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00:00:53 Nightmare_Moon: Is that everypony?))

00:01:01 The_Fiddler: (( I....hope so. ))

00:01:08 Shadow_Feather: (( what she said ))

00:01:12 PlatinumSpark: (( Meh ))

00:01:15 : Shadow_Orchid was monitoring MojitoJoe when she sensed an unnatural shift occurring around his position. She didn't hesitate before attempting to translocate to him but she was caught in an eddy of space-time and flung away. (( Translation, she won't be joining))

00:01:42 : Oni_Sorasousha is just staying in the formation near Twilight, like several others.

00:01:48 Skar: (( watched from a tree this all going down don't know if I was close enough to be affected ))

00:02:23 Marl: ((I'd say don't worry about getting everypony to post every time. It's kinda doubtful it's going to be gamechanging if one of us doesn't get a reaction in. I'm personally not going to be hurt if I miss a turn for some reason.))

00:02:47 Inkwell: (( We'll just have to double up on post next time if we miss one. ))

00:02:47 Apple_Bumpkin: (( Yeah, just keep the groundskeeper moving ))

00:02:59 Klondike: (My actions would only cause clutter, don't mind me.)

00:03:00 Spotlight_Sample: (( Well we've had 42 posts, we should continue. ))

00:03:12 The_Groundskeeper: In the completely unsettling silence of the scene, a rhymic heaving thudding sound could be heard in the distance. If one didn't know any better, they sounded like immense hoofbeats. A simply enormous figure made an appearance out of nowhere, walking slowly towards the collection of ponies. It was a gigantic centaur! It's body appeared to be made of ancient stone, wrapped in thick, black, thorny vines, as if it had been sitting in an old ruin for centuries. On its head, it wore an ornate silver helm, a pair of large, glowing red eyes peering from within the darkness the helmet created. "Welcome, one and all, to my private realm. Here, I watch over and maintain the pieces of worlds that I've added to my personal collection."

00:03:38 Inkwell: (( With this many ponies, if we waited for everypony to post taking into account AFKs and what not, we'll be here all decade. ))

00:03:54 The_Fiddler: (( Set a time limit? ))

00:04:55 : Twilight_Sparkle notices a few ponies that are.. Just down right new... She looks to Stocking, a bit confused, and once assured everypony is mostly ok, her attention moves to the downed... Nightmare Moon. "Great... Don't tell me this can get worst then Nightmare Moon..." Sure enough... it goes. "What... is that... thing.."

00:05:13 Shadow_Feather: Shadow pales as the giant centaur walks up, staring almost straight up to see the whole of him. He gulps, talons gripping the ground reflexively. "What the HAY are we supposed to do now?" He turns to Kite, "How the hay do we save Luna from THAT?"

00:05:44 : Marble_Sheen blinks, looking up at the sky, shuddering slightly. "Mistress's wonder... it's gone... it is stolen... missing... and..." She blinks, looking to Nightmare Moon, her eyes widening. "Mistress! Please be alright! Your chosen is here, please don't be hurt!" She bounds towards Nightmare Moon, her mane hissing in concern...

00:05:56 TheHornedHydra: "Well ain't that somethin' yawl don't see every day," Fred said, lifting up his neck to full-height.

00:05:58 : Agile_Flourish dropped her jaw at the sight, what the hay was this. This wasn't supposed to exist. It's like a bloody affront to practically everything she believed in. [W-wh-what the- gu- huh?! This doesn't make any SENSE!] She inwardly screams, face hoofing dramatically.

00:06:07 : The_Fiddler stands, and looks at The_Groundskeeper; " a vinyl collection? If that is the case, I would assume that I am the copy of 'On the Pegasus Over the Everfree'; or something." She looks at DiamondCharm; "Are you alright?"

00:06:08 : Apple_Bumpkin climbs up onto TheHornedHydra's back to get a better look at it and the surroundings. If any of the heads looked at her, she'd just nod somberly.

00:06:10 : Lemon_Drop's eyes dart about in various directions. "This isn't good at all...everything seems to be going not well..."

00:06:26 : Inkdrop looks up at the centaur. "Pieces of worlds? But...that doesn't sound good at all..."

00:06:27 Darkseed: Darkseed's eyes widen as she catches sight of Marble Sheen, and she fights the urge to gallop.

00:06:34 Rainbow_Dash_: "Twilight." she says to her, looking up at the centaur. "Why would you say that? You know things are going to go wrong when you say stuff like that." she says weakly.

00:06:38 : Phantasm scowls. "I will not languish as the centerpiece in some cosmic buffoon's study," he says just as much to his allies as the Groundskeeper.

00:06:55 Axl: "Well now we're collectors items now?" He also observes Stocking. "Nice swords by the way...."

00:06:56 Sunset_Skye: After everything he'd seen while living in Ponyville a creature like this only moderately surprised him, even as big and unnerving as it was.. He fluttered off the ground a little to not have to worry about the ground shaking as much, musing to himself about how jaded he must be getting.. He looks around a little for Sapphire, trying to see where she was, his eyes still a bright blue after having seen that -thing- and having heard the phrase 'personal collection.' That didn't sound good at all.

00:07:24 : Sand_Chaser nodded toward Shadow Feather, now looking around the area and observing it so closely she can before staring up at the giant stone centaur. "Co..collection?" She managed, posing the question at the being but at the same time to anypony listening.

00:07:44 : Thunderball takes up a defensive position between Nightmare_Moon and the creature. He looks, unflinching, at it, and sniffs softly. So this was it then? Well, there were worse ways to go. At the very least he would defend Nightmare... to the bitter end if need be. He stands at the ready; ready to throw himself at the creature if it meant protecting Nightmare Moon... and her.

00:07:51 : MojitoJoe looked up at this creature, he looks around and then up at it again. so this is no illusion... "Ponies... please everypony... we are in this together we can leave this together."

00:07:55 Obsidian: [I HATE cracks in the 4th wall] Feh, as if I'd accept being some bauble.

00:08:01 : DiamondCharm nods at The Fiddler before stepping forward to greet the Groundskeeper, "The Velvet Backstitch will not hear of your tomfoolery! Release this realm from your evil grip, nameless one, and see to it that somepony does something about the sky situation."

00:08:08 Inkwell: "Added to your personal collection? I really do not like the sound of that. I seriously do not like the sound of that. Incredibly so... and... is that thing a medusa?! And... statue... okay. So, this has officially gone weird. Let's get ready to boogie, ponies!" She climbs to her feet, wincing, as the rainbow marks on her body start to glow.

00:09:12 : Spotlight_Sample keeps the pressure on the THING as it approaches. The eye widening further... Cruelty pours it on. He knows it will most likely not hurt the thing, but it may sate it enough to protect the mistress... "You will not have her, abomination!"

00:09:33 : Bishop_Heart continues watching over his wife while she continued cataloging the unfolding scene. He psyched himself up to do everything in his power to make sure that those notes would survive and make it back into the hooves of Princess Celestia.

00:09:43 : ArcaneScholar grits his teeth [Personal collection? Personal COLLECTION?! That's ridiculous! Stupid even!] He starts getting angry. He wasn't going to be a set piece. Not now. Not ever. He didn't care if he had to fight for the rest of eternity for his own freedom... but that'd come later. Information is important first. "Well then. You want to add us to your 'collection?'"

00:10:04 : Ryu_Sword looks up at the thing as Kyubi moves closer to him for protection "What do you mean worlds you've collected?" he asks calmly. This is by far the biggest and most terrifying creature he has ever seen but hes not going to let it best him not now not when his friends my need him

00:10:08 : Firefly from within one of the crystals, a few cracks can be seen for moments... before they start to get larger, and without any further warning, the crystal shatters, and she emerges from within it, Her wings flare out, and she stretches her shoulders, and hunkers down a bit. A short distance away, she can see several of the ponies.... so many grouped up together. Something about their presence had warmed her up. Made her feel more alive again. The creature... was it still there? She remembered charging it.... as she raises her head, she spots the Groundskeeper... then the other Ponies. She growls a bit. "Not this time.... not again..." She stamps at the ground, snorting.

00:10:17 : Marl snorts a little. "You tell 'im, Miss Diamond," he mutters, feeling much better now that some massive creature had appeared to take his mind off of how wrong everything else was.

00:10:55 : KiteCres looking to The Groundskeeper and slowly tilted his head. He moved a little closer as he looked up toward the Centaur, "Hello there, my name is Crescendo Kite. I'm flattered you'd want us as part of your collection, but we're alive. What gives you the right to take us from our home? Because you're powerful? All you will do is make us full of sorrow. This isn't home, and if there is one thing I know as a Pony, is that I can't be happy if I don't go home. That is the same for everypony here, I'm sure. I ask of you, please return us home."

00:12:54 : NightmareJewel takes her place next to Thunderball hoping the others would join them. She had never been more terrified of anything, but she knew it had been coming. Not this, per say, but something bad. She takes a deep breath and strengthens the barrier around Luna and Nightmare. Her element practically blasts it's anti-magic field at the monster, and she could only hope it had some effect.

00:13:58 : Pancake looks around... many of these ponies would fit in a collection quite nicely... she glares at it. but that cant just... happen. its wrong. she stands up on NightmareJewel's head, ready.

00:14:44 : Surprise emerges from a crystal nearby, which immediately shatters as she flaps out; "Surpr-...oh." She lands, and looks about; a bit more confused than anything. There were other ponies, but not any she knew. Did they like surprises? She steps back a bit upon finally noticing The_Groundskeeper. She remembered what happened now. This whole situation was definitely a surprise.

00:14:47 : Sable_Night immediately pulls as far back from the confrontation as possible, and begins to wander around the forgotten landscape, examining stopped, frozen ponies and nosing at them occasionally.

00:15:07 : Stocking looks to Stocking. "I was sent here when you were sent wherever you were. Couldn't tell you about it but here..." She remarks, taking a small singed piece of paper from one of her petticoats and showing it to Panty. The Text simply reads "Gate." and there's a sillhouette of a Pony head on it. "Anyways. We have to finish up here. or I'm not going to get home in time to order my special edition Tiramisu!"

00:15:17 : Shine looks up at Marble_Sheen as she moves over to the downed Nightmare_Moon. She removes her hoof from the dark goddess and looks around at the group. "Not be worrying, she is alive. For now.", she says as she looks up at the Centaur thing. "Oh." She stares at it for a while, and then sits back down. "Not the way I thought I would be departing... " she says quietly, in a strange calm way.

00:16:14 : Chell sees Jewel and Thunder... She whistles at Sunset to get his attention, then dashes next to the two Elements... She nods her head gently to Thunder, and whispers an apology, "For everything." She nods to Jewel, and takes up position next to her... She closes her eyes for a moment, trying to ignore the giant centaur, and prays to whatever is out there that Tiger will remember her well, and will know how much Chell loved her... She takes in a breath and releases it, opening her eyes again.

00:16:44 : Panty smirks a little bit as she sides up with Stocking. She looks to the Groundskeeper, and the many ponies that have come along. ".... Heh... we better not fail this one.... I don't want to end up disappointing my friends."

00:17:19 InkyMarks: Ah am willin' ta admit that Ah am now thoroughly confused...but that's never stopped me before!

00:22:34 The_Fiddler: (( While we're at a bit of a pause, I would like to applaud everypony for a good job so far. Also, the amount of ponies present just shows how big this community has gotten. Hooray! ))

00:23:02 Shadow_Feather: (( hear hear! ))

00:23:15 : Fluttershy_ cowers on the ground with her hooves covering her face. How do I get myself in to these things?

00:23:31 Marl: ((And then Fluttershy outta nowhere.))

00:23:35 Spotlight_Sample: (( at least, the community is a third this big. ))

00:23:41 TheHornedHydra: (( Suddenly, Fluttershy ))

00:23:50 Fluttershy_: (( I had a thorough discussion with the admin beforehand. ))

00:24:04 Twilight_Sparkle: (( not me. I didn't do it. ))

00:24:15 Fluttershy_: (( the other one ))

00:24:21 Oni_Sorasousha: (( it's already established that anypony who wanted to join late could assume they were there all along. ))

00:24:26 Oni_Sorasousha: (( don't make a big deal of it. ))

00:24:26 ArcaneScholar: ((I.... Hrm. I'm wondering about giant abomination from interdimensions but have to agree with the Fiddler.))

00:24:30 Marl: ((It's okay, I just thought it was hilarious that she would somehow get herself caught up in it.))

00:24:54 Stocking: (( I'm not fat! ))

00:25:09 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Big boned. maybe. yes. ))

00:25:10 Panty: (( Arcane didn't mean you. ))

00:25:14 Sable_Night: (( I'm guessing it's Angel's fault. ))

00:25:15 Surprise: (( We all saw that episode Stocking. ))

00:25:16 Darkseed: ((.. Woah... *holds up hooves* I just asked where all the pudding went.))

00:25:35 Phantasm: (( If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say. ))

00:25:38 Shadow_Feather: (( evil Dark XD ))

00:25:51 Chell: ((Chatter, folks. Let's cut it?))

00:25:55 KiteCres: (( Easy Everypony. *nods to Groundskeeper* ))

00:26:22 Surprise: (( Groundskeeper is obviously typing. Being OOC after five minutes of nothing while we wait is okay. ))

00:26:43 ArcaneScholar: ((Otherwise I wonder if my connection's messing up again. .-.))

00:26:51 : The_Groundskeeper just chuckles deeply as he listens to all of the ponies. They were so much like ants to him. He really didn't care what they thought or wanted. He would always have his way. "Your country, Equestria, will be joining my collection, and every living creature that resides within it will become decorations. Other entities such as myself with come from all over the cosmos to view the beauty of my collection." He slid his glowing red gaze to the other ponies that seemed to be working themselves free of his stasis. It probably had something to do with the passive magic these creatures seemed to resonate. No matter, he would put them back in their place when he was finished here. His eyes then moved to the Element of Discord bearers, looking to each one, especially Spotlight, who appeared to be feeding him his energy. Well, he couldn't say he minded that much. "Now, I hope you've been enjoying those temporary gifts I've given you, but I will be needing them back now." He lifted a powerfully muscled arm (Or at least one that was sculpted that way) and held it out towards the element bearers. If they happened to be hidden, all six black orbs made an appearance, and began to pull towards the Centaur, going as far as to drag their bearers along with them.

00:27:09 Marble_Sheen: (( I'd bring in Pinkie, but I already have two ponies here. ^^' ))

00:27:39 Darkseed: Darkseed cries out in fear, and tires to hold back. "Somepony--somepony do something...!"

00:28:38 : Twilight_Sparkle frowns at Rainbow_Dash. "That is just some superstitious non-sense!" she then put her focus back on the creature, but of course, not able to miss all these.. new ponies... "Hey... that pink pony over that look kinda like you Rainbow..." still, as soon as the voice is spoke, her eyes widen. "Wait... Nightmare Moon didn't give you these?!"

00:29:49 Skyblaze: (( yay ))

00:29:52 : Marble_Sheen blinks, and lets out a surprised hiss, as she starts to drag along, backpeddling fiercely. "No! Musssst protect missstressss! Mussst sssave her... mussst sssave the night! Mussst work together!" She cries, as she struggles against that inexorable pull, standing - or at least dragging with the Elements of Discord.

00:30:23 Sunset_Skye: "Sapphire NO!!" He screams and bolts for her, so panicked all thoughts of flying were forgotten. It would probably be wise for a friend to try and hold him back otherwise he'd be throwing himself right into harm's way for her.

00:30:24 : Thunderball digs his hooves into the ground, retaining his composure as the little orb glows with a white light. He had come too far... sacrificed too much... to be stopped by some overgrown garden statue. "These are not yours," he hisses. "This was given to my by Nightmare Moon. It is not yours to take." He continues to growl in vain as he tries to keep himself, and the little black orb glowing with white light, away from the massive statue thing.

00:30:38 : The_Fiddler watches, and grins. She laughs; "Ahahaha! Serves you right. Taking power you should have never had. Only the most foolish of us would do such a thing." She then frowns; "....if you lot had not accepted those, we would not be here. Oh well, living with that for the next five minutes should be enough punishment." she says, waving idly and watching with a bit of glee. Especially at Thunderball and Darkseed. Shine was the only one she really cared about, but she was not exactly...there before; so who's to say she won't go back to Shinula?

00:30:43 Shadow_Feather: Shadow glares at the centaur, "Like HAY you will!" He rears up on his hind legs, baring his talons and flicking out his hidden blades. Then he sees Sapphire in trouble and pauses. He looks back and forth between the centaur and Sapphire a few times, the squints his eyes shut, torn between helping Sapphire and distracting the beast, eventually, he shakes his head, and lets out a roar, charging straight at the centaur's face, aiming a kick at it's eye, futile as it probably was. (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +5 quickness ))

00:31:06 Shadow_Feather: (( IDK if thats allowed. If it isn't will rewrite ))

00:31:22 : ArcaneScholar leaps into action, dashing towards the elements of discord. His horn flares a bright white as his eyes start to glow a bright white and trying to hold them back from The Groundskeeper using a barrier spell."Y-you won't take them from us! You won't take our HOME just to please you and your circle of friends! You treat us like objects when we're sentient! We're never gonna give in to you!" He turns his head back to the other ponies, struggling to keep the elements held back. "What're we gonna give him everypony?!" (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 )) +4

00:31:26 NightmareJewel: "NOW DO IT NOW!" she forces the glowing white orb from the tip of her horn into the black gem causing it to shake violently. She is drug a fair distance, feeling her wings dissolve, her body seemed to follow suit until the gem ripped itself from her chest, shattering her form with a spectacular explosion of dark mist. A smaller unicorn dropped out of the smoke and lay motionless on the ground as her element drifts back towards the creature, it's black surface now mixes with swirling white.

00:31:30 ArcaneScholar: ((Well that just sucks.))

00:32:00 Phantasm: Laugh while you can, you sculpted termagant. Already your decorations rebel against you. You cannot stand against our combined might. *his horn glows grey as he readies an unknown spell.*

00:32:04 ArcaneScholar: (And with Sapphire's new development I redact my entire post -_-))

00:32:11 : Spotlight_Sample grunts at the sudden pull and struggles against it for a moment.... But in seconds, the massive eye that represents the force of cruelty is being ripped along the landscape... "Nightmare Moon is the only one I recognize as my creator!" he exclaims... Fighting it.. But all to soon the eye shreds to splinters and fades... The element drags the small pony remaining forward, and then snaps free.. Small tendrils extrude from the artifact and struggle to hold onto the host.... And the element breaks into pieces, tendrils sizzling away as it is pulled in.

00:32:12 : Oni_Sorasousha looks up at the groundskeeper. "Nooo way! You're not going to want to collect me! I'm totally not collectable! I will do this!" He declares, and he twists his muzzle up into a rather awful looking expression, and while making a horrible face, he contorts himself into a rather wierd pose too. "I'll be like this forever and it will totally ruin your collection!"

00:32:15 Marl: ((Groundskeeper doesn't have stats, I don't think we can even actually attack, to be honest.))

00:32:25 The_Fiddler: (( ^ ))

00:32:28 : Pinkie lets out a startled gasp as the ponies start to drag across the ground by their elements. "Those other ponies need help! The big nasty meanie is trying to suck them in!" She bounds ftowards them!

00:32:36 Shadow_Feather: (( kk will rewrite ))

00:32:41 Rainbow_Dash_: "Well are you going to tell me that ginormous half-pony half....things are not real?" she says to Twilight_Sparkle, before loooking over at Firefly and squinting. "Huh, really, you think so?" before shaking her head and saying, "Wait that's not important right now! How are we gonna... get rid of this thing!?" waving a hoof at The_Groundskeeper.

00:32:42 Phantasm: (( It's why I just said I was readying a spell. ))

00:32:48 ArcaneScholar: ((Rewriting))

00:32:50 Luna: (( We're still in cutscene time, his health bar hasn;t appeared yet. </geek> ))

00:32:51 The_Fiddler: (( Even if he did have would lose. ))

00:32:55 : Obsidian runs over and grabs onto Thunderball, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I'll be cooked before I let anything happen to my friends"

00:33:16 : Skyblaze just cowers, not knowing what's going on.

00:33:17 : Inkwell curses. "That groundskeeper is trying something with those Nightmare Ponies! We gotta do something, we can't just let that bruiser eat them!"

00:33:20 Sand_Chaser: "Greenling!" Chaser squealed, rushing immediately toward Darkseed, rushing right up to her to help in any way she managed. Her horn glowing with the attempt to pull her back.

00:33:23 SapphireNight: (( Char switch ))

00:33:25 ArcaneScholar: ((Dear Grist I'm thinking of calling in the interdimensional multiverse team as the ultimate godzilla threshold considering what's going on.))

00:33:26 Shadow_Feather: Shadow lets out a despairing shout as the form of a small pony drops out of the dark cloud that had been Nightmare Jewel. "Sapphire, NO!"

00:33:45 Shadow_Feather: (( Ignore my first post ))

00:33:49 : Inkdrop tilts her head. "Well, that's a horrible idea. Why are you collecting ponies? Would it nit be better to collect buttons? Or pretty rocks? Just end this now, before you hurt yourself."

00:34:00 TheHornedHydra: (( I'd love to stick around, but this draconic beast needs to get some sleep. Don't you all go getting yourselves collected while I'm gone. ;) ))

00:34:06 : Surprise watches, glancing over at Firefly occasionally; "W-what's going on Firefly? Who are these ponies? Why does he want them?" She was very scared. This was just too big of a surprise....

00:34:14 : Pancake grabs onto NightmareJewel's head tightly!...then holds onto SapphireNight. she would be crying happy tears but right now was not the time.

00:34:25 Marl: ((Night Fred, Ted, and Ed!))

00:34:30 Shadow_Feather: (( NIght! ))

00:34:35 : Apple_Bumpkin isn't sure what to make of the babble coming from The_Groundskeeper. Something about collecting ponies? She knew she didn't want to be 'collected' but how was she gonna do anythin about that thing? It seemed to have more than enough power to do whatever it wished. She decided it was time to be on the defensive. She looks about as the ponies were crying and struggling to hang onto some weird orb things as the big statue guy pulled them away. She looked further and saw Twilight and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash and Rarity even. She looked still further and noticed a small dark blue speck at the back poking around some crystal and ponies which were not moving. "Sable? What in the hay?" She suddenly had no other thought but to get to him and get there quickly. She felt her responsibility to protect him burning inside her. She slides down TheHornedHydra and dashes in his direction as fast as she could manage. (( gnite snady! ))

00:35:00 : DiamondCharm begins to shake angrily as her horn begins to glow. She sighs and drops the spell, turning to the Fiddler, "What should we do!?" She watches as others begin to panic and decides she'll remain calm like her fellow masked vigilantes, "You don't know what you're doing, scum! Give up now and we might be inclined to show you some mercy!"

00:35:13 : KiteCres leaping over to Thunderball suddenly and brings his neck about to stop Thunderball from being pulled further, digging his hooves into the ground and growling as he closes his eyes, "Never thought I'd be here to help you, Thunderball." he mutters, seeing Skyblaze.

00:35:36 : MojitoJoe looks over to Dakrseed and hears the panic in her voice... he then looks to the creature as he summons back his "Gifts" as he called him... he can't believe what he is doing but thinking of what the elements are... and what Shine is... oh no "SHINE HOLD ON!" He rushes to her side and holds on to her... "Don't let go!!!"

00:36:05 : Axl pulls his hood on over his head for the time being.He runs over help out KiteCres and Thunderball. "Well might as well make myself useful....*rolls eyes*"

00:36:05 : Firefly looks back to Surprise. ".... I don't know who they are, but I can feel that they're here to help us... Come on Surprise, be brave!" She insists, starting to fly towards the group to join them. She would gesture for Surprise to follow along, and she flies close to the ground, so as not to make it too hard for her to follow!

00:36:43 : Klondike shakes his head, snapping back to reality. He then begins to charge toward Darkseed in his altered form, trying to keep her from being assimilated into that thing.

00:36:48 : Marl sighs. Manehattan hadn't been that bad, had it? He rushes over to grab onto Mojito to help hold Shine back.

00:36:56 : Skyblaze is almost too scared to move, but is close enough to Kite to help him help Thunderball. She grabs Kite's tail and digs in her hooves, adding what little strength she had.

00:37:52 : ArcaneScholar ** "Greenling! Sapphire! Thunderball!" Archie screams as he dashes forward, he starts trying to keep the other ponies from being dragged in, his eyes are flaring a dull white. Survival instincts kick in... Body goes into over drive. He focuses on holding everypony back from the groundskeeper with the strongest barrier spell he can conjure.

00:38:12 : Sable_Night scuffs at the ponies gently with a hoof and pins his ears, pouting a little bit.... Well this just wasn't very nice. He'd have to do something about this. He's not sure what though.

00:38:35 : Lemon_Drop stands still in fear. Many bad things, very bad things were going to happen. She couldn't think of anything she was going to be able to do. Nightmare Moon, she was prepared for. Not...this thing. And...and what was Klondike doing? .....She'd do that. She ran over to Darkseed, Jewel, and Thunderball, still not knowing what to do, just trying to protect the others.

00:38:37 : Shine looks up, and sighs as she gets dragged along the 'perfect' earth, towards The_Groundskeeper. She holds up a hoof, and watches it dissolve, coming apart like black and white ribbon, and dissipating in the air. She looks over at MojitoJoe an Marl as they grab her, and she just smiles to them as she comes apart in their hooves and soon becomes nothing, but a scrapped metal remain of the device she was wearing. Nothing but her element remains as it continues freely towards The_Groundskeeper.

00:38:45 : Helpful_Heart scribbles

00:38:47 InkyMarks: *grabs onto Thunderball's other forehoof* I told once, Ah told you again, we fought together once, and Ah knew we'd fight together again! *digging in hard*

00:38:58 Marble_Sheen: (( Oh my gods, it's the Beta Ponies. @.@ ))

00:39:16 : Fluttershy_ sees Twilight, and runs to cower behind her. "What's going on Twilight?"

00:39:26 Agile_Flourish: ((WHOA! Okay! Huh?! Did we just see total annihilation on this chat?!))

00:40:08 Twilight_Sparkle: (( calm down. ))

00:40:17 The_Fiddler: (( No, Shine never had a body in the first place until Nightmare_Moon gave her one. She used to be a part of Shinula, so she's likely still around. ))

00:40:26 Agile_Flourish: ((..... Oh forget it. Forget I said anything.))

00:40:27 Sand_Chaser: (( Shine, if I am correct, didn't actually latch onto a pony, so her coming apart isn't so far fetched because all she was is Element))

00:40:44 : Chell stands there, watching in horror at Jewel... Time seems to freeze. "Your last test was a disappointment," comes a voice in the back of her head. "You're doing a wonderful job of disappointing me again." She clenched her eyes shut, tears welling up behind the lids. "You're just as worthless and weak as you have ever been. You have always been this worthless and weak." She started to choke, and opened her eyes. She was aware of Sunset, rushing for Jewel--Sapphire, and grits her teeth harder. "And how worthless do you think that is, hmm?" Gladys' voice softened. "You are my daughter. You are the daughter of a wonderful mare who you named me after. And you are Caroline's daughter. You call yourself a nopony... Honestly, the only thing you're not tremendously good at is standing up for yourself." Chell blinked, gasping for breath in surprise at the words... Was she...hearing Gladys, now? "You said it yourself. Improvise." She slowly pulled herself together, and time began to slowly return to normal. She blinked away her tears, and hardened her expression. This was no time for emotional reactions... There was a test to complete. She watched the elements float towards the Groundskeeper, and quickly portaled nearer to him, ignoring the pain and discomfort it brought her... She had to try and stop those Elements, somehow...

00:40:46 Luna: (( Shhh. Just do this thing. ))

00:40:56 Chell: ((Wall of text. Sorry.))

00:41:13 : PlatinumSpark pulls his hood on as well and runs after ArcaneScholar. "If you keep this up Archie you'll just exhaust yourself again..." He runs and also looks to Shine going "Woah...."

00:41:14 Obsidian: (( Somepony really should grab Spotlight and Marble ))

00:41:26 The_Fiddler: (( Spotlight is a meanie. ))

00:41:51 Ryu_Sword: ((Spotlight fell to the ground.))

00:41:52 : Agile_Flourish flies in and starts trying to grab at Spotlight and Marble Sheen at the same time. She's gonna need some help cause darn it no pony gets left behind!

00:41:53 : Thistledown gallops after Spotlight. Meanie or no, he's a pony, and Thistledown will be dipped before she lets something bad happen to a pony. (( Should I roll anything? ))

00:42:09 Twilight_Sparkle: (( No rolling until you are asked. ))

00:42:27 : Rarity takes a deep breath, being too far from the others to get to them, she charges directly at the pony with snakes in her mane. She grabbed her tightly around the middle and tries to keep her anchored with her magic.

00:42:38 : Klondike looks over to Sand Chaser, then to Darkseed, "Sand Chaser," his voices spoke calmly, "You need to trust in me and run back for now. Please."

00:43:28 : Nao actually stands right in front of Twilight, between her, and the Groundskeeper. "You! You can't have her! She's mine! If Anypony will beat her or collect her it will be me! Not you!"

00:43:42 Shine: (( Anyway now that I have successfully ceased to exist, I must be off. I have neglected my previous appointment for ponies, and must quickly go and be very apologetic to government people. Goodbye! Do not reply to this and spam the chat further, thank you. ))

00:44:23 Ryu_Sword: "Come on Kyubi! Help me grab that pony!" he says running toward Marble_Sheen and grabbing her so she won't get dragged away

00:45:06 Agile_Flourish: C'mon c'mon c'mon you aren't gonna disappear on me! I'm not gonna let that happen! Not even in a million billion trillion years! GRAGH!

00:45:43 Kyubi_Hart: "Ok!" she says grabbing Marble_Sheen and holding on "Don't worry we're here to help!" she says smiling to her

00:47:27 : Panty looks to Stocking a moment. Then at the Groundskeeper again. Then at the other Ponies. "Stocking.... I think I'm going to need yours too, if it's okay." She would remark with a rather plain tone. She doesn't seem to be worried, or even afraid. After all, even if this thing might be more dangerous than any ghost they've ever faced before.... it certainly wasn't the ugliest. Nor the smelliest.

00:48:43 : Stocking listens to Panty as the request is made, and with rather little objection at all, she slips her own panties down with her hind legs, and hoofs them on over to Panty knowingly. "Yeah, I don't think we can hold back with this kind of thing at all." She remarks in agreeance.

00:53:20 Skyblaze: (( chat derp? ))

00:53:27 Shadow_Feather: (( nope ))

00:53:28 Chell: ((Nope.))

00:53:37 ArcaneScholar: ((Eeenope))

00:53:46 Twilight_Sparkle: (( No. Tips: If you need to test. Just whisper yourself. Let's clear this from more chatter. ))

00:55:15 : Marble_Sheen lets out an angished sob as the necklace around her neck starts to crack, tears streaming down her face as she clasps her hooves around it. "Nooo... I was her first chosen! I was Nightmare Moon's first chosen, I am the element of silence... I made her the best statue I ever could... and... and... she loved what I did for her... she remade me into something beautiful... unique... this is my elemeeeeennnnntt!" She shudders, and lets out a wail as the gem is torn from her chest and hooves, her body shaking as she shifts, the snakes vanishing from her mane, the scales thinning as her grey pelt reasserts herself, and she collapses to the hooves of those grabbing her, sobbing fiercely as her hooves wave helplessly in the air, trying to grasp a gem that is no longer there.

00:57:12 The_Groundskeeper: The corners of his cracked stony mouth pulled into a smile. "The power was never Nightmare Moon's in the first place. All of that darkness she gathered, it was mine. I found her to be a potentially useful tool, so I lent her my power." It was no use. No matter how much they resisted and struggled, the remaining Elements of discord broke free of the necklaces and flew towards the Centaur. He chuckled as all six of the orbs smacked into his torso and were absorbed into his body. "Now, unfortunately, it is time that I get around to dealing with all of you. I-" He was cut short as he began to feel rather...strange. White light began to appear through the cracks in his body. He looked down at himself as the light began to intensify. "What is this?" With a sudden concussive boom, the Centuar's body erupted into a bright white light, obscuring his body in it for a moment. He let out a pained roar as he began to shrink, a strange misty blackness flowing from the cracks in his body and dissipating in the air. Soon he was down to a more managable size of just over twelve or so feet in height, although he still towered over the ponies. "What is this? How is this possible!?"

00:58:14 : Twilight_Sparkle looks to Fluttershy.. and sums it up. "We need to... some how get this thing to stop... doing.. er.. whatever it was planning on doing with all of us!" looking to Rainbow "I don't know! Just.. er..." she panic a little, the ground, once against, get 'very toasty'. However, seeing Rarity rushes forward, she follows after. Whatever it is she is doing, Twilight helps.. only to nearly bumps into Nao. "Are you Crazy!? This is not the time! Every ponies! Saves those ponies... and.. Stop that thing! Some how!" she points. "Help... Rarity and Kyubi! As for.. that thing.. Oh.. What would Princess Celestia... Do..?" Her head tilts. "Did some pony do anything?"

00:58:49 : Sunset_Skye skids to a sliding halt next to Sapphire's limp form, leaning protectively over her. "Sapphire?! SAPPHIRE!" He shakes her gently, checking to make sure she's breathing still. A small tornado of air, just a yard or two high, began swirling around them protectively as he looked down at her, everything else forgotten. "Wake up, be okay..! Celestia curse me be okay!!" He turns and watches in awe, realizing just what her sacrifice had done and how much it had changed things. They had a chance now, but he'd protect Saph first with everything he had. Nothing else was going to hurt her.

00:59:02 InkyMarks:' hay!? Why'd that take him down ta size? Ah thought that was what he wanted!...Ah well, now that he's down ta size, Ah'm feelin' he ain't too immune from a goo buckin'. *slides down visor*

00:59:12 PlatinumSpark: "Haha looks like it backfired ^^" He couldn't help but laugh a little. You're not so big now are you!?" XD [Still too big....]

00:59:18 Oni_Sorasousha: (( Assume Oni to be helping as may be expected if instructed. Since Shine Poofed, I gotta pick up for a bit.... ))

00:59:55 Darkseed: Darkseed's body collapses. She looks on in horror as her hooves begin to dry into dust. She turns her red eyes to the other ponies, giving them a full view of her face as it disseminated into dust, leaving behind only a black teardrop-shaped jewel and...

01:00:13 : Apple_Bumpkin pushes her way through to Sable_Night. "Sable! What n the hay are ya'all doin! Ah wantcha ta stay close t' me in case somethin happens."

01:00:25 Thistledown: "A'm wi' ye, Inky... lead th' charge." Thistledown lowers her head and scrapes a hoof across the ground, a look of determination on her face. She was ready to do anything that was necessary to protect her herd.

01:00:35 Greenling: ... One small, chunky yellow unicorn with a frizzy green mane.

01:00:39 : Obsidian lets go of Thunderball. "Bueno" as he joins InkyMarks. "Lets hit em together, we'll not go down easy"

01:00:42 : Marl doesn't even listen to the Groundskeeper's words as Shine evaporates in his hooves, and just falls to his haunches, his face twisted in agonized worry and only one thought on his mind. He blinks a bit as the right flash assaults his eyes, but only stares dumbly at the centaur.

01:00:45 Shadow_Feather: Shadow reaches Sapphire, only to be blown aside by Sunset's whirlwind. He pulls himself towards the tornado, panicked tears streaming down his face. "Sapphire! SAPPHIRE!" he screams, pushing his face into the wind, ignoring the pains as a few feathers were ripped from his face. "Be alright! Please be alright!"

01:01:02 : Rainbow_Dash frowns as she looks towards the shrinking Groundskeeper. "Well I don't know about you but I think now is the time to go for it!" She remarks, charging forward! Only to get her tail yanked on by Applejack.... who would thankfully be there to keep her from doing anything _too_ hastily ((Assuming she's still here even if player isn't! ))

01:01:13 : Marble_Sheen sobs, tears streaking down her cheeks, as she stumbles to her hooves, shivering from head to hoof, seathing, tears streaking down her face. "that was my element... nightmare moon chose me when nopony else did... she cared for me... she is my princess... and that was not yours to take... i have shattered far larger stones to make the perfect statue, and i will carve that element out of your rocky hide! give me back my silence!!! give us back our elements!" she charges at the rocky creature, and turns to slam her back hooves into it's hide!

01:01:16 The_Groundskeeper: Er, make that sixteen feet.))

01:01:25 : ArcaneScholar ** "....... Sapphire?! If you weren't already taken I'd kiss you you know that?!" He calls back, cackling like a mad pony as he cancels the barrier spell, downing a mana potion. "Looks like you just experienced a 'level down' boya! Ahahahaha!" He lets out another cackle, oh sheesh he's still not scared at all. It's like he's enjoying this! "Stay steadfast everypony! What're we gonna give this FOAL?!"

01:01:27 Inkdrop: "I told you you would hurt yourself! Why do you not listen?" She says as she trots next to InkyMarks. "So, what do you propose we do now?"

01:01:42 : The_Fiddler watches this latest development, and smirks as The_Groundskeeper shrinks; "Ah, now this makers things much simpler. Tis too bad those fools were not absorbed along with their precious 'power'. Oh well. Now, what say we all put on the greatest dance has ever seen?" she asks, mostly to herself. She grabs the bow on her back, and taps the ground a few times; beginning to move towards The_Groundskeeper.

01:02:11 Obsidian: (( does that count as a Groundskeeper post? ))

01:02:19 Surprise: (( lolol ))

01:02:21 Marl: ((Hahaha))

01:02:30 Luna: (( ... ))

01:02:35 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Obsidian: Answer is No. ))

01:02:36 : Inkwell gasps. "Oh great, the wannabe Medusa is suicidal." She concentrates, sending out several rainbow disks, and launching them at the Groundskeeper, biting her lip.

01:02:37 Luna: (( *frypan* ))

01:02:44 : Agile_Flourish flies over and attends to Greenling "Absolutely nothing Archie!" She calls to him, making sure Greenling was okay

01:03:00 Sand_Chaser: "Greenling!" Chaser managed again, glaring at Klondike when he attempted to have her leave. Her horn had shorted and stopped roping the pony in the second the necklace broke. She sat down over the pony that was no longer one she knew, nor had ever met, but one that had been hiding inside Darkseed. "Are you..? Are you alright?" She managed, not even realizing the was the centaur had fallen.

01:03:13 : Thunderball fell to the ground, but quickly got up again. His armor gone left only his bright blue warpaint all over him. He smiled before laughing at the creature. "We always have plans. Sapphire and I figured it might come to something like this, so she came up with the most brilliant plan of all... At your expense. You will pay for what you have done to Nightmare Moon." He looked the creature dead in the eyes, his stoic expression revealing all of his cold intensity. He was ready to throw down with this monster, right here and now. All that mattered now was protecting Nightmare Moon... and her. Seeing Marble_Sheen, who he inadvertently caused to get her element, He charges forward, making a kind of spearhead between the two of them. Except instead of using his back legs, he uses his full body to try and knock the creature over. He would pound the creature into dust if he could.

01:03:15 : Chell blinks at the now-much-smaller Centaur... A memory came back to her, of getting the attention of a manticore who was too close to Jester in the forest... She grinned, slowly... The thing's hooves should now fit into one of her portals... Barely... She steps back, and while the Groundskeeper was wailing about his misfortune, and thus sufficiently distracted...she opened an orange portal underneath his chest, and a blue one underneath his hoof... If this worked right, they might get the amusing satisfaction of seeing the monstrosity kick itself in the chest... At the very least, it should hopefully make him stumble...which would put his attention on Chell, if he figured out who just did that, and may give everypony else a chance to take advantage of his distraction... She prayed for this to work even as both portals came fully open.

01:03:18 : Sable_Night stops and looks to Apple? "Huh? .. Oh.. No, he can't touch me... And I can't stop him... So I'm spending my time doing other things. I think spending my time here will help me understand things."

01:03:31 Skyblaze: "Kite... I don't... " starts to back away now that Thunderball was no longer being drawn in. Her ears were down, and she was shaking. "I want to go home...."

01:03:36 : Rarity is thrown clear of Marble_Sheen and rolls away. When she finally stops, her eyes roll in her head for a while. She leaps to her hooves as fast as she can and stumbles over to Twilight _Sparkle. "Do we have a plan yet?"

01:03:45 : Pinkie bounds towards the ensuing battle, looking about nervously. "What the hay is going on, and why is he suddenly shrinking, and why is those other element ponies changing, and I am so confused!"

01:03:54 : Pancake stays next to Sunset_Skye and SapphireNight, she glares at the... thing. ready to do whatever she had to do...

01:03:59 ArcaneScholar: ((I forgot to add the bit where Archie's eyes flare bright white and his horn starts glowing. :P))

01:04:18 : DiamondCharm nods at the Fiddler and pulls the rest of the roses out of her dress, holding a huge bouquet in her teeth. She follows after the Fiddler, a look of grim determination painted across her face.

01:04:27 : Fluttershy_ squeaks as Twilight_Sparkle runs off to help. She looks around fearfully at the commotion and wishes not for the first time that she was back in her snug bed. NO! You're stronger than that Fluttershy! You've faced down dragons bigger than this. It's time to be tough. It's time to help your friends! She shakes her head and looks to Crescendo Kite. She pulls out her badge from her mane and places it on her shoulder and runs to find out where he needs her.

01:04:38 : Axl looks around and runs to Ryu_Sword, Kyubi_Hart. "Hey Ryu i've got something good planned but it will require some more power. We can probably rush this guy now^^" He also looks down at Marlble Sheen. "Who's that?"

01:04:55 : MojitoJoe ... that thing will not hurt her or any of his friends ... not now not ever. What ever just happened to it this might be their chance. He levitates out form his saddle bags a bottle of soda and enchants it ... ironic its the Luna's Blue-Raspberry Moon flavor... anyways it is enchanted so that what ever it hits it will explode with rocket force. He takes aim and fires at the groundskeeper!!!

01:04:56 : Nao looks back to Twilight, and then to the Groundskeeper again. "Don't you dare get defeated!" She growls at Twilight, before she summons up her blade... and at least thirty more like them. Even if they are just foam weapons, they would be imbued with an incredible amount of hope, joy, and love..... "Freeeddoooooooom!" She yells, starting to charge at the Groundskeeper.

01:05:07 : Phantasm drops the spell, readying a new one--an amplifier. He sings a mocking tune. "Arrogant fool, this stony centaur! Bested by his weapons! Now you will see how strong we all are, glorious, we, ponies!" He draws his walking cane and tugs on the skull at the tip, revealing an intricately crafted whip.

01:05:36 : Luna flaps gently and snorts. She takes the crown off her head and in a fit of brilliant idiocy flings it at the beast like a weapon, expecting it to do something rather impressive. She must have been watching that again. "Take that!" she exclaims, as the crown plinks off the beast uselessly.

01:06:11 ArcaneScholar: ((Moon Tiara Magic!))

01:06:22 : Surprise is scared. She would love to help out the party, but how?! She didn't have any balloons, or cake, or streamers, or whatasaloos! She tries her best to shrink, just like The_Groundskeeper; but to no avail. She decides to do the only thing she can do....she hovers into the air above the sidelines; "Win, win, that's our goal~ That big meanie's just a foal~" she cheers, shaking invisible pompoms.

01:06:23 Klondike: Soon, he found himself back to his frail form, his darkness fading with the element. Looking down at Greenling. There he shook his head. Not all was lost. He decides to stand his ground near Greenling, trusting in Agile_Flourish to help with Greenling.

01:06:26 Panty: (( does the crown ricochet everywhere while Luna yells "Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai?" ))

01:06:34 InkyMarks: *picks up momentum as I charge the centaur, my armor and padding adding to it, as I strain my muscle, the resulting impetus would be akin to a very, very big buffalo charging. With a welding torch*

01:06:34 Spotlight_Sample: (( Action, actually, I think. ))

01:06:40 Shadow_Feather: (( That should have produced the same result as dividing by 0 XD ))

01:06:49 ArcaneScholar: ((Action in the original XP))

01:06:58 InkyMarks: (( Fighting evil by moonlight.... ))

01:07:06 Greenling: ((HURRR ^ ))

01:07:07 Luna: (( Psh, it's not The Glaive, Panty. Or Xena's Chakram. ))

01:07:09 Agile_Flourish: Hey... Hey! You okay there? Speak ta me!

01:07:22 Luna: (( Winninglovebydaylight ))

01:07:25 Agile_Flourish: ((Wait NO))

01:07:48 : Obsidian charges with InkyMarks, he's pretty solid too

01:07:53 Thistledown: "A dinnae hae magic, ner fancy weapons, ner anythin' mair than wha' me mither gie me, Groundskeeper... but if by th' strength o' me own limbs A can send ye back tae blazes, then so A shall!"

01:07:55 Luna: (( Agile needs to make his posts in a seperate place. ))

01:08:13 Agile_Flourish: ((;<))

01:08:15 : Thistledown gallops in at full speed, a scowl on her face.

01:08:35 Ryu_Sword: ((Are we able to attack The_Groundskeeper now?))

01:08:56 Twilight_Sparkle: (( wait for post. ))

01:09:15 : Panty takes Stocking's Panties, and forms them into a second gun, identical to the first she had, and she grins a bit while she blends the pair of guns into a single long sniper rifle, somehow able to mesh them together and shape them however she wants. "Alright, Stockers, you go for the body, I'll aim for the head!" She declares, while slowly starting to take aim.

01:09:23 : Inkdrop does not run with the group. She waits, patiently, for an opening chance.

01:09:37 : KiteCres suddenly slamming his hooves to the ground, "Skyblaze, we will. I promise. Go help Apple Bumpkin and Sable! Fluttershy, help gather the other Elements and keep them with Twilight. Get them to stick by Princess Luna! Ponies not attacking, get the injured back behind the Princess Luna! Ponies, stand united! We attack together!"

01:09:44 Ryu_Sword: ((I haven't posted yet but lots of other ponies are attacking and now I'm a bit lost.))

01:09:56 Twilight_Sparkle: (( then roleplay like you are lost ))

01:10:02 Agile_Flourish: ((Archie's charging power and hasn't attacked yet.))

01:10:15 Luna: (( What's to understand? Big thing got smaller, ponies are attacking. It's utter chaos. ))

01:10:22 The_Fiddler: (( They should only be moving toward The_Groundskeeper. Attacking him is like skipping several actions at once. ))

01:10:35 Ryu_Sword: ((I noticed. -_-))

01:10:58 : Skyblaze nods and does her best to shake herself out of her growing panic. She turns, rears up, forelegs kicking, and gallops off towards Apple_Bumpkin and Sable.

01:11:07 : Stocking Gallops towards the groundskeeper as well, pair of blades both held in her mouth, and sticking out at the sides like a second pair of wings, there's a glint of glee in her eyes as she moves, fast, and graceful, leaping in to get closer!

01:11:15 : Spotlight_Sample also, is probably getting trampled.

01:11:21 PlatinumSpark: (( hehe ))

01:11:55 MojitoJoe: (( Used a projectile weapon/spell ))

01:12:04 : Apple_Bumpkin looks at Sable_Night. Once again she was completely confused by his answer. "Ah don understand! Should ah stay n help you then? What should ah do?"

01:12:13 : Ryu_Sword looks at Axl "I don't know who that pony is I was just helping. And if you've got a plan I might as well listen." he says getting ready for a fight if it comes to that

01:13:49 : Pinkie blinks, and then grins, bounding up under Surprise, and pulling out her own pompoms, mimicking her movements on the ground. " With roars of rage and nasty meanie glares, we ponies will still win without despair!"

01:13:58 : Firefly flies up next to Surprise for a moment as she is cheering the others on, and she grins a bit. "Actually, that's good. Keep your spirits up everypony! The only way we got free was when we felt the warmth of their presence... we've gotta pull it all together. I'll do my best too, Surprise, keep it up!" She remarks, before she takes flight towards Twilight and group closest to her, namely, of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and the other Elements. "Come on. You guys haven't given up hope or anything yet, right? Things are looking up! He was never this small when we first fought him.... we can do this with all of you here!"

01:14:04 : Helpful_Heart flies up above Bishop_Heart toward the centaur creature. Her quill never stops moving.

01:14:05 : Kyubi_Hart gets up "I'll help too." she says ready to help in anyway she can

01:14:58 : Bishop_Heart follows his wife underneath, nervous.

01:15:15 The_Fiddler: (( It is my opinion that with Surprise and Pinkie's simultaneous cheering, everypony gets a +987547585 on each roll. ))

01:15:25 Agile_Flourish: ((Agreed.)

01:15:31 Greenling: ((FFFFYES))

01:15:32 Chell: ((Seconded))

01:15:42 ArcaneScholar: ((If Fluttershy goes "You rock! Whoo hoo!" it's an insta win.))

01:16:00 Fluttershy_: (( You all rock! Woohoo! ))

01:16:02 ArcaneScholar: ((Cause it'd literally be over a few trillion points added.))

01:16:04 Inkdrop: (( This is a plan! ))

01:16:04 Luna: (( Unfortunately the difficulty rating is 987547590. ))

01:16:22 Greenling: (POO-NUGGETS!))

01:16:29 ArcaneScholar: ((We'd need to roll a six.))

01:16:31 Inkdrop: (( Then we just have to roll 5 or 6! We can do it! ))

01:16:34 Shadow_Feather: (( *gasp* so vulger! ))

01:16:35 Obsidian: (( 5 ))

01:16:42 Luna: (( XD ))

01:16:52 ArcaneScholar: ((Pfff-))

01:16:54 : Luna loves how ponies take her seriously. ))

01:16:58 Pancake: (( counting is hard isn't it... ))

01:16:59 MojitoJoe: (( I offer friendship ))

01:17:05 Nightmare_Moon: Any more posts coming in?))

01:17:08 Ryu_Sword: ((I rolled a 9010.))

01:17:14 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Post already! ))

01:17:17 Shadow_Feather: (( O_o ))

01:17:17 Marl: ((Probably not.))

01:17:19 PlatinumSpark: (( Nope... ))

01:17:26 : The_Groundskeeper comes out of his absolute bewilderment of losing much of his power just in time to see a whole mess of ponies charging at him. He steps forward, only to step in the portal. His hoof comes out of the other portal and he ends up striking himself in the chest. He lets out a growl as he steps back out of the portal and quickly dismisses the magic with a wave of his stony hand. He lets out a terrible roar as a black shockwave erupts from him. The concussive force would knock anything and anypony that was too close away, to give him some breathing room, so to speak. He quickly throws his hands into the air as they began to glow with a misty blackness. "It will make no difference, I still have enough power to destroy all of you!" Black projectiles began to fire from them into the air. The projectiles began to curve and guide themselves towards different ponies. They were magic missiles!

01:17:57 The_Groundskeeper: And now you can fight him.))

01:18:07 Chell: ((...Are they attacking the darkness? *shot from all sides*))

01:18:16 Rainbow_Dash: (( @groundskeeper x infinity ))

01:18:27 ArcaneScholar: ((I'm planning on Archie using a mass casting of a barrier spell. Gonna need a friend ship roll.))

01:18:38 The_Darkness: (( .....I was going to say: "Oh gee, finally there are no jokes about me!" BUT NO. Chell, you're on the list. ))

01:18:52 ArcaneScholar: ((Pfff- HAHAHA))

01:18:57 Spotlight_Sample: (( Barbarella, go away. ))

01:19:03 Marl: ((I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart))

01:19:04 InkyMarks: (( All right then, attack roll (( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 )) +4 Gumption +1 running start +2 armor ))

01:19:06 : Twilight_Sparkle looks to Rarity. "Er.. um... I guess that thing doesn't like whatever Thunderbell did... so... it is vulnerable.. and ah...." she looks to Firefly... a completely unfamiliar pony, but certainly sound like she know what is going on. "Well... it sure is pretty mean to want to keep all these ponies as trophy, and... Okay! Everypony! Charge now!" Of course, all the ponies is pretty much already attacking by the time she says that. "Applejack, Rainbow, Pinkie.. Let's go!" she charges along... and despite how mean Spotlight_Sample have been, she tries to levitates him out of the way to safety before she does any spell. "Ponies! Lighting, fire, hoof stomp, whatever it is, we can use them just about now!"

01:19:14 : Marble_Sheen yowls as she is thrown head over tail from the shockwave, and then yelps as she is shot with several of those magic missiles, flipping end over end before hitting the ground hard, her legs splayed. "... owie!"

01:19:19 ArcaneScholar: ((Forget it :P))

01:20:26 ArcaneScholar: ((Can Archie claim an avatar state effect while being in a pure adrenaline rush?))

01:20:29 : Obