57 Inque: *chuckles* You're awfully excited.

20:06:05 : Sunset_Skye can't see the note from his angle, otherwise he'd be scowling quite deeply. Instead he turns to Marl and nudges him with a wingtip. "Hey.. You don't need to mope over here because of me.. Go have fun, find some friends, that sort of thing if you want to."

20:06:12 : Scraggly looks away a little. "Y-Yeah...M-Me and Seabreeze love to stargaze..."

20:06:13 Kelpy_Blue: "I like parties! This is fun! And Princess Luna is the BEST!"

20:06:15 : MidknightHearts is chugging a two type of sodas

20:06:20 : Spitfire nods, "Ah, it all makes sense now, then." She shakes her head with a laugh, "Sorry, I can be kind of a slow pony sometimes. Blame it on these!" She spreads her wings with a grin, "I blame them for everything else."

20:06:31 MidknightHearts: ((chug,chug,chug,chug))

20:06:47 : Inkdrop nods at Inque. "Of course I am! I'm going to hug the bringer of the night."

20:06:47 Olent: "It is fun, isn't it?"

20:06:50 : ArcaneScholar nods, snapping to attention and saluting "I have to help the guard out sometime in my life :P"

20:06:54 InkyMarks: I can't see that ending well, HEarts.

20:06:55 : DiamondCharm returns Olent'

20:06:59 : Andromeda shrugs and decides to get in line. Somepony would have to tell Luna how much she helped Ponies.

20:07:09 : MojitoJoe trots over to Rarity... "Sorry for the wait ma cherie."

20:07:14 : Luna smiles and hugs Seabreeze warmly. "You seem like a sensible pony, you know?"

20:07:15 Inque: That's...a title unfamiliar to me.

20:07:20 : Axl whispers to Apple_Bumpkin.

20:07:26 : Chell looks at Arcane. "Is that a 'yes I have such a spell' or a 'yes I'll do what else I can'?" she writes.

20:07:36 : Octavia frowns, upon realizing that nopony wishes to join her brooding. She steps out of the party for a bit, to go do something.

20:07:51 : Rarity starts and turns back to Joe. " bother whatsoever." she says taking a deep breath.

20:08:00 : MidknightHearts finishes the two bottles "*bbrrrrruuuupppp!*....hehe cuse me^^"

20:08:03 : Apple_Bumpkin giggles

20:08:05 Seabreeze: I dunno about that, but night surfing is the best. Mind hugging my fiance *indicates Scraggly*

20:08:08 : DiamondCharm returns Olent's hug with a grin, "It's been good seeing you here tonight, dear. You two have fun, and..." She looks over at Kelpy, "Just because you HAVE them doesn't mean you HAVE to use them. Remember to take a break once in a while, dear."

20:08:12 Ryu_Sword: ((Inkdrop, InkyMarks, Inque, Ryu, Nao, Axl, Apple_Bumpkin, PlatinumSpark and Kiwi. I've made a list so if anypony else joins whisper me so I can help to keep track please.))

20:08:17 : MojitoJoe smiles to her and offers her to follow where its less noisy.

20:08:18 Inkdrop: "Well, it less of a title and more what she does. And what she does is amazing."

20:08:28 PlatinumSpark: "What are you two talking about?" He asks Apple_Bumpkin and Axl.

20:08:32 ArcaneScholar: That's a "yes I'll do what I can," Chell. Sorry but I'm not good enough with those kinds of spells >_<

20:08:38 Olent: "You too, Miss Diamond."

20:08:39 Kiwi: ((Andromeda's right after me, I think.))

20:08:43 : Tek_Croon steps in line behind Andromeda

20:08:52 Inque: I-I guess so...never really thought of that, but I do thank her for Manehatten's nightlife!

20:08:56 Axl: (( Swift_Bolt is somewhere at the end as well. ))

20:08:58 : Luna perks up and giggles at the sight of the disheveled pony. "No, not at all! C'mere."

20:09:00 : Tek_Croon looks nervous, expecting her to turn around

20:09:06 : Rarity lets Joe lead her off. "I'm sorry, I just had a bit of a start is all."

20:09:23 : Chell nods softly, and looks at Tiger. "Can I count on you to make sure the event is safe while I'm gone...?"

20:09:25 : Marl snorts. "You're the only one moping. I'm quite confident there's going to be a spectacularly brilliant display on Miss Sapphire's part to save herself and anypony else who gets in the way. But... going back into all those... bodies... doesn't sound very appealing. I wonder if there's a cider stand around, I could go for a good song, I think."

20:09:33 : Scraggly timidly steps up to her. "U-Um...Hello..."

20:09:40 : Kelpy_Blue nods. "Okay! I will take it easy!"

20:09:45 ArcaneScholar: "Gone?"

20:09:51 : Powder whispers with the guards and receives an item, then scurries off.

20:10:06 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: The Polish Ambassador - Earth Versus The World Music Video ))

20:10:12 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Oh come on! ))

20:10:13 : PlatinumSpark wonders if Kyubi_Hart is still watching from somewhere.

20:10:13 : Seabreeze stands off to the side, grinning

20:10:18 : TigerHeart nods. "I'll do my best, hun."

20:10:23 TigerHeart: ((AFK))

20:10:35 : MojitoJoe looks to her... "Its alright Rarity, care to tell me?" He leans over so she could whisper if she choose to.

20:10:39 : DiamondCharm trots to the edge of the party and looks around for where she thought she saw Octavia. She sits solemnly when she realizes she must have been mistaken.

20:10:41 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Title: Owl City - Fireflies ))

20:10:43 : Chell nods and smiles to her. "Love you," she writes to her, before turning to Sunset. "Where is she now? She's not talking to me."

20:10:50 : Kiwi , feeling bored, turns to Andromeda. "Sup?"

20:10:53 : Andromeda can't help but laugh. "You really shouldn't be so obvious, dear."

20:11:02 : Skar as they dance he lifts her up a few times as and even flies up holding Eris

20:11:25 MidknightHearts: "woohoo party....grandpa its a party,that goat over there is eating suger with his nose"points to bealtz

20:11:26 Rainbow_Dash_: chuckles and says, "Heh, yeah, I get that.", flexing her own wings a bit. She looks at the line to Luna and says, "I think we're gonna be here all night...."

20:11:28 : Bealtz_Tahacian is doing suger *snifff!!*

20:11:35 : Tek_Croon's ears droop, then flick back up. "H.. hey"

20:11:41 : Applejack blinks and notices Fluttershy is out for good. She just shrugs it off and leaves, leaves, this time.

20:11:44 : Eris laughs everytime he does that, she was pretty happy.

20:11:48 : Axl turns back to the line away from PlatinumSpark. "Nothing...."

20:11:49 Olent: Olent smiles. "Are you hungry, Kelpy?"

20:11:52 : Swift_Bolt in the back of the line he nervously wonders what he is supposed to do in front of the princess.

20:12:02 MidknightHearts: "MORE PIE!!!"

20:12:07 Rarity: "It's nothing. I suppose I was just caught off guard." she smiles. "Lets get something to drink, shall we?"

20:12:12 : Spitfire shrugs, "Good company, decent music... I don't see any problem with a long wait."

20:12:29 : Sunset_Skye opens his mouth to give a bit of a scathing retort to Marl for that first part, but just nods a little when he sees Chell's note. "I don't know.. After we.. s-said goodbye, she vanished. We were several miles up on a cloud, so that does nothing to help i'm sure."

20:12:33 : Luna hugs the Scraggles up and rolls her eyes~

20:12:49 : Scraggly timidly hugs back.

20:12:55 Kelpy_Blue: "I am very,very hungry!" She nods.

20:13:02 : MojitoJoe nods... "If you say so." He smiled and escorts her to his stand where two of his five bartenders are working to make ponies drinks and to promote Luna's Blue Raspberry Moon Soda.

20:13:28 Oni_Sorasousha: (( I and my alts will be 100% available as soon as dinner is done with ^^ which won't be long. ))

20:13:36 Olent: "Then let's get something." She stars towards the stands.

20:13:47 : Chell nods. "I'll find her, then..." She smiles. "I'll be back..." She looks off towards town, and a blue twinkle appears in the distance... Then she vanishes through an orange portal in the ground underneath herself, which closes up right behind her, making it nigh-unto impossible to follow her...

20:13:52 : Andromeda smiles. "Hello, Tek. You're not exactly subtle."

20:14:02 : Kelpy_Blue flies right next to Olent, looking at the food.

20:14:04 Ryu_Sword: ((okay current list inkdrop, inkymarks, inque, ryu, nao, axl, apple_bumpkin, platinumspark, spitfire, rainbow_dash_, andromeda, tek_croon.))

20:14:22 Vinyl_Scratch: And now for something completely different to round out the list! (( Title: O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei )) After which I will be open to requests.

20:14:29 PlatinumSpark: (( You missed Kiwi ))

20:14:37 MojitoJoe: (( and swift ))

20:14:42 Ryu_Sword: ((Bah!))

20:14:44 Rainbow_Dash_: (( is... is this song what I think it is? ))

20:14:45 : DiamondCharm trots up behind Marl from the edge of the party and attempts to take him by surprise with a tackle hug.

20:14:50 PlatinumSpark: (( kiwi is after me ))

20:14:55 Vinyl_Scratch: (( Yes. Yes it is. ))

20:15:01 Ryu_Sword: ((Wait wheres Swift_Bolt?))

20:15:02 Eris: (( Blast from the past. ))

20:15:06 MojitoJoe: (( End of the line ))

20:15:09 Sunset_Skye: "Why does she insist on doing everything on her own," he growls softly under his breath, stamping a hoof softly before sighing and turning back to watch the party silently again. He doesn't notice Diamond behind Marl at all.

20:15:18 Tek_Croon: (( between RD and Andromeda ))

20:15:28 PlatinumSpark: (( Oh god XD this song ))

20:15:30 : MidknightHearts comes back with apple pie and gulps it down"NOM,NOM!"

20:15:37 MojitoJoe: (( thanks Tek shows what I know... :) ))

20:15:47 : Kiwi , seeing that Andromeda was preoccupied, turns away and sighs. He hoped he wouldn't fall asleep again by the time it was his turn.

20:16:01 Rainbow_Dash_: nods and says, "Yeah, I guess you're right." to Spitfire. She nods her head to the music while they wait, and sings along softly with a smile on her face

20:16:07 Olent: Olent has a hard time choosing what would agree with Kelpy's diet...

20:16:22 : Licorice_Truffle sort of gets back into things as he looks around, "Woah, how long was I out for?"

20:16:27 Tek_Croon: "I.. uh. I was just. uh.."

20:16:52 SmokyBlues: I dunno. I started hummin' Flank Sinatra tunes ta pass the time...needless ta say, I was out of it, too.

20:16:56 Apple_Bumpkin: "Yeah, don't worry 'bout it."

20:17:04 PlatinumSpark: >.>

20:17:09 : MidknightHearts brings some pie back for inky

20:17:14 : Luna can't tell if she's been approached! ))

20:17:19 InkyMarks: Oh, thanks kid!

20:17:21 Andromeda: "Don't worry about it, dear. You've done nothing wrong." She turns back to Kiwi. "Hello."

20:17:22 Axl: "This is gonna be great"

20:17:27 InkyMarks: ((Inkdrop, that's you!!!))

20:17:38 : Seabreeze pulls the stiffened Scraggly away from Luna's stage

20:17:39 Axl: (( Paging miss Inkdrop! ))

20:17:48 MidknightHearts: "want anything to drink?"

20:17:50 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay revised list. inkdrop, inkymarks, inque, ryu, nao, axl, apple_bumpkin, platinumspark, kiwi, spitfire, rainbow_dash_, swift_bolt, andromeda, tek_croon. is that everypony?))

20:17:53 : Marl is characteristically oblivious to DiamondCharm's presence until she pounces. "And why do you insist on bei- Oof!" He rocks a little against the impact, stunned, but doesn't quite fall over. Those four gumption points aren't for nothing.

20:17:54 Rarity: "That looks delicious! Of course, if you created it then there is no doubt." she takes a drink "I was right!"

20:17:56 Inkdrop: (( Sorry! Sudden\ RL Thing. ))

20:17:59 Kelpy_Blue: "I wanna try something interesting!"

20:18:16 Scraggly: "Th-Thank you..." he mumbles as he's dragged away.

20:18:20 : Kiwi "Huh?" Kiwi turns again. "Oh. Hey."

20:18:31 : MojitoJoe chuckles "I can't take the credit on this one Rarity... Luna made it... I have the rights to produce them."

20:18:35 : Seabreeze heads over to the food stands "Try the sushi Kelpy. Nice wings by the way"

20:18:40 ProfessorWhoof: Orion wanders by Sunset and waves.

20:18:44 InkyMarks: (( Should I go, then? ))

20:18:46 : Spitfire grins at the musical selection, "Really? They're playing this?" She shakes her head with a playful laugh, "The music selection WAS good."

20:18:48 Seabreeze: (( Sushi refers to the rice, not the fish ))

20:18:52 : Inkdrop grins as she steps up to Princess Luna. "H-Hi, Princess," She says, bowing before looking up again, and hugging the Princess. Hugging! The Princess!

20:18:53 Olent: "Hmmmm... Lettuce wrapped lettuce?"

20:18:55 Kiwi: ((D'oh, stupid split attention of mine...))

20:19:06 : Sunset_Skye looks over at the pair and blinks, watching silently. His eyes do widen a little at seeing Orion. "Thought you were out of town."

20:19:07 InkyMarks: Aww, that's cute...

20:19:08 Olent: "Oh, hey Seabreeze!"

20:19:20 : DiamondCharm grins up at Marl, "You. and Sunset. Are standing here like lumps on a log. Why?"

20:19:24 : Licorice_Truffle blinks, "Are we even in line anymore?"

20:19:25 Apple_Bumpkin: (( afk 10-30 for Bumpkin/Croon/Helpful Heart ))

20:19:34 : Scraggly waves a little to Olent and stays near Seabreeze.

20:19:40 SmokyBlues: Uh. Maybe?

20:19:44 : Luna hugs the excited pony back, giggling warmly and giving her ears a twitch. "Hello~ What a nice coat color!"

20:20:02 Seabreeze: Hiya. Like I said, try the sushi. It's rice wrapped in seaweed.

20:20:10 ProfessorWhoof: "Came back for tonight only. Is that a problem?"

20:20:10 : Licorice_Truffle blinks and looks around, "This is so confusing. Who knew that waiting in line would be so crazy?"

20:20:11 Rarity: "Well, I wish I had tried this first. I could have given her my compliments.' she laughs.

20:20:14 Andromeda: "Hello, dear." Andromeda responds. "I assume you want a conversation?" She smiles a little.

20:20:18 Olent: She waves back to Scraggly. "Oh, that sounds pretty good, actuallly.."

20:20:31 ArcaneScholar: Hey Orion.

20:20:32 Kelpy_Blue: "Seaweed?!" She squealed. "Please give me the sushi!"

20:20:32 Agile_Flourish: Hi Orion.

20:20:38 Inkdrop: "Thank you, Princess Luna!" [Oh my goodness Luna like my coat color this is the best night of my life!]

20:20:38 Vinyl_Scratch: We are now open to requests! Which you can give to Octavia, since she thinks she can do better. DJ PON-3 vacates the booth to go get one of those sodas!

20:20:46 : MojitoJoe chuckles "She did a superb job... but she did cause a minor explosion in my lab for it."

20:20:48 Licorice_Truffle: (I've gotta get going in 5.)

20:20:48 ProfessorWhoof: "Hello Arcane, Agile."

20:20:53 Sunset_Skye: "No, just surprised is all," he says quietly.

20:20:56 InkyMarks: Aw, Ah'm sure she'll be happy about that...

20:21:05 Rainbow_Dash_: nods in agreement, and says, "Yeah, I'm surprised! I was afraid this event was gonna be way more formal."

20:21:09 : MidknightHearts flys to sweetie belle"Wanna DANCE sweetie!?"he is somwhat hyper

20:21:20 Kiwi: "Well, It'll keep me awake. Line's pretty slow, isn't it?"

20:21:23 ProfessorWhoof: "I see. It's good to see you all."

20:21:24 : Marl shakes his head and returns the hug. "Oh, well, I'm not much of a part pony, and Sunset here just got a bit of troublesome news, that's all."

20:21:49 Seabreeze: *a random food vendor gives out sushi to Kelpy and Seabreeze*

20:22:01 Rarity: "Well, I think a Princess is entitled. I would much rather have her destroy my boutique than...well, all the other ponies who do."

20:22:17 ProfessorWhoof: "Is something the matter, Sun?"

20:22:18 : Spitfire grins, "I'm a little disappointed it IS this informal, but part of me is still relieved." She shrugs, "Either way, everything is as it should be, am I right?"

20:22:23 Marl: ((*Party pony, bah))

20:22:27 InkyMarks: *approaches behind Inkdrop*

20:22:33 : Kelpy_Blue eats her sushi. "So yummy. Can I try some of that lettuce too, Olent?"

20:22:34 Nao: (( Where am I again? ))

20:22:44 : Sand_Chaser frowns at Sunset_Skye and then turns to look at Diamond Charm more directly. "Sunny hasn't been feeling very well," Chaser informed her.

20:22:50 : Swift_Bolt behind Rainbow Dash he looks to her in his big white t-shirt that says Apple Security. "Formal? No pony said formal... am i underdressed."

20:22:57 : Luna lets Ink go and smiles, tail flicking gently.

20:22:58 Ryu_Sword: ((Your behind me.))

20:23:01 Axl: (( in front of me and behind Ryu_Sword ))

20:23:19 : Scraggly quietly looks around at all the ponies lowers his head a little.

20:23:21 : Panty resumes full functionality. Namely, settling at a booth and munching on stuff.

20:23:21 Seabreeze: (( where is Octavia? ))

20:23:28 : Inkdrop releases Luna. "Have a nice night, Princess!" she says, trotting gleefully away.

20:23:31 Sunset_Skye: "I'd rather not discuss it anymore, i'm just here to wait.." he replies softly and simply.

20:23:33 : MojitoJoe chuckles... "Well we had stranger events... I think..."

20:23:35 InkyMarks: *goes straight into a hug* Evevnn', Princess, Ah hope yer enjoyin' yerself.

20:23:47 Ryu_Sword: ((Only she can answer that.))

20:23:49 : DiamondCharm nods at Sunset before turning to Sandy, "He hasn't?" She turns to Sunset, "You haven't? I got sick earlier today myself. Anxiety got the better of me. You should try to relax yourself - you're often just as tense as I am."

20:23:50 : Ixia arrives to the party from wherever she'd vanished to.

20:24:02 ProfessorWhoof: "I understand. I'm sorry, Sun. I truly am."

20:24:05 DiamondCharm: *Nods at Marl before turning to Sandy, "))

20:24:11 : Skar whispers something to Eris and grins.

20:24:17 Olent: She nods. 'Sure."

20:24:29 : Luna hugs the bookish looking pony gently, smiling wide.

20:24:47 Luna: "I am, I do wish more ponies would be on the dance floor, though."

20:24:48 : Kelpy_Blue eats her fill of sushi and lettuce. "This is all very yummy. Ponies have the best food."

20:24:58 InkyMarks: *squeezes tightly* Have yerself a wunnerful night, Miss. *releases*

20:24:59 : Inkdrop approaches Seabrezze and Kelpy. "Seabreeze! Seabreeze! I hugged Princess Luna!"

20:25:18 Inque: *approaches, bowing* Your majesty...

20:25:20 : Eris chuckles and nods.

20:25:22 Seabreeze: Great job Inkdrop!

20:25:38 Olent: Olent has a good nosh as well. "Mm. Glad you like it."

20:25:42 : Prickly_Pear sneaks up behind InkyMarks. "Boo!"

20:25:44 : Seabreeze finishes her sushi and heads towards the dj booth

20:25:53 : Kyubi_Hart has gotten some pizza, popcorn, cotton candy and a drink and is back to watch Platinum

20:25:53 Inkdrop: "And she said she likes my coat color! Me! Her! Colors! Liking!"

20:25:57 Inque: I bow humbly, and thank you for your wonderful gift of the night.

20:26:18 InkyMarks: Miss PEar! *kisses* Good evenin', Ah jes' hugged th' princess.

20:26:21 : Sunset_Skye stiffens a little in place before turning to give Orion a warning look. "Don't do that without asking," he says softly.

20:26:29 InkyMarks: Ah still think you're prettier, though.

20:26:36 Rainbow_Dash_: nods and says, "Yeah, couldn't have turned out better really. I mean, hay, they even gave out free glow-sticks!", smiling and showing off her glowing array of glowsticks around her neck, mix-matching with her mane.

20:26:45 : Scraggly stays close with Seabreeze. He looks around nervously.

20:26:57 Prickly_Pear: "Ah saw!" She smiles. "Sorry Ah'm so late. I got caught up in somethin'."

20:27:00 : Skar lifts her up and flies off leaving behind a long trail of gold and red glitter down on every pony below the dance floor

20:27:05 Inque: *moves in awkwardly for a registers about 3 kiloceras.*

20:27:09 ProfessorWhoof: "Sorry," he says softly. "I just want to help."

20:27:13 : ArcaneScholar and Agile sigh simultaneously.

20:27:14 : Kelpy_Blue smiles because Inkdrop is so happy.

20:27:20 InkyMarks: Well, Ah know yer busy, don' worry none.

20:27:21 : Spitfire drops her jaw, "Oh, REALLY? Where and HOW did I miss that!?"

20:27:43 Prickly_Pear: "Glad ah' could make it ta the party though."

20:27:47 : Marl shifts back into a more comfortable position after being dislodged by Diamond, and starts to scan for a cider booth before he recalls her cinnamon breakdown the previous night and decides against it. Instead, he just returns to his quiet musings.

20:27:47 : Ixia hones in on Olent and Kelpy and heads over to them. "Hello!"

20:27:51 : MidknightHearts flys to prickly "hey grandma!"

20:28:01 InkyMarks: S'certainly more fun than Ah woulda expected!

20:28:07 InkyMarks: Oh Hearts. ^_^;

20:28:22 Kelpy_Blue: "Ixia, Ixia! Look what Princess Luna gave me!" She said, fluttering her wings.

20:28:28 Rarity: "How on Equestria is that?" she chuckles, taking another sip of her delicious drink

20:28:29 Prickly_Pear: "Grandma?!"

