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21:16:03 Surprise: (( SURPRISE! ))

21:19:34 Spotlight_Sample: (( Shoo~ ))

21:21:06 NightmareJewel: (( Bah! I heard nothing of the sort! ))

21:21:11 Surprise: (( SURPRISE! ))

21:21:18 Spotlight_Sample: (( I mean seriously, Mayday even erased the text here for us. ))

21:21:31 Darkseed: ((;_;))

21:21:55 Thunderball: (( Shine said that is was a miscommunication... ))

21:21:56 NightmareJewel: (( Was that seriously said? I must have left before it was. ))

21:22:03 Darkseed: ((Cherry's in position...))

21:22:12 Shine: (( I thought it was! ))

21:23:38 NightmareJewel: (( Okay, so this is the Forest. Bac to IC, yes? ))

21:23:39 Darkseed: ((*whistles*))

21:23:45 Darkseed: ((YES!))

21:25:13 : Spotlight_Sample hmnfs~

21:25:33 : NightmareJewel closes her eyes and concentrates, trying to pinpoint their quarry.

21:26:15 : Thunderball is still mediating, waiting on the signal. His woad really was a good idea in his mind. Made him feel all warlike. Good when facing certain death and whatnot.

21:26:39 : NightmareJewel opens her eyes. "It's showtime."

21:27:00 Darkseed: Darkseed sends out a signal for her 'Luna'.

21:27:24 : Thunderball smiles. "About time. Let's rock and roll so hard that the heavens themselves split." He stands up, and takes his place next to Jewel.

21:27:43 : Daft_Pony emerges from the trees, trotting in unison into the clearing. Once they reached the rough center of the area, they stopped and turned around at the same time, waiting for Luna.

21:28:11 : Luna skips along, following the two.... Wait... Crud... They're walking side by side. Right next to each other. And neither is taking the lead. That's not right. Thomas is always one pace ahead..... She sweatdrops.... She remains on the very edge of the clearing, facehoofing. "Oh horseapples...."

21:29:06 : Shine had been dismantling her large device, and lays out all the parts individually, as she looks up at her associates. "Finally. Let us be getting this over with."

21:29:25 Darkseed: Darkseed bows. "You Highness. It is an honor."

21:29:53 NightmareJewel: "he he he he. Indeed it is. We're so glad you graced us with your presence tonight."

21:30:22 : Thunderball says nothing, he only stands by in his dark armor and woad war-paint.

21:30:50 NightmareJewel: "We have a surprise for you, to commemorate this happy occasion. Can you guess what it is?"

21:31:31 : Spotlight_Sample sits on the edge of the clearing, quietly. "Mhmm..."

21:32:37 Daft_Pony: The makers of these particular shadow constructs didn't have have an in-depth knowledge of the two, but they didn't need to. They just needed to be convincing enough to lead Luna to this spot. With that, they each lifted a forehoof to wave at Luna before they exploded into black clouds, vanishing.

21:34:55 : Luna grumbles a little bit. This is the second time this year somepony has attempted to steal her. "Are you really expecting to get away with this? It only worked last time because I'd just cast mass spells."

21:36:24 Shine: "No, I sincerely doubt we are getting out of this, all with all our pieces." she says, putting something together. "Do not have to either."

21:37:08 Darkseed: "Just relax, Highness..." The golden unicorn soothes. "It'll all be over much sooner if you just lie down..."

21:37:22 NightmareJewel: "We'll have to see then, won't we? Now we'd like you to come with us quietly, if you please."

21:37:43 : Thunderball remains quiet. He was a guard and a soldier, not a statesman.

21:40:06 : Luna stretches and flaps her wings, stepping into the clearing. "I'm not coming with you, if she wants to see me, we can talk here. But I'm not budging from this spot if I don't want to.... If you try me, I'll get the frying pan."

21:40:42 NightmareJewel: "Very well." she clears her throat. "The hard way then, if you please, my ponies."

21:41:27 : NightmareJewel's gem glows pitch black and blasts a magic dampening field at Luna.

21:41:33 NightmareJewel: (( are we rolling? ))

21:41:40 Luna: (( Nah. ))

21:43:48 Darkseed: Darkseed tenses herself, nervously waiting for Luna's reaction...

21:44:25 : Thunderball trots forward, hoping that without her magic he would be able to coerce her into walking away. He just stands there stoically, not taking any further action. Hopefully if she attacked, he would take the brunt of it.

21:45:05 : Shine watches NightmareJewel, confident in her ability, as she holds up something, and attaches it to her horn, on top of her mane. It looks like a metal unicorns horn, built onto a head band, with various other parts.

21:45:50 : Luna takes the hit and digs her hooves into the ground. "As if. No matter how many layers you wrap around me I still have enough power to take you on." she takes a deep breath, and gets the magic pumping. Her horn's corona immediately flares brightly, powerful pressure beginning to swell out even beyond the field... It's strenuous, and she has done something special tonight... But she's a Princess for a reason. "I will not play the part of the helpless maiden. Not again."

21:46:38 : Thunderball nods. "Then play the part of the diplomat and come with us. The only reason we brought you out here is because we could not bring Nightmare Moon there to you."

21:47:11 : NightmareJewel grits her teeth and pushes back, strengthening the filed. "This is why when I say 'get her', you GET HER. It's scientific." she grunts

21:47:41 NightmareJewel: *field ))

21:48:05 : Spotlight_Sample stares at the Princess, decidedly unimpressed.... If things came to it, he would pulverize her into a useless jelly... But mister wordyness decides he wants a shot at it... So that's fine.

21:48:23 Darkseed: The golden unicorn's eyes grow wide. "R-right..." The unicorn dashes forward, her highly sharpened horn ready. She plans to attack her from behind...

21:51:56 : Luna immediately zaps Darkseed with a powerful bolt of energy. No freaking way was she gonna let herself be stabbed by something pathetic as that creature.... "I'll go with you, but I'm meeting her on equal ground."

21:51:56 : Shine hops up, and moves around the other side of Luna, helping the other ponies flank her from different angles. She starts to build up energy in her horn, the device upon it making noises (With a mandatory pressure gauge rising), as she prepares to do her part

21:53:15 : Thunderball nods. "That would be more than fair I think. Jewel, I believe we can work this out. However, understand that we will not get rid of the field, for our protection of course. Being as powerful as you are, we must have some assurance that you are being honest with us. You understand yes?"

21:53:36 Darkseed: Darkseed winces. It feel like her ribs were... no time for pain. She focuses the sensation into magic, magic to use later...

21:54:20 NightmareJewel: "Works for me." she grunts. "Surround her then, Lets get moving. We don't have a lot of time here."

21:55:10 : Spotlight_Sample tchs and turns, walking off ahead of time.

21:55:40 Darkseed: Darkseed keeps her place in the rear, limping slightly.

21:55:45 : Thunderball takes his position next to the princess. "I am deeply sorry for their rashness. None of them know how to be political. Or how to treat a member of the royal house."

21:56:32 : Luna rolls her eyes. "Tonight was supposed to be fun. When this is over I'm kicking all your flanks."

21:57:15 Thunderball: "As is your right. Now please, if you will follow us. You have a meeting to attend."

21:57:38 Shine: "You would have to be getting in the line." she says to Luna as she follows along.

21:57:43 : NightmareJewel continues walking in silence, continuing to pour energy into the field.

21:59:33 : Luna resists the urge to give Jewel the WORST headache as she walks along.

22:01:23 : NightmareJewel continues along following Spotlight, already getting a headache, as they march towards the spot.

22:03:09 Nightmare_Moon: The castle ruins were a more obvious and ominous sight than usual. Black clouds hung in the sky overhead, rumbling and flashing with lightning. The most notable sight was the enormous whirlwind of blackness that rose from it into those clouds. It was really quite the sight. Somepony was collecting a gargantuan amount of dark energy.

22:04:16 Darkseed: The golden unicorn stare ahead, narrowing her eyes slightly.

22:05:20 : Luna rolls her eyes. There is no need at all to be that dramatic. But whatever. "Everypony it so grumbly and depressed around here. Come on! Sing, sing a song! Do it!" she demands as she is escorted.

22:05:38 : Thunderball marches in the same military form that he always did when leading dignitaries around. Granted this was the first time, but that didn't really matter. He had been watching the history channel enough to know how it was done. Of course, the dark clouds ahead were a dead giveaway. So much for subtlety.

22:07:00 Luna: (( Narrator. ))

22:07:05 Luna: (( *nitpick* ))

22:07:35 Narrorator: (( -goes to fix it and snitches a moon pie from her personal store- ))

22:07:36 NightmareJewel: "You don't care for the dark, creepy march through the woods to your doom? Terribly sorry, we would have worked out a song, but we ran out of time." she says rubbing her head.

22:07:48 Darkseed: " Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink beneath the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa.....

22:07:56 : Shine looks up at the clouds, and nods in approval. She then looks to Luna, and grins, saying. "Yeah okay! #Nina rundo nzuri sana ya nazi~#", before starting to sing strangely over Darkseed.

22:09:07 Darkseed: Darkseed matches her weird lyrics word for word, eventually creating an eerie medley together.

22:09:08 : Thunderball begins quietly singling the following to himself. (( Title: soviet national anthem ))

22:10:21 : Luna snrks as they all do as she tells them.... She flicks her wings gently, wondering just how much she can get away with... She hmms softly, and decides to try... "Red light!" and she freezes in place immediately.

22:11:58 : Thunderball continues walking, making sure she keeps moving. They had a schedule to keep. "I advise you to continue, or we're back where we were before. Are you a diplomat or a princess in peril?"

22:12:13 : NightmareJewel continues walking. eventually dragging Luna veeeeerrryy slowly behind her. She starts mutter to herself

22:12:51 : Luna POUTS as nopony plays along, and rolls her eyes. "Fiiiiine. Green light." she replies. She is definitely NOT a distressed damsel.

22:13:00 : Luna moves of her own volition~

22:13:20 Darkseed: ((<3))

22:13:31 : Shine nearly stopped at red light, but managed to remember herself in time. She says and does nothing to indicate this and keeps a terrible poke face.

22:14:50 Darkseed: Darkseed keeps murmuring her own song under her breath.

22:17:34 Luna: (( Move it along guys. ))

22:18:03 : NightmareJewel takes a deep breath and rights herself. Walking now upright and as proudly as possible. She kept the barrier up, but her attention was elsewhere. She is ecstatic when they finally reach the castle.

22:18:51 : Spotlight_Sample welcomes the group inside as they arrive, having made sure all inside is ready while he awaited.

22:19:11 : Thunderball looks up at the entrance of the castle. "We are here. Let us go inside. Our commander is waiting." He makes sure that Luna is next to him as they enter the castle, because Nightmare would be estatic. He had a job to do.

22:20:13 Darkseed: Darkseed linger behind, just in case... Just in case what?

22:20:38 : Luna yaaawns and rolls her eyes, pretending to be tired. So tiiiiired. "Heheheh. Oooh, big spooky castle! She needs a new interior decorator.

22:20:48 : NightmareJewel keeps her eyes forward as they walk through the dark ruin. She doesn't know the way, but feels herself being drawn to the power of Nightmare Moon. Finally, they arrive at the arranged spot, directly under the storm in the chamber of elements.

22:21:38 : Thunderball brings up the rear, making sure Darkseed enters with them. He whispers something to her before making sure the place was secure.

22:22:15 Darkseed: She folds her ears back and forces herself to go on.

22:23:08 : Shine walks in with the group, yawning slightly. "Not that this journey has not been the most thrilling thing I have done in my existence, but I would very much be liking to get it over with soon."

22:23:22 Nightmare_Moon: Shadows constantly rolled along the walls, floors, and the intact portions of the ceiling, a visial effect created by the moon shining through the great whirlwind that had the castle enveloped. Sitting on a restored black throne was the dark Princess herself. The area immediately around her had much of the stone turned into a black crystaline material. She smiled upon seeing her other half, her medium turquoise eyes glowing brightly. "Hello, Luna."

22:23:59 : NightmareJewel bows and immediately backs out of the way.

22:24:47 : Thunderball gives a formal bow from his position in the castle.

22:25:27 : Luna leans in and twithes her ears. "Hello Darky McTryingtoohard. You totally ruined my party you know. I should give you such a lashing for that. But I won't. I would have invited you but you're kinda, you know, impossible to contact."

22:25:28 Darkseed: Darkseed falls to her front knees praying to... somepony who knew what to do...!

22:26:04 : Spotlight_Sample resists the urger to hoof Luna upside the face, and does a remarkable job of it.

22:26:57 : Shine looks between her associates and their grovelling, before giving a sigh, and giving a short showy bow to Nightmare_Moon, with an eye-roll.

22:29:39 Nightmare_Moon: She frowned. That response just annoyed her more than anything. She was in no mood for any of Luna's silliness. She climbed off of the throne and began to slowly walk towards the Princess. "It is time that we finish this, once and for all. Your story ends here, and mine will truly begin. With you swallowed up by the darkness, there will be nothing standing in the way of me personally removing your sister from power. Equestria, and then this wretched little ball of dirt will be mine to do with as I please."

22:30:44 Nightmare_Moon: Oh, yes, almost forgot.))

22:30:55 Nightmare_Moon: (( Title: Cirith Ungol - Toccata In Dim )) ))

22:31:41 Darkseed: ((Poifect.))

22:32:19 The_Fiddler: (( Just popping in to say you're welcome. ))

22:32:41 : NightmareJewel watches this display almost as though it were a dream. Any second now it would happen.

22:33:26 Darkseed: Darkseed grits her teeth, clamping her eyes shut.

22:33:37 : Luna rolls her eyes. "Like I'm afraid of you. You exist because of me, and I'm ready to welcome you! But you have to stow that attitude of yours, you know? No-one will ever accept you if you don't get rid of that grumpy attitude. Come on, give us a smile. I know you can be nice. Just give it a try~"

22:34:37 : Thunderball is rather annoyed by the attitudes of his fellow elements. This was their finest hour. A pity he didn't have flags and cheering crowds around him.

22:35:34 : Spotlight_Sample sits, quiet and unmoved, as he always is. Nothing phases him. Ever.

22:36:09 : Shine dithers about, waiting for the show to start. She puts her hoof up to her ear and says, "Oops, nearly forgot." turning he piece on again. She frowns and goes over to Thunderball, since NightmareJewel looked happy. Would a shame to spoil that. She whispers something into his ear.

22:37:09 : Thunderball nods and frowns a bit. He knew what needed to be done.

22:38:00 : NightmareJewel continues to stand silently and watch, keeping the dampening field up, even though it was useless.

22:39:31 Nightmare_Moon: Her face contorted into a sneer singnaling impending violence as she suddenly rose onto her hind legs. She brought her forehooves smashing down onto the ground, releasing a powerful shockwave of black energy. Black crystaline spikes suddenly shoot up through the floor, surrounding Luna. She screamed! "SILENCE!" She takes a moment to regain her composure, letting her powerful regae subside. "I would think you would be less courageous before shaking hooves with oblivion. No matter. It will not change the outcome any."

22:41:29 : NightmareJewel takes a quick glance out a window towards Ponyville. It seemed very far away suddenly. She turns her head back but keeps her eyes outside.

22:42:35 Luna: (( ... *puts a dashiki on Nightmare Moon, Reggae! ))

22:43:04 Nightmare_Moon: rage.* XD))

22:44:11 Narrator: (( Hoofland Raggae. ))

22:44:49 Shadow_Feather: Shadow crashes next to Sunset, dazed and deaf, "Celestia, Kite's loud!" He groans, holding his ears.

22:44:55 : NightmareJewel could feel them coming at last. She breathed a little sigh of relief.

22:44:57 : Luna tilts her head to the side and doesn't so much as flinch as the dark pony gets furious... Well... Clearly being playful wasn't helpful... She squirms a bit, at the incredibly nasty show of power. "Look... I know you're upset... You probably hurt more than I did, but.. You know.. I was supposed to give everypony a hug tonight, and you haven't got yours... I think you could really use one. Please?" she shuffles a bit.

22:45:09 : Sunset_Skye waits at the edge of the forest, looking back at the group following him. "Everypony WAIT! We go in together!"

22:45:12 Darkseed: Darkseed pries open her eyes, wincing.

22:45:21 : Agile_Flourish and Archie screech to a halt as they reach the edge

22:45:35 : Obsidian runs up to Sunset_Skye.

22:45:41 Axl: "Its just Sapphire kicking up a storm ...I saw her this morning...."

22:45:43 : Shine looks out the window, and holds up some binoculars. She breaths in heavily, and then exhales. She goes back over to NightmareJewel and bows her head. She says something quietly, before turning around, and preparing herself.

22:45:46 ProfessorWhoof: "Aye sir!" shouts Orion. "Geronimo."

22:45:50 Shadow_Feather: Shadow pushes himself upright, swaying. "Fine by me," he replies, walking over to Sunset."

22:45:52 : Sand_Chaser comes to a stop directly behind Sunset, frowning.

22:45:58 Shadow_Feather: (( remove last quote ))

22:45:59 : Marl looks around rather dumbly at all the other ponies rushing past him as he slowly makes his way towards the forest.

22:46:05 : Klondike nods, following along.

22:46:23 ArcaneScholar: Everypony stick close now...

22:46:33 : RavenShadow stays nearby Orion.

22:46:33 Agile_Flourish: Looks like we're going into the breach eh? Belly of the beast n' all that...

22:46:38 Shadow_Feather: Shadow takes a deep breath, checking his bracer blades, "So how are we doing this, Sun?"

22:46:39 : Oni_Sorasousha hovers along towards the forest as well.

22:46:51 : NightmareJewel's eyes go wide. She turns back to Shine and shakes her head gently.

22:46:52 : PlatinumSpark trots after Axl. "She was doing somethings with some weird shadows.....and rain and lightning..."

22:47:01 Obsidian: This ends tonight!

22:47:20 Luna: (( FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. So many posts. ))

22:47:23 : Panty sees the dark clouds in the distance. "... This is either my way home, or my graveyard.... Goodbye Ponyville..." She remarks to herself.

22:47:25 Sunset_Skye: "You know nothing Axl, and if you think that's all it is then go back," he says flatly. "We stay together, we stay safe, we don't do anything stupid. Nopony charges in attacking, nothing ridiculous. Let's get to where the Princess is probably at, and, well, we go from there," he finishes a bit lamely.

22:47:26 Shadow_Feather: (( lol I know ))

22:47:34 Mayor_Mare: (( Thanks ponies! But our Princess is in another castle! ))

22:47:35 : ArcaneScholar looks around, trying to find the elements of harmony in the chaos

22:47:42 : Lemon_Drop catches up to Klondike. "Wait. This ends tonight? That sounds dangerous...."

22:48:03 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, "I'll take overwatch, since I at least have some experience." He looks to Sunset for approval.

22:48:05 ProfessorWhoof: "Then enough chatter! Let us journey on!".

22:48:27 : Spotlight_Sample turns away and immediately heads outside the castle... He'd be here to meet anypony who showed up to interfere... No matter, he only needed to buy a little time at best.

22:48:32 Sunset_Skye: "Get up there then. Everypony ready?" He sighs softly, steeling himself.

22:48:41 ArcaneScholar: Where're the element bearers?!

22:48:43 : Axl narrows his gaze at Sunset_Skye. "She was practising it this morning. I frickin saw her. But yeah of cousre its more than that..."

22:48:44 Obsidian: Ready!

22:48:54 ProfessorWhoof: "As I'll ever be. Ravdn?"

22:48:57 : Sandy_Rivers was already very deep in the forest as the black clouds gathered and the ground shook under her hooves. She grumbled to herself, knowing that whatever was going on, she would probably have to update her maps with some serious terrain-changes.

22:49:07 ProfessorWhoof: ((Raven))

22:49:08 RavenShadow: "Oh, Ready I am."

22:49:19 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods, "More than ready." He jumps into the air, flying high over the group. He flicks his blads out a few time, then begins his overwatch.

22:49:22 Lemon_Drop: "....I...I suppose I'm ready."

22:49:24 : Marl eventually makes his way to the others, just in time for them to take off again. "I was born ready, Sunset," he calls up from the back of the pack, a smile evident in his voice.

22:49:31 : NightmareJewel smiles at Shine.

22:49:33 PlatinumSpark: "Sunset what do now about those weird shadow things she's been making?" He asks Sunset_Skye.

22:49:35 : ArcaneScholar sighs, his horn glowing as he cast a few spell on himself

22:49:55 : Ryu_Sword comes running into the forest followed by Kyubi

22:49:59 Shadow_Feather: (( yay for buffs :D ))

22:50:00 Sunset_Skye: "Let's go," he says softly, sighing once more and then galloping quickly off into the forest.

22:50:07 Darkseed: Her eyes seem to pulsate in their sockets.

22:50:10 : Obsidian charges in afer

22:50:17 : Jester makes his way immediately to the Professor. "Orion, do you know what's happening?"

22:50:18 : Inkdrop runs into the forest, catching up with the group.

22:50:20 ProfessorWhoof: Orion follows, grim.

22:50:23 PlatinumSpark: "idiot...." He follows.

22:50:23 : Sand_Chaser sticks close to Sunset, rushing in quickly after him.

22:50:28 Obsidian: (( Leeeeroy! Jeeeekins! ))

22:50:30 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks at the ground intensely, homing in on any potential threat with eagle like vision.

22:50:34 Shadow_Feather: (( XD ))

22:50:36 : Nightmare_Moon just gives her head a slow, dire shake. "No, there will be none of that tonight. I suggest that you spend these last moments making your peace with existence." With that, she lowered her horn towards the now caged Luna. With a resounding boom, more black spikes shot up around Nightmare moon as her horn acquired an intense black glow, quickly collecting a simply vast amount of dark energy.

22:50:38 Inque: Miss Inkdrop, maybe we oughtn't be here...

22:50:38 : Axl follows as well.

22:50:40 RavenShadow: "What's happening? Doom, most likely."

22:50:47 ProfessorWhoof: "The end, Clay. The darkness is coming!"

22:50:57 : Lemon_Drop follows, terrified.

22:51:00 : Marl sighs a bit. "Always with the galloping everywhere. We're gonna be exhausted by the time we get there," he mutters, and falls even further towards the back of the pack due to his speed.

22:51:05 : ArcaneScholar gallops off into the forest, Agile flying off after him

22:51:09 : Klondike follows along, channeling his darkness from within. He let that cup fill as he tried to keep a calm mind.

22:51:13 : Thunderball sighs to himself. Nightmare_Moon really needed to destroy Luna already. Either that or summon an army to destroy those running through the forest like a herd of elephants. Seriously, so much for stealth or anything.

22:51:21 : Spotlight_Sample blocks anypony from entering that castle. Only one way in. Anypony that arrives will have to fight the enforcer to get through.

22:51:23 : Sandy_Rivers made her way, quite nonchalantly, to the center of all the activity, making sure to have the appropriate papers for that area ready in case anything decided to be suddenly constructed or demolished.

22:51:31 Applejack: (( Yall, for Luna's/NMM's/ your own sake, slow down a bit on the posting, we need to keep this a litle bit organized! ))

22:51:34 : Shine looks back at NightmareJewel with a weak smile, and charges her mechanically amplified horn, looking back towards the entrance, waiting for ponies to enter.

22:51:51 Shadow_Feather: Shadow sees the edges dark cloud forming off in the forest. He looks down and shouts, "WE GOTTA HURRY!"

22:52:00 ArcaneScholar: ((Who do I whisper for the PM?))

22:52:02 : NightmareJewel's horn glows for a moment, and shoots off a tiny red flare, it didn't even leave the room.

22:52:05 Inkdrop: "Inque, if you want to leave, you can. But Princess Luna is my idol, and you never know who will be the one who wins the battle. So go home if you want, but I'm staying!"

22:52:06 : Sunset_Skye narrows his eyes a little as he runs, taking a few small hops before leaping into the air and flying low, just above the others' heads.

22:52:08 ArcaneScholar: ((Nightmare Moon or Luna?))

22:52:15 Chell: ((Sorry, where are we?))

22:52:19 Inque: Your idol? Why?

22:52:22 : Agile_Flourish falls into formation slightly to the back and right of Sunset Skye

22:52:23 Shadow_Feather: (( moving in ))

22:52:24 : Jester follows after. "What?! No, there must be something we can do. What about your theory?"

22:52:57 : MojitoJoe Professor ... Are you with us?

22:53:01 Inkdrop: "Because...I'll tell you later. When I'm not so pumped on Adrenaline."

22:53:05 Darkseed: Darkseed watches the little spark burn out....

22:53:07 ProfessorWhoof: "I don't know anymore, Clay. I'm scared."

22:53:10 : Obsidian starts falling back. Despite his eagerness, he's just not fast.

22:53:13 : Chell stays with Sunset, frowning.

22:53:27 InkyMarks: Yo, Inque! Inkdrop! Ah came as soon as Ah heard!

22:53:42 Agile_Flourish: Oi! ARCHIE! What do you feel like having for breakfast tomorrow after this is done?!

22:53:43 Shadow_Feather: Shadow dives down a litle, pulling up about a hundred hooves over Sunset. He wasn't any use if nopony could hear him.

22:53:45 InkyMarks: Didn't think Ah'd be fightin' ta save Miss Luna again so soon.

22:53:47 : Luna twitches her ears gently, grumbling gently. "You know you aren't going to do it. I'm the only thing in this world you really care about. I'm ready to accept you into my life, and when I'm finally ready, then you're going to get rid of me? Nuh-uh. No, this isn't how it's going to go down. We both know that."

22:53:51 ProfessorWhoof: "Of course I am, Joe. But you lot, keep me in line if I start acting odd."

22:54:04 ArcaneScholar: I have no idea Agile!

22:54:14 : MojitoJoe thinks about it... he looks to Chell... "Chell... can you help me with something?"

22:54:31 : Applejack runs in from the Residential Area, come on, she had to be here!

22:54:37 : Obsidian slows down to Orion, "I'll knock sense into ya if I need to pal"

22:54:41 InkyMarks: *Inky is decked out in heavy, fire resistant padding, and has quite a few art and construction tool strapped to him*

22:54:55 : Sunset_Skye floats down closer to Chell so he can speak with her, still flying to keep pace as they get closer to their destination. "I'm trying to find out just what we need to do.. She's not replying to me."

22:54:57 InkyMarks: Miss Inkdrop, you alrigh'? This ain't no place fer unarmed ponies.

22:55:01 Agile_Flourish: So this is the second time this has happened?

22:55:17 ArcaneScholar: I haven't been keeping track to be honest with you!

22:55:17 : Axl runs up with ArcaneScholar." Hey Archie bit of a heads up. What we might be dealing with..."

22:55:25 : Skar flies low and perches up in a tree

22:55:28 InkyMarks: Miss Luna's valuable, flourish.

22:55:38 Toralcia: ((Too late to join?))

22:55:42 Shadow_Feather: "Keep your heads turning everypony, and cut the chatter! Check your shadows, corners, angles, anywhere anypony could be hiding!" Shadow calls down to the group.

22:55:47 : Twilight_Sparkle arrives at the Evefree forest. Surprising amount of Ponies. "Umm. What are we supposed to be doing?"

22:55:51 : Shine looks up at NightmareJewel, and then closes her eyes, and concentrates. A small light emits from her abomination of a horn, and produces a single floating light, above her.

22:55:52 : Sable_Night joins in on the charge to the castle, his little wings pulling him along as fast as he can.

22:56:02 : DandelionDust doesn't know what's with this sudden influx of ponies into the forest.

22:56:09 Darkseed: Darkseed watches this light as well, looking confused.

22:56:17 : Applejack gallops next to Twilight_Sparkle. "Ah was hopin' you have the answer ta' that."

22:56:29 : NightmareJewel closes her eyes and concentrates, her horn glows, and her shadow grows until it becomes a familiar dragon. "The gate." she says to it, and it lumbers out to stand behind Spotlight_Sample.

22:56:34 InkyMarks: *slams some heavy bags onto Inque's back* Ya might need these. Ah did.

22:56:39 : Jester looks back at where the party had been. "Skyblaze..."

22:57:06 : Agile_Flourish spots Sable Night [Wait... Is that...?] She checks to see how well he's keeping up.

22:57:15 : Nao spots Applejack as she follows Twilight, but rather than thinking about it too hard... moves along to join the both of them at a Gallop as well. She doesn't say anything, but she does frown a bit.

22:57:18 Sunset_Skye: "Shadow..! How much farther?!" He shouts up at the griffon.

22:57:19 : Ryu_Sword and Kyubi join the rest of the group "Whats going on?"

22:57:30 ArcaneScholar: Rescue mission Ryu!

22:57:43 : Twilight_Sparkle hmphs. "Ok, well. I have no idea, but I guess ArcaneScholar might know.. Let's follows him for now."

22:58:05 Shadow_Feather: Shadow flies ahead to scout the castle, staying at a safe distance. He spots the dragin, and flies back to report, pulling up next to Sunset, "Not much farther now, but we have a problem. Sapphire's dragon is back."

22:58:09 : MojitoJoe trots over to Chell as they follow

22:58:11 Shadow_Feather: dragon*))

22:58:14 InkyMarks: *gives Inkdrop a hastily made helmet* HEre Miss, ya might need this. You two support each other.

22:58:23 Inque: What...what is going ON!?

22:58:26 : Toralcia skitters through the woods towards a huge ruckus! There is NO call for ponies to be behaving this way in her home!

22:58:28 Axl: "Storm + lightning and maybe thick rain.....and maybe some weird shadow creatures....."

22:58:29 ProfessorWhoof: Orion is beginning to feel weak.

22:58:35 : Sable_Night seems to be skipping distance. He's moving much faster than his hovering little wings should be able to take him, it's as if the world is pushing him along, or pulling him.

22:58:36 Ryu_Sword: "Right!" he says stoping a moment to pull on his Skywalk Boots "So we're all heading toward the swirling darkness?"

22:58:44 : Thunderball cracks his neck, his armor and warpaint gleaming in the pale amount of light. The time was getting close... but he didn't care. He watched the display in front of him in interest. He had his orders... from jewel no less. But in his heart, he had his former orders to. He let what positive energy he had flow through him, the same energy that flowed through him so that he could do his duty. It was no different than usual, but it was his sole bastion of s

22:58:48 : Inkdrop blinks. "Oh...thank you..."

22:58:58 Rainbow_Dash_: zooms into the area, and brings herself to a stop in mid air above Twilight_Sparkle. "I'm here!" she says, floating down. "What's going on? What's the plan?"

22:58:59 : Obsidian charges ahead on hearing "Dragon" . He yells to Shadow_Feather "I'll take the Dragon!"

22:59:00 Thunderball: trenght, his confidence in victory. He trotted out next to the others.

22:59:05 : Agile_Flourish nods in approval and keeps flying

22:59:11 : Luna puts a plug on the posts until NM can get hers out. ))

22:59:32 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks down, "Got it, take unicorn with you for support!"

22:59:34 : Nightmare_Moon grits her teeth as she listens to Luna. She shouldn't have listened, but she couldn't help herself. Her face twitches as that terrible inner turmoil was allowed to touch the surface. "No, no, NO! Shut UP! This is the ONLY way! This is the only way I can be whole." A black shockwave erupted from her horn, a simple side effect of focusing all of that energy. Her legs began to quiver under her.

22:59:39 Shadow_Feather: to Obsidian*))

22:59:58 ProfessorWhoof: Orion then faints.

23:00:00 : RavenShadow looks over to ProfessorWhoof. "Orion, I swear to the powers that be, you better make it through this."

23:00:32 Chell: ((Stupid RL keeping me distracted... Can somepony PM me and give me the short version of who's where and what's going on, please?))

23:00:47 : Jester comes to a quick stop and goes back to the Professor. "Orion!"

23:00:48 ProfessorWhoof: "Raven... Help..." he whispers, eyes closing.

23:00:55 Sunset_Skye: "That's not good..!" He growls, a thousand thoughts whirling through his head as he tries to contemplate what Saph's dragon out there could mean. Did they need to stay out? What was going on in there? He grits his teeth and flies on, finally almost to the castle with the others.

23:01:03 Sandy_Rivers: Following the center of the gathering clouds, Sandy found herself approaching a rather dark and looming castle. Of coarse, this wouldn't put it very far past most of what was in the Everfree Forest, all being generally dark and generally loomy, She was entirely unaware of what was going on inside or the approaching army of ponies coming.

23:01:11 : Obsidian looks around for ArcaneScholar "Archie! I'll need backup!"

23:01:16 : ArcaneScholar continues galloping, wind magic propelling her forward

23:01:18 : Sand_Chaser manages to keep to the front, but more or less because she had been following Sunset pretty closely and not because she'd been overtly fast or anything. She looked back at the other ponies who were preparing.

23:01:19 ArcaneScholar: *him

23:01:25 Darkseed: Darkseed stands, tears forming in her eyes.

23:01:32 ProfessorWhoof: ((Bedtime for me! Adieu!"

23:01:36 ProfessorWhoof: ))

23:01:38 Shadow_Feather: Shadow flicks out his blades, face grim. He stays close to Sunset, staring out towards the castle.

23:01:39 Obsidian: (( later! ))

23:01:40 Marl: ((Night, Prof!))

23:01:40 Toralcia: ((Night, Prof!))

23:01:41 PlatinumSpark: (( cya Prof ))

23:01:42 Sunset_Skye: (( night! ))

23:01:46 Shadow_Feather: (( That sucks... night ))

23:01:50 : RavenShadow moves right next to Orion, supporting him and slowing down, eventually stopping. ((Night!))

23:01:52 ArcaneScholar: ....... Understood.

23:01:52 InkyMarks: You two, behind me! *hunkers down into a makeshift barricade.*

23:02:02 : ArcaneScholar falls in with Obsidian, galloping alongside him

23:02:03 : Luna squirms against the unpleasant spiky bits... "Look, there are other ways. That thing that you made. He was even less than you, but now he's whole and more than that he has family and he is loved. You can be loved too... There is plenty of room in the world for you. You don't have to make any."

23:02:06 : NightmareJewel begins muttering to herself, a small glowing orb forms at the tip of her horn as well, it starts small and grows brighter as she works. She thinks of her last few hours. The best she'd ever had.

23:02:13 Inque: *pulls Inkdrop behind Inky* Miss!

23:02:19 Jester: (( Night Professor ))

23:02:25 : Chell stays with Sunset, frowning... She needed to be inside, with her friends.

23:02:26 : Inkdrop blinks as she is pulled.

23:02:37 Shadow_Feather: (( So what's the setup at the castle, so we don't run into a wall thinking its a pony ))

23:02:40 : Thunderball snorts. What an army. A bunch of peasants and ponies who have no use for anything. Not sure what they intended to do here... now if there was an actual guard that was supposed to handle this kind of thing, that was different. But Thunder was reasonably sure they could overtake this mass of disorganized rabble.

23:02:41 Obsidian: (( Can I charge the dragon yet? ))

23:02:59 : Twilight_Sparkle gallopings along ArcaneScholar next. "Everypony! Follows us for now!" indeed, they are very, very disorganized.

23:03:07 InkyMarks: *The padding portects me and the ponies behind me fro the shockwave*

23:03:10 Sunset_Skye: "We shouldn't be attacking till they do, we don't even know if violence is necessary yet..!" He says loudly as they get closer.

23:03:14 : Spotlight_Sample immediately pulls back and allows the dragon to take point. There's no reason for the ace to dirty his hooves if the team leader wants to be generous.

23:03:43 Darkseed: Darkseed closes her eyes again tears spilling...

23:03:49 : NightmareJewel's dragon loomed at the gate looking quite ferocious, but not doing anything but waiting. It's eyes glow red and it's dark shadow fangs ooze the unholy mist.

23:03:58 : Nao despite her personal feelings towards Twilight, she can tell that what's going on is bigger than that. Even for her.... and she would move to file in line with Twilight at her orders with surprising cooperation.

23:03:58 : KiteCres trying to catch up to the quick ponies as he does what he can, [Always late late late late! Must get there in time..]

23:04:02 ArcaneScholar: I want the physically strongest up front! Casters and rangers set up behind!

23:04:02 PlatinumSpark: [Still running.....]

23:04:05 Luna: (( Okay, Luna and everypony but Spotty is in the inner sanctum. There is only one way in, and Spotty and Dragon are in the way. ))

23:04:08 : Chell grabs Sunset. "No violence!" she hisses to him. "Tell them! None!"

23:04:11 : RavenShadow pulls Orion back as the group passes them. Orion was not okay, and could not be left alone in this state.

23:04:18 Shadow_Feather: Shadow breaks off, flying around the side. He lands silently in a tree overlooking the gate, eyes settling on Spotlight as his target should a fight start. He pulls up his hood, stone-faced.

23:04:21 : Twilight_Sparkle stops as she see the dragon.. "Er... Is Fluttershy around?"

23:04:37 : Oni_Sorasousha moves into order along with Twilight and the others.

23:04:37 Axl: [Still running.....oh wait a dragon SWEET!!!!]

23:04:44 ArcaneScholar: No pony attack! NOT YET!

23:04:54 : Sunset_Skye nods to Chell and then flies back over the crowd shouting so they can hear him. "No violence! Nopony attack ANYTHING! Get there and hold!!"

23:04:55 : Rarity gallops through the Forest, her dress and mane getting quite ruined in the process. When she finally reaches the others, she takes a moment to compose herself before looking for Twilight.

23:05:06 : Applejack runs up next to Twilight_Sparkle. "She was sleepin' last ah saw." She replies, cringing at the dragon.

23:05:09 : ArcaneScholar grinds to a halt once he reaches the gate

23:05:11 : Lemon_Drop slides to a stop, as she sees the dragon. "Ah....Ahhhhhh....."

23:05:12 : Obsidian leads the charge and sees the dragon. With a roar of his own he tackles the shadow construct (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 ))+4 gump

23:05:13 : Shine does her best to follow NightmareJewel's lead, sending as much energy up as she can. She walks slowly over to Darkseed, and puts a hoof around the pony, giving a sad expression, with a weak smile.

23:05:14 : Toralcia skitters along the tree canopies, following the commotion. She hisses in anticipation as she sees a dragon and continues to follow ponies.

23:05:22 : Panty is moving just ahead of Twilight and some of the others, but keeps herself close enough to the others.

23:05:24 : Marl slows to a stop as he passes Orion and Raven. He watches the group move further away, and sighs a bit. "Is he alright, Miss?" He asks RavenShadow.

23:05:32 Shadow_Feather: Shadow hears the order, and notes it. Why Sunset was giving orders he didn't know, but he didn't mind it.

23:05:40 Axl: "Ok what is Obsidian doing?"

23:05:48 Obsidian: (( didn't see it in time, no charge ))

23:05:51 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "I.. um.. have no idea."

23:05:53 Darkseed: Darkseed breaks down then, the tears spilling as she rubs her muzzle against Shine's neck.

23:05:57 : RavenShadow shook her head. "He just sort if...stopped."

23:06:11 InkyMarks: *Stands in front , padded and armored as moving bulwark at the front of the line*

23:06:16 : Sandy_Rivers approached the castle from the rear and, seeing no particular entrance, started to make her away around. However, she was stopped quite dead in her tracks at the sound of what appeared to be... an angry mob attacking a dragon?

23:06:19 : Thunderball breaths, his armor seeming to crack. It was hard to hold everything up at once. Hopefully these crazy ponies would be deterred. Plus, if they weren't he would get to have a fight with some of them.

23:06:24 : Spotlight_Sample couldn't care less about what was happening inside... He knew tonight was a foregone conclusion... All he had to do was wait, and save the energy he could muster.

23:06:25 : Rarity politely moves to the front of the group and finds Twilight. Her dress is a mess, but otherwise she is glamorous. "So darling, what is the plan?"

23:06:30 : Jester remains with the Professor and RavenShadow. "We need to get him out of here, to the medtents."

23:06:35 : Ryu_Sword and Kyubi are following the rest of the herd toward there destination

23:06:40 InkyMarks: Inque! Inkdrop! Yer on support, Ah want you guys assisting in the back.

23:06:44 Nightmare_Moon: The ground began to tremble now, without pause There was so much energy coursing through her, and into that horn. The spikes around both Luna and Nightmare Moon began to rise very slowly. After letting those last words drift into her awareness, her face suddenly contorted into an expression of absolute terror. A single tear suddenly rolled from one of her eyes and down her cheek. With a tremendous crack, the energy focused in that horn dissipated. She fell to the ground and began to sob.

23:07:13 : Sable_Night yays. Words win. ))

23:07:15 Inque: What was that noise?

23:07:23 Shadow_Feather: Shadow listens to the group intently, looking silently at Spotlight and the dragon from his hidden perch. He wouldn't move if they didn't.

23:07:30 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks at Rarity. "I. Um... Plan? We need to get pass this... dragon! Wherever the princess is, it must hve something to do with that light..." she points. "there..."

23:07:32 : Sunset_Skye continues to warn the crowd of ponies below him till he's sure they'd all heard, then he flies back around and over to land near the front again. He watches the castle nervously, the shaking enough to be felt outside. "Sapphire.."

23:07:41 Inkdrop: "That was the sound of many terrible things, Inque."

23:08:00 : Thunderball turns, trotting over to Nightmare Moon. He bows, before righting himself. He does not touch her, for that would be rather wrong. Instead, he stands by, the faithful guard that he is. "Tell me, what must we do to remove those tears from your eyes?"

23:08:01 : NightmareJewel's dragon lets out a ferocious roar warning the others to stay back. Inside, Jewel's eyes grow wide. "P-Princess!" she cries out and takes a step forward

23:08:07 RavenShadow: "Right, medtents. Do we just....drag him there?"

23:08:10 : Obsidian glares at the dragon, but does nothing

23:08:11 Inque: You seem...frighteningly knowledgeable about this...

23:08:15 PlatinumSpark: "Who's that ?" He points towards Spotlight_Sample.

23:08:21 : Sand_Chaser slides to a stop when she reaches the gate, taking a few steps back so she wasn't so very close. Her eyes stayed locked on Sunset Skye, a frown still deep on her face.

23:08:38 : Jester lowers himself down. "Get him on my back, I can carry him."

23:08:47 InkyMarks: Yo, Magiponies, we ain't all fireproof, whadda we do 'bout a dragon?

23:08:48 MojitoJoe: The dragon is only shadow ... a dark and negative emotional Shadow right?

23:08:48 : ArcaneScholar holds back, horn glowing dully

23:08:57 : Marl frowns, and examines him briefly. "There's nothing wrong with him physically that I can see. But he..." he isn't sure he should go around telling ponies he doesn't really know that he was almost a minion of Nightmare Moon. "He must have been affected by all that magic up there," he says, looking briefly towards the castle. "Can you..." he bites his lip. "We need to get him somewhere safe."

23:09:07 InkyMarks: Looks real enough to me!

23:09:12 TheHornedHydra: The thundering footsteps could be heard as the Horned Hydra approached from the woods. He approached the group of ponies and stopped next to Twilight and Rarity.

23:09:26 : Luna flaps her wings gently... "I wouldn't go near her..." she warns. All that nastiness had to go somewhere. The castle is still going strong and the unpleasantness is still heavy.

23:09:30 : RavenShadow pushes Orion into Jester's back.

23:09:39 PlatinumSpark: "Aww come on even the hydra's here too ....."

23:09:53 : Thunderball doesn't care much about what Luna says. He was sworn to her, regardless of her actions against him.

23:10:00 : Marl helps lift him onto Jester. "Are you sure you can carry him back to town?"

23:10:01 Sunset_Skye: "We do -not- attack unless they do first," he says again seriously, his attention fully focused on the dragon and not the pony standing near it.

23:10:05 PlatinumSpark: [Actuallly that could be useful]

23:10:07 Ryu_Sword: "I've seen this before. I think a bolt of light will disperse it. Probably."

23:10:11 NightmareJewel: "What can we do to help her Luna?"

23:10:12 TheHornedHydra: "Looks like yawl were 'bout ta' start tha' festivities without us," Fred said with a wink to Twilight and then looked to the roaring dragon. "I ain't sure 'bout yawl, but she ain't lookin' too happy."

23:11:18 : Jester slowly rises to his hooves. "I'll be fine, somepony just needs to help me keep him balanced. The last thing we need is him falling off."

23:11:56 MojitoJoe: I can get you that light!

23:12:06 MojitoJoe: But I need some help

23:12:07 : Marl nods and turns back to Raven. "Could you handle that? I... need to be there to help if any of the other ponies get hurt."

23:12:19 TheHornedHydra: The Hydra took a threatening step forward toward the dragon and Ted's jaws snapped in the air threateningly. "Don' choo' hurt anypony, you meanie!"

23:12:20 : RavenShadow nods quickly, and positions herself next to Jester, ready to catch Orion if he falls.

23:12:28 Inque: Joe, Ah got a magnesium torch here, think we could juice it up with magic?

23:12:34 : Agile_Flourish alights behind Archie "A-archie is h-"

23:12:36 : KiteCres lands as he grunts finally and begins to canter up to Twilight and the others, grunting hard. [Pony wings hurt.] looking at the arrangement around and hmmms, "Alright! OK, wow, big dragon and pony who stands with him and they aren't even worried? Yeah, ok! So, let's see! Right..ok."

23:12:46 MojitoJoe: I need somepony to port me back to my basement but yes I got the magic

23:12:49 ArcaneScholar: I never thought I'd ever live to see this day...

23:13:00 : Shine looks up at Nightmare_Moon, and gulps, looking back to Darkseed. Too many debts, so little time to repay them all. She let's go of Darkseed, and tries to compose herself, trying to remember she has a job to do.

23:13:08 Axl: "Yes you did Archie..."

23:13:08 : Nightmare_Moon lifted her head, tears streaming down her face. She looked up at nothing in particular and spoke. "Why? Why can't I do it? WHY?" She wailed before lowered her head again, placing it back in her forelegs.

23:13:18 : NightmareJewel's dragon roars threateningly at TheHornedHydra. It blasts a plume of fire from it's nostrils.

23:13:21 Shadow_Feather: Shadow sees Kite land, and signals him silently, alerting Kite to his presence.

23:13:23 : Panty watches from near the front of the group quietly, and she quirks a brow. "...... It feels like a ghost." She remarks softly, frowning as she stares.

23:13:26 ArcaneScholar: Okay I'll admit I did...

23:13:38 Darkseed: Darkseed goes quiet and trots a little closer to Nightmare. "... Because it hurts."

23:13:38 : Obsidian snarls at the dragon [This thing DARES take the form of a dragon! I will have a TALK with Sapphire for this]

23:13:46 : TheHornedHydra returned with a thunderous roar from its three, joined heads.

23:13:54 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks. "Ghost?! Don't be silly, there are no such thing as ghost!"

23:14:16 : Jester takes off back to town at a slow trot, being as gentle as he can with the Professor. "I-I'm sure he'll be alright, Raven."

23:14:18 Shadow_Feather: Shadow grimaces as he sees the fire. Last time he had seen that, it hadn't ended well, and he wasn't in his metal barding now.

23:14:19 : PlatinumSpark is merely headbopping to an unknown rhythm and just well waiting.

23:14:31 InkyMarks: *remains in place as a walking defensive cover, but that dragon's gettinga wful close!*

23:14:36 : Sunset_Skye spots KiteCres and immediately runs over. "KITE! Chell said no violence! She's acting head of the guard, right? Make -this- stop!" He points a wing at the dragon and hydra.

23:14:44 : Thunderball looks at her with the same stoic expression as always. "I cannot answer that milady. Perhaps instead of violent union, peaceful union would be easier to accomplish with the result you require."

23:14:44 : RavenShadow nods, trying not to cry. "Y-yeah...."

23:14:44 Marl: "Try not to jostle him too much, he could have some damage I couldn't make out!" he calls, cantering back to catch up with the others. "And if he starts to seize set him on the ground with his head turned to the side! And..." he continues to call back instructions long after he can no longer be heard.

23:14:46 : Panty glances over her shoulder at Twilight. "Maybe not here." She remarks with a somewhat manic grin. "But they're pretty common where I come from."

23:14:47 : Toralcia gigglechirps nervously and drops down onto Shadow Feather's back. She chirps anxiously.

23:15:02 : Luna shrugs her shoulders and hunches them up. "If you can't tell me, then how am I supposed to tell you? You're the one who gave into it. I gave into you, but what happens when you give in?" ... she murmurs quietly.. She has no idea what's going to happen now, but it can't be good.

23:15:14 TheHornedHydra: "I'm certainly not looking forward to this," Edward said, hesitantly. "But if we're going to save miss Luna, I see no real alternative."

23:15:18 Shadow_Feather: Shadow jumps, the curses silently as Toralcia lands. He whispers to her.

23:15:27 : Inkdrop peeks over Inky. "That dragon doesn't look <i

23:15:36 Axl: (( enter key ? ))

23:15:36 InkyMarks: (?)

23:15:38 Inkdrop: >too</i> bad..."

23:15:54 Agile_Flourish: Ted! Fred! Ed! Can you back up for us? Please?

23:15:59 Inkdrop: (( This enter key must want too die.... ))

23:16:02 NightmareJewel: "You know we're all behind you, Prrincess. We've always been here for you." she says quietly, her horn still glowing with white light. "Please, please let us help you."

23:16:14 The_Groundskeeper: An otherworldly voice was suddenly heard, drowning all other noise out completely. It was deep and terrible to hear. Reality itself seemed to quake, leaving everypony's ears ringing. "So very weak."

23:16:14 InkyMarks: Miss, Ah dunno if that's even a real dragon, btu Ah'm the only pony in town that ahppend ta have any kind of fireproof clotehs around.

23:16:15 Darkseed: The golden unicorn nods.

23:16:36 Shadow_Feather: Shadow cringes, looking around for the source of the deafening voice.

23:16:48 Axl: "What the heck was that!?"

23:16:51 : The_Fiddler gallops onto the scene, away from the rest of the forces of good or whatever. She's on her own mission! Also, accompanied by her super friends!

23:16:52 : Twilight_Sparkle looks around. "Does anypony here know much about dragon? Perhaps neighbour of one? Or live with one?"

23:16:58 : ArcaneScholar's head twitches as Agile shivers and ducks slightly

23:16:59 : Thunderball looks up at the noise, his armor glowing with the same eerie white light that Jewel and Shine had.

23:17:06 : Sable_Night immediately steps out of the group and begins to walk right toward the dragon, like complete foal.... But he stops, and immediately pulls back. He seems to be struggling between two choices now.

23:17:11 : Applejack gulps and looks over to Twilight_Sparkle. "Er- Twi, that isn't good..."

23:17:18 : Sunset_Skye shudders, gritting his teeth and growling a little as he looks around. "That's not good.."

23:17:19 : PlatinumSpark raises a brow at the voice.

23:17:20 : Marl finally makes his way to where all the others were standing, and slips in near Sunset just in time to jump in surprise at the voice.

23:17:35 : Obsidian looks around, "I'll show you who's weak!"

23:17:37 TheHornedHydra: "Well, I ain't lookin' forward to it either," Fred said to Edward, "But ifn' this is what it takes ta' win tha' hearts a' Ponyvillians, I guess it's gotta be like this. Ready Ed?"

23:17:38 : KiteCres looking down as he nods, "Theodore!" he calls up to the Hydra, "You put those jaws away right this instant, mister!" looking to the Dragon and the pony, "Ok, you!" pointing at Spot, "You aren't scared, worried, possessed, working for the government and trying to bring about a hootinana! So, you...let me get done speaking and I'll talk to you, voice." looking to the Dragon, "Hey? Why aren't you with your horde? Did you not get one? There's caves all over the place, why don't you check there?"

23:17:41 : Phantasm gallops alongside her. A white steel walking cane with a gold skull at the head bounced against his side as he galloped.

23:17:42 : ArcaneScholar shivers "Okay. Okay. Right. Giant darkness monster outta nowhere lets see where fate takes us now..."

23:17:44 : Cherry_Blossom is one of Octavia's super friends, she is, the- er... Yeah!

23:17:45 : NightmareJewel gulps. She knows that trick...outside, her dragon suddenly looks verrrrrry transparent.

23:17:49 : Shine nods in agreement with NightmareJewel, standing not far behind them with Darkseed. She then stops at the noise, and just cringes a bit.

23:18:04 : Twilight_Sparkle blinks at the voice. "Alright... I have no idea what is going on anymore... wait.." she tilts her head. "That's not a real dragon."

23:18:11 : Lemon_Drop looks around, trying to find the source of the voice. "Wha- I...wha..."

23:18:13 DiamondCharm: The Velvet Backstitch follows closely behind the Fiddler, reaching up to adjust her masquerade mask every once in a while.

23:18:20 Shadow_Feather: Shadow turns to Toralcia, and whispers, "Do you think you can sneak up the wall and scout out the castles interior?"

23:18:39 Axl: (( DiamondCharm , Cherry_Blossom and Octavia ...XD ))

23:18:44 : The_Fiddler surveys the situation. It was....not good, to say the least. She glances to her sidekicks; "Any ideas?"

23:18:46 Phantasm: (( And me! ))

23:18:55 Obsidian: Of course it's not. And I am VERY angry that it is here!

23:18:56 MojitoJoe: "I need time... and I need my mirror."

23:18:56 Inque: *cowering behind Inky*

23:19:04 Phantasm: What exactly are we observing?

23:19:06 : Cherry_Blossom looks suave and fixes her dress. "Not a single clue."

23:19:06 : ArcaneScholar blinks. Transpa-

23:19:10 : Twilight_Sparkle sighs. "Fine, let's keep going."

23:19:15 : ArcaneScholar starts trotting forward, eye brow raised

23:19:17 : Nightmare_Moon lifts her gaze to the swirling blackness in the sky, looking around for the source of that voice.

23:19:23 The_Fiddler: (( The Super Masked Mariachi Mares (And Stallion) Team! Or, tsmmm(as)t for short! ))

23:19:37 Inque: (( Orale! ))

23:19:41 : Rarity follows closely behind Twilight.

23:19:42 : Obsidian moves forward with Archie

23:19:42 Marl: ((Tizmast!))

23:19:43 : Toralcia chitters pleasantly, but nervously. She's a wooden spider, and wood would not bode well with dragon fire. She jumps to the ground and begins skittering up toward the castle, approaching in a rather roundabout fashion.

23:19:52 Chell: ((jkerijpofaeijgarkm;lvamk'wrkj'ing RL... >_< BRB...))

23:19:56 The_Fiddler: (( Yes Marl! Tizmast! ))

23:19:59 ArcaneScholar: Obsidian, don't do anything right now...

23:20:00 : TheHornedHydra built itself up and suddenly surged forward, charging the Dragon. Fred and Edward held their jaws open wide while Edward held back, wincing. Fred and Ted lunged forward right as they reached their colossal foe- and snapped right through them.

23:20:06 The_Fiddler: (( Don't worry about it Chell! ))

23:20:06 : ArcaneScholar whispers to him....

23:20:07 : Ryu_Sword and Kyubi follow Twilight

23:20:19 : Pancake twitches awake at the shop. she was apparently very, very tired... she springs to life and goes to find NightmareJewel.

23:20:33 Shadow_Feather: Shadow nods to Tory as she skitters off, praying she stayed clear of the dragon. He resumes watching the dragon and Spotlight.

23:20:50 : The_Fiddler frowns; "Well, any of you have...super powers or something? Gadgets?"

23:20:53 Inkdrop: "...If it's shadow, can't we run through it?"

23:21:12 : ArcaneScholar continues trotting forward with Obsidian towards the dragon

23:21:23 : Twilight_Sparkle nods. "I guess it is just holding us up to buy time. Let's go!"

23:21:36 TheHornedHydra: "Ye-heh-he! Well don' that beat awl!" Fred said, laughing. He whipped his head through the beast and it wafted right through it like mist.

23:21:37 : Spotlight_Sample however does not turn transparent, and the world immediately around him begins to rumble as the dragon begins to fade.... The black bauble on his chest flares darkly, and the seething energy beginning to pump out with such great intensity that the nearby plant life twists into vicious forms. "Please, do not mistake this for a ticket for entry. You are not to go inside."

23:21:43 : DiamondCharm shakes her head and withdraws a single rose, "I mend the broken hearts of the weary and sew hope in times dreary. That... is all. "

23:21:49 : Pancake heads around then facepaws. she runs to the everfree!

23:22:02 PlatinumSpark: "Killer plants too ? -_-"

23:22:04 Phantasm: Stealth magic and some illusions. I fight more adeptly on my own turf...I mainly use traps.

23:22:09 Shadow_Feather: Shadow's eyes widen as the hydra goes through the dragon. He flies down, landing in front of Spotlight. "No chance you'll just leave is there?"

23:22:10 : Obsidian moves in front of Archie. "I'd like to see you stop me"

23:22:17 PlatinumSpark: [We're screwed]

23:22:22 : Cherry_Blossom blinks and claps both of her hooves together, she keeps them up against each other and hides them behind her back. She suddenly pulls them back and presents them to The_Fiddler, no longer pushed up against each other. "Woooh!"

23:22:37 : Sunset_Skye winces as the Hydra no longer seemed to be placated into waiting. "Well.. Looks like we're no longer content to stay here.." He watches the entity at the gate, only approaching a little closer.

23:22:39 InkyMarks: You're shadow, I can't run through you.

23:22:43 Marl: ((Cherry wins the internet.))

23:22:54 : Lemon_Drop eeps at the plants. This was not a good day.

23:23:00 Spotlight_Sample: (( Obsidian has just gotten all your flanks kicked with that comment. ))

23:23:08 : MojitoJoe curses himself for never learning to do the teleportation spell effectively ... he needs help but no pony seemed to noticed

23:23:28 InkyMarks: Haha! Now we're talkin'! Plants burn!

23:23:30 : The_Fiddler facehoofs at her compadres; "So I am the only one who can make dreadful noise by sliding a doohickey against the smaller doohickies? Okay then." She sighs; "We can make this work....I think. Battle plan?"

23:23:41 : Toralcia attempts to skitter up the side of the wall to see if there's any other way into the castle besides the front door.

23:23:59 KiteCres: (( Waits for Luna like a good pony at the moment* ))

23:24:00 : Applejack stays close to Twilight_Sparkle. "Er- can't we use the- yah' know, the elements?"

23:24:04 : TheHornedHydra stepped back, and snarled at the growing, twisted plants. It's jaws snapped (or at least Fred and Ted's did. Edward was much less aggressive.

23:24:05 : Obsidian stops in front of Spotlight_Sample. "First move is yours"

23:24:09 Chell: ((There's too much confusion... I can't get no relief...))

23:24:10 Axl: (( Joe should be asking ponies like Archie... ))

23:24:16 InkyMarks: *swings welding torches forward* Pyro pony comin' through!

23:24:17 : Ryu_Sword looks at Twilight_Sparkle "We don't attack them but what about the plants?"

23:24:20 Agile_Flourish: Obsidian BACK OFF.

23:24:34 Sand_Chaser: ((No Pinkie Pie and no Fluttershy = No elements D: ))

23:24:36 Rainbow_Dash_: "Yeah Applejack's got a point there Twi." she says, having been hovering there the whole time. "Just do what we did last time. Piece of cake."

23:24:37 InkyMarks: Ryu, Joe, anyway ta make these torches more effective at all?

23:24:40 ArcaneScholar: InkyMarks no one told you to move yet!

23:24:47 : DiamondCharm nods, "I say we try the diplomatic route. Call for parlay and speak with their leader. From there? We play it by ear."

23:24:50 : Pancake darts through the woods, sliding under low branches, over some plants, etc. until she reaches next too NightmareJewel "nya!?" she asks, looking around

23:24:53 InkyMarks: Just being ready, Arch!

23:24:54 Marl: ((Okay, guys, really, you need to slow down. Let the 'opposing players' get a move in before you rush off to the next one, okay? Or else we won't get anywhere.))

23:25:02 : Twilight_Sparkle looks to Applejack. "The element is for sending nightmare Moon back. Not for.. something else... Beside. We are not all here. Fluttershy is at home you said? PInkie Pie is still missing. We can't use the element."

23:25:18 The_Fiddler: (( Yeah, what Marl said. Conversations are fine, but actions should be limited. ))

23:25:20 Darkseed: ((Marl's right, ponies...))

23:25:23 Shadow_Feather: (( I've been doing that. ))

23:25:26 : Cherry_Blossom masks her voice because that is cool! "I can spy on them!"

23:25:28 Axl: (( same ))

23:25:30 Phantasm: They have the advantage. What could we hope to leverage from them?

23:26:29 : NightmareJewel redoubles her efforts to channel energy. The glowing orb, sadly, does not get any larger. She scans the room for the source of the sound until she hears the familiar noise. She doesn't need to look at Pancake to put her in her spot on her head. She felt much stronger somehow and kept at it, the energy finally increasing in size.

23:26:46 : Luna erghs and buries her face in her hooves as best she can.... "Well.. okay, so that's what happens. I think everypony should probably take as firm a grip on reality as they can possibly manage. Now."

23:26:51 : The_Fiddler thinks for a moment; "Alright. Uhh...Rose Bud? You look like a Rose Bud. Go spy on them. Phantasm, you help her get in. Use illusions to distract them. Or something. Other one, you stay with me."

23:26:52 : Phantasm considered the filly's suggestion. On the one hoof, her small size would likely make her quite adept at spying. On the other, she was just a filly. Even if she was quite good at it, was sending in a foal really the best of their options?

23:26:54 : Spotlight_Sample immediately faceplants into the ground and collapses into a heap of limp pony.... Absolutely nothing happens for a fraction of a second, before the ground suddenly explodes in a violent upheaval... A black, twisting mass engulfs the collapsed pony, turning into a giant and very unpleasant looking orb. It is made even more unpleasant because the vicious mutated plants immediately writhe in agony and whither away.

23:27:04 InkyMarks: (( I'm just beinga very ready pony tank. ))

23:27:12 Rarity: "Well there must be something we can do." she says stomping a hoof. "We can't just sit here and do nothing."

23:27:24 InkyMarks: Uhh...we MAY have to change our plan...

23:27:24 Shadow_Feather: Shadow jumps back, eyes widening in horror, "What the HAY is this?!!?"

23:27:25 Agile_Flourish: A-Archie? What the hay is that?!

23:27:29 : DiamondCharm frowns disappointedly, "I take it we're not parlaying?"

23:27:30 : Phantasm nods. "I shall be as grand a distraction as ever there was."

23:27:33 PlatinumSpark: "Wait what h was fake as well?"

23:27:39 The_Groundskeeper: The voice was heard again, even louder this time, if that was possible. It would actually give ponies headaches. It was unnatural. It didn't belong in this world or any other for that matter. "Luna wasn't the source of your troubles. It was your own conscience. You knew what you were doing was wrong, and it was tearing you up inside. You were never going to destroy her. The voice gave a guttural chuckle. "You have served your purpose beautifully. I will now take what is now mine."

23:27:40 : ArcaneScholar blinks, backing up slowly from the orb "Weeeell.... This is interesting."

23:27:42 PlatinumSpark: (( he* ))

23:28:04 : Pancake stands next to NightmareJewel ready to do whatever she needs too.

23:28:05 : Obsidian stands his ground

23:28:11 : Cherry_Blossom pins her ears back at the voice. "Uh- on second thought, can we just go home and get some ice cream?"

23:28:12 : Twilight_Sparkle nods. "Well, we first have to find Luna... " she then groans at the noise. ."What was that...?"

23:28:14 Darkseed: The golden unicorn bristles. "Oh, Luna's cloak...!"

23:28:16 : Lemon_Drop gasps. "Wha- But...but...what?"

23:28:27 : The_Fiddler shakes her head; "<i>Oh no, we shall parla-....what was that?" she asks, turning to Cherry_Blossom.

23:28:29 Shadow_Feather: Shadow cringes as the voice echoes across the clearing, but keeps his gaze on the orb. He had no CLUE how to fight magic.

23:28:38 : Thunderball shutters as his armor vanishes, a medium sized white orb around his neck in his place. His woad warpaint remains there as it had been before this whole thing started. He looks up, trying to find the voice. This was not in his plan at all. "Show yourself, voice."

23:28:43 Rainbow_Dash_: holds her ears and cringes lightly, "Ugh, I don't know but I'd wish it'd shut up."

23:28:51 : NightmareJewel closed her eyes and feels the weight of Pancake on her head. She braces herself and remembers Sunset's last words to her and lets the energy flow into the dark crystal.

23:28:52 MojitoJoe: Back in my home I have an enchanted mirror ... light reflected in the mirror is amplified with an pure emotion that is poured into it... in this case love. I need help getting it here. Its a risk but perhaps it can help.

23:29:02 Axl: "Well that was pretty strange....." He covers his ears a bit.

23:29:04 Chell: ((I'm...thinking of bowing out.))

23:29:04 : Ryu_Sword shakes his head "Well that was unpleasant."

23:29:08 : Inkdrop just stares at the castle. Staring.

23:29:14 TheHornedHydra: Fred snarls at the growing orb, his scales rattling as he hissed, "Well Ed, what 'chawl have ta' fight a glowing ball what's made a' energy?"

23:29:19 : Klondike tries to keep himself strong, but the voice was too unworldly. He slinks into his darker form to try to save some of his courage.

23:29:20 Sunset_Skye: "And -that's- why we don't attack," he says in revulsion, gritting his teeth against both the sight in front of him and the horrid voice.. It was like what he saw in his nightmares at the shrine, otherwise he'd be sick right now.

23:29:21 ArcaneScholar: ............ Giant darkness thingy outta freakin' nowhere confound it...

23:29:22 KiteCres: (( *hugs* Understandable Chell. ))

23:29:24 Darkseed: Darkseed takes a step up, fear tinging her movements.

23:29:25 : Twilight_Sparkle looks around. "Ponies, Let's start looking for the source of that voice, it should know where Luna is."

23:29:38 Sand_Chaser: (( Walk away for five seconds.. x.x ))

23:29:46 Lemon_Drop: (( Aw, it's okay Chell. ))

23:29:51 Toralcia: ((Night, Chell!))

23:29:55 : Phantasm drops to his knees for a second. There was only one sound that bothered him more than that voice. He rises up. "No. We have come here with the intention of finishing this foolishness. Should we not carry through?"

23:29:57 Shadow_Feather: Shadow gradually backs up, flicking out his blades on instinct. He lands next to Sunset, "What NOW?"

23:29:58 : Marl takes a hasty step back at Spotlight's display, and then clamps his hooves over his head as the booms through his mind. "Goodness gracious, that voice certainly loves to air out dirty laundry publicly!"

23:29:58 ArcaneScholar: ((Aaaw... Night Chell!))

23:30:01 Sunset_Skye: (( we luff you Chell! ))

23:30:02 Sand_Chaser: ((Night Chell!))

23:30:02 InkyMarks: Inque! Inkdrop! Go help Joe get his mirror!

23:30:03 Phantasm: (( night Chell ))

23:30:06 MojitoJoe: (( see you ))

23:30:08 Thunderball: (( night chell! ))

23:30:12 : The_Fiddler is going to point out that her and the team are in a cluster of trees nearby. Just away from the field.

23:30:13 : Cherry_Blossom scuffles at the ground. "I don't want to be out here, it's scary..."

23:30:14 Shadow_Feather: (( night Chell. Love ya! ))

23:30:15 : Ryu_Sword and Kyubi are ready to move out

23:30:18 The_Fiddler: (( Sleep well Cherry_Blossom! ))

23:30:25 The_Fiddler: (( bah, Chell* tab sucks ))

23:30:26 Pancake: (( see ya! ))

23:30:27 Cherry_Blossom: (( Night Chell! ))

23:30:32 Chell: ((For those of you asking why, I just have absolutely no idea what's going on, I don't know where my character is, I don't know where anypony else is in relation to my char, and I have just enough RL distractions to keep me from getting any kind of grasp on what's going on... There're 50 char's in here, and I feel like I'm just holding things up.))

23:30:32 : ArcaneScholar grits his teeth, horn glowing ever so brighter as he stares the orb down, still slowly stepping back.

23:31:09 Rhythm: (( No worries, I dont think you're holding anything up ^^ ))

23:31:11 : Rarity nods. "Right." she begins looking at once for the source of the voice and staying as far as possible from that huge creepy ball thing by the entrance.

23:31:13 Obsidian: Archie! Show no fear, fear is a weapon only to one's opponent.

23:31:34 ArcaneScholar: It's called backing up slightly so I get out of its horrible slaughter radius.

23:31:42 Ryu_Sword: ((Yeah everypony is probably lost anyway. ^^))

23:31:48 : The_Fiddler moves closer to Cherry_Blossom; "....who are you really?"

23:31:52 : Skar is no warrior but he is a musician... these ponies need inspiration but what to play that they will all be inspired by?

23:31:55 The_Fiddler: (( My team isn't! ))

23:32:01 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Most ponies are just grouped up around Arcane, passed the fake dragon, and thinking about what to do next along with some plant. Somepony else sum it up better then me let me know. ))

23:32:19 ArcaneScholar: ((....... Wow. So this is how it feels to be important.))

23:32:19 : Spotlight_Sample swivels about. The giant orb begins to open toward the source of the noise, seeing the unseen and washing toward it with an immense pressure. Crushing, annihilating, twisting power. The eye snaps open fully and begins to wash a truly immense pressure past the castle, warping the perception of it. The trees bend and quake in the wake of the massive power. Cruelty would do whatever it took to protect his mistress, even if it meant giving it all away to that, willingly... Of course... He would save a little for himself. He didn't want to be extinguished utterly. "You will not have her!" he pays the planning ponies no mind.. this.. THING took precedence.

23:32:22 Shadow_Feather: (( that worked pretty good ))

23:32:48 : Toralcia gives up on alternate entrances and skitters in through the front door.

23:32:59 : Cherry_Blossom straightens up and takes on the suave pose again. "Rose Bud!"

23:33:07 Shadow_Feather: "We have a chance, let's get moving!" Shadow says to Sunset.

23:33:21 Pancake: (( brb T_T ))

23:33:27 : The_Fiddler nods; "And is Rose Bud brave?"

23:33:30 : Sunset_Skye looks over at Shadow. "That voice is a bigger concern right now, but we don't know what it is or where it's coming from. Short of us all attacking that," he points at Spotlight up ahead, "there's nothing we can to but wait. And right now it looks very angry," his eyes go blue out of self-preservation instinct, but he doesn't attack it.

23:33:48 : DiamondCharm shakes her head, "We don't have time for this, Fiddler! We need to hurry, with our without our super spy!"

23:33:54 InkyMarks: *Skids back on hooves from the pressure*

23:33:54 TheHornedHydra: "I'll admit, I certainly wasn't expecting this," Edward said, cringing from the massive exertion of energy. "And frankly, it's far outside of my expertise."

23:33:57 Obsidian: (( Is having some sort of eldritch abomination (The_Groundskeeper) around really in the spirit of the show? ))

23:34:14 InkyMarks: (( See: Ursa Major. ))

23:34:15 The_Fiddler: (( Yes. What do you think Celestia is? ))

23:34:25 Luna: (( Obsidian, be quiet. *eyeroll* ))

23:34:28 Shadow_Feather: Shadow runs a talon along a bracer blade, scowling. "I'm going NUTS just sitting here. Not to mention ticked. I still can't believe this all had to happen on the FIRST place."

23:34:50 Axl: (( Just think of it a being scottish... X3 ))

23:34:55 Shadow_Feather: in the first*))

23:34:56 Axl: (( as* ))

23:35:06 Marl: ((It is an optional campaign. Just saying. It's not like it forced itself into The Hub or something.))

23:35:17 Sand_Chaser: "Everything happens for a reason, " She comments from the ground below the tree. (( Shadow was in a tree, right? ))

23:35:20 Inkwell: (( -(Waves)- Sorry I'm late! ))

23:35:23 : KiteCres seeing the Orb moving, he snorts slowly and pushes forward, "Ponies, Form up two lines, Twilight one line, Archie the other! Dash, Sunset, take a hover position over them both, be ready to pull them out! Two pony lengths between ponies! Say 1 for Archie, 2 for Twilight! Get in that line! We go at a steady trot!"

23:35:46 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Inkwell))

23:35:48 Shadow_Feather: (( He flew down a little while ago, back to Sunset, after the dragon went ghost ))

23:35:50 PlatinumSpark: (( Ooooooh you're really late Archie missed you....*hugs Inkdrop* ))

23:35:54 PlatinumSpark: (( *inkwelll* ))

23:35:57 Rhythm: (( Suggestion: It is implied that ponies get in said lines, instead of actually saying and doing each individual action. ))

23:36:00 : Sandy_Rivers is now a reasonably good distance away, watching the events unfold from the tree-tops just in case anything decided to collapse or construct. She practically fell out of the branches when the sudden force-wave reached her.

23:36:09 : The_Fiddler hearing KiteCres's orders, she turns; "<i>Ugh, just follow me. All of you." she commands.

23:36:10 Sunset_Skye: "There's nowhere i want to be more than by Sapphire's side right now," he growls, giving Shadow a look. "Let's follow Kite's lead, he knows best." He quickly scrambles into the air, hovering.

23:36:30 InkyMarks: *At the front in my home-made padding and armor* Sir yes sir!

23:36:37 : Lemon_Drop blinks, and moves into Archie's line.

23:36:42 : DiamondCharm follows The Fiddler into formation, "They're CRAMPING your style, Fiddler..."

23:36:48 : Obsidian next to Inky "Agreed"

23:36:53 : Shine is very glad to be in a different location of whatever Spotlight_Sample is currently wrecking. She spent what little positive energy she had already, and couldn't find any more. She sits down, and awaits whatever her fate may be, and looks up at NightmareJewel and says, "Did you ever get those tiny violins?"

23:37:00 Applejack: (( I gotta sleep, just assume im there for any awesome Elementing of Harmonying and just all around being awesome and cool and stuff ))

23:37:06 : ArcaneScholar double takes at Kite. Wait. HIM?! Well okay then! He follows through with it for now and falls in with Twilight.

23:37:12 : Axl nudges Platinum and moves to Twilight_Sparkle's line.

23:37:19 KiteCres: (( *hugs* Take care, AJ! ))

23:37:19 Pancake: (( gnight! ))

23:37:21 Oni_Sorasousha: (( rest well AJ! ))

23:37:22 : Applejack is does some awesome and cool stuff.

23:37:22 : Marl feels his stomach heave a little at the unnatural display, but follows Kite's instructions.

23:37:23 InkyMarks: Obsi! Looks like we get to be on the front lines togetehr again!

23:37:24 : PlatinumSpark moves to ArcaneScholar's line.

23:37:25 Shadow_Feather: Shadow looks over at Sand, "Yeah, but I don't have to like it." He forms up on Kite, flying up next to him. "Reporting in, sir," he says, grinning savagely, "want me up top or on the ground?"

23:37:29 : Inkdrop slips into the second line. (( Night, AJ! ))

23:37:31 Sunset_Skye: (( night! ))

23:37:35 ArcaneScholar: ((Night AJ!~))

23:37:37 The_Fiddler: (( Night Cherry_Blossom! ))

23:37:42 Shadow_Feather: (( night ))

23:37:42 Rarity: (( Ciao AJ! We <3 u ))

23:37:44 Luna: (( Everypony pause for a sec kay. ))

23:37:45 DiamondCharm: ((Aw, a grave loss, AJ! Night!))

23:37:46 Inque: *follows Inkdrop mutely*

23:37:51 MojitoJoe: (( See you ))

23:37:52 : TheHornedHydra doesn't really know what formation to fall in but realizes that, with the sheer width of it's body, it could simply walk in both formations at the same time, or at least until they separated.

23:37:53 Inque: (( Aight. ))

23:37:55 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Applejack goodnight))

23:37:58 : Obsidian grins. "Wouldn't have it any other way"

23:38:08 : NightmareJewel can't help but laugh at the absurd question. Even moreso that she had an answer. "I did." she says quietly.

23:38:10 InkyMarks: *brohoofs*

23:38:13 Luna: (( Hey!))

23:38:14 : Ryu_Sword and Kyubi line up with Twilight

23:38:16 : Phantasm does so, getting into formation silently.

23:38:25 The_Fiddler: (( everypony stoppy ))

23:38:26 ArcaneScholar: ((Kaaay))

23:38:33 Pancake: (( listen to the god! ))

23:38:38 Inkdrop: (( The highness said Pause, now pause! ))

23:38:45 Apple_Bumpkin: **everypony moooooove!**

23:38:57 Shadow_Feather: (( *pauses* ))

23:39:01 : Luna is going to get out the fry pan if ponies don't zip it for a sec. ))

23:39:10 ArcaneScholar: ((*breaks his thumb on the pause button*))

23:39:44 : The_Groundskeeper is working on a very important post.))

23:41:16 : Luna brandishes the frypan of permanent silence, the unpleasant cousin of the frypan of righteousness. Just try her. Really. Just try her. Everypony gets on post per groundskeeper post until further notice. To retain some semblance of order. ))

23:44:33 The_Groundskeeper: For a long silent moment, nothing seemed to happen. But then, with a terrifying, otherwordly roar, everypony in the area would suddenly experience the jarring sensation of falling. The world as they knew it winked out, turning to blackness. Gravity began to have its way with all of the ponies affected, changing its orientation rapidly and without warning. With another horrible roar and a second falling sensation, a new world replaced the old. The land was lush, green, and beautiful. The scenery was gorgeous, a literal paradise. There was a great pink castle in the background, and there were even Ponies! Ones obviously not from around Ponyville. There was something wrong with everything, though. Something completely and obviously unnatural. There was no movement, no life. Everything was frozen in time, even the pristene waterfalls. The Ponies in this place were frozen in various states of play and everyday life. At this realization, the sky, became noticeable. It was a vast nothing.

23:45:45 : Agile_Flourish stifles a scream and shuts her eyes until things settle down.

23:45:50 Shadow_Feather: Shadow recovers slowly after what could only be described as a bad trip. "Wha' happened?" he groans, holding his head, eyes spinning in their sockets.

23:45:51 : Marl retches a little at the sudden gravity shift, and wipes his mouth shakily, just barely keeping it down. He carefully looks around, and retches once more, failing in his efforts to keep his stomach this time.

23:45:53 Myryan: Of course

23:46:05 : Applejack looks around for apples before her player passes out at her key board, this was interesting!

23:46:11 : PlatinumSpark lets out a low whistle...the falling was odd but now it was just strange this place.

23:46:25 : ArcaneScholar tumbles and falls from the sudden shift in balance, he's up again in seconds, however.

23:46:34 : Inkwell gurks, as she lands on her face, her legs twitching gently. "Ow..."

23:46:34 : Sand_Chaser collapses, unable to take the shifts in gravity so quickly, after a moment she stood again, wobbly on her legs. "Wah.. what?"

23:46:53 Shadow_Feather: Shadow hobbles over to Sand, "Are you alright, Sand?"

23:46:56 : Twilight_Sparkle shakes her head... then groans and pulls herself back up. "Is every pony alright?"

23:46:59 MojitoJoe: "Is... this an illusion?"

23:47:11 : Obsidian shakes away the dizzies. "Oh this is just lovely" the statement dripping with sarcasm

23:47:20 : Sable_Night seems to be totally at home during the sudden change in landscape. However his eyes do kind of quake about in his head incessantly. Otherwise he seems perfectly calm.... As though he knows what's happening with absolute certainty.

23:47:22 InkyMarks: Owww, My head....what...where ARE we!?

23:47:22 Axl: "Yep of course....." He had landed on his head. X_X

23:47:24 ArcaneScholar: Gr... Sound off! Everypony okay?!

23:47:25 : The_Fiddler is incredibly disappointed. She was hoping to charge out and be the hero! But instead, all she gets is a fall and a decidedly obscure world. She turns to make sure DiamondCharm and Phantasm made it as well.

23:47:26 : Sunset_Skye gasps and fights down a serious sick stomach for a moment, until the world rights itself again. He looks around slowly, his eyes still blue and still completely on edge. "Everypony keep calm and stay together till we figure out what just happened.."

23:47:28 : DiamondCharm shrieks and moves to hold her mask as she feels like she's falling. She shakes her head as reality asserts itself over the group once more, "Is everypony alright?" She asks her fellow Tizmastians.

23:47:46 : Pancake blinks and looks around. odd. she lays her head down on NightmareJewel's head. it'll pass by.

23:47:48 : Lemon_Drop gasps at the falling, and stands up again looks around at this new place. "W-what...were are we? Is this it even real?"

23:47:52 : Bishop_Heart and his wife are dazed and confused but stand their ground. Helpful Heart pulls out a notepad and begins scribbling furiously while Hardy stands guard over her.

23:47:54 : Chell has experienced plenty of gravity shifts, so that part doesn't bother her, and she lands fairly easily on her feet. The sky, the unnatural stillness, however, made her frown deeply... She looked around quietly, looking for signs of the Elements of Discord... ((If we're slowing down posting, I guess I'll stay...))

23:48:14 Luna: (( .... What did I just get done telling you all?! One per one. ))

23:48:22 : Rarity struggles to remain on her hooves and scans the area. The whole thing was terrible, like glow-in-the-dark sequins. It was just...wrong. She tiphooves her way back over to the group."

23:48:43 Marl: ((I don't see any double posts.))

23:48:55 : Kyubi_Hart hugged Ryu as they lost all sense of gravity and he held her back to make sure nothing happened to her. As they come in to the new place she looks around "What is this place?" she asks seeing nothing moving

23:48:59 InkyMarks: (( Me neither... ))

23:49:00 Axl: (( Archie... ))

23:49:03 Marl: ((Oh, wait, never mind.))

23:49:07 : Toralcia screeches anxiously as reality distorts. She climbs over to Chell and skitters up her leg. She screeches out once more uncertainly as she looks on at the timeless ponies in the distance.

23:49:12 Luna: (( And Feather. ))

23:49:16 ArcaneScholar: ((Hit enter without meaning too ._.))

23:49:17 Shadow_Feather: (( I did one, my bad, derped at my computer ))

23:49:32 : Marble_Sheen lands on her hooves, stumbling, as her long mane hisses in irritation, her cloak amazingly remaining mostly over her head as she stumbles backwards.

23:49:36 Shadow_Feather: (( I'm getting REALLY tired, but I want to see this whole thing. Sorry ))

23:49:44 Klondike: (I'm with holding my posts since what I'll be doing is obvious. Shock, awe, what have you.)

23:49:47 : Phantasm stands back up after having lost his balance. "Yes..." He looks around. "Look at the ponies over there." He motions to the frozen ponies in the distance. "And the is gone."

23:49:54 : Nao stands near Twilight and the others, and calmly looks, and waits with a frown. "..... This is bad." She states rather blatantly, not having much else to say.

23:49:54 : TheHornedHydra wobbles where it stands and planted it's feet and tail hard against the ground. He knew that any amount of stumbling could easily hurt another pony and did his best to keep his claws planted. When the world finally settled, Edward looked around in amazement. "I'm willing to wager we're not in the Everfree Forest anymore..."

23:50:19 : Luna shudders to think about what's happening as everything changes about around her.. Well, yes, this is definitely not good.

23:50:28 : Inkdrop picks herself up from the ground, visibly shocked. "Oh dear...this is not good."

23:50:28 : Thunderball rights himself, gazing out at the area with interest. It appeared to be a new world... but above him the sky was nothing more that emptiness. Perhaps a construct created by magic or something. If celestia and luna could create the cosmos, surely this was possible as well. He looks to the others in his group, unsure of what has happened. It is unlikely that they are even in control anymore, but he didn't care. He looked for Nightmare_Moon, because her safety was more important than anything else.

23:50:34 : Apple_Bumpkin grabs TheHornedHydra's leg and looks about curiously

23:50:54 : Ryu_Sword looks around "Okay this place is not going to be good." he says getting ready for anything

23:51:08 : NightmareJewel takes a few careful steps toward the Princesses. She was determined to get between them and whatever was happening now. She felt much stronger with Pancake on her head. She redirects some of her magic into a barrier to protect them "Any orders, ma'am...s?"

23:51:26 Shadow_Feather: (( crud, brb :P ))

23:51:47 : Spotlight_Sample of course, remains in the same position relative to every scrambled, fallen pony. And continues to pour that immense pressure at something that cannot rightly be seen. But it is obviously going somewhere... And the big.. eye.. THING, seems to know exactly where.... "Grrrr......"

23:52:04 Sand_Chaser: (( Wait, does it count as a double post if you're responding to somepony ))

23:52:11 Darkseed: (9Yep.)

23:52:17 : Nightmare_Moon was lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

23:52:48 Sand_Chaser: (( Then how would anypony post again? Because roleplaying is completely based on action/response ))

23:53:11 ArcaneScholar: ((Because there's 56 flurgen ponies))

23:53:14 Marl: ((From now on, if you want to carry on conversations between Groundskeeper posts, do it in whisper. Unless it is absolutely vital to the RP experience, then just do your best to cover everything in one post. Answer your own questions, etc.))

23:53:26 PlatinumSpark: (( Longer posts maybe? ))

23:53:34 Sable_Night: (( You wait until the Groundskeeper posts again. We have too many ponies to have everypony react all the time. ))

23:53:48 Inkwell: (( 56 ponies is a LOT of ponies. ))

23:53:55 MojitoJoe: (( Okay now can we chill with the OOC? ))

23:54:02 Inkwell: (( Far more than an RP of this type typically handles. ))

23:54:08 Inkwell: (( And yes. ))

23:54:19 Myryan: (( Sometimes people write longer posts, which have the characteristic of being longer. ))

23:54:42 : KiteCres slamming head first into the ground thanks to the sudden change of gravity. He slowly put a hoof to his head as he grunts, eyes closed as the pain from that headache inducing strike previously had hurt enough. He breathes in slowly and takes a look around and begins to shiver, pushing his mind or trying to remember Ponyville. [Ponyville is home. Ponyville is home.] "Pony Ville is Home.." he breathes in as he gulps, trying to hear anything but the other ponies around him, "Hold Together, Everypony! Do not panic, do not! Carefully and silently. Keep together." breathing slowly as he tries to calm himself, "I don't hear the wind, but do NOT panic! Do not. Keep by each other. Remember who you are! I'm going to keep listening for the wind." looking up and gulping, "No moon, no sun..? Not even stars.." he whispers, gulping gently.

23:54:57 Stocking: A boulder nearby would show several sheens of white light in quick succession, and with a burst of rubble, the pony would emerge from the darkened landscape, starting to approach the rather large group of ponies, a pair of luminescent Katanas formed from light seemign to keep themselves in her hooves with very little trouble. She looks towards Panty and grins a bit. "Took you long enough, Big sis."

23:55:30 Marl: ((OOC is perfectly fine a long as it is addressing game issues. It was a valid questions which deserved some amount of discussion.))

23:55:55 : Shine doesn't move during the transition, or at least tries not to, as gravity goes to hell and back again. It wasn't the shift that bothered her, just the oh-so-perfect world. She glares at it, and looks back at her associates, and stands up, walking towards them and the collapsed Nightmare_Moon. She bends down, and holds a hoof out to her, checking for a pulse and any signs of injury. She's not a doctor but she'll be damned if her current 'host' of sorts was going to die on them.

23:58:32 : Panty blinks a little bit in confusion as she spots Stocking. Even if she's in pony form as well... the voice, mannerism, and cool tone, all add up. She stares for a few moments. then she gallops over, and frowns. ".... What are you doing here and why did you expect me to get here?" She asks. though, while asking that, she could be seen yanking her panties down to whip into the form of a pistol. Being in close proximity with Stocking seems to have an affect on both of them, and both her, and Stocking's wings, and Halos would manifest.... not flickering away, as Panty's often did when alone, but glowing brighter, as though in defiance of the dark world around them.