20:28:39 : Luna scruffles Inque on the head, grinning wide~

20:28:44 : DiamondCharm shakes her head at being ignored by Sunset, "Marl. You, me, dance. Ponytrot to the techno beat!" She begins moving smoothly to a song that decidedly was not a smooth-dancing song - but she makes it look good!

20:28:48 Olent: "You look pr-pretty tonight, Ixia."

20:29:00 Ixia: "Wow! Those are certainly impressive!" Ixia admired Kelpy's wings.

20:29:10 Sunset_Skye: "Then believe," he says quietly, "and don't stop, even when it looks like there's nothing left." He goes quiet again after that, looking out at the party.

20:29:11 : SmokyBlues nuzzles Licorice. "I'm startin' ta get a headache...mind if we head home?"

20:29:32 : Sweetie_Belle elects to stay close to Rarity, it would be easy to get lost in a crowd like this. And she had a dress to watch out for!

20:29:41 : Kelpy_Blue beams. "Now almost all my best friends are here!"

20:29:41 : Seabreeze sneaks into the dj booth and pops in a track (( Title: Stamp on the Ground (Flash Animation) ))

20:29:50 Kiwi: ((!@#$% connection problems.))

20:30:12 : MojitoJoe drinks some of his own soda... "Well we had friendly hyrda's, talking spheres, ponies of influence just dropping by, my duel for one ... and now this. So yes, we live in interesting Times Rarity. Heck this should be considered normal for by all accounts."

20:30:30 : Marl chuckles a little, and attempts to join in. "Yes, ma'am, though you never taught me that one." He does his best to mimic her movements, but his best isn't very good.

20:30:36 Inque: *backs off, befuddled by teh hair scruffle, since when to princesses scruffle!?*

20:30:41 ProfessorWhoof: Orion nods.

20:30:52 Inque: Well, that was...surprising.

20:31:14 : DiamondCharm laughs, "No no, dear..." She slows her dance and shows him the steps one by one, "Like THIS."

20:31:37 : MidknightHearts is hyper"soon to be grandma i ment HEHE!"

20:31:58 : Seabreeze sneaks back out of the booth and over to Inky's group

20:32:10 Prickly_Pear: "Well...I...I suppose so, huh?"

20:32:10 : Ixia looks at Olent. "Are you having fun? I'm sorry I wasn't able to get here sooner..." She'd been out trying to convince Dandy to come along.

20:32:11 Rainbow_Dash_: notices Swift_Bolt behind her and turns to look at him, "Uh..." she reads the shirt and says, "What?" to him, looking a bit confused. She turns back to Spitfire and says, "Oh it was at the front gate. They were giving them out."

20:32:13 : MojitoJoe offers Sweetie Belle a Luna's Blue Raspberry Moon soda

20:32:23 : Luna does it because she can. "So you want a hug or what?"

20:32:23 ProfessorWhoof: "I wish Raven was here... I have something to tell her. Well, ask her."

20:32:29 Rarity: "I suppose it's become too normal if I fail to notice it anymore." she takes another sip. "By the way...aren't you...meeting somepony here tonight?"

20:32:39 Luna: (( MojitoJoe you fool! You'll doom us all! ))

20:32:50 : Scraggly stays with Seabreeze. "H-Hello Inky..."

20:32:56 Kelpy_Blue: "I missed you! Olent missed you even more!" She smiles.

20:32:58 Inque: *hugs*

20:33:08 ArcaneScholar: Looks like Je's handing out a new kind of sodas...

20:33:09 Inque: *quickly nd then moves back into the crowd*

20:33:12 ArcaneScholar: *Joe's

20:33:13 KiteCres: (( *thinks he can hear Scoots coming for a bottle of it too* ))

20:33:14 Andromeda: ((Who's in front of me in line?))

20:33:37 PlatinumSpark: (( Ryu has the list ))

20:33:42 Kiwi: ((Me.))

20:33:47 Agile_Flourish: Grab me one.

20:33:48 InkyMarks: Hey Scraggs! And Hearts, stop scarin' Miss Pear.

20:33:50 Marl: "Of course, how silly of me," he says, and makes another attempt, still laughing a bit. Better, maybe even passable, but not quite great.

20:33:54 : Octavia gallops into thew party, still dressed as a maid; but with triangular shades of awesome! She dashes over to the DJ's booth!

20:34:06 Prickly_Pear: "Oh, I ain't scared." She laughs.

20:34:18 Seabreeze: (( Maid Kamina Octy? Awesome! ))

20:34:22 : Ryu_Sword once Inque had moved down walks up for his turn "Hello." he says with a bow

20:34:28 ArcaneScholar: ((This is incredible.))

20:34:33 : ArcaneScholar heads straight to Joe

20:34:45 : Spitfire laughs, "That's what I get for flying into the dance. Aww, I wanna glowstick." She looks off toward the entrance to see if they had any left.

20:34:46 ProfessorWhoof: He draws a small box from his saddlebag.

20:34:48 MidknightHearts: "sary! hehe"lands on pears back

20:34:58 Kiwi: ((Hey, Ryu, you want to rattle off the list again?))

20:34:59 Ryu_Sword: ((Swift_bolt is before you Andromeda.))

20:35:01 : Octavia begins throwing out all the records, with wild abandon.

20:35:24 : DiamondCharm grins, "You're getting the picture now!"

20:35:29 : Seabreeze gets some of Joe's new soda and passes it to Inky, Pear, Scraggs, Kelpy, Ixia, and Olent. "Bottoms up!"

20:35:36 Kiwi: ((Hey, wait, I'm right before her!))

20:35:38 : RavenShadow walks about the event, in a very event-walking-about kind of way.

20:35:42 : Prickly_Pear flaps her wings to bat them at MidknightHearts playfully.

20:35:54 Inque: *back to the group* The Princess is certainly...more casual, than I would have expected.

20:35:55 Olent: Olent flushes and accepts a soda. "Uh, th-thanks..."

20:35:59 PlatinumSpark: [ Loading...........]

20:36:06 Inque: *attempts to smooth mane back down*

20:36:07 : ArcaneScholar dodges through the crowd and waits for his chance to grab some Luna's Blue Raspberry Moon soda

20:36:09 : Octavia finally finds something, and puts it on! (( Title: Best VGM 614 - Shatter - Kinetic Harvest ))

20:36:14 : Panty spots Octavia finally. But only because she's doing something so obviously Octavia. She doesn't much react, aside watching from her spot, and snorting softly, thinking to herself about how she will manage going home eventually.

20:36:17 Axl: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

20:36:21 : Inkdrop smiles at Inque. "I think she's amazing!"

20:36:23 ProfessorWhoof: He sees Raven and hides the box, then rushes to her. "Raven!" he shouts.

20:36:23 : MidknightHearts giggles at it"hehe!"

20:36:38 Luna: (( Okay so, who's up next? ))

20:36:43 : Scraggly takes a small sip of soda, a bit nervously.

20:36:47 : Sunset_Skye watches Marl dancing with Diamond quietly, an eyebrow quirked ever so slightly.

20:36:54 Kiwi: ((Who's right before me, again?))

20:36:55 : RavenShadow looks over at Orion, grinning widely. "Orion! Hey!"

20:36:55 PlatinumSpark: (( Ryu is there ))

20:37:08 PlatinumSpark: (( Plats is before you kiwi ))

20:37:09 : Seabreeze slams the soda. "Whew! Luna knows how to make a flavor!"

20:37:10 Ryu_Sword: ((List nao, axl, apple_bumpkin, platinumspark, kiwi, spitfire, rainbow_dash_, swift_bolt, andromeda, tek_croon. I'm up hugging Luna right now so I'm not on the list.))

20:37:15 Kelpy_Blue: "Ixia. Would you saw that in Ponyville, Olent is your best friend?" She asks.

20:37:29 : Luna blinks at the green pony. "Well, uhmn. Hello there!"

20:37:41 : Swift_Bolt is just nervous and keeps behind RD as they are in line

20:37:42 : Twilight_Sparkle arrives at the party... "Oh gosh... I must be late... Oh. Line. Where is the line.... actually, should I be in the line?" she mutters to herself as she enters

20:37:42 ProfessorWhoof: Orion hugs her tight. "Oh I missed you so... I'm only in town for tonight though."

20:37:47 : Ixia looks thoughtful, and then nods. "Oh yes, she certainly is."

20:37:51 PlatinumSpark: (( I like your taste Octavia ))

20:37:54 : MidknightHearts gives vinyl a request (( Title: Final Fantasy X Soundtrack: Seymour Battle Theme ))

20:38:01 : Nao waits patiently still, and watches.

20:38:02 Inque: Well...certainly not what I expected...not particularly regal...-_-

20:38:08 : Kelpy_Blue smiles. "See Olent? I told you!"

20:38:11 : MidknightHearts flys back to pears back

20:38:13 Inque: (( Whisper those, hearts. ))

20:38:23 PlatinumSpark: (( Vinyl is gone T_T ))

20:38:24 : Marl shakes his head, grinning. "I highly doubt it, but thanks for lying to me, anyway." He glances around a bit more while attempting not to trip over his hooves, and sniffs. "Seems that a good deal of our little group is attending this event stag, huh?"

20:38:25 Kiwi: ((...Huh? How'd all those ponies get between me and Andromeda?))

20:38:30 : Inkdrop laughs. "A princess can act however she wants..."

20:38:32 : DiamondCharm attempts to adjust her movements to the new song and takes Marl by the hip, "You already know the Waltz, so..." She begins dancing a style that Marl already knows.

20:38:32 Ryu_Sword: "Looks up and smiles "So should I call you Maria or Luna?" he chuckles

20:38:35 : Scraggly takes another small sip and listens silently.

20:38:38 MidknightHearts: ((My baaaad))

20:38:44 Inque: I suppose so...

20:38:45 : Seabreeze looks at Inque. "After 1000+ years, wouldn't you get tired of the stuffy attitude too?"

20:38:49 : Octavia would point out Vinyl is no longer there, and shakes her head. She points to the paper on the booth, with a pencil next to it.

20:39:06 : Luna rolls her eyes. "Luna, pleeease." she murmurs, groaning.

20:39:11 : RavenShadow hugs Orion back. "Well, you're here, and that's the important thing."

20:39:29 : Sand_Chaser wanders off, into the line, looking back at Sunny for a moment deciding that he had lots of ponies right now and that she could slip away.

20:39:45 : Ryu_Sword chuckles "Ok." then goes to hug her

20:39:51 : Twilight_Sparkle decided to start looking for her friends first. "This is a lot of ponies..."

20:39:52 ProfessorWhoof: "I've got something to ask you."

20:39:54 : Obsidian finishes his pizza and heads towards Orion and Raven

20:40:01 : ArcaneScholar grabs a bunch of bottles for himself and his friends

20:40:06 RavenShadow: "What is it?"

20:40:17 Olent: Olent blushes lightly and unwittingly downs her entire soda.

20:40:31 ProfessorWhoof: "Let us briefly adjourn to the shrine."

20:40:31 Inque: Well, I guess so...I was surprised to heara bout her at all! If you'll recall, I skipped some parts...

20:40:32 : Sunset_Skye watches Sand go and manages a little smile, happy she was hopefully heading off to have fun.

20:40:37 : MojitoJoe The bartenders at Joe's booth are busy selling and handing out all kinds of sodas for everypony including the newest creation from Luna herself.

20:40:51 Inkdrop: "True....but still."

20:40:59 ProfessorWhoof: "This place is much too crowded."

20:41:04 : Axl is nodding off slightly and bumps into Nao. "Oh hey Nao....You doing ok?"

20:41:04 Inque: I guess so...oh well.

20:41:17 : RavenShadow blinks. "Alright then."

20:41:20 : ArcaneScholar heads back to Sunset, the Professor, Marl, and the others

20:41:37 InkyMarks: Ah think she did mighty fine, but if ya ask me she sure seems more like a filly at her cuteceañera to me.

20:41:38 Olent: She gasps at the sudden sugar rush and hops about ten feet into the air...

20:41:40 ArcaneScholar: Hey guys, I got soda.

20:41:46 : Nao blinks and nods to Axl a moment, while she just shrugs a moment. Then looks to Luna and Ryu a moment. "I'm ok." She remarks.

20:41:51 : Scraggly takes another sip. "U-Um...S-Seabreeze?" he mutters, probably unhearable over the music and sound.

20:41:55 ProfessorWhoof: He trots in that direction, a noticable spring in his step.

20:41:56 : Spitfire casually asks as she looks up the line again, "How many more are in front of us, now...?"

20:42:05 : Luna hugs Ryu back gently, her wings giving a gentle twitch. She begins to grow a bit bored, this was kind of monotonous, and she'd missed all the good songs for the dance floor.

20:42:09 Seabreeze: It almost is, Inky *turns to Scraggly* Yeah Spin?

20:42:10 : Twilight_Sparkle for some reason. Pops up beside ArcaneScholar. "Oh, Soda? I could use some Soda now. Where do you get those Soda?"

20:42:13 : Octavia puts on the next song! (( Title: Disco Prince Instrumental (We Love Katamari) ))

20:42:23 : Sunset_Skye waves his wing lightly at Archie. "I guess i should drink something.. You having fun tonight at least, Archie?" He takes one of the drinks with a little nod of thanks.

20:42:35 : RavenShadow follows. "So, how was your trip?"

20:42:41 Kelpy_Blue: "Are you okay, Olent?"

20:42:43 : Axl raises a brow at Nao. "I thought you prefer Celestia?"

20:42:49 Kiwi: "... *gasp!* No! Don't nod off, Kiwi! Don't nod off..."

20:42:52 : Obsidian decides to leave Orion to it.

20:42:57 : Ixia stares at Olent. "What's wrong?"

20:43:08 : Marl nods as the dance changes, and does much better this time around. He carefully keeps his hooves stiffly in perfectly safe locations on Diamond, however.

20:43:22 : Scraggly looks around nervously. "U-Um...Th-There are a few t-too many ponies here...I-I-I think I'm gonna go s-sit on the side...F-For a little bit..."

20:43:24 ArcaneScholar: So far yeah, my date hasn't actually shown up yet but hey, I'm fine with that~

20:43:32 Olent: Olent gently floats down, her blue stained tongue hanging out of her mouth. ".... Wath that thoda?"

20:43:32 : Nao kicks Axl in the ankle with a forehoof for having no tact in front of Luna.

20:43:41 Apple_Bumpkin: (( back ))

20:43:43 Seabreeze: Sure, we can stargaze

20:43:51 Andromeda: "Stay awake, young one." Andromeda says to Kiwi.

20:43:52 Swift_Bolt: (( wb ))

20:43:53 Ryu_Sword: "Thanks. later." her says walking down

20:43:55 Ixia: "I believe so... Do you need some water?" She stared at Olent.

20:43:59 : DiamondCharm smiles gently, "Smooooooth moves, Marl, dear! Try to relax!"

20:44:03 Andromeda: ((Wb!))

20:44:06 Axl: "Ow....."

20:44:09 : Twilight_Sparkle finally, finds her way to the line with a bottle of the soda, and start lining up.

20:44:16 Olent: Olent slowly shakes her head. "No thankth."

20:44:24 : Sunset_Skye shrugs noncommittally at that and takes a sip. "You shouldn't take those kinds of things for granted."

20:44:41 : Scraggly blinks. "W-Well...If you wanna stay...Th-That'd be fine..." he mutters. "I-I'll be outside..." he mutters before trotting away and out the door.

20:44:55 : Seabreeze follows Scraggly.

20:45:08 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay here is list. axl, apple_bumpkin, platinumspark, kiwi, spitfire, rainbow_dash_, swift_bolt, andromeda, tek_croon, sand_chaser. Nao is up so she isn't on list.))

20:45:20 : Nao mumbles softly. "More brains in a flobberworm."

20:45:21 : Kelpy_Blue yawns, fluttering tiredly.

20:45:34 Inque: So, er...Miss Inkdrop...

20:45:40 Ixia: "If you're sure..." Looks to Kelpy. "Are you getting sleepy, Kelpy?"

20:45:53 : MidknightHearts begins to feel really tired from all that suger

20:45:55 Axl: "As fun as a bucket of snakes....>.>"

20:45:55 Olent: Olent holds out her forelegs. "You wanna go back to your mobilizer?"

20:46:07 Inkdrop: "Um...yes Inque?"

20:46:14 Kelpy_Blue: "I'm nooot....I'm not sleep...sleepy..." She yawns again.

20:46:14 : Tek_Croon bobs his head with the music. It was definitely not anything he was used to hearing but it was good.

20:46:18 Kiwi: [I knew I should've slept last night...]

20:46:37 : Obsidian walks over to InkyMarks' group

20:46:40 Axl: [What's her next assassination attempt going to be? I hope Twilight isn't around ....]

20:46:42 : Marl does, in fact, try to relax. "Sorry, Miss Diamond. Just... still gotta get used to this whole dancing thing, I guess. Never really, uh... done much dancing with a lady that wasn't a marefriend before."

20:46:52 : Nao finally realizes the way is clear. She trots up to Luna, and gives her a warm, and somewhat needy hug while she glances over her shoulder. "Thank you." She mumbles softly. She treats Luna more like her own sister, than a princess when she hugs though. What is with her?

20:46:59 ArcaneScholar: ((Archie grabbed the energy soda, by the way))

20:47:01 : MojitoJoe shakes his head... "She is busy tonight. She has work to do for a client. Maybe if I'm lucky Shadow_Orchid will come by later... but I got some good news for you Rarity."

20:47:12 : Helpful_Heart and her husband are dancing on the floor imitating the moves the younger ponies are doing.

20:47:13 : DiamondCharm shrugs, "Just means you'll be better for when she shows up. Is Miss Shinula to make an appearance tonight?"

20:47:20 Olent: Olent flexes her forelegs. "C'mon."

20:47:43 : Agile_Flourish examines the soda, turning to Archie and shrugging before they down their sodas at the same time

20:47:47 : MidknightHearts stomach starts to hurt"oohh i ate too much"

20:47:49 Kelpy_Blue: "...Okay..."

20:47:51 Inque: Er, nothing, nothing.

20:47:55 Agile_Flourish: ........

20:47:56 : Apple_Bumpkin is a bit nervous as her turn with Princess Luna approaches

20:47:57 : Andromeda is also moving a little to the beat, smiling a little.

20:47:59 ArcaneScholar: ...........

20:48:01 InkyMarks: Now AH did warn ya kid.

20:48:07 : MidknightHearts lays on pricklys back

20:48:09 Olent: Olent smiles and gently places her in the tub.

20:48:13 Inkdrop: "No...what were you going to say?"

20:48:17 Rainbow_Dash_: (( marco ))

20:48:19 Rarity: "Oh? And what is that?"

20:48:21 : ArcaneScholar ** Their eyes start twitching madly, slowly turning to each other than out to the dance floor

20:48:23 Prickly_Pear: "Should I get him outta here?"

20:48:25 : Scraggly sits quietly outside, looking up at the stars.

20:48:25 PlatinumSpark: (( polo ))

20:48:26 Seabreeze: (( polo ))

20:48:28 Spitfire: ((Polo?))

20:48:31 PlatinumSpark: (( HAH ))

20:48:44 Sand_Chaser: ((Polo!))

20:48:44 Inkdrop: (( Polo! ))

20:48:52 : Kelpy_Blue nuzzles in and falls asleep.

20:48:58 TGAPTrixie: (( Polo ))

20:49:03 : Seabreeze sits with Scraggly. She really went all out, huh?

20:49:08 : Sunset_Skye watches Archie and Agile go, then looks down at his drink. He slowly sets it aside and refuses to touch it again.

20:49:11 Agile_Flourish: ((POLO!))

20:49:13 ArcaneScholar: ((Poooloooo~))

20:49:17 Apple_Bumpkin: polo

20:49:17 : Octavia frowns at a certain mare dancing with a certain stallion, then changes the song (( Title: Jet Set Radio - Electric Toothbrush (FULL LENGTH) ))

20:49:20 PlatinumSpark: (( So zetta slow... ))

20:49:28 Inkdrop: (( I will name my child marco, just so I can do that every day. ))

20:49:32 : Marl shakes his head. "I don't think so. She's probably working on some life-saving potion or other, or running some vital experiment," he says, smiling briefly.

20:49:40 Agile_Flourish: (( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 )) +4

20:49:44 ArcaneScholar: (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 ))+ 2

20:49:45 : PlatinumSpark nods to Octavia's choice of music.

20:49:53 : MidknightHearts is trying not to fall asleep

20:49:58 : Kiwi jerks awake. "Oh, come on, I just took a nap! How can I be this tired!?"

20:50:05 : Sweetie_Belle takes the soda! And yall thought she was paying attention! Ahahahahahahaha!

20:50:07 Luna: (( Back. ))

20:50:10 : Scraggly nods. "Y-Yeah..."

20:50:13 Marl: ((Why do I feel like Marl is going to be developing an Octavia-related migraine sometime soon?))

20:50:28 Axl: (( Luna you are being hugged by the tenacious Nao ))

20:50:32 Nao: (( oh. WB. ))

20:50:43 : DiamondCharm looks over at the DJ booth and squeals, letting go of Marl, "Octavia's here!"

20:50:47 Rainbow_Dash_: looks up at the line, and looks back to Spitfire. She gives a shrug and says, "Too many!"

20:50:52 : MojitoJoe "She... well" he hugs Rarity... "She loves me..."

20:50:59 : Twilight_Sparkle looks nervous at the going on, mostly at whoever is hugging the Princess

20:51:00 : Obsidian makes it to InkyMarks. "Inky, how are you?"

20:51:03 InkyMarks: He'll be fine, don't worry, Ah'll take care a him.

20:51:10 Andromeda: "How about this, young one. You sleep, and I'll nudge you forward when the line moves?"

20:51:11 : Sweetie_Belle downs the soda MojitoJoe had offered her.

20:51:13 InkyMarks: Obsi! What's up, yo?

20:51:19 : ArcaneScholar and Agile start having a dance competition on the dance floor, surprisingly? Archie actually takes the lead for the first "round" or two.

20:51:28 Prickly_Pear: "Okay!" She goes to look at the food.

20:51:33 : Oni_Sorasousha is a bit shy to get into the line, himself, and since Sakura left, he's just been settled at a table.

20:51:47 Inque: Nothing, Miss Inkdrop, nothing,...

20:52:01 Obsidian: I managed to beat the hug monster to the front of the line ^_^ Oh, And I got the spot cleared for my shop.

20:52:02 : Marl chuckles a little, settling back on all four hooves. "Well, don't stick around here for my sake. I'm sure she'd be happy to see you, too. Unless that's too mainstream, or something."

20:52:04 : Luna perks, rather confused at the odd hug. She noses the pony on reflex, ears quirked... "I.. uhhh... Huh."

20:52:05 : Rarity squeals with delight and hugs MojitoJoe. "How wonderful for you! I knew it would work out! Oh first your duel and now this..."

20:52:07 : ArcaneScholar - Oh dear he's breakdancing. Augh.

20:52:33 Inkdrop: "Well, um...if you aren't going to tell me what you said, then, um....can I tell you something?"

20:52:38 Agile_Flourish: This isn't that kinda song!

20:52:41 : Panty spots Sweetie Belle, across the area, and wanders over to where she is. And to Rarity too. "Hey boss." She remarks, wondering how Rarity will react to the fact that Twilight's changed her back, for while she's still around, anyways.

20:52:53 ArcaneScholar: Yeah well bleh to you silly filly!

20:53:13 : Twilight_Sparkle seem to be dancing to the music. Lightly.

20:53:13 : Spitfire nods at Rainbow Dash, "Here's the plan... We get up there and offer the princess a quick rescue to the safety of the dance floor. It will be tough, but somepony's gotta get her out of this." She grins, rubbing her chin as a sense of adventure begins to shine through her typically reserved exterior.

20:53:14 : Sweetie_Belle hiccups.

20:53:14 Kiwi: As if to reply, Kiwi collapses. The last thing he thought was his wondering if Luna's presence was somehow doing this to him.

20:53:18 ArcaneScholar: (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +2

20:53:36 : Rarity spots the familiar pony across the way. She gasps "Panty? Is that you darling?"

20:53:38 PlatinumSpark: (( And my connection is flipping off at me..... ))

20:53:42 : MidknightHearts flys to sweetie belle"hey having fun!?"

20:53:51 : Nao remains cuddled on up against Luna in a warm manner, and draws away from her slowly, and smiles. "Thank you." She states again. "I really needed that." She remarks, before seeming to be all smiles as she wanders from Luna, towards the crowd. "La la laa..."

20:53:53 : MojitoJoe squeezes Rarity... he honestly formed a few tears... "Thank you so much Rarity..."

20:53:56 : ArcaneScholar ** They start off another round, Archie starting off with some fairly complex moves in their own right but...

20:54:14 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay ponies I don't mean to be a bother but just reminding you if your character gets in line please whisper me so I can add you or I'll get confused. Thank you. ^^;))

20:54:31 Axl: "Guess i'm up" He trots up to Luna. "Hi again~"

20:54:35 : Panty smiles as she looks back at Rarity. "Yeah. It is. For now at least." She remarks, nodding affirmatively.

20:54:36 : Agile_Flourish twirls and does a triple backflip in place before balancing on a wing tip

20:54:37 Inque: ...sure.

20:54:44 : Tek_Croon looks at the sleeping Kiwi. "O..k..."

20:54:54 : Andromeda rolled her eyes, but smiled, promising to nudge the collapsed pony farther when the line moves.

20:55:03 : PlatinumSpark prods Apple_Bumpkin to move up a bit more.

20:55:05 : ArcaneScholar keeps bouncing in time to the song. Sheesh that's the power of rolling sixes isn't it? He's soundly defeated.

20:55:16 : Apple_Bumpkin steps nervously up onto the dais.

20:55:25 : Agile_Flourish grins and flips off of her wing, dancing some more

20:55:41 : Klondike continues to simply walk around, finding this whole scene before him to be rather confusing.

20:55:47 : DiamondCharm frowns at Marl and mutters, more for her own benefit than anypony else's, "Of course she'll be happy to see me." She trots indignantly up to the DJ booth, "Octavia, darling! I'm so glad to see you! Also, I'm tremendously pleased to see you're manning the booth, now, though I must admit this doesn't seem like your usual fare?"

20:56:01 : Ryu_Sword goes about getting various foods and a drink

20:56:11 Rainbow_Dash_: grins, liking the idea and says, "Yeah, I reckon she'd like that... but do you think her guards would?", with a chuckle

20:56:15 : Octavia grins; "Is that a request?"

20:56:19 Olent: Olent sighs and buys some earplugs for herself and Kelpy. The little seapony can sleep through anything!

20:56:26 : Obsidian moves to sit under Luna's stage

20:56:27 : Inkdrop takes a deep breath. "Okay. Inque, I know that...that things with you are...kinda weird, what with your past and all, but....but, um...."

20:56:27 Rarity: "What a lovely evening." she says happily. "I am so happy for you Joseph! And so happy to see you again, Panty!"

20:56:40 : Octavia puts something else on before saying that. A live recording! So indie! ed (( Title: Yakuza Heart Attack - Hello Dance ))

20:57:13 : MojitoJoe lets her go... "Thank you..." he looks to Panty. "Your looking lovely this evening by the way."

20:57:19 : ArcaneScholar and Agile bounce in time to the song

20:57:46 : Panty chuckles a little bit. "Well, it's good to see you again too, Rarity. I have a feeling that I'm going to be able to return home soon.... This might be the last time." She remarks musingly. "I don't really know for sure though. It's just a gut feeling."

20:58:05 : Spitfire grins at Rainbow, "Why d'ya think I said it'd be tough!?"

20:58:15 : Tek_Croon nudges Andromeda and points toward the odd two legged creature.

20:58:18 : Scraggly looks back over to Seabreeze. "I-I'm sorry...If you want to go back in..."

20:58:23 : MojitoJoe looks to Panty "Really? This soon?"

20:58:44 : Seabreeze leans against Scraggly. "I'm not going back until you're feeling up to it."

20:58:46 : MidknightHearts lands on inkys back exausted and falls asleep"Zzzz"

20:58:57 Agile_Flourish: Not too bad without your date being here huh?

20:59:00 : Axl hugs Luna and smiles. "Maybe you could show me your left hook sometime? ^^" He says as he breaks away from the hug.

20:59:02 Inque: E-erm...but?

20:59:02 : Panty looks back to Joe. "Maybe. I don't really know for sure."

20:59:06 : Marl watches DiamondCharm trot over towards Octavia and gives the latter a small nod before going back to sit next to Sunset.

20:59:09 ArcaneScholar: Guess not! I suppose I'm used to it after last time!~

20:59:14 Axl: (( sorry Lagggg ))

20:59:20 : Andromeda looks at the bipedal one, then turned back to Tek and shrugged. She could swear she had seen that around town.

20:59:22 : ArcaneScholar ** They high hoof before nodding to each other and going their separate ways

20:59:22 : Scraggly sighs a little. "I-I must be ruining the fun for you..."

20:59:35 Sunset_Skye: "Have fun?" He arches an eyebrow at Marl and asks softly.

20:59:37 : Luna staaaaares at Axl. Rage eyes. But she opens up for a hug anyway.

20:59:47 Luna: (( Bluh. ))

20:59:52 : Panty blinks a few times and looks towards the line. And Luna. And finally remembers something. "Hey.... who is she anyways? I remember helping me at my un-banish Octavia rally."

20:59:55 : Apple_Bumpkin wanders up nervously. "Heya Princess Luna!"

21:00:11 : Sweetie_Belle is bouncing off the walls, literally.

21:00:17 Seabreeze: I can hear the music just fine out here. If we want to, we could dance now.

21:00:25 : Axl waits for Apple_Bumpkin and Platinum.

21:00:32 : Luna waves. "Hey little Bumpkin! I haven't seen you since the.. incident..."

21:00:36 Rainbow_Dash_: "Heh, sounds like a plan." she looks back up at the Princess, and says, "Well, when you're ready... might want to wait for a few ponies to get their hugs first though."

21:00:45 InkyMarks: *gulps, sweatdropping*

21:00:53 Inkdrop: "Well, I..Inque I.... liked you since I met you.'re amazing, and..." She blushes heavily. "And I know that you probably don't share my f-feelings but, well...I really like you. You know, as in...yeah."

21:01:00 : MidknightHearts is asleep on inkys back

21:01:00 Axl: (( Guessing she still remembers that little incident and what Axl called her huh? ))

21:01:06 MidknightHearts: ((gtg))

21:01:07 Swift_Bolt: "You'd think she would want to party..."

21:01:11 : ArcaneScholar waits for Bumpkin to finish up her hug

21:01:13 Inque: I...uhh...erm....zuh?

21:01:14 : Apple_Bumpkin gives Luna a hug. "Well, Sable n ah're doin fine. Good ta see ya!"

21:01:17 : Marl chuckles. "I suppose. Miss Diamond's a fairly good instructor, even on the fly. Still feels weird to dance with anypony else, though." He stretches out his front legs a little. "Did I miss anything?"

21:01:21 MidknightHearts: ((brbl))

21:01:39 : Axl looks to ArcaneScholar. "Be ready with a stretcher...."

21:01:48 : Spitfire nods, "We will courteously WAIT our turn to rescue the princess from her tragic fate."

21:01:56 : Agile_Flourish trots around aimlessly, her head twitching from the effects of the energy drink. She locks onto Joe from across the dance floor and thinks for a few moments...

21:01:58 InkyMarks: Oh boy, Ah was not a smooth pony...

21:02:04 : Octavia waits for DiamondCharm before choosing the next song.

21:02:07 Sunset_Skye: "Not a thing," he shrugs a little bit.

21:02:09 ArcaneScholar: Hey Axl. What do you mean by a stretcher?

21:02:23 : Scraggly smiles. "I-I would like that..."

21:02:23 : Sweetie_Belle is suddenly standing on Panty's back. "What are we talking about?"

21:02:36 Chell: An orange portal opens near Sunset Skye, and Chell crawls through it, panting heavily, heart pounding... Her dress is gone, and her purse has been replaced with saddle bags...though her tail and mane are still braided...

21:02:39 : Luna nods. "I was hoping to see him here tonight, but he seems to be distracted lately..." he hugs her back.

21:02:55 Axl: "Look who else is after Apple_Bumpkin" He calls to ArcaneScholar.

21:02:56 : DiamondCharm waves for Octavia to continue, "Oh, don't wait on my account. I just... Um... came up to say hello!"

21:03:03 Rhythm: (( And....I'm back. ))

21:03:05 : ArcaneScholar checks.... Who was it again?

21:03:12 Scraggly: (( Tell her you're talking about fabric, that'll get Sweetie_Belle off your back! ))

21:03:13 : Swift_Bolt waits his turn...

21:03:15 : Apple_Bumpkin shrugs. "Yeah, ah never really know with him. Good ta see ya!" she steps down happily.

21:03:23 : Octavia changes genres just like that; "Uh-huh." (( Title: Mouse on the keys - Seiren ))

21:03:24 ArcaneScholar: ......... Oh no. Oh no.

21:03:38 Apple_Bumpkin: (( afk 10-20 ))

21:03:42 : Sand_Chaser sits comfortably, waiting for the line to move and looking about.

21:03:47 : Seabreeze gets up as the music switches. "SHall we?"

21:03:51 : Marl watches Chell emerge from her portal, confused. "Apparently I missed something. Are you alright, Miss?"

21:04:05 : Sunset_Skye looks over at Chell in surprise, eyes widening a little. "What happened?!"

21:04:12 : PlatinumSpark trots up to Luna hesitates and then hugs her. "Please don't turn me Paisley..." He smiles ...a bit......"Its nice to meet you too..."

21:04:20 Klondike: (I LOVE Mouse on the Keys!)

21:04:28 : Scraggly stands up and takes her hoof. "It would be an honor." he says with a smile.

21:04:30 : Agile_Flourish spots Chell returning and flies over to her "Chell?"

21:04:33 Inque: I...I have to go...!

21:04:46 Inkdrop: "Wha- Why?"

21:04:46 Rainbow_Dash_: nods and continues to wait in line.

21:04:46 Ryu_Sword: ((Stupid internet derped on me! Have any more ponies got in line? and who's hugging Luna?))

21:04:59 Inque: *gallops towards the exit*

21:05:04 Axl: (( Plats is hugging luna ))

21:05:11 ProfessorWhoof: Orion returns to the party and looks around.

21:05:18 InkyMarks: Oh no you don't. *blocks exit*

21:05:31 Inque: *thumps into Inky's chest*

21:05:34 : MojitoJoe bowed his head gently towards Panty. "Well you have done for Rarity was a great service and you had shown many ponies your laughter and a good time... So thank you. I wish we knew each other better."

21:05:43 : Seabreeze dances with Scraggly

21:05:46 : Luna smiles and hugs Spark up warmly, twitching her wings gently... "Sorry about last time hun...."

21:05:46 Inque: Out of the wayyyy....

21:05:50 : RavenShadow is trotting next to Orion.

21:05:52 : Agile_Flourish alights next to her, wondering what was going on.

21:05:59 : Chell grins weakly at Marl and Sunset, and pulls out her notebook. Her pencil absolutely FLIES across the page. "You guys have gotta go for a run on one of Joe's energy drinks... Bad news is, I can't find Jewel, and she isn't talking to me...but I know she's out there. I think we should wait here for her."

21:06:00 : Obsidian walks over to Orion

21:06:08 InkyMarks: No. You ain't ever runnin' away from anythin'. Ah won't let you.

21:06:13 : Scraggly happily dances with Seabreeze.

21:06:26 : Octavia motions for DiamondCharm to move closer to the booth.

21:06:35 ProfessorWhoof: "Well my love? May I have this dance?"

21:06:40 : Inkdrop sighs, as she walks over to Inky and Inque. "...I'm sorry."

21:06:49 InkyMarks: You so keen on not being me? Then turn yerself aroun' n' go talk to that mare' fore ah buck ya.

21:07:05 : RavenShadow laughs. "Of course you may."

21:07:09 : DiamondCharm trots up to the booth and grins, "Yes, Octavia?"

21:07:15 : PlatinumSpark breaks the hug . "Its ok. Hey I think I might have overcome this fear of mares now ^^" He trots off the stage and X__X He collapses.

21:07:24 InkyMarks: Ah know it's scary. scarier n' anythin'...which is why Ah won't let ya make mah own mistakes.

21:07:24 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay since Platinum is hugging Luna the list is now kiwi, spitfire, rainbow_dash_, swift_bolt, andromeda, tek_croon, sand_chaser.))

21:07:34 : Marl chuckles. "I've been meaning to have one of those, though running is hardly my thing." He sighs a little and rolls his shoulders. "That

21:07:38 ProfessorWhoof: He waves hello to Obsidian, and begins dancing with Raven.

21:07:39 Marl: ((Enter. Why.))

21:07:41 : Swift_Bolt watches this... "Sparky is down!"

21:07:43 : Octavia quickly switches places with DiamondCharm, and puts the glasses onto her face; "Good luck."

21:07:46 Inque: ...*poker faced, turns to Inkdrop* Can...can we talk?

21:07:49 Chell: ((Because Enter hates you.))

21:07:49 : Axl looks to ArcaneScholar. "He's down!!"

21:07:50 : ArcaneScholar catches Platty with telekinesis

21:07:51 : Kiwi is still asleep as he is now next in line. Unbeknownst to him, of course.

21:07:53 Marl: "That's what I had had in mind anyway."

21:07:58 ArcaneScholar: Sheesh.... Anypony got a nurse on call here?!

21:08:05 : Andromeda sighs and pokes Kiwi. Repeatedly.

21:08:14 : Obsidian moves over to the stands to wait.

21:08:15 : Inkdrop nods, though she's looking at the ground. "...Yeah."

21:08:19 Axl: "Hah I won the bet!"

21:08:21 Kiwi: "Zzzzzz..."

21:08:26 : DiamondCharm blinks, "H-hay, wait! I don't know how to..." She looks around at the panels and frowns, "Lil' help!?" She calls around curiously.

21:08:31 : Sunset_Skye blinks and then deadpans to Chell. "You're never allowed to ever gripe at me for any kind of binge i go on again, ever." He sighs a little, but then nods. "That was my plan to begin with.. Thank you Chell, thank you for going the extra mile just the same. I'm planning to wait right here, same as i've been planning all night."

21:08:32 Axl: (( Kiwi you're next ))

21:08:32 Kyubi_Hart: "YAY! I was waiting for that!" she says happily flying over to help Platinum

21:08:37 Marl: ((That pony is a Spy!))

21:08:39 Andromeda: "C'mon, you're next, little one. It's your turn."

21:08:40 ProfessorWhoof: "Guess what, Obsidian!"

21:08:41 : Octavia frowns, and blocks anypony who dares help DiamondCharm.

21:09:03 Spy: (( why? ))

21:09:05 Obsidian: Now you saved 15% on your insurance?

21:09:20 ProfessorWhoof: "I'm engaged!"

21:09:25 Marl: ((Oh, goodness, red spy with blue text. My mind was just blown.))

21:09:27 Kiwi: Kiwi continues to snooze, as if nothing's happening.

21:09:34 Spy: (( I am not a spy. ))

21:09:39 : Chell blinks at Sunset, her pencil already flying across the page. "What binge? Binging is when you drink a lot of something! I only had one. But I never have caffeine. I heard it gives you the shakes. So I don't drink it. How much caffeine is in one of those things anyway/"

21:09:41 Chell: **?"

21:09:44 : Seabreeze sighs happily as the music stops. "Ready to go back in?"

21:09:51 : DiamondCharm pushes a few random buttons on the panel and stops the music where it's at. (( Title: Ojos Asi -Shakira )) Begins to play.

21:10:08 : Scraggly sighs a little. "U-Um...Alright..."

21:10:30 : Obsidian smiles. "Good for you. Many happy years to you!"

21:10:32 : Andromeda sighs and leans down to Kiwi's ear. "Wake up!"

21:10:36 Inque:, Miss Inkdrop, I..yes, well...I...*gulps, mouth dry*

21:10:41 : Axl goes over to PlatinumSpark's body and chuckles to ArcaneScholar. "Now he's gonna have to do the other thing now ^^"

21:10:42 Agile_Flourish: ...... Probably a lot?

21:10:43 RavenShadow: "Thank you!"

21:10:46 Agile_Flourish: You okay there Chell?

21:10:48 : DiamondCharm pins her ears back and frowns, "What is this!?"

21:10:58 : KiteCres stays as the wallflower still. He kept watching silently the goings ons as he tilts his head, thinking.

21:10:59 : Octavia gives DiamondCharm a very estranged look.

21:11:03 Axl: (( Kiwi is alseep IC in the line ))

21:11:11 : Seabreeze leads Scraggly back over tio the Inky group. "Ooh, Inkdrop's finally talking to Inque"

21:11:20 : Inkdrop looks up. "Y-yes?"

21:11:21 : ArcaneScholar pokes Kiwi with one of Platty's hooves.

21:11:29 : Chell grins. "Great! I'm doing awesome! Thanks for asking! By the way, did you like my songs at the karaoke party? I really like both of those songs."

21:11:35 Sunset_Skye: "Sis. Your pupils are little dots. You're almost shaking. There's a -lot- in those," he points a hoof to the one he only took two sips out of, sitting a little bit from him.

21:11:39 ProfessorWhoof: "Thank you indeed! Tell your friends!"

21:11:40 : Twilight_Sparkle finally, found Rarity, and heads right on over.

21:11:43 PlatinumSpark: "zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

21:11:44 Agile_Flourish: I love both those songs! They made me cry!~

21:11:44 Inque: You're a...lovely young mare, and very charming, yes. Yes, but...I...

21:11:52 : Kiwi stirs, but doesn't awaken.

21:11:58 Obsidian: You kinda are most of my friends

21:12:01 : Octavia narrows her eyes at the new DJ; "This is your gauntlet."

21:12:01 : Agile_Flourish downs the rest of said drink.

21:12:11 ArcaneScholar: Hey. HEY! Wake up!

21:12:15 : Chell blinks, looking at it, and her brain processes what it's seeing pretty fast. She grins weakly at him. "Oops. Oh, well, live and learn, right? I'm still me! Just in fast-forward!"

21:12:18 : Kyubi_Hart watches Arcane mess with Platinum and the other pony this is fun

21:12:22 Inque: (OH gog, I have to go now?) *Inque dead faints from emotional pressure*

21:12:27 : DiamondCharm frowns at Octavia, "Am I passing?"

21:12:31 Andromeda: "Wake up right now young colt, or you'll miss Princess Luna!"

21:12:37 : Kiwi jerks up. "a squared plus b squared equals c squared!!!!"

21:12:40 : Octavia widens her eyes; "NONONONO change it!

21:12:42 Octavia: "

21:12:43 : Inkdrop's face is a face of heartbreak.

21:12:51 : Scraggly quietly stays next to Seabreeze. "O-Oh my..."

21:12:55 ProfessorWhoof: "There are others, yeah?"

21:13:00 Kiwi: "... is it my turn?"

21:13:04 ArcaneScholar: Yes.

21:13:06 Andromeda: "Now, you're pretty much next, so you might as well get ready."

21:13:15 Agile_Flourish: .... chell. ChellChellChellChellCHELL!~

21:13:20 RavenShadow: "Oh, I'm sure you have more than one friend. And tell those friends!"

21:13:25 : DiamondCharm quickly pulls the record out and pops in a new one, "Ah! OK, OK!" She presses play and this begins to play. (( Title: Portishead - Machine Gun ))

21:13:26 Agile_Flourish: We should totally have a dance competition! RIGHT NOW.

21:13:28 : Axl begins slapping PlatinumSpark's face. "Up and at em!!"

21:13:29 : Seabreeze sees Inque faint and facehoofs. she walks over to Inkdrop "He didn't say no"

21:13:31 Luna: (( *searches for next Hug in this mess* ))

21:13:47 Sunset_Skye: "And when i drink cider i'm just me, except very truthful and blunt," he gives her a little look. "No more of those for a while till the caffeine's not so bad in your system, alright?"

21:13:47 Agile_Flourish: ((It's Kiwi.))

21:13:49 Axl: (( Kiwi is next but he was alseep IC ))

21:13:52 Inkdrop: "He....he was about to!"

21:14:03 : Twilight_Sparkle nods to Kiwi. "Yeah, seem like you are next!"

21:14:04 Obsidian: Uh, there's SkyBlaze and Sunset.

21:14:10 : Apple_Bumpkin shakes Platty a bit

21:14:12 Shadow_Feather: Shadow runs towards the festivities, curing under his breath. He'd had so much cinnamon, he hadn't woken up until half an hour ago. He reaches the party, looking around for Sand Chaser. Figuring she was probably in line to meet Luna, he heads towards it, and eventually spots her. "Hey there, Sand. Sorry I'm late!" he calls walking towards her.

21:14:31 RavenShadow: "Yes! So you can tell them."

21:14:33 Agile_Flourish: ..... Not sure if I can dance to this song though...

21:14:37 : Chell blinks at Agile, and suddenly her hyper-ness seems to vanish in a moment. Except for in her neck, as she shakes her head hard enough to rattle brains. She blinks, and catches her hooves underneath herself... She grins meekly at Sunset. "Uh, yeah, that's probably a super-good idea... Sorry, Sunny. Had no idea THIS would happen..."

21:14:38 : Tek_Croon is resisting the urge to leave the line and dance

21:14:40 ArcaneScholar: Hey Bumpkin!

21:14:44 : PlatinumSpark wakes up and punches Axl. "Hoofs off >_>"

21:14:46 : Octavia grits her teeth; "Slightly better."

21:14:49 Kiwi: Kiwi freezes as he realizes he's right next to Luna. He quickly recovers. "Hey! Luna!"

21:14:53 : Scraggly shakes his head. "N-No, no!"

21:15:07 ProfessorWhoof: "Tell them man, tell them both! Then spread the word?"

21:15:09 Axl: "Why does everypony hit me ?o.x"

21:15:10 Seabreeze: We don't know that. Just let him recover.

21:15:16 : Spitfire grins at Rainbow Dash, "We're up next!"

21:15:20 : Apple_Bumpkin smiles as ArcaneScholar approaches. "Heya!

21:15:36 : Luna tilts her head and stares at Kiwi.... "You fell asleep.... At my party...."

21:15:38 : ArcaneScholar gives Bumpkin a great big hug

21:15:40 ProfessorWhoof: ((!, not?))

21:15:45 : Twilight_Sparkle notices Rainbow_Dash, and greets too. "Heya Rainbow_Dash! How are you doing?"

21:15:51 : Apple_Bumpkin is hugged...

21:16:00 Chell: "I can't dance," she writes to Agile, "Just like I can't bring myself to go up to Luna..." She blushes.

21:16:05 Inkdrop: "N-no, he said I was 'a really nice mare, but-" and then....he faints."

21:16:12 Obsidian: I'll tell them, but you should be the one shouting it in the streets.

21:16:17 Agile_Flourish: ......

21:16:22 : Sunset_Skye grins a little bit; it was half his mouth and halfhearted but the most he'd been able to manage yet that night. He nods a little at Chell. "Well, no harm done, you couldn't have known it would wire you like this anyhow."

21:16:24 : PlatinumSpark puts a great big tick on his checklist. He then looks up at Axl. "So......."

21:16:24 Helpful_Heart: **The Hearts continue to cut a rug

21:16:26 : Agile_Flourish grabs chell and starts trying to drag her over to Luna

21:16:27 : Andromeda smiles. "Go on, little colt."

21:16:36 Daft_Pony: Luna would hear hoofsteps coming from somewhere on her stage. Just standing there, off to the side where they wouldn't be noticed by anypony that wasn't on the stage, were a pair of iconic Earth Ponies clad in full body suits and slightly different visored helmets. They looked completely nonchalant in her presence. The name Luna scrolled across their visors in midnight blue lettering. Both of them lifted a forehoof to beckon to her.

21:16:37 Agile_Flourish: Oooonvaaaaaaaard! Assist me comrades! Assist me!

21:16:40 ProfessorWhoof: "I will, as soon as this mayhem has concluded."

21:16:41 : Axl whispers to PlatinumSpark.

21:16:43 Rainbow_Dash_: grins back to Spitfire, before turning her head at Twilight_Sparkle's calling. "Heya Twilight! Doing good. Just about to get some hugs!" She laughs a bit at how ridiculous it sounds, as she moves to follow Spitfire.

21:16:45 Seabreeze: Maybe he was going to say "But, i'm not good enough for you?"

21:17:05 : Scraggly laughs a little. "Maybe..."

21:17:08 RavenShadow: "I'll get the doves and release them from my sleeves!"

21:17:09 : Twilight_Sparkle smiles. "Oh, it seem like you two are next!"

21:17:13 : Kiwi swallowed. "I... uh... um... I-I'm sorry! I..." He can't get the words out.

21:17:16 : Agile_Flourish releases the hug "Hi. How's it going? You just hugged Luna? Cool! I just had more caffeine from Joe's soda that I've had from any drink ever in the history of the wooooorld~

21:17:25 : Octavia were she close enough, would likely spit on Daft_Pony's stupid helmets. Or just brood. Mostly brood. She broods.

21:17:28 Agile_Flourish: ((...... Wait no wrong character.))

21:17:33 : Chell makes a squeaking noise as she realizes what's happening... She had no business being on that stage. She was a nopony, completely unimportant... She started fighting Agile with the ferociousness of a Chell wired on a full energy drink that's had its chance to run its course...

21:17:33 ProfessorWhoof: "Go to it, sweetie!"

21:17:40 : ArcaneScholar releases the hug "Hi. How's it going? You just hugged Luna? Cool! I just had more caffeine from Joe's soda that I've had from any drink ever in the history of the wooooorld~

21:17:54 Rhythm: (( *Has some trouble imagining Rainbow Dash being enthusiastic about hugs* ;D ))

21:17:58 : Inkdrop sniffs. "I doubt was probably more like, he's to good for me..."

21:18:05 Seabreeze: You ever heard the story of Sleeping Beauty?

21:18:09 Inkdrop: "Because he is!"

21:18:18 Inkdrop: "...Wait, what? No."

21:18:22 : Apple_Bumpkin laughs as Archie seems to be shaking from energy overload. "Well, go dance it off!"

21:18:27 PlatinumSpark: (( Rhythm you should see what she did to PlatinumSpark....X_X ))

21:18:30 Agile_Flourish: Come ooooon! You HAVE to get a hug from Luna they're the best hugs! ..... Well probably the best hugs. I wouldn't know, I haven't hugged everypony in the world. I don't think Kyubi's done that yet either!

21:18:36 : Luna immediately stops everything she's doing... And stares at the two ponies... Then stares some more. She then squeals loudly and wriggles in her seat, giggling. "Sorry ponies! I'll be back later. If I miss you, everypony can get a redeemable token from the guards... I'm gonna get to hang with Daft Pony!" she hops up out of her seat and hums to herself, following.

21:18:43 : ArcaneScholar does the robot for a few moments "Would you like to join me?"

21:18:49 Agile_Flourish: Waitwaitwai- aaaaw!

21:18:52 : DiamondCharm relaxes back in the booth as the next song begins to play. (( Title: Thrice - Daedalus ))

21:18:53 RavenShadow: "Hm...I probably should do it tomorrow. I don't want them getting lost in the dark."

21:19:01 : Agile_Flourish pouts and lets go of Chell.

21:19:02 : Octavia begins to make silent judgements concerning Luna's poor taste.

21:19:08 : PlatinumSpark nods and groans. "Fine then....." His face goes red and he heads over to the Booth with DiamondCharm and Octavia.

21:19:10 Seabreeze: You could try what I did with Scraggs. Just kiss him. If he doesn't realize how lucky he'd be to have you, then at least you have that moment.

21:19:14 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "Hmm... I guess she is a really big fan of the pair...?"

21:19:24 : Chell sighs in relief. Fate had stepped in and saved her from a humiliation worse than...well, than she'd ever faced before.

21:19:24 : Scraggly stays quiet to let the two talk. In all honesty he was still nervous, but he wanted Seabreeze to have fun.

21:19:29 Andromeda: "Well, that's somewhat disappointing."

21:19:31 Sand_Chaser: "It's okay, I wasn't really- " Her eyes trailed back to Luna who completely ditched when there were only a few more ponies left. Her being on of them. "Oh.."

21:19:34 Rainbow_Dash_: "Huh!?" she says, exchanging a glance with Spitfire. She looks back to Twilight_Sparkle, and says, "So... what, no hugs?"

21:19:37 : Spitfire laughs, "Ha! Luna needs no rescue after all! Go! Fly! Be free!" Cried the pony who was next in line.

21:19:41 Inkdrop: "...Well, I kissed him when I was a colt. Does that count?"

21:19:45 Tek_Croon: "Yeah.. Well it's good to see she's happy though."

21:20:01 : KiteCres laughs as he watches this happen, then hmmms and moves over to Archie and the others there, "The grinding teeth of Incandescence. Cardinal Red." grins to Archie.

21:20:15 : Twilight_Sparkle smiles to Rainbow_Dash. "I'm sure she will come back shortly."

21:20:16 : Rarity takes another sip of her drink.

21:20:20 Andromeda: "Indeed. I wanted her to know just how much my son admires her."

21:20:22 ProfessorWhoof: "Tis a wise plan."

21:20:24 : Chell scurries back to next to Sunset. "Where'd Tiger go?" she writes to him.

21:20:28 Seabreeze: Uh, probably not. And you've got to put all your emotions into it.

21:20:33 : Spitfire shrugs, "Our reward is greater than a hug. Read my lips, Dash - Redeemable. Tokens."

21:20:36 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity... "So what are your plans for later this week?"

21:20:37 ArcaneScholar: Hey! Soooo Joe's sodas right now are the BEST sodas! It's amaaaziiing~ Like you get SUCH an energy boost!

21:20:38 : Octavia glances at PlatinumSpark, then looks at DiamondCharm; "So..."

21:20:38 RavenShadow: "Indeed."

21:20:41 Seabreeze: (( Make him FEEL you you feel ))

21:20:46 Kiwi: "*Blink* I didn't get a hug." Just as well, though. Luna had begun to get a little scary.

21:21:00 Inkdrop: "...All my emotions? But...but..."

21:21:18 Seabreeze: No buts, no regrets.

21:21:19 Shadow_Feather: Shadow reaches a disappointed looking Sand Chaser, and touches her gently on the shoulder, "You alright? You aren't like this because of me I hope?"

21:21:21 PlatinumSpark: "Is Vinyl Scratch going to be back soon?" He asks Octavia and DiamondCharm.

21:21:26 Tek_Croon: "Well then we should get us some of those tokens"

21:21:33 : Agile_Flourish follows after Chell

21:21:34 KiteCres: "The gale of red lotus Flowers. Dark Crimson." wondering if Arcanescholar will realize he's being talked to.

21:21:35 : DiamondCharm shrugs, "So...?" She looks down at Plats, "Um... I have no clue. I didn't really want this gig."

21:21:37 ProfessorWhoof: "I feel lighter than air, Raven!"

21:22:06 Andromeda: "What can you redeem those things for, anyway?"

21:22:08 : Swift_Bolt looks around... "So.. what now?"

21:22:08 : Sunset_Skye reads Chells note and shrugs a little. "I honestly haven't the slightest, i'm sorry.. She must have slipped off after you vanished."

21:22:12 : Jester hangs on the edge of the party, watching happily.

21:22:16 : Apple_Bumpkin joins Archie for some dancing

21:22:24 : DiamondCharm blinks as this begins to play, "H-hey, this doesn't fit in with the other songs!" (( Title: Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (with Lyrics) ))

21:22:25 RavenShadow: "I feel lighter than what they put in balloons to keep them afloat!"

21:22:33 : Chell pouts at that.

21:22:44 Rhythm: (( Heck of a bassline in that song :D ))

21:22:47 : Octavia leans toward PlatinumSpark; "Never." She quickly turns to DiamondCharm, with a ghastly expression.

21:22:52 Marl: ((Oh, man, Little Mikey.))

21:22:54 : Daft_Pony nodded their heads at the same time before they turned and began to walk off of the stage with Luna in tow. They moved straight through the large crowd of ponies on their way out of the staging area, which would make them difficult to follow. Where could they be going?

21:22:59 ProfessorWhoof: Oion sees Jester and shouts "Oi, Clay!" "And that's helium."

21:23:02 : PlatinumSpark sits at the booth with DiamondCharm and Octavia. "I'll just wait here then...."

21:23:06 : DiamondCharm scrambles to find a new record.

21:23:07 Sunset_Skye: "You know my mind's not entirely been here tonight," he looks apologetically at Chell.

21:23:13 Sand_Chaser: "Ah, no. It's just that.. nothing. Bad day is all. Not you." She offers a smile before looking at Shadow. "So why are you here so late, again?"

21:23:20 Panty: (( wow, a phone call can totally displacing when things are this busy. ))

21:23:23 : Obsidian moves away and follows Daft_Pony discreetly

21:23:31 : Jester waves to the Professor, a little confused to see him.

21:23:40 : ArcaneScholar tries to get some dancing done but falls flat on his face the first second he gets to the floor

21:23:48 Shadow_Feather: Shadow winces, chuckling ruefully, "Remember the half stick of cinnamon I ate? Yeaaah, that."

21:23:49 ProfessorWhoof: "Over here!"

21:24:02 Inkdrop: "I'm scared to, though, Seabreeze!"

21:24:06 : Oni_Sorasousha watches what's going on while drinking one of Joe's Sodas.

21:24:11 : Apple_Bumpkin laughs and picks Archie up and continues dancin

21:24:13 : Luna skips along happily through the crowd, ignoring everything... Except Obsidian. "You! Shoo. This is my night. They wanted me backstage." she hisses at the black and red pony, nopony was taking this away from her. No way.

21:24:24 : ArcaneScholar tries to keep dancing again.

21:24:24 Seabreeze: If you don't go for it, you may lose your chance.

21:24:41 : Chell blinks some, looking after Luna... She tilted her head slightly, then shrugged. "Yeah, mine, neither," she admits on paper. She sees ArcaneScholar ignore Kite next. She moves towards Kite and gives him a hug.

21:24:42 Ryu_Sword: ((I'm so hating my internet right now. -_-))

21:24:44 ProfessorWhoof: Orioon bows as Luna passes.

21:24:48 : KiteCres chuckles as he moves to hug Obsidian and stop him, "Easy there, Obsidian."

21:24:49 PlatinumSpark: (( same ))

21:24:50 : Jester works his way over to the Professor. "I didn't expect to see you here, Orion. How are your parents?" he says, adjusting his tie.

21:25:00 : ArcaneScholar stands up and immediately starts showing off some much better moves

21:25:05 : DiamondCharm throws a dead mouse album from the stage, "Um... EW?" She continues digging through the collection.

21:25:06 Sweetie_Belle: (( Daft punk is overrated but that's ok, you can like them!. ))

21:25:12 : Mayor_Mare stands in the way, too. Just in case some pony else trying something else.

21:25:13 : Scraggly nods a little.

21:25:15 Obsidian: You'd better be able to take care of yourself milady *heads back to the main area*

21:25:18 ArcaneScholar: ((I didn't see Kite's post! Gah I'm derpy mc derperson tonight T_T))

21:25:20 Rhythm: (( Agreed. ))

21:25:22 Marl: ((Ha!))

21:25:30 ProfessorWhoof: "Fantastic, I'm here for tonight only! I'm getting married!"

21:25:34 Obsidian: Hello Kite

21:25:39 Rainbow_Dash_: chuckles to Spitfire, but then looks at Luna, following the Daft_Pony pair... "Seriously though.... what's up with that?"

21:25:44 : Sunset_Skye watches the Princess leaving the stage as well, brow furrowing a little.

21:25:50 RavenShadow: "To me!"

21:26:00 : KiteCres hugging round Chell a moment after and smiling, "Heh, I've been a wall flower, Chell. You been ok?" nodding to Obsidian, "She's a Princess..moved the moon just hours ago?"

21:26:00 ProfessorWhoof: "To her!"

21:26:06 Ryu_Sword: ((What happened while I was out beating my internet with a fish?))

21:26:07 : Twilight_Sparkle shrugs. "I have no idea. Maybe the pair are going to give her some private session."

21:26:09 : Kiwi wonders if he should follow, but decides there isn't getting anything past the princess. He sits there on the stage, not knowing what to do.

21:26:14 Shadow_Feather: Shadow sees Luna leave, and raises an eyebrow. "Why is she leaving the stage so early?"

21:26:25 ProfessorWhoof: ((Orion proposed!))

21:26:35 Inkdrop: "But Seabreeze, I just...I'm not sure if i's so...and I....and he...!"

21:26:37 : Marl sits there, unable to follow anything happening, and just scratches at his neck a little.

21:26:38 Sand_Chaser: "Ohhh!" Chaser nodded, trotting into the crowd. "So, whats up?" The unicorn questioned, before shrugging.

21:26:40 : DiamondCharm finally pops something new in, determined to get ((Lil' Mikey)) off. She throws the record into the audience and pops in a new track. (( Title: The White Stripes - Walking with a Ghost ))

21:26:42 Tek_Croon: "I would assume a hug from Luna. So we should get one for Starbuck. Or if we can't you can give him mine.

21:26:44 : Jester narrows his eyes and takes a few steps back. "Brace yourself, Orion."

21:26:51 : Chell chuckles silently at Kite. "Same," she writes. "I don't belong here. Just, you looked like you needed a hug." She smiles, and kisses him on the cheek, then glances where Luna went, and heads back quickly to Sunset, unless Kite stopped her.

21:26:54 Seabreeze: You love him, right?

21:27:04 ProfessorWhoof: "For what?" he asks.

21:27:04 : Axl trots over to Nao. " You look really well..positive now ^^. I guess all you did need that hug huh?"

21:27:11 ArcaneScholar: So you got a hug from the Princess?

21:27:11 Kyubi_Hart: ((YAY! *hugs the happy couple*))

21:27:13 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity...

21:27:19 Marl: ((catches the Jackson 5 album.))

21:27:19 Agile_Flourish: Hey there Kite. Sorry about Archie :P

21:27:31 Apple_Bumpkin: "Ah sure did. Second time ah've met her in person."

21:27:31 Rainbow_Dash_: "Yeah... but now? During the festival?" she says to Twilight_Sparkle "Couldn't she just have... I dunno, give a Royal summons later or something?"

21:27:34 : Rarity smiles back at him. "Something wrong?"

21:27:37 : DiamondCharm waves to Marl - he can have it!

21:27:37 Andromeda: "Yes, but...I wanted to tell her how much my son practically worshipped her...Not a hug, although I'm sure he would want that."

21:27:45 ProfessorWhoof: ((Thanks Kyubi!))

21:27:49 Sunset_Skye: "You noticed too?" He says softly to Chell as she comes back over.

21:27:50 : Octavia groans. This was worse than the last one!

21:28:00 Tek_Croon: "Heh. Let him tell her himself"

21:28:04 : Nao blinks at Axl a bit as she relaxes in a chair. "Yeah." She remarks with a nod. "That was really nice."

21:28:04 : Jester does a short sprint and tackle hugs the Professor. "Congratulations, Bro! I'm so happy for you!"

21:28:04 : KiteCres looks to Chell, "...Pony Sake, Chell, I always need a you have to kiss me too? Only family and my Mare." he winks to Chell, then hugs Agile right after.

21:28:05 : MojitoJoe "Did you hear the Professor hollaring? I think he said he is getting married."

21:28:07 RavenShadow: (( Kyubi hugs! Almost as good as Luna hugs! XD ))

21:28:16 Obsidian: Kite, I don't feel good about leaving the princess alone. Last time that happened, the Glooze took her.

21:28:24 : Octavia suggests The Pack A.D. as a much more wholesome substitute to The White Stripes. ))

21:28:27 : Twilight_Sparkle scratches her mane. "I guess the timing is a little off... but it is her night.." she smiles to Rainbow_Dash. "Come on, what is the worst that can happen™?"

21:28:29 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, shaking his head as he follows Sand. "Not much. Like I said, I only woke up an hour ago. Although, I finally got a new project. I'm making a brazier for Windwalker's Shrine. What about you, what's happened on your end?"

21:28:33 ArcaneScholar: Very ni- .... Did you hear the Professor shouting something?

21:28:39 : Agile_Flourish eeps but then hugs back

21:28:58 : Scraggly is much too busy hiding the fact he was nervous to hear anything.

21:29:06 Marl: ((And then Twilight doomed us all))

21:29:07 Inkdrop: " is a very strong word..."

21:29:20 : Spitfire shakes her head, "No clue, Dash. No clue. It's all good, though. All I have to do when I get home is trot up to the castle and tell them how badly we were wronged tonight." She grins, "Or we could just go get some food!"

21:29:23 Apple_Bumpkin: "Ah think he's sayin he's decided ta get hitched.

21:29:24 Inkdrop: (( WHY, Twilight, why?! ))

21:29:27 : KiteCres looks to Obsidian, "..She's with two famous singing ponies, Obsidian. Two famous singing ponies? She could toss them from here to the Everfree without trying with her magic."

21:29:27 ArcaneScholar: ((It's gonna happen. right now. Right here right now.))

21:29:28 Shadow_Feather: (( WHY Twilight?!!? ))

21:29:35 Sweetie_Belle: (( Why Twilight?! ))

21:29:36 : Chell chuckles at Kite and shrugs to him before that heading back to Sunset thing... Once back by Sunset's side, she nods, still bright and perky. "Oh, yeah. I'd say we should watch and see what happens." The last part of her message is written very small, for his eyes only...

21:29:38 ArcaneScholar: ...... We must find him now.

21:29:44 ArcaneScholar: I must hug!

21:30:02 : Apple_Bumpkin laughs. "Ah'm sure we'll see im soon enough"

21:30:06 Seabreeze: But you do, don't you?

21:30:19 ProfessorWhoof: "Thanks Clay!"

21:30:24 Inkdrop: "...Yes."

21:30:26 : Octavia notices that her Fiddling sense was tingling, and goes to the little filly's room.

21:30:29 Octavia: (( brb ))

21:30:34 Obsidian: It's not them I worry about. It whatever else might show up.

21:30:38 : DiamondCharm gets a request in past her Octavia and she quickly shuffles through the tracklist before settling on one (( Title: Dave Joy- Third Pleasure ))

21:30:42 Axl: "I think I should've avoided my hug to be honest..." He said to Nao.

21:30:47 ArcaneScholar: Alright then, lets keep dancing then!

21:30:50 Rainbow_Dash_: "Yeeeah. I guess you're right." She looks to Spitfire with a smile, still a bit uncertain as she glances at the direction the Princess left in and says, "I am kinda hungry. Let's eat!"

21:31:18 Seabreeze: The you've got to go for it! Don't miss your chance and spend the rest of your life wondering "What if?"

21:31:23 : Spitfire grins skittishly, "You ARE still having fun, right? I know how someponies can get really disappointed about things like that..."

21:31:24 : Sunset_Skye reads it and nods a little. "You're lucky you have a way to. You think that's.. You know..?" He gives her a meaningful look.

21:31:36 : PlatinumSpark looks to DiamondCharm. "My friend's forcing me to ask Vinyl Scratch out...."

21:31:47 : Scraggly nods. "Y-Yeah..."

21:31:57 : DiamondCharm nods slowly, "Um... I'm not Vinyl Scratch..."

21:31:57 Sand_Chaser: "I was with Sunset and Marl most of the day. They're having.. well like I said. It's been a long day."

21:31:58 Inkdrop: "I think I might rather 'what if' then 'why in equestria did I do that?' ..."

21:32:00 Andromeda: "He's not here. My son would much rather be with Moon Star than a crowded public place."

21:32:02 : Chell grins some and nods, but shrugs at the same time. "Dunno for sure. Maybe. Maybe not."

21:32:04 Obsidian: Oh, Kite? Orion has some good news

21:32:08 Rarity: "More good news? I don't think I can take much more." she looks over to Sweetie Belle.

21:32:13 : Kiwi sits and thinks. [Sh-she'll be back... and then it'll be my turn. And... by then maybe she'll have forgotten I fell asleep!]

21:32:25 Agile_Flourish: I heard him all the way from over here!

21:32:31 Tek_Croon: "I meant give him the token and let him go get a hug later and tell her in person

21:32:31 : MojitoJoe laughs "Well it means business for you Rarity..."

21:32:33 Rainbow_Dash_: "Disappointed? Oh, no! It's not that." she says, waving a fore-hoof. "It's just, I dunno, a gut feeling. Or maybe I really am just more hungry than I thought." She gives a chuckle.

21:32:36 ProfessorWhoof: "So Raven, how do you feel about having Rarity make your dress?"

21:32:39 PlatinumSpark: "I'm aware of that >.>" He says to DiamondCharm.

21:32:41 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, sighing, "Want to try and find them? I hear the Orion is finally back in town."

21:32:42 Seabreeze: That's quitter talk! You're no quitter!

21:32:44 : KiteCres nodding, "I heard. My ears are pretty good, you know."

21:32:46 Jester: "Skyblaze is going to flip when she hears this!" Jester lets go of the Professor, smiling and turns to RavenShadow holding his hooves open. "And I believe a hug is in order for the mare that's made my brother so happy."

21:33:00 : Sunset_Skye nods a little. "I've been trying to keep an eye out for anything odd. I guess all we can do is wait then, yes?"

21:33:03 Kiwi: [Yeah... everything will be fine...]

21:33:07 : Apple_Bumpkin dances ((( !1d6: 5 Total: 5 ))+2 quickness)

21:33:08 : ArcaneScholar slows his dance down, saving more energy for the rest of the night.

21:33:11 Rarity: "Oh no! Not again!" she exclaims jokingly.

21:33:16 : Twilight_Sparkle smiles. "I will go get you some food..." and she heads off, to get some food for Rainbow Dash.

21:33:21 : Chell nods, smiling brightly out across the crowd... She writes privately to him again...

21:33:24 : ArcaneScholar ** But the second he sees her pick up the pace...

21:33:24 RavenShadow: "Oh, that's a great idea, of course. As long as Rarity agrees..."

21:33:28 ArcaneScholar: (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +2

21:33:33 Inkdrop: "Yes I am!"

21:33:38 : ArcaneScholar starts dancing like his life depended on it!

21:33:45 ProfessorWhoof: "I think she just might."

21:33:55 Ryu_Sword: ((Takes internet out back with a shotgun and ends it.))

21:33:56 : Apple_Bumpkin and archie tear up the dance floor! ((Woo!))

21:34:08 Obsidian: Congratulate him when you get a chance. I'll go see if I can chat with somepony else.

21:34:08 : DiamondCharm nods her head and selects another track excitedly, "We're gonna slow it down a bit now, everypony!" (( Title: Cat Stevens - Sun/C79 ))

21:34:22 Agile_Flourish: .... Um... Hey Kite?

21:34:23 : Scraggly shakes his head. "I-Inkdrop, d-don't talk like t-that..."

21:34:23 Inkdrop: (( Bumpkin, why are you making the dance floor cry?! ))

21:34:35 : KiteCres nodding, looking to Agile, "Yep?"

21:34:40 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks over at the dance floor, and laughs. "Go Archie! Go Apple Bumpkin!"

21:34:41 : Chell grins some and shrugs.

21:34:48 : Swift_Bolt looks over to see Bumpkin and Archie dancing ... and that he is now just standing in the middle of a lot of ponies... The big Stallion just kinda looks to his hooves and is not sure of himself on what to do now.

21:34:57 Seabreeze: Inkdrop. Trust me, there's nothing worse than chickening out.

21:35:00 Agile_Flourish: I-I'm not the only one with a bad feeling right now am- *sees Archie and Bumpkin* I- N-never mind! GOOO ARCHIE!

21:35:05 Andromeda: "He's not going to be here at any time tonight. And I doubt she will come here until next year."

21:35:10 Rainbow_Dash_: blinks, and looks at Twilight_Sparkle as she walks off to get her some food, and looks back to Spitfire, with a grin. "Heh, it's like having a butler!" She turns and flies after Twilight_Sparkle, saying "C'mon, let's get something with her. She's being overly nice again I think."

21:35:16 ProfessorWhoof: Orion begins waltzing with Raven. She is the only other pony around.

21:35:37 Inkdrop: "...fine. When we get home, though. I...I don't want to do front of every pony else."

21:35:39 MojitoJoe: "I assume you two will need caterers?

21:35:39 ProfessorWhoof: To him at least.

21:35:42 : Tek_Croon shrugs. Perhaps the token will let him visit her in Canterlot. I have friends there he can stay with if he needs.

21:35:55 : Sunset_Skye reads that with slowly raising eyebrows, then gives her a look with a little half grin. "... Try to come down off of that caffeine soon, Chell.."

21:35:56 : KiteCres sighs gently as he stretches, "Yep!" he chuckles as he sighs and closes his eyes, thinking about the Daft Ponies, "Huh, that IS odd.."

21:36:11 : RavenShadow smiles at Orion as she Waltzes with him. She did like waltzing.

21:36:22 : Spitfire nods, "Wouldn't be right if we just let her do it herself, would it? We've got hooves, and I am most CERTAINLY not too old to use them." She says in mock indignity. She begins trotting after Twilight.

21:36:32 Sand_Chaser: "We should definitely find them. I only meant to leave them for a moment anyways." Chaser agrees, dropping her token into her saddle bag, before moving to find Sunny and Marl.

21:36:38 ProfessorWhoof: He jumps. "Joe, good grief! Do announce yourself! And yes, eventually."

21:36:47 Shadow_Feather: Shadow catches a glimpse of Orion slow dancing with Raven. He smiles happily. It was great to see Orion so carefree. "Follow me, Sand. I fond Orion." He moves towards the dance floor, stopping just at the edge.

21:36:52 : MojitoJoe chuckles

21:36:52 : Marl's gaze suddenly falls on a stand a distance away, and he slips away from Sunset and Chell's conversation for a moment.

21:36:56 : Chell shakes her head. "Nope!" she writes. "It better last me long enough. I need the energy, tonight. I have to be at my absolute best, and then some..."

21:37:08 Seabreeze: As long as you do it. C'mon Spin *takes Scraggly out to the dance floor*

21:37:15 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna steps back up to the stage, she seems to be moving a little awkwardly on her legs. She makes a B-line for the dias and the throne that accompanies it.

21:37:24 : Swift_Bolt looks over and decided that consarn it he will have fun... girl or no girl and trots up to Bumpkin and Archie.

21:37:26 : Scraggly follows. "O-Oh...Okay..."

21:37:34 : Jester leaves the happy couple be, wandering outside for some air.

21:37:39 Chell: ((*jaw drops...and then laughs madly*))

21:37:41 : Apple_Bumpkin grins as Swift joins them

21:37:58 : Swift_Bolt if this is all about dancing he got it in spades... the big Stallion shows his moves (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) + 5

21:38:06 : Inkdrop smiles at Seabreeze and Scraggs, before sitting next to the unconscious Inque.

21:38:25 Obsidian: (( I knew something would happen to Luna. ))

21:38:32 : Cherry_Blossom sits at her throne and surveys the ponies.

21:38:34 Shadow_Feather: (( Yup, same here ))

21:38:35 : ArcaneScholar grins and starts trying to match up with him. It's darn near impossible but he's gonna try!

21:38:37 ArcaneScholar: (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +2

21:38:42 Axl: (( Eeeyup ))

21:38:48 : ArcaneScholar manages to tie with Swift Bolt

21:38:53 ProfessorWhoof: (( And so it begins... ))

21:38:54 : Apple_Bumpkin tries to step up (( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 ))+2

21:38:56 Andromeda: "Perhaps...But I still wish to at least see her...On some level."

21:38:58 Obsidian: (( Yeesh archie, how many 6s you gonna get? ))

21:39:03 Inkdrop: (( Excitement! ))

21:39:04 : Agile_Flourish looks up to the stage. .... Hmm.... Shaky?

21:39:05 Kiwi: [...?]

21:39:07 Tek_Croon: "Hey, here she comes."

21:39:09 : Kyubi_Hart was hoping nothing would happen to Luna))

21:39:10 Agile_Flourish: ((WHOO))

21:39:24 Shadow_Feather: (( LETS DO THIS!!! ))

21:39:32 : DiamondCharm frowns as the machine stops. She kicks it and it begins to play again. (( Title: Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill + lyrics ))

21:39:33 Sunset_Skye: "She's back," he nudges Chell softly, pointing to the stage. "When did that happen? Where'd she come from?"

21:39:41 ProfessorWhoof: ((ALLONS-Y!))

21:39:43 : ArcaneScholar manages to keep up but... What the- Luna? .... He dismisses the odd feeling.

21:39:50 : Kyubi_Hart gets back in line to get a token

21:39:55 Axl: "I think I should've avoided my hug to be honest..." He said to Nao.

21:40:00 : Apple_Bumpkin steps away a bit and lets the boys dance themselve crazy

21:40:01 Rainbow_Dash_: "Hey Twi, you don't have to get me food y'know." she says, chuckling as she and Spitfire approach. "You seem kind of overly content or something. Something good happen huh?" She chuckles, and then blinks when she notices Princess Luna(?) arrive on stage. "Uh..." she shakes the thought from her head and goes back to looking at Twilight_Sparkle.

21:40:19 : Chell quietly excuses herself. "I have a headache," she writes. "Just can't feel it right now," she adds, to Sunset. "I'd like to make sure that continues..." She digs into her pack and drinks something from a vial... She looks over at Luna. "You're right," she writes. "That was an awful short visit with those musicians..."

21:40:23 : KiteCres slowly hmmms and moves finally, "Heh, since the Princess is back, may as well go for the hug." getting in line for it.

21:40:25 Rainbow_Dash_: (( arrive = return* ))

21:40:26 Kiwi: Kiwi, still on the stage, speaks. "Uh... is... everything okay?"

21:40:35 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks, already gotten quite a number of times. "Oh.. um.. Well, alright... Oh hey. Is she back?"

21:40:39 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna clears her throat and looks at the hug line. "Next." She orders, her voice starts out a little low but it picks up!

21:40:44 : PlatinumSpark is still at the booth with DiamondCharm. "So how are you and Octavia doing?"

21:40:50 Sand_Chaser: "Oh, wouldn't it be wrong to interupt him dancing?" The unicorn points out quietly.

21:41:17 : DiamondCharm is still trying to figure this confounded machine out, "Uhm... Excellently, dear." She says absently as a spark flies out of the panel.

21:41:19 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, "I was going to wait until he was done. I would never cut in on him and his fiancee."

21:41:25 Kiwi: Kiwi approaches, hesitantly.

21:41:41 : Swift_Bolt "nice... but keep up Archie..." (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 )) + 5

21:41:47 Swift_Bolt: ((D'oh*))

21:42:05 ArcaneScholar: (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +2

21:42:06 : Sunset_Skye frowns a little at Chell's vial of whatever it is, but doesn't say anything about it. He just nods a little, watching. "Indeed it was. I guess she's a fan of them or something?"

21:42:07 : Nao blinks at Axl some. "Why? She's the Princess. She doesn't do that everyday."

21:42:08 Shadow_Feather: "Unless, you want to dance?" Shadow asks hopefully.

21:42:13 PlatinumSpark: "Need some help DiamondCharm? I'm good with things like these"

21:42:15 Ryu_Sword: ((Who is still in line?))

21:42:17 ArcaneScholar: ((....... I officially have no right to complain about anything ever.))

21:42:46 : Swift_Bolt was distracted by Luna's return and slipped up

21:42:49 : Tek_Croon and Andromeda are still in line

21:42:49 : ArcaneScholar manages to keep up with Swift and then some.

21:42:59 Axl: "Well I met her before in the forest and I didn't know she was a princess and I called her toots ^^;"

21:43:06 Kiwi: Kiwi asks the princess nervously. "Um... hug? Please?"

21:43:09 : Apple_Bumpkin laughs as Archie manages to pull some moves on Swift_Bolt

21:43:13 Axl: (( He says to Nao ))

21:43:18 Chell: "Judging by her reactions earlier? I'd say that's a definite yes." She nods to Sunset. "So either that's not the real princess, or they managed to offend her already..."

21:43:25 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna snorts and looks over to one of her guards. "You" She orders to the guard, grinning evilly as he salutes. "Get me a teddy bear." She orders before watching the ponies again, why weren't they paying attention to heeeeer?

21:43:35 Andromeda: "Well, I guess sticking around was worth it."

21:43:40 Rainbow_Dash_: looks back up to stage, and then looks to Spitfire. "Uh... should we line up again?"

21:43:47 Shadow_Feather: (( Nice, Cherry XD ))

21:43:48 ProfessorWhoof: "We need entertainers! Do you like jazz?"

21:43:54 : KiteCres blinking at the odd order, but shrugs. At least he was close to the front of the line.

21:43:56 : Twilight_Sparkle waves to Spitfire and Rainbow_Dash. "You two where next in line! Go! I will get you the food!"

21:43:59 : DiamondCharm shakes her head, "This is my gauntlet!" The next song begins to play bereft of her assistance and she pins her ears back, "WHAT are you doing!?" She shouts at the machine.

21:44:02 : Marl returns after a time, holding a bottle of cider. He doesn't open it for a minute, and when he does, he drinks it kind of disinterestedly.

21:44:09 RavenShadow: "...Me? I like jazz, yes."

21:44:10 : Nao blinks a few times as she looks back at Axl. "..... what the...... how could you not know who Princess Luna is?!"


21:44:17 : Obsidian moves to near where Luna went with Daft Pony

21:44:44 Axl: "I'm not from Equestria . I've never seen her before....." He says to Nao.

21:44:46 : Spitfire nods, "I suppose we could do that."

21:44:50 : Chell blinks at the princess, and looks at Sunset... She fidgets.

21:44:53 : ArcaneScholar pulls some moves on swift and slows down, looking up to Luna and seeing Obsidian moving...

21:44:54 : Kiwi tilts his head, a little perplexed. Why wasn't she paying attention to hiiiiiiiiiiim?

21:44:54 Sand_Chaser: "Well I don't really know how to dance.." Chaser frowns, looking at the dance floor/

21:44:58 Olent: Olent sniffs the air. Something isn't.... She quickly gathers her friends up. Ixia's sleeping form is surprisingly light slung over her back.

21:44:59 ProfessorWhoof: "Fantastic! I'll ask Smoky as soon as I can."

21:45:03 Sunset_Skye: "It can be hard meeting one's idols," he nods a little. "But, i would think a princess would be able to commandeer enough respect to make the meeting go well.. I know if i was just getting to meet somepony i liked i wouldn't want to cut it short."

21:45:21 : Seabreeze heads off the dance floor

21:45:24 Shadow_Feather: Shadow blinks at the music, "What the hay is Diamond DOING?" He turns to Sand. "Don't worry, I don't either. I just wing it," he grins.

21:45:28 Ryu_Sword: ((Ok I'm guessing everypony left the line?))

21:45:40 RavenShadow: "If my mom is able to make it...."

21:45:42 : Scraggly nervously gets on the dance floor with Seabreeze.

21:45:49 ProfessorWhoof: ((No clue.))

21:45:50 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna checks her watch, oh wait.

21:45:51 : Chell fidgets more, nodding some.

21:46:04 ArcaneScholar: ...... Hmm.....

21:46:07 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to Twilight_Sparkle and says, "Well okay, if you say so Twi." She looks back to Spitfire and nods, flying back over to the Royal Stage.

21:46:12 Seabreeze: I got a bad feeling Spin.

21:46:14 ProfessorWhoof: "I'll ask my parents tomorrow!"

21:46:14 Shadow_Feather: (( Shadow wasn't really ever in it ))

21:46:16 Sunset_Skye: "You have your plan?" He asks her softly.

21:46:20 : Nao blinks at Axl. "Oh..... stilll... she's a Princess. I thought you'd know better before coming here."

21:46:22 : Swift_Bolt Stops and readjusts himself... "That was embarrassing..."

21:46:26 : Inkdrop carefully watches Luna. Well, it's not like she had much better to do!

21:46:28 Kiwi: ((Well, Kiwi's at the front of the line, but not getting hugged.))

21:46:32 : Scraggly blinks. "W-What do you mean?"

21:46:37 Sand_Chaser: (( Luna left the line. ))

21:46:49 Seabreeze: I dunno, lets get something to drink.

21:46:51 : PlatinumSpark raises a brow at DiamondCharm. He did have a talent for dealing with machinery but anyway he just watches her.

21:47:05 : Spitfire flies after Rainbow Dash, "Hey there! We were last in line when you left, think we could cut to the front?"

21:47:05 : Scraggly nods a little. "O-Okay..."

21:47:07 Chell: "Yes. Same plan as always. 'Improvise as necessary.' Everything else I have planned comes secondary, because at a moment's notice, something will invariably happen to change it."

21:47:12 : Twilight_Sparkle meanwhiles, levitating three servicing of nachos and hay fries around her as she carefully trying to navigates back toward the stages. Where she plans on meeting Spitfire and Rainbow_Dash again once they are done hugging Luna.

21:47:12 ProfessorWhoof: He pauses, and looks to the stage. "Raven, does something seem off to you?"

21:47:17 : Klondike continues to walk around mindlessly, not really interacting with anypony.

21:47:17 Axl: "Like you said its a one of those things that don't come often ^^..." He says to Nao.

21:47:21 : Bishop_Heart and his wife are sitting on a bench nearby watching a small filly dancing with two stallions. Ah to be young again. He hugs his wife. Of course age has its benefits.

21:47:25 Cherry_Blossom: (( Luna did not leave the line Silly. ))

21:47:40 Ryu_Sword: ((Yeah and now Cherry_Blossom is impersonating her. Shes going to be in a lot of trouble later.))

21:47:48 Shadow_Feather: (( Of course, not, cus that would be silly :P ))

21:47:49 : KiteCres is in line currently to be hugged by Luna now.

21:47:54 : Nao shrugs a little bit. She notices Twilight finally, and just stares at her for a long time.

21:47:59 Sand_Chaser: (( Luna left and said 'Everypony go grab tokens' xD ))

21:48:07 : Marl looks back and forth between the two, and suddenly starts drinking his cider with much more gusto. This was starting to sound absolutely fantastic.

21:48:09 RavenShadow: "Yes...but I was afraid to mention it if I was wrong."

21:48:23 : Klondike soon finds the Professor Waltzing. "Nice moves Prof."

21:48:28 : Spitfire said nothing of the sort and simply presents her token to the guards as she approaches.

21:48:31 Twilight_Sparkle: (( no no, it is only if she didn't come back. Sand_Chaser! ))

21:48:49 : ArcaneScholar seems distracted, staring up at Luna...

21:48:59 : Spitfire takes whatever action is appropriate ((THERE!))

21:49:06 Rainbow_Dash_: (( She is here though, so everything is fine. ))

21:49:10 Shadow_Feather: (( lol ))

21:49:11 Sand_Chaser: (( What ever. I'm keeping my token xD ))

21:49:12 : Axl notices Nao staring at Twilight_Sparkle but remembers Twilight said she would handle it. He gives Nao a hug and then trots off. "I'll be seeya then ..."

21:49:12 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Way to go! Spitfire! ))

21:49:16 ProfessorWhoof: "You aren't," he says. "And thanks, Klondike. By the way, I'm getting married to Raven here!"

21:49:21 : Chell gets a thought in her head that makes her eyes bulge and her jaw drop. She coughs for a moment, then writes to Sunset, "How well do you know Iona?"

21:49:25 : Cherry_Blossom looks disinterestedly as the guards let Spitfire through. "Yes?"

21:49:28 Sand_Chaser: (( You people are nuts! ))

21:49:38 Sweetie_Belle: (( Doens't see a problem here... ))

21:49:42 Olent: Olent leaves the party, hoping nopony notices her taking Ixia and Kelpy with her...

21:49:45 Rhythm: (( And....back. ))

21:49:50 : Sunset_Skye reads that and nods a little. "Saph.. S-She said she was going to make things right.. Let's not lose our trust in her either.. We'll just try to keep her from.. Yeah." He swallows a little. Reading the next note he frowns some, "Not very much at all, why?"

21:49:54 Oni_Sorasousha: (( Well I am from California. ))

21:49:55 Shadow_Feather: Shadow hears the Profesor, and calls, "Way to go Orion, same to you, Raven!"

21:49:55 : Klondike lets out a warm chuckle, "Oh? Wonderful! Coffee and tea on the love birds then!"

21:49:57 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to Spitfire, and the guards, and follows after Spitfire, and smiling to Cherry_Blossom/Luna, and waits her turn.

21:50:00 : KiteCres sees Spitfire get through before him but shrugs, grinning and waits his turn.

21:50:03 : Tek_Croon nudges Andromeda as it seems Kiwi is frozen

21:50:13 : Spitfire grins at Cherry Blossom as she trots up to give the false princess a hug, "I see you're excited to be back. Need a quick rescue?" She asks cheerfully.

21:50:13 Kiwi: "So... um... princess? Hug?"

21:50:16 Klondike: "Oh! Of course, I mean at your leisure."

21:50:18 : MojitoJoe looks around then to the stage... "Whats going on?"

21:50:21 Andromeda: "There she is."

21:50:23 ProfessorWhoof: "Thanks!"

21:50:35 : Chell grins weakly. "Oh, no reason... At least, not one that I could verify very easily..." She fidgets, frowning some, hoping she was wrong.

21:50:39 : Lemon_Drop nervously walks into the event, horribly late. She looks around, eventually spotting Klondike and walking over. "Hello, Klondike! Professor!"

21:51:02 : Rarity looks around the room and spots Twilight off to one side. "Oh, excuse me Joseph. I just want to say hello to Twilight." she makes her way over to her friend. "Hello darling!" she calls to her "I was afraid I wasn't going to see you!

21:51:04 ProfessorWhoof: "Lemon , I'm dngaged!"

21:51:07 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna clears her throat. "Excuse me. But is that how one approaches Royalty?"

21:51:17 Klondike: "Ah, and now my party is complete! Hello love!" He smiled.

21:51:17 ProfessorWhoof: ((engaged))

21:51:20 Sunset_Skye: "Explain," he says softly after reading that.

21:51:25 Inkdrop: [ Is it just me, or is Luna a lot more spiteful than before...?]

21:51:26 : MojitoJoe nods to her as she heads to see her friend

21:51:33 : Twilight_Sparkle moves the foods floating beside her aside to look to Rarity. "Oh hi Rarity! So nice seeing you here! How are you?"

21:51:38 RavenShadow: "To me!"

21:51:46 DiamondCharm: The machine smokes slightly as Diamond continues to randomly hoof buttons. (( Title: Gran Turismo 5 OST: Jiro Vega - Aqua (Miles Dyson Remix) ))

21:51:46 : Andromeda frowns. "That's not Princess Luna."

21:52:13 : Jester eventually wanders back in and to MojitoJoe's side. "Evening Joe."

21:52:17 : Chell blinks, hearing that from the Princess. She shakes her head, and writes to Sunset.

21:52:21 Lemon_Drop: "Oh, congratulations Professor! I am invited to the wedding...?"

21:52:29 : Tek_Croon smiles and starts to laugh but realizes suddenly... she isn't joking. "Wha..."

21:52:35 Rarity: "Smashing. I had the most relaxing vacation you can imagine." she laughs "I found some the of the most fabulous designs..well, I don't want to bore you of course."

21:52:39 Cherry_Blossom: (( Princess Luna will totally banish any meta-gamers to the moon? She can do that right? *Looks through instruction manual* ))

21:52:47 : Kiwi turns to Andromeda. "You sure?" Come to think of it, she was rather off...

21:52:49 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay slow down ponies Kiwi has yet to get a hug from Luna and he was still on stage when she left.))

21:52:50 ProfessorWhoof: "But of course!"

21:53:03 : Spitfire clears her throat and continues to engage in the hug, "Begging your pardon, your highness. I apologize for my forthrightness." Her attempted rescue was going off much less successfully than she had planned.

21:53:22 Cherry_Blossom: (( *Throws it away because it's all Spanish.* ))

21:53:23 : Sunset_Skye reads that and snorts, shaking his head a little. "At least that's one possibility ruled out then.."

21:53:26 Andromeda: "Luna was a lot kinder to every pony before this. She gave that sea pony wings for a time, this isn't right, and if it IS Princess Luna, then something's most likely wrong."

21:53:31 : Axl notices Nao staring at Twilight_Sparkle but remembers Twilight said she would handle it. He gives Nao a hug and then trots off. "I'll be seeya then ..."

21:53:36 Kiwi: He decides to play along, though. "Sorry, your highness!"

21:53:37 Lemon_Drop: "Yay! And Klondike, how are you?"

21:53:39 : Chell bites her lip. "I hope," she writes.

21:54:00 : Nao blinks a bit at the hugging, and breaks her gaze away from Twilight. "Huh? Oh.... yeah.... bye..."

21:54:14 Rainbow_Dash_: looks between Spitfire and Cherry_Blossom (oh wait I mean Luna), and says, "Uh..." and gives Spitfire a worried look.

21:54:23 ProfessorWhoof: "Where do you suppose we should hold this? Outdoors?

21:54:26 : Twilight_Sparkle smiles to Rarity. "Well knowing your eyes on Fashion I'm sure they are all wonderful! How are you enjoying the Party yourself? I just got here.. an.. er.. bringing food to Rainbow and her friend there..." she have yet to notices Nao, it seem.

21:54:33 ArcaneScholar: ..... Something feels wrong here.... Gah, I can't tell what though...

21:54:44 RavenShadow: "Oh, i was just going to say that! Yes, outdoors."

21:54:45 : MojitoJoe trots over to Twilight and Rarity.

21:54:48 Cherry_Blossom: Princes Luna cocks an eyebrow at Spitfire. "Did you bow?" She asks rather severely before ticking her tongue at Kiwi.

21:54:54 : Axl trots past Twilight_Sparkle. "Be careful..." He says quietly and leaves the party.

21:55:05 Apple_Bumpkin: (( afk 10-20 ))

21:55:07 : The_Fiddler finally has a profile of her own. Yay! Biggest thanks to Greenling for the art! ))

21:55:20 Shadow_Feather: (( Oh, Celestia, NO! ))

21:55:23 ProfessorWhoof: "Who should we invite? The whole town?"

21:55:31 : Klondike smiles, "Good, worried, but good." He recalled that sharpened file in his bag, sort of reminding him of the events that happened earlier today. He seemed a bit distracted, if not worried.

21:55:33 Andromeda: "See? Like that. That's what I'm talking about."

21:55:34 RavenShadow: "....Yes."

21:55:37 Sunset_Skye: "Keep an eye out. We don't need to do anything yet.." he says softly to her. "Trust in Saph, and let's let this play out until we know we're needed. Keep watching for anything strange."

21:55:40 : Swift_Bolt looks to Bumpkin... shrugs and continues to dance. (( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 )) + 5

21:55:59 Lemon_Drop: "....Klondike, what's the matter?"

21:56:00 Seabreeze: Spin, I don't feel good. I think I need to lie down.

21:56:07 : Chell nods some...

21:56:09 Rarity: "It's the event of the season. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. She strikes a pose to show off her new gown. "I even got Fluttershy to let the Princess give her a hug, oh it was adorable."

21:56:10 : PlatinumSpark is still in the booth with DiamondCharm. "Seriously that smoke doesn't look safe....."

21:56:16 : Spitfire smiles, "Ah, I apologize. I hadn't been aware we had gone full formal from the rather relaxed standards we had before." She gives a deep bow, still smiling, "I'll do what I can to read your cues better next time, Princess Luna."

21:56:25 : Scraggly frowns. "O-Oh...I'm sorry...A-Alright..."

21:56:30 Inque: *Rises from the floor, dazed.*Th' hay hit me...I mean, what in the blazes was that?

21:56:35 : MojitoJoe "Evening Twilight"

21:56:40 : ArcaneScholar waves goodbye to Swift and Bumpkin for now and trots closer to the stage, not close enough to cut in line but close enough to at last hear...

21:56:44 ProfessorWhoof: "That's settled! Now, for notification..."

21:56:51 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks a few times. "Really? Fluttershy actually... did the line up?" she chuckles softly. "Did you made her?" she smiles to Joe. "Hello Joe! What's up?"

21:56:53 : Seabreeze walks out to the hills

21:56:57 : Agile_Flourish hangs back, seeing Archie's reaction and scanning the crowd...

21:57:04 Shadow_Feather: kk Shadow will find you eventually

21:57:13 : Kiwi formulates the words in his head. "My sincerest apologies, your magesty." He bows. "Would her royal highness be so inclined as to embrace her faithful subject?" He sounds almost mocking as he says it.

21:57:18 Apple_Medley: (( .. That princess Luna appears to be wearing a fake mustache. ))

21:57:19 : Scraggly follows Seabreeze.

21:57:28 Shadow_Feather: (( ignore, computer being stupid ))

21:57:35 MojitoJoe: "This has been a very lovely evening so far... oh had you had the chance to try this soda?"

21:57:38 : Cherry_Blossom is in fact wearing a mustache.

21:57:40 Inkdrop: "Inque! You're up!"

21:58:03 Inque: GAh! Oh, Miss Inkdrop...I seem to have had a bit of a dizzy spell...

21:58:10 RavenShadow: "Notification?"

21:58:14 : Spitfire raises a hoof off to the side and motions for Rainbow Dash to leave the line as she rises from the bow.

21:58:23 : Sunset_Skye leans over and whispers to Chell again.

21:58:30 Rarity: "Well, I may have encouraged her." she says with a distinctly Sweetie Belle look of innocence

21:58:38 Inkdrop: "Oh, it's alright...So, um....w-what were you going to say?"

21:59:02 Klondike: He sighs, "Well, it's beyond me now. I can only keep the faith going." Smiling, he looks up to Lemon Drop.

21:59:05 Inque: Going to say..? What do you...oh, right.

21:59:11 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna smiles and her head. "Now, as you were saying- pony..." She trails off, twirling her hoof in a circle before her eyes roll over Kiwi. She grins wickedly at the pony. "I do know that tone, I was not born yesterday."

21:59:20 Rainbow_Dash_: decides to leave the hug for now, and stops staring at Cherry_Blossom's moustache, long enough to notice Spitfire's gesture, and follows her off. "What's up?" she asks when out of earshot from the Princess(No)

21:59:20 Kiwi: "... and what delightful facial hair you seem to have inexplicably acquired!"

21:59:39 Spookiling: (XD))

21:59:42 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks at the look on Rarity's face, then decided to just not question that and looks to Joe. "I tried some soda... not sure if I tried this one. Which one is this?" she also waves Spitfire and Rainbow_Dash over where she got nachos and hayfires floating right by.

21:59:50 : KiteCres tilts his head as he waits and blinks, "Facial..Hair?" looking at Princess Luna, "She surprising.."

21:59:52 : Marl trots off again, so those two wouldn't have to keep being so sneaky about everything.

22:00:04 : Chell shrugs helplessly to Sunset... She frowns, looking around.

22:00:09 Oni_Sorasousha: (( you mustache her a question. ))

22:00:10 Inque: Now, is...*looks like he wants to bolt. Now.*

22:00:19 Inque: (( but I'll shave it for later ))

22:00:25 : Andromeda groans. "She's wearing a moustache, c'mon."

22:00:29 : Spitfire shakes her head, "Something is amiss."

22:00:35 ArcaneScholar: ........ What the hay? Mousta- Huh?

22:00:39 : Obsidian walks over to KiteCres. "Mind if I stand here?"

22:00:40 Chell: ((You guys, that's enough PUNishment. Honestly, don't make me PUNch you two...))

22:00:45 : Inkdrop frowns, grabbing his forehoof with both of hers. "What is it?"

22:00:46 MojitoJoe: "Luna's Blue Raspberry Moon"

22:00:55 The_Fiddler: (( Sorry, my mistache. ))

22:01:04 Kiwi: Kiwi whispers to Andromeda. "I know ;)"

22:01:27 : Kyubi_Hart is in line to hug Luna and can't wait

22:01:28 DiamondCharm: Meanwhile, the machine continues to sputter out of control as it begins to class up the scene, entirely of it's own accord. (( Title: (PIANO) Chopin - Prelude Op.28 No.4 Emin ))

22:01:35 Lemon_Drop: "Klondike....I'm going to keep worrying about it if you don't tell me."

22:02:06 : PlatinumSpark rolls his eyes at DiamondCharm and trots over to fix the machine. "That's it let me see that..."

22:02:14 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna perks an ear and glances at Andromeda. "A princess cannot take part in a simple joke? I didn't know humor was dead among you ponies."

22:02:21 Shadow_Feather: Shadow grins as the Piano begins to play. He holds out a talon to Sand, "Wanna dance?"

22:02:23 ProfessorWhoof: "Will we do invites? Posters?"

22:02:27 Oni_Sorasousha: (( I prefer hoofwiann punch, but if there isn't any, berry punch will certainly do in a pinch. ))

22:02:27 : Sunset_Skye nods a little to Chell, sighing softly and watching the party intently as well.

22:02:34 : DiamondCharm pushes Plats away, "No! Octavia would be disappointed!"

22:02:37 Rainbow_Dash_: "No kidding. Last I checked, Luna didn't have facial hair." she says, glancing to the side with suspicion in her eyes. She notices Twilight_Sparkle waving, and she waves back, before turning her attention back to Spitfire. "C'mon, we better tell Twi. I reckon she'd know what to do."

22:02:55 : Chell nudges Sunset, and nods towards the crowd... She, herself, turns towards the Forest, looking and watching...

22:02:57 : Seabreeze says to Scraggly while lying on the grass. "Ugh, I think it was the sushi"

22:03:17 Sand_Chaser: "Okay," Chaser grins, moving onto the floor.

22:03:20 Inque: Miss Inkdrop. You are a lovely mare and I...

22:03:23 : Klondike nods, inhaling and pausing, then simply giving a peck to Lemon Drop's cheek. "I think I worry too much."

22:03:25 : KiteCres is surprised that Princess Luna is deciding to take such a long time..she seemed so impatient to get through the hugs then dance before.

22:03:34 Inque: Erm..maybe this isn't the place...

22:03:34 : Scraggly sighs and nuzzles Seabreeze softly. "D-Do you need to go back home?"

22:03:38 : PlatinumSpark blushes as DiamondCharm touches him and then shakes it off. "She'll be more disappointed if you blow this thing up DX!!"

22:03:40 : DiamondCharm nods and follows after Rainbow Dash, "I wonder if she was upset by whatever happened backstage? Those big name bands can kind of lose their Equinity to the fame."

22:03:43 Sunset_Skye: "Hmm." He nods a little and keeps an eye out.

22:03:48 Kiwi: "Well, with all due respect, your highness, if our humor is dead, then what is yours?"

22:03:53 RavenShadow: "Hm...that is a good point. We'll send invitations. If you'd like."

22:04:01 Shadow_Feather: Shadow follows her, and begins leading in what he hopes is a waltz. (( !1d6: 5 Total: 5 )) +5 quick. I assume this is what I would use ))

22:04:02 Seabreeze: Ugh X( I think so.

22:04:02 Marl: ((And then Diamond was a Wonderbolt.))

22:04:03 : Andromeda only responds with a frown. "A zombie."

22:04:05 : Spitfire nods and follows after Rainbow Dash, "I wonder if she was upset by whatever happened backstage? Those big name bands can kind of lose their Equinity to the fame."

22:04:17 Inkdrop: "Inque, please, just....tell me now. Please?"

22:04:23 : Twilight_Sparkle narrows her eyes at Joe for a moment. "Did you had to pay her loyalty for that name?" she then smiles as the two pegasus shows up. "Great! How was the hug? Oh and, food!" One serving of hayfiles levitates right to their mouths as soon as they come within reasonable range.

22:04:24 ProfessorWhoof: "To everypony? I think a poster would be best."

22:04:38 Inque: garnered my affections. Yes. This...this is true.

22:04:42 Inque: But....

22:04:54 : DiamondCharm continues tinkering with the machine. Suddenly, the smoking and sparking stops. She grins, but then the music stops as well, "Oh, trot on my grave, why don't you!?"

22:04:58 : Scraggly sighs. "That's fine. I'll come with. That place was a bit crowded anyways."

22:04:59 Inkdrop: "...but what?"

22:05:16 MojitoJoe: "It was for the evening, the rest of it is really still up in the air."

22:05:18 PlatinumSpark: "No I don't want you dead!"

22:05:22 RavenShadow: "Ah, true. We'll put up posters, then."

22:05:30 Rainbow_Dash_: "She was upset by her idols... so she grew a moustache?" she asks, raising an eye-brow. "Yeah, if you and the Wonderbolts shunned me, I don't think I'd have done that..." She looks at Twilight_Sparkle and says, "Yeah, about that...."

22:05:50 : DiamondCharm kicks the machine and dents the panel slightly, but music begins playing again! ed (( Title: Onoken - felys ))

22:05:50 ProfessorWhoof: "Yay! Ooh, this is so exciting!"

22:06:18 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna rolls her eyes. "If that would be all, I would ask you to leave the stage." She replies, which was much more of an order than a suggestion. "You are keeping me from my adoring ponies."

22:06:23 : Twilight_Sparkle nods to Joe. "I see... so.. do you have to like... talk to her or something?" she looks to Rainbow_Dash again. "About what?"

22:06:35 Seabreeze: A little help? I'm a little wobbly.

22:06:38 RavenShadow: "Very!"

22:06:52 ProfessorWhoof: He hugs her again.

22:06:57 Inkdrop: "....Inque?"

22:06:59 Shadow_Feather: Shadow jolts a bit, and tries to change his dance to better suit the music (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +5 quick ))

22:07:07 : PlatinumSpark facehoofs at DiamondCharm. "Well anway is Octavia good friends with Vinyl Scratch?"

22:07:10 : Scraggly crouches down so she can get on his back. "Sure...I'll take you home."

22:07:27 : Seabreeze slowly climbs on

22:07:32 MojitoJoe: "She actually was the one who made it and demanded me to produce it."

22:07:39 : RavenShadow hugs back. "Oh, I cant, I can, as I suppose I must!"

22:07:41 MojitoJoe: "Royal decree."

22:07:44 Inque: *crumpling up a note from Seabreeze* BUT...until a few days ago...I was in a relationship. At least, from my own perspective. And now, i'm in a world taht she...isn't, any more.

22:07:48 Kiwi: "But princess! You have an adoring pony right here! I patiently await my hug."

22:07:52 Andromeda: "Why am I surprised."

22:08:11 : Chell starts fidgeting.

22:08:15 ProfessorWhoof: "All in good time, sweetie."

22:08:29 Inkdrop: "...Oh."

22:08:33 : Spitfire shrugs with a grin, "The ways of royalty are but a mystery to me, Dash." She smiles at Twilight, "She's acting very oddly. Much more uptight about formality than she was before. And she has a mustache. I'm not so concerned about that - let a Princess do what she wants to with her face, you know?"

22:08:33 Inque: I'm not-I...I-m not saying no! But, I need...time. To know you. To know,

22:08:49 : Octavia is still in the little filly's room. Probably powdering her nose.

22:08:52 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna stands and approaches Kiwi, she hugs him hard.

22:08:56 Lemon_Drop: "Klondike, we both worry too much."

22:09:03 : Sand_Chaser attempts to at least sway in time with the music and is, in fact, not such a terrible dancer. She does have a small amount of difficulty keeping on her feet, though.

22:09:14 Inkdrop: "...Alright then."

22:09:34 Shadow_Feather: Shdaow notices Sand's trouble, and smiles, assisting her with balance anytime he can.

22:09:41 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "Really? She made it?" she glances to Spitfire. "That is weird and a half alright.. why would she suddenly... um......" she looks at the soda. "How does it taste?"

22:09:43 : DiamondCharm shakes her head, "I don't know, I don't know! How do you get dents out of these THINGS anyway!?" She scrambles at the panel to smooth out the dent, but ends up scratching the surface with her hooves, "Oh, no....!"

22:09:44 Rarity: "Dashie, darling...she's just having a good time. No need for alarm. She reminds me a lot of Princess Celestia right now actually.."

22:09:51 : Klondike nods, "Our middle names." He hmms, "Well, let's just enjoy the night if you so desire."

22:09:52 Inque: If...if you can give me time...I'll give trust.

22:09:52 : Ryu_Sword is walking around getting stuff

22:10:07 Rainbow_Dash_: "A moustache!" she says, emphasising that point to Twilight_Sparkle. "C'mon, you're the expert on Princess Twi, what's up with that?" She takes some of the hay fries as she does too, chewing on them.

22:10:14 Lemon_Drop: "....What about our middle names?"

22:10:35 : MojitoJoe looks to Rainbow Dash... "I'll agree with you that is Odd Dashie... But what are we to do?"

22:10:38 : Kiwi feigns having the air squeezed out of him, and falls to the ground, appearing not to breathe.

22:10:50 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks jumps a little "Well actually. I would say Rarity is the expert on that. Hey Rarity, do you think the moustache fits on Princess Luna?"

22:11:25 : Sunset_Skye leans over again and mutters in Chell's ear.

22:11:42 : Klondike ohs, "I mean, worry is our middle names, it was a joke."

22:11:48 : Oni_Sorasousha thinks about it. Then looks at Luna. He can hear other ponies talking about it too. Deciding that it doesn't seem like a bad idea, he pulls a piece of cloudmarble out of his coat pocket... and makes a mustache for himself out of it. Except of course, it's white. But then, considering his silvery mane, it works.

22:11:50 ProfessorWhoof: "Raven, did Princess Luna always have a moustache? Or am I imagining things?"

22:11:50 : PlatinumSpark raises a brow at DiamondCharm. "Why are you at this panel anyway are you doing Octavia a favor?"

22:11:53 Inque: Miss Inkdrop?

22:12:01 : Inkdrop smiles. "Yes...that's fine.

22:12:05 Inkdrop: '

22:12:17 RavenShadow: "....I think it's new."

22:12:28 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna rolls her eyes and points to one of her guards. "You." She orders harshly. "Take him to the dungeon." She remarks, waving a hoof in the air as the guard looks dumfounded. "Er- we have one of those ma'am?" He asks.

22:12:32 Lemon_Drop: "Oh. Oh, I get it! Okay."

22:12:43 ProfessorWhoof: "She pulls it off wonderfully."

22:13:03 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna glares at the guard and storms over to him, she gets mere inches from his face and flares her wings. "Did that sound like a question?"

22:13:06 RavenShadow: "Oh, she does."

22:13:09 : Andromeda responds simply by grunting and burying her head in her hands.

22:13:28 Kiwi: ((Hands? What are those?))

22:13:29 : Chell blinks, and turns to look at the stage. She frowns, and shrugs to Sunset. "I'm more worried about Jewel," she writes.

22:13:33 Inkdrop: "....Speaking of fine, Luna is not."

22:13:39 Rarity: "They will be very in next year, if Octavia is an accurate barometer of fashion. Besides, royalty are often...eccentric."

22:13:58 Inque: Er, yes , what DID I miss, Miss Inkdrop?

22:14:00 Chell: ((BRB 2 seconds))

22:14:06 : Klondike nods, "Alright. So, what do you want to do tonight? I could find a quiet spot and begin to play my ukulele for you, or perhaps we could dance."

22:14:07 Andromeda: ((Hooves. Whatevz.))

22:14:11 : DiamondCharm doesn't notice as another song begins playing (( Title: Mew - King Christian )) "I'm proving myself to Octavia! Why are YOU up here!?" She's getting defensive and provoking her seems to be a poor approach.

22:14:11 Apple_Medley: (( Luna totally hs a dungeon. It plays protest songs from the 1960's on loop. ))

22:14:13 Obsidian: Kite, something is not right.

22:14:15 Sunset_Skye: "Me too, obviously. But i'm thinking of how to find out just where she is, so we can help.." He mutters again.

22:14:31 Apple_Medley: (( It also has a timeout corner. ))

22:14:36 : ArcaneScholar has observed for long enough, he trots straight up to Kite.

22:14:38 ProfessorWhoof: "However, I can't quite shake that nasty feeling I've got... Something's wrong. I can feel it. But what..."

22:14:45 ArcaneScholar: Kite?

22:14:54 : KiteCres patting Obsidian gently, "Easy, Obsidian..she hasn't even got to dance..but I have no clue why she's sending that pony to jail.."

22:15:03 : MojitoJoe looks to Rarity "If Octavia is a good barometer of fashion then does that mean very soon tight super hero costumes will be in fashion?"

22:15:14 Shadow_Feather: Shadow changes up his dance again, taking a more freestyle approach, spinning around Sand Chaser. (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 )) +5 quick ))

22:15:29 ProfessorWhoof: ((Ouch!))

22:15:33 Inkdrop: "... Apparently, you missed Luna becoming filled with spite. And for the second time in a thousand years, give or take a few years."

22:15:49 : Twilight_Sparkle hmms. "I don't think I like that. Joe. It looked rather awkward and uncomfortable too."

22:15:50 Shadow_Feather: (( yeaahh, but whats the lower limit for total roll? ))

22:16:04 Rarity: "Unfortunately it might be." she says "But when it happens, we'll all love it. That's the way it works."

22:16:05 Cherry_Blossom: The guard quickly grabs Kiwi by the nape of his neck and tries to drag him away as Princess Luna turns to her throne and sits down, looking rather miffed.

22:16:05 PlatinumSpark: "I'm here because i'm bored really ....." He puts a hoof to her shoulder. "Don't mind me I was maybe looking for some advice...." He gives DiamondCharm some space.

22:16:20 : Obsidian shakes the glowy things out of his mane and ignites for real. "Call me crazy, but I don't think that's the real Luna."

22:16:23 ArcaneScholar: Kite there's something seriously wrong with this? Are we just gonna stand around?

22:16:26 RavenShadow: "I don't know either, Orion, but...something is wrong."

22:16:28 : Ryu_Sword looks at Luna [This isn't right. Somethings off about 'Luna'.] he thinks walking toward the stage

22:16:28 ArcaneScholar: this.

22:16:30 : Chell sighs softly at Sunset... She was head guard at the moment... It was her job to do something in a situation like this. She frowned, gritting her teeth tightly...there. Her opportunity. She rushes to intercept the guard carrying Kiwi.

22:16:41 : MojitoJoe looks to Twilight then to Rarity... "Imagine me a superhero..." he chuckles over the concept.

22:16:42 : DiamondCharm sighs, "What kind of advice, dear?"

22:16:46 Cherry_Blossom: The guard of course, only drags him from the stage and rejoins formation, they had a dungeon?!

22:16:55 Inque: That...could be troublesome, I have to say, Miss Inkdrop.

22:17:20 ProfessorWhoof: He looks to Kiwi being dragged away. "Something's horribly wrong with our orincess. Let's jnvestigate!"!He trots to the stage.

22:17:23 Sunset_Skye: "And here.. We.. Go.." he mutters softly, watching her leave. He rises slowly and stalks off, watching Chell intently the whole time.

22:17:24 : KiteCres looking to Archie, and Obsidian, "Oh for Pony Sake! You know what? I'll ask her to fly, will that make you two calm down? I mean, after all, she's an Alicorn!"

22:17:35 : DiamondCharm frowns as another song begins to play - all&list... (( Title: Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street ))

22:17:38 ProfessorWhoof: ((princess, investigate))

22:17:40 Shadow_Feather: Shadow begins to lose his balance, and stops dancing rather than fall into Sand again. He turns to all the other ponies, following their gazes to the stage. "What's going on?" He asks, fiddling with his bracers.

22:17:46 Inkdrop: "....Inque...hold up a moment." She trots up to the edge of the stage. "Um...miss Luna? I', Inkdrop, the pony who's coat you complimented? You seem upset, is there anything I can do?"

22:17:49 Rainbow_Dash_: looks to Rarity and then looks between the others and says, "Riiight. But c'mon, you don't find this the least bit weird Twi?", pointing to the stage

22:17:53 : Octavia personally feels that the princess is totally being herself. I mean, she turned her back into a duck once. ))

22:17:54 Inkdrop: (( *I'm ))

22:17:59 Andromeda: "Will somepony stop being stupid for one moment?" Andromeda groans.

22:18:08 Kiwi: Kiwi jerks out of the guard's grasp, suddenly. "Thanks for the hug, miss!" He quickly hugs her of his own accord. "Bye!"

22:18:15 : Chell sighs, and returns to Sunset, seeing her chance to talk to the guard slip by pretty quickly...

22:18:17 Inque: *hesitantly follows*

22:18:20 ArcaneScholar: Still...

22:18:23 Shadow_Feather: Shadow sees the Professor moving towards the stage, and turns to Sand, "I'll be right back." He runs over to Orion, and asks, "What's up with the princess?"

22:18:24 ProfessorWhoof: "I don't know yet, Shadow."

22:18:29 : RavenShadow follows Orion. "Yay, we're detectives!"She says quietly.

22:18:46 Kiwi: Oh, and he dashes away.

22:18:48 : Twilight_Sparkle tilts her head. "Weird? What is weird about it? I mean... Moustache isn't really a difficult spell. I could give you one if you like Rainbow_Dash."

22:18:53 ProfessorWhoof: He smiles to Raven.

22:18:56 Tek_Croon: "I.. I'll try but I'm not sure what a smart pony would do ust now

22:18:58 : Octavia is still in the little filly's room! Dear Celestia!

22:19:12 : Sand_Chaser looks up at the stage, frowning. "Why does she have a mustache? I never noticed it in pictures."

22:19:30 Shadow_Feather: Shadow frowns, again fiddling with his bracer. "I suppose its foalish to think this isn't the work of a certain nightmare..." He turns to Raven, and nods, smiling.

22:19:36 Andromeda: "Take the colt away from the guards because the Princess is obviously not mustachioed!" She groans.

22:19:47 : Sunset_Skye sits quietly closer to the stage now, watching Chell come back over. "We're going to have to be a little more.. Proactive, i think.."

22:19:54 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna points out a hoof full of guards. "You! You! You! And You!" She orders, pointing severely at the four unfortunate ponies. "I wish to walk amongst my people..." She remarks off hoofidly. She glares at the group as they don't move. "Did you not hear me?" She questions, stomping a hoof against the ground.

22:19:56 Shadow_Feather: "Or at least, a prank by aforementioned pony..."

22:20:16 : MojitoJoe offers to dance with Bumpkin to this rather slower song... (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) + 5

22:20:23 Cherry_Blossom: The guards all look at each other, clearly not understanding the order. Though, Chell would notice that one guad has yet to rejoin formation.

22:20:27 Rainbow_Dash_: blinks and opens her mouth to refuse, but then says, "Ehhh, maybe some other time." quickly before continuing. "But why would she have one?"

22:20:32 Apple_Bumpkin: (( Why joe, I didn't know you cared ))

22:20:34 ProfessorWhoof: "We are some of your people, milady." He bows.

22:20:39 Andromeda: "I don't listen to obviously posturing ponies. Where's Daft Pony?" She wondered.

22:20:41 MojitoJoe: (( ... doh ))

22:20:47 Apple_Bumpkin: (( lol ))

22:20:47 MojitoJoe: (( yes that was Swift :P ))

22:20:48 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, forcing a grin.

22:20:49 : Chell nods to Sunset, and motions her to follow. She moves quickly towards the stage, and the guards.

22:20:53 Shadow_Feather: And bows.

22:20:55 : Inkdrop blinks, backing from the stage a bit. "Princess...are...are you alright?"

22:20:59 Cherry_Blossom: (( General request, if you all come to talk to the princess directly, please whisper me! ))

22:21:12 : Obsidian follows the group over to "Luna"

22:21:12 : Twilight_Sparkle scratches her mane. "Well that is the darnest thing. I have not the slightest clue. Why don't we ask her?"

22:21:19 Inque: I suspect our princes has had a few restrictions imposed upon her...

22:21:25 : Sunset_Skye gets up and follows along after Chell quietly.

22:21:30 : Apple_Bumpkin nods to Swift_Bolt as ArcaneScholar seems to have wandered off. (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 ))+2

22:21:36 Shadow_Feather: (( crap, brb ))

22:21:41 MojitoJoe: "I guess it couldn't hurt to ask"

22:21:43 ProfessorWhoof: ((Aye!))

22:21:48 : Tek_Croon looks at the scene and hesitates.

22:21:58 : Spitfire shakes her head, "I wouldn't worry about her moustache so much, Dash... How about the fact that she's totally killing the good mood of the scene..." She points at FauxLuna yelling at the guards, "That's not any Princess I swear fealty to."

22:22:28 Rarity: "I suppose not. I would love to congratulate her on her soda, anyway."

22:22:38 : Sand_Chaser sees Chell and Sunset through the crowd. "Orion, Shadow, Zeph, C'mon!" She squeaked, running through the crowd to get to the two ponies.

22:22:40 Inkdrop: "Restrictions?"

22:22:49 : Swift_Bolt glides across the dance floor with Bumpkin

22:22:51 : Nao gets an idea. and starts to sneak towards Twilight quietly.

22:22:56 : Twilight_Sparkle thinks over what Spitfire just said.. "Well, okay, we can go talk to her... Maybe she is not feeling well?"

22:23:15 ProfessorWhoof: "I'm a bit busy, Sand!"

22:23:42 : Spitfire nods and gives a small smile, "That sounds like a plan, Miss Protege. Lead the way!"

22:23:46 : RavenShadow turns to Sand_Chaser. "Hello, Miss. What do you need?"

22:23:47 : Obsidian whispers to Orion

22:24:01 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to Twilight_Sparkle and Spitfire and says, "Yeah, c'mon, let's go see what we can find out." She hovers up, following Twilight_Sparkle.

22:24:02 : Chell approaches the guards, looking at them. She frowns some, and looks past them, to the Princess. She writes to one of the guards, "Chell, current acting head of the Ponyville Guard... What's with the princess?"

22:24:04 ProfessorWhoof: He listens.

22:24:10 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna sighs and leans against the side of the throne, why would they not listen to her orders? "I had a... disagreement... With some ponies." She replies to ProfessorWhoof before narrowing her eyes. "Bow."

22:24:12 Sand_Chaser: (( And then I realized we were already by the Princess. Ignore previous post xD ))

22:24:24 Inque: Oh dear..

22:24:36 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks a few times. "oh. Alright then.." she heads on over toward the Princess. "Seem like a few ponies are there already.." and she did not notices Nao, still.

22:24:56 ProfessorWhoof: "I have been, ma'am," he says, as he has not risen from his bow.

22:25:01 : Sunset_Skye stands quietly behind Chell, looking around intently. His initial plan was to collapse the stage to test if she really had Luna-tier magic, but a note worked well too..

22:25:13 : Axl trots back to the party and stretches.

22:25:21 Cherry_Blossom: The guard cocks an eyebrow and stands ram rod straight, fearing the apparent wrath of Luna. "No idea." He whispers back.

22:25:50 : DiamondCharm nods gently as she pops in a new tracklist. (( Title: Journey - Who's Crying Now ))

22:25:54 : Inkdrop whispers to herself, "this is not Luna. this can't be her. no, it can't be..."

22:26:07 Chell: "We've had an impersonator in town before, impersonating a princess. Are you absolutely certain this is her?"

22:26:08 Obsidian: I forget princess, what was I afraid you'd turn me into?

22:26:17 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna nods. "Good, if only the other ponies of this town were so inclined to treat royalty as such. Now, be a good little pony and tell them to turn off that music."

22:26:23 : Ryu_Sword walks over to the group of ponies "Whats going on?" he asks ProfessorWhoof

22:26:44 Shadow_Feather: Shadow raises his head a little, "Proncess?"

22:26:49 Shadow_Feather: Princess*))

22:27:00 : PlatinumSpark is now sleeping next to DiamondCharm's work station. "zzzzzzzzz"

22:27:00 : Nao spots a punch bowl just behind Twilight. All too perfect. She finally starts to gallop towards Twilight, and gets ready to push her towards the punch bowl!

22:27:01 Andromeda: "That's not Luna!" Andromeda cried in frustration. "C'mon! She underwent a complete personality transplant in 5 minutes!"

22:27:20 : Inkdrop looks over to Andromeda. "I know."

22:27:41 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna turns to Obsidian. "A Pigeon or somethin..." She replies, waving a hoof dismissively before looking at Andromeda. "Words hurt you know."

22:27:45 : ArcaneScholar's horn glows, he tries to get a read on Princess Luna from a distance

22:27:50 ProfessorWhoof: "Princess, this is most peculiar. You didn't seem to mind earlier."

22:27:59 : Spitfire follows after Twilight Sparkle, nodding her head slightly to the music. She sees Nao and quickly moves out of the way.

22:27:59 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna 'reads' like Princess Luna.

22:28:00 Andromeda: "So does stealing another ponies identity."

22:28:01 ArcaneScholar: ((Magic roll. PM? What stat?))

22:28:09 Obsidian: wrong! *he yells to the crowd* we have an imposter!

22:28:19 : Tek_Croon is nervous. He's never met Luna and isn't sure.

22:28:40 : Chell hears Obsidian's shouting, and steps up on stage, past the guards.

22:28:42 : Octavia peeks out of the bathroom; "An imposter? One second!" She goes back inside.

22:28:43 Inkdrop: "Well, of course we do."

22:28:54 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks from Andromeda to Luna, eyes narrowing.

22:28:56 : ArcaneScholar takes a deep breath then steps up onto the stage with Chell

22:28:56 : MojitoJoe looks to Twilight and Rarity... hearing Luna yell like that and her demands becoming ever increasingly worse "Whats going on?"

22:29:05 : Apple_Bumpkin enjoys herself dancing immensely though she is getting a bit winded

22:29:08 ProfessorWhoof: Orion's eyes widen. "Shat!

22:29:16 Rainbow_Dash_: notices Spitfire move out of the way, and then turns around to follow her gaze and says, "Uh, Twilight?"

22:29:22 Marl: ((Hahaha, what was that Prof?))

22:29:35 : Twilight_Sparkle nods to Rainbow, decided to wait just for a moment.. then heads on closer toward Luna. "Um. Princess Luna..? May I have a moment of your time?"

22:29:35 : Obsidian snarls at "Luna" Where is she?

22:29:35 Andromeda: "She was giving hugs and gifts just a moment ago. She leaves with Daft Pony, and she comes back without them, and with a MOUSTACHE, and I'm the only pony who notices?"

22:29:37 : Rarity turns worriedly to Twilight, "Twilight?"

22:29:39 : Sunset_Skye slowly smiles, his eyes changing from green to blue. Obsidian's yell was enough for him. He watched Chell out of the corner of his eye but kept his attention on the guards and the imposter.

22:29:43 ProfessorWhoof: ((What))

22:29:57 Cherry_Blossom: The guard blinks and coughs. "It looks like her man'am."

22:29:57 Shadow_Feather: (( Why the "Shat!"? ))

22:30:11 ProfessorWhoof: ((Typo.))

22:30:15 : Chell's eyes widen. She turns away from Luna, and looks at Sunset, and gestures him to follow her. The crowd should be able to handle a false princess... She dashes for the outside.

22:30:18 Shadow_Feather: (( ah ))

22:30:31 Oni_Sorasousha: (( I thought he was invoking william shatner. ))

22:30:31 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks, and pauses her question at Andromeda's exclamation. Rather shocked. "Er... um.."

22:30:32 : Marl stumbles past the crush of ponies gathered near the stage, and just stands behind them, quietly.

22:30:39 ProfessorWhoof: "Impossible! Nopony would dare!"

22:30:42 : Inkdrop runs over to Andromeda. "Oh, uh...hello, I'm Inkdrop, I agree, pleased to meet you, I noticed, what do you propose we do?"

22:30:44 : Ryu_Sword looks at the fake Luna and hmms then smirks "Kyubi could you come here?"

22:30:45 : Swift_Bolt slows down and looks to Bumpkin... "I hope that was fun for you." He looks over towards the stage... "Wheres the music?..."

22:30:55 Shadow_Feather: Shadow blinks at Orion, "You're kidding, right?"

22:31:00 RavenShadow: "Nightmare Moon dared, didn't she?"

22:31:01 Sunset_Skye: "On it." He vanishes with a soft noise, appearing next to Chell and galloping in step with her.

22:31:11 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna stands and looks at Obsidian. "GUARDS!" She shouts, pointing a hoof at Obsidian. "You stand down Now!" She orders , ignoring the other ponies.

22:31:19 : The_Fiddler emerges! She looks about, and trots toward Obsidian, since he is the one who shouted.

22:31:22 Rainbow_Dash_: "Told you the moustache was sus!" she says to Twilight_Sparkle, giving a 'told-you-so' look.

22:31:26 Obsidian: Make me faker.

22:31:35 ProfessorWhoof: "This is extremely very not good..."

22:31:41 ArcaneScholar: What the hay is with the hostility?!

22:31:46 : Kyubi_Hart flies over to Ryu "What?"

22:31:48 RavenShadow: "You can say that again."

22:32:04 Cherry_Blossom: (( Yall are going to let some pony attack your beloved princess?! ))

22:32:09 ArcaneScholar: I've stood by and listened to make sure whether or not you were just joking around but... You were asking us to call you "Luna!"

22:32:09 : Twilight_Sparkle gives Rainbow_Dash a sheepish look.

22:32:10 Shadow_Feather: Shadow pales under his coat. This was BAD. And Obsidian was only making matter's worse. "What the hay, man?"

22:32:13 : Chell stares, eyes wide, at the sky over the Everfree Forest, pupils dilating to almost nothing... She stumbles back, in shock...

22:32:24 ArcaneScholar: You didn't want us to- to-

22:32:25 : Nao gallops right past Twilight. And stares at her with an intense loathing.... hooves forward.... one could almost imagine her passing by in several freeze frames... before she ends up dunking herself into the punch bowl she'd meant to push Twilight into!

22:32:26 : Phantasm stalks into the area. Apparently, there was some sort of disturbance going on...he decided to take advantage of this and begin his hunt for Octavia.

22:32:28 Tek_Croon: (( I'm gonna pass a note to the DJ: (( Title: Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) Extended Version 1988 )) ))

22:32:30 ProfessorWhoof: "You leave Obsidian alone!"

22:32:42 : DiamondCharm shouts at Obsidian from the DJ booth, "Treason! You tell him, Princess Luna!"

22:32:49 : MojitoJoe looks over to Rarity... and gets up to trot over to figure out what is going on... "Hold on everypony... lets all be reasonable..."

22:32:54 : ArcaneScholar feels that chill, that grating in the back of his mind.

22:33:08 Shadow_Feather: "Shut up, Diamond! That isn't helping," Shadow shouts.

22:33:17 : Twilight_Sparkle turns just in time to see Nao going to push her, and reflexively pulls back just to see her goes into.. a big punch bowl? "Where did that came from?"

22:33:17 : ArcaneScholar has been ignoring it for the whole party but with the possibility of Luna being an imposter?! No...

22:33:22 : Sunset_Skye skids to a halt next to her, looking out at the forest grimly. "Storms like that don't happen for no reason, do they?"

22:33:39 : Obsidian snarls "I'm waiting."

22:33:42 : DiamondCharm takes the recommendation from Tek and begins playing the track. ((Sorry, internet derped on me while looking for another track.))

22:33:51 Sand_Chaser: "No! She's the one committing treason!" Chaser grumbled, glaring at the Princess.

22:33:54 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna looks at all of the ponies and grits her teeth. "<i>QUIET!</i?" She roars, loud enough to drown out the other voices.

22:34:10 : PlatinumSpark wakes up. "What's with all the shouting !!"

22:34:11 : Jester watches from a distance, he had no idea what all the commotion was about, but so many ponies gathering and yelling couldn't be good.

22:34:25 Cherry_Blossom: (( Oh italics... ))

22:34:31 : Klondike needs to stop blanking out. He looks over to Luna, wondering what exactly was going on. He decided to walk the outskirts again.

22:34:32 Shadow_Feather: Shadow blinks, falling silent. He stares at "Luna" openmouthed.

22:34:34 : Twilight_Sparkle looks back at the flux Princess. "What. what is going on?!"

22:34:40 : Chell shakes her head gently.

22:34:45 : The_Fiddler makes her way to the commotion with the Princess. She frowns; "So, the problem is....?"

22:35:10 Ryu_Sword: "Slow down everypony." he says trying to settle things down "We have no real proof that shes a fake. So calm down." he says calmly then looks at Kyubi "I may need your help in a bit." he says with a nod

22:35:12 : Axl trots over to Sunset_Skye and Chell. "Oh those clouds its probably Sapphire she said she likes making storms like that with manipulating shadows and such.."

22:35:14 : Obsidian turns to the other ponies "THIS isn't the real princess!"

22:35:14 : Agile_Flourish notices Chell and Sunset staring outside and flies up to them, trying to see what they were looking at.

22:35:23 : DiamondCharm watches the commotion unfold from the comfort of the booth.

22:35:31 Shadow_Feather: "No kidding..." Shadow mutters.

22:35:36 Inkdrop: "Of COURSE it's not."

22:35:50 Sunset_Skye: "So what's our next move? Do we barrel on out there and crash that party, or go subtle, or just wait it out?" He watches with worry.

22:35:54 Axl: (( Hey Sandy ^^ ))

22:36:00 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna looks at Obsidian. "He has no proof of that. It is simple lunacy to suggest other wise."

22:36:07 : Phantasm waits for things to play out from the shadows.

22:36:07 : Marl shakes his head at all the yelling and accusing. This was way out of his depth. More cider, that was in his depth, and he trots off once more.

22:36:08 : Nao gets stuck in the punch bowl upside down for a bit... it's a pretty large bowl. She ends up clambering up out of it a bit, and pouts, but with all the commotion, she doesn't even bother to get out of the punch, just soaking in it, and pouting.

22:36:16 Inkdrop: (( LUNAcy. OO

22:36:19 : Chell ignores Sunset, and begins running as hard as she can towards the Forest.

22:36:26 Agile_Flourish: Chell?! Sunset?!

22:36:27 Chell: **ignores Axl

22:36:33 : The_Fiddler looks to Obsidian; "Ah, an imposter? This is not the first I have encountered, if that is the case." she says, eyeing Cherry_Blossom.

22:36:36 Shadow_Feather: "Why would Princess Luna act like this at a celebration for HER?" Shadow asks.

22:36:39 Agile_Flourish: W-what's she even doing- what's with that storm?!

22:36:41 : MojitoJoe looks to Chell then to the Princess and follows after.

22:36:42 : Axl runs after Chell. "Hey wait up!!"

22:36:51 : Lemon_Drop looks around nervously. This was not going well.

22:36:57 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "Wait, Imposter? Are you sure?"

22:37:07 Sunset_Skye: "Yeehaw," he mutters softly before tearing off after her, his face set in a grim expression and his stomach churning.

22:37:18 : PlatinumSpark trots out of the booth. "What the heck is going on?"

22:37:20 : Agile_Flourish starts trying to fly after her "Chell! What the hay are you doing?! Chell!"

22:37:22 ProfessorWhoof: He wraps a foreleg around Raven. "Be ready to run, my love."

22:37:26 Obsidian: Nice pun. But the REAL Luna has been reeking of raspberries all nice and wouldn't order her guards to throw a pony in a dungeon.

22:37:57 RavenShadow: "Run? Never."

22:37:59 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks up, and sees the storm over Everfree. He frowns, then looks around, "Where's Sunset?"

22:38:01 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna glares down at Shadow_Feather. "Why don't you ask her? She is right here!" She shouts. "Why is evreypony yelling?" She asks, frowning. "I thought this party was for me..."

22:38:07 : DiamondCharm figures this is as good a time as any to break out a track that was requested a while ago. (( Title: AVENGED SEVENFOLD SO FAR AWAY LYRICS ))

22:38:15 Rainbow_Dash_: looks between all the ponies, in a commotion. She was satisfied that everypony was aware of the situation now, but the question was what to do next...

22:38:17 Kiwi: [I wonder if I should get involved again...] Kiwi munches a stolen candy bar, watching from an inconspicuous place.

22:38:20 Shadow_Feather: (( NICE ))

22:38:23 ProfessorWhoof: "I meant with me! We may be needed!"

22:38:24 Apple_Bumpkin: (( gotta afk for 30 minutes ))

22:38:33 : Axl trots back and waves to Sunset_Skye. "Hey sunset..."

22:38:39 : Apple_Bumpkin grins to Swift and heads to the snack table

22:38:43 Sand_Chaser: "Then where are you acting like this?"

22:38:50 : The_Fiddler suddenly collapses. This was so...bad. But that's her opinion

22:38:56 : Tek_Croon stays behind Andromeda being his nervous self

22:39:01 Chell: ((Not room changing guys.))

22:39:08 Agile_Flourish: ((Aah, okay.))

22:39:20 : Mayor_Mare finally walks into the Stage. "Calm down every pony! There are no need to panic."

22:39:23 Shadow_Feather: Shadow curses, then flies up and over the party. He sees Sunset running towards Everfree, and charges after him, cursing again. "Wait up!"

22:39:28 : KiteCres suddenly lifts his head high as he breathes out, then begins breathing in, A deep breath pulling in air as his chest, belly and throat begin to suddenly bulge. His eyes narrowed as he snaps his wings out. Anypony that knew what was about to happen would see it coming from a mile away as the glowsticks on him began to glow. His head coming down suddenly as he opens wide, suddenly letting loose the roar of a full Elder Dragon to silence them all.

22:39:30 ProfessorWhoof: Then he sees the storm. "Raven, look..."

22:39:42 Inkdrop: "I wasn't panicking."

22:39:47 Andromeda: ((It's obviously too mainstream.))

22:39:59 : Andromeda is now banging her head against the ground in frustration.

22:39:59 : Obsidian looks at the storm, ignoring the roar.

22:40:00 : RavenShadow looks over to the storm. "Oh. Oh, dear."

22:40:00 PlatinumSpark: "Not so loud!!!"

22:40:08 : Skar watches as Kite screams.. "Well there goes the party"

22:40:12 Shadow_Feather: Shadow is knocked out of the air by the roar, falling to the ground next to Sunset, stunned and deaf.

22:40:15 ProfessorWhoof: He falls deathly silent at Kite's roar.

22:40:26 : Ryu_Sword covered his ears in time

22:40:32 : Mayor_Mare looks rather confused at KiteCres. "What exactly are you doing. Kite?"

22:40:37 : Spitfire plants her hooves over her ears, "What the hay was that!?"

22:40:43 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna falls back into her throne, not seemingly noticing the roar as she slumps down. Why was everypony being so mean?

22:40:44 : Kyubi_Hart also covered her ears

22:40:56 : Inkdrop's eyes widen as Kite roars, quickly covering her ears.

22:41:03 : Sunset_Skye is however far off Chell is, having been running with her this whole time.

22:41:03 Axl: "Its probably Sapphire she was making a storm like that this morning....." He says observing the storm.

22:41:13 : Nao ducks into her punchbowl.

22:41:20 : The_Fiddler is glad. Hopefully this was enough to drown out the horrible things coming from the speakers. Oh, and she covers her ears. They were already stuffed with cotton anyway.

22:41:22 : Agile_Flourish is still flying after Chell

22:41:25 : Lemon_Drop winces, flattening back her ears.

22:41:26 Shadow_Feather: Shadow had almost caught up when the roar was let loose.

22:41:34 : Sand_Chaser looks up to see Sunset run at something that seemed so dangerous. Without even thinking she runs after him. After what he'd confessed earlier? There was no way she was letting him do that.

22:41:35 : Jester grits his teeth and covers his ears, that was unexpected.

22:41:39 : Oni_Sorasousha flops over fromt he sudden noise. "What?"

22:41:43 : ArcaneScholar flattens his ears and flinches

22:42:04 : Panty closes one eye and frowns a bit at the excess of sound. "....."

22:42:06 : Klondike finds a dark spot to fall back to. Things were much too chaotic for him to handle.

22:42:16 : Mayor_Mare heads on over to Princess Luna. "My apologies.. Are you alright Princess Luna?"

22:42:36 WickedWishes: The ground suddenly rumbled momentarily, as if an earthquake lasting only a few seconds rolled in. If one were to look towards the Everfree forest, they might see a great whirlwind of blackness rising into black, thundering clouds in the distance.

22:42:52 ArcaneScholar: ...........

22:42:54 : KiteCres slowly breathing out as he tilts his head and cracks his neck and slowly lifts into the air, looking to Princess Luna, "Sorry Everypony, but we do have an imposter here. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to fly to ascertain that you are indeed Princess Luna."

22:42:58 Chell: ((Sunset's suggesting going to the Wilds... I'm in agreement. Everypony following Chell, room change.))

22:43:00 : PlatinumSpark trots over to Axl. "Yeah its Sapphire again...."

22:43:09 : Obsidian turns and begins galloping towards everfree

22:43:11 ArcaneScholar: OI! Everypony! I think that's our cue to move!

22:43:17 Marl: 's ear twitches, and he rubs it idly as he opens a bottle of cider. He looks around a bit, feeling like he had just missed something, and finally notices the others running off toward the forest. He sighs, looking at his brand new bottle, and passes it to a random pony walking past as he canters after them. It would be a while before he caught up.

22:43:18 : Mayor_Mare stays rather confused, but makes no sound for now.

22:43:31 : Klondike puts on his camoflauge and heads out to everfree.

22:43:34 Rainbow_Dash_: stops holding onto her ears, and says, "Holy horseapples Kite.", mostly to herself though, as she rubs her ears.

22:43:35 ProfessorWhoof: Orion gallops to the forest. "Come

22:43:39 : ArcaneScholar turns on a dime and gallops straight out towards the forest

22:43:40 Inque: Miss Inkdrop, we ought to get out of here!

22:43:51 ProfessorWhoof: "Come along, love!"

22:43:52 : Lemon_Drop looks around, confused, but runs to the Everfree because everypony else was.

22:43:57 : The_Fiddler uncovers her ears, and begins moving towards Cherry_Blossom; sneakily. Though, there not being much cover, she's pretty obvious.

22:44:01 WickedWishes: Everypony that doesn't wish to be a part of the big showdown should keep clear of the game room.))

22:44:15 Rhythm: (( Big showdown? :o ))

22:44:15 : RavenShadow nods quickly, grabbing Orion's hoof and running.

22:44:26 Cherry_Blossom: (( Im waaaatching WickedWishes! D:< ))

22:44:31 Ryu_Sword: ((I want to do I go now?))

22:44:37 Ixia: ((Wow. I chose a doozy of a time to return))

22:44:43 Phantasm: (( Multi-villain occurrance! Poor Luna :( ))

22:44:44 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "Where is everypony going? Why do they want to... go... Oh." she notices the light. Then looks to Princess Luna. Finally, decided to try dispell on her.

22:45:00 : Sandy_Rivers was having a most ordinary evening in the Everfree Forest when she was suddenly shook by a brief earthquake and a rather violent wind whipping up into dark clouds. "I'm getting a feeling that something is going to happen that'll need me to update my maps," she grumbled.

22:45:12 : Inkdrop runs off, calling back to Inque. "Come on! Luna may be in trouble..."

22:45:15 Andromeda: ((What if we just wanna watch?))

22:45:28 The_Fiddler: (( Read the logs I guess. ))

22:45:34 Inque: *follows as closely as I can...luckily Inque is in better shape than Inky*

22:45:39 The_Fiddler: (( Or sit in the room, for commenting. ))

22:45:43 WickedWishes: I supoose that's fine. We don't need fifty ponies trying to post all at once.))

22:45:52 : Kyubi_Hart points to the swirling darkness "Whats that?" she asks

22:45:54 : Nao watches Twilight, and decides she will follow where she goes.

22:46:29 Kiwi: [Agh, I'm not following any of this anymore.] He trots off toward Everfree, not sure of what else to do.

22:46:49 DiamondCharm: ((Wait, is game room occurring in the Everfree?))

22:46:54 The_Fiddler: (( Yes ))

22:46:58 : MojitoJoe Gallops for Everfree

22:47:46 : Skar Flies off for Everfree

22:48:04 : Ryu_Sword looks at the darkness "I don't know. But it looks like they have everything under control here so I'll go have a look." he says heading off to Everfree

22:48:21 : Rarity stands by, waiting for Twilight, It was obvious what was going on now, with the panic. There was hardly a need to add to it.

22:48:31 : Spitfire nods at Rainbow Dash, "Something tells me this was a diversion. Has anypony tried to alert the princess that something's going wrong?"

22:48:37 Cherry_Blossom: Princess Luna raised a hoof to declare something, but suddenly she shrinks, and becomes much smaller, much more pink, and had much less wings.

22:48:44 : Cherry_Blossom gulps.

22:48:51 Kyubi_Hart: "Wait for me!" she says flying after him

22:48:52 : KiteCres looking to her, "...Cherry Blossom!"

22:48:58 : Jester dashes off to the Everfree forest, maybe he'd be of some help.

22:49:03 : Phantasm remains, keeping an eye on the stage. He chuckles to himself as the impostor is revealed.

22:49:16 : The_Fiddler stops. Wait....what? "CHERRY!??" she cries, cantering toward her.

22:49:24 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks as her dispell worked. "This can't be good..."

22:49:41 Andromeda: "I knew it!"

22:49:48 : TGAPTrixie jaw dropping as she stares at this, "...Cherry Blossom.."

22:49:55 : DiamondCharm leaps out of her booth and sprints toward the stage, "Fiddler, wait! Cherry's a good filly - don't do anything rash!"

22:49:59 The_Fiddler: (( No you didn't. I was just as surprised OOC as IC. ))

22:50:07 The_Fiddler: (( *sarcasm* ))

22:50:15 Rarity: "Now then, what is the plan of action?" she asks, ready to go.

22:50:15 Rainbow_Dash_: looks back to Spitfire and shrugs. "No idea. But-" she stops as she notices Twilight_Sparkle show Luna to in fact be Cherry_Blossom and stares in confusion. "Huh?"

22:50:19 : Twilight_Sparkle looks to the rest of the ponies. "Okay. Some pony try and find out what happened from Cherry Blossom! The rest, we need to go find Princess. Let's follow that big growing thing!"

22:50:53 : KiteCres landing gently and groans, looking over to Twilight, "Understood..Pony Feathers, not good..not good at all!"

22:51:04 : Twilight_Sparkle heads toward Everfree forest.

22:51:18 Andromeda: "Alright, little mare." Andromeda said, Mom of Doom form activated. "Why did you pose as Princess Luna?"

22:51:22 : The_Fiddler keeps going towards Cherry_Blossom. She could kick the flank of whoever made her do this later!

22:51:34 : The_Fiddler also tears off her mask!

22:51:38 : Spitfire nods at Twilight, "I'm going to go alert Canterlot that the princess has been abducted." She turns to Rainbow Dash, "You're needed here. Take control - be a leader and do what comes naturally to you!" She takes off toward Canterlot.

22:51:59 : TGAPTrixie moving toward Cherry as well as she smolders, "Whatever pony put you up to this.."

22:52:02 : The_Fiddler retcons that. She leaves it on.

22:52:48 : Cherry_Blossom coughs awkwardly and looks at all of the ponies.

22:52:56 Andromeda: "I do think two mares..." She spots the Fiddler approaching. "Three mares is a bit too much for this situation."

22:53:25 Rainbow_Dash_: blinks and then salutes Spitfire. She looks towards the forest, and then back to the scene here. She goes up to KiteCres and says,"You've got this right? I reckon I'd be more help up in the forest."

22:53:28 : DiamondCharm would certainly have been startled by that revelation! She jumps onto the stage and pushes past ponies to Cherry into a hug, "Back, all of you!"

22:53:51 : Rarity begins calling out for Sweetie Belle.

22:53:52 DiamondCharm: ((*to TAKE Cherry))

22:54:02 : The_Fiddler glances at Andromeda, and stops in front of Cherry_Blossom; "I know her. Leave this to me."

22:54:20 : KiteCres hugging Rainbow Dash gently, "Keep your friends safe, Rainbow Dash, like I know you can. I'll protect Ponyville."

22:54:38 : Swift_Bolt looks to kite... "Where do you need me?"

22:55:06 : Phantasm listens, his gears beginning to move. "She knows her," he whispered to himself..."The small filly that the Mare once sought to adopt..."

22:55:34 : Sweetie_Belle is asleep under the same table she hid under during the first Nightmare Moon apperance!

22:55:36 Andromeda: "If you know her personally, then I shall obey." Andromeda backs up.

22:55:55 : KiteCres sighs and closes his eyes, "Swift, go make sure the town hasn't gotten any damage. Anypony outside is to get indoors. Townhall, Meeting hall, homes, anywhere that offers protection from this storm!"

22:56:39 : Swift_Bolt salutes him

22:57:02 : DiamondCharm swallows heavily, "Fiddler, you and I BOTH know you're a hero, so... treat her fairly? She's the daughter of somepony very dear to me - I would never forgive you if she were mistreated..."

22:57:09 : Mayor_Mare calms down ponies using her beat method, by telling ponies to calm down

22:57:43 : KiteCres looking to the Mayor gently, "Sorry if your ears are hurt, Mayor. Are you going to be ok?"

22:57:44 : Cherry_Blossom is too overwhelmed by all of this! "W-what's going on?"

22:57:50 Rainbow_Dash_: nods to KiteCres, and quickly zips off in direction of the forest (-other room-)

22:58:02 Rainbow_Dash_: (( Game room. Derppp ))

22:58:26 : The_Fiddler pats Cherry_Blossom on the head; "Cherry...why did you do this?"

22:58:32 : Mayor_Mare looks to KiteCres. "I will be fine, but please, don't ever do that again."

22:58:46 : TGAPTrixie eyes closed as she stops beside Fiddler and Cherry Blossom, letting Fiddler speak first.

22:58:46 : Rarity picks up Sweetie_Belle and rushes her home!

22:59:09 : Sweetie_Belle snores, she had such a great sister!

22:59:41 : Cherry_Blossom looks at her hooves. "A friend asked for help, and I thought it would be fun..."

22:59:52 : Mayor_Mare alsos, reminds KiteCres. "I think you will be more needed in the Forest. I will take care of whatever going on here."

23:00:22 : KiteCres sighs, "Hard not to do my talent, Mayor...and you're sure? Very well." lifting up and flies in that direction hard.

23:01:27 : The_Fiddler sighs; "Who was it Cherry?"

23:02:54 : TGAPTrixie watching over Cherry silently as she tilts her head, keeping silent for now..but she wanted to find who it was and give them her own whammy.

23:03:17 : Ixia isn't entirely sure what's going on.

23:05:27 : Cherry_Blossom frowns. "Goldie..."

23:05:41 : Phantasm remains hidden, inching ever closer to The Fiddler, trying to discern her identity. She was so familiar...

23:06:10 : The_Fiddler leans in; "And where does Goldie live, Cherry? Not with the three bears, I hope."

23:06:33 : Cherry_Blossom shakes her head. "Everfree..."

23:06:52 : DiamondCharm listens intently at the exchange, mentally taking notes of how the Fiddler was handling this situation.

23:08:15 : The_Fiddler nods, and turns around. She looks to the forest dramatically. A fierce wind blows in from...somewhere, and it only blows through The_Fiddler's mane; "That is all I needed to hear. Be a good filly while your Aunt goes and talks to Goldie, alright?"

23:08:39 The_Fiddler: (( This would be the best comic ever. ))

23:09:00 DiamondCharm: ((Oh, yeah.))

23:09:53 : Phantasm steps out from the darkness, quickly. "No!" he shouts at the Fiddler.

23:09:54 : Cherry_Blossom blinks. "D- Don't hurt her!"

23:10:51 : DiamondCharm sprints off behind the stage and quickly flips her dress, the dark blue being swapped for a magenta. She pulls a mask out of the folds and dons it. She hesitates as she hears conflict breaking out from where she had just come from...

23:11:54 : The_Fiddler glances at Phantasm; "Ah, another fellow masked mariachi. Please, join me." she says, trotting off toward the forest.

23:12:03 : Cherry_Blossom runs off, silly ponies, they should have been watching!

23:12:47 DiamondCharm: The Velvet Backstitch waits, eavesdropping in on the conversation.

23:13:23 : Cherry_Blossom runs into the little filly's room, that'd be weird if somepony was still watching!

23:13:34 The_Fiddler: (( lol ))

23:14:57 Phantasm: For now. *he grits his teeth, then sings under his breath.* ((to the tune of Angel of Music)) Long have I waited for my vengeance...this storm is but a nuissance...

23:15:25 The_Fiddler: (( Masked Mariachi Mares (And Stallion) Team GO! ))

23:15:33 Phantasm: (( This is gonna rock. ))

23:15:41 The_Fiddler: (( Meaning, room change. ))

23:15:49 : DiamondCharm reveals herself and grins like a fanfilly, "I'm with you, Fiddler!" She gallops off after the others!

23:15:50 Cherry_Blossom: A mare appears from the hiding spot, she is wearing a makeshift scarlet mask that evidently seems to have been torn from her dress. Her mane is held back and has been blackened.

23:16:08 : Cherry_Blossom runs up to the group and strikes a pose before following!

23:16:20 : Phantasm trots along, heading to the everfree.

23:23:10 : Noland trots to the site and looks around for anypony to talk to.

23:31:25 : Licorice_Truffle simply is looking around, somewhat unnerved by how the world looks.

23:37:23 : Andromeda stares at the sky, looking rather worried. "So dark..."

23:40:12 : Licorice_Truffle notices Andromeda, "Hey, uh... Do you know what's going on?" His usual cheery demeanor falling horribly flat.

23:40:34 Andromeda: "No, my candy-slinging friend. All I can see is darkness."

23:41:54 : Licorice_Truffle takes a deep breath. "Right." He takes off his sunglasses, revealing his goldenrod eyes. "So, the future of now seems to be enigmatic, huh?"

23:44:22 Andromeda: "You could say that. I can see things. But without a proper reading of the past and the present the future is nigh-impossible for me to determine."

23:45:56 : Licorice_Truffle nods, closing his eyes and shaking it. "The organization really needs to drop what they are doing in Fillydelphia. This place needs help."

23:46:16 Andromeda: "...Organization?"

23:46:50 : Licorice_Truffle nods, "The Sugar Syndicate needs to know about this."

23:48:32 : Andromeda nearly facehooves. "The Sugar Syndicate." She almost wished there was a seer pantheon she should know about.

23:51:27 : Licorice_Truffle shrugs, "Well, it's not like anypony takes us seriously aside from the Police at Fillydelphia, but hay, whatever."

23:52:55 : Andromeda sighed. "I really wish that there was some kind of coalition of seers we could consult."

23:54:48 : Licorice_Truffle huhs, "That would be grand. I doubt that, well, we would know what to do." He exhales, putting on an odd smile, "But, funding is always good."

23:56:04 : Andromeda sighed. "I wish."

23:57:13 : Licorice_Truffle put on an understanding smile and placed an assortment of candy on Andromeda's back. "No use in feeling glum over the stuff we can't control." He looks at the sky.

23:58:16 Andromeda: "True...I just wish my Tek were here."

23:59:31 : Licorice_Truffle nods understandably, "I don't know where Bluesie went." A shiver went down his spine, "I hope he's alright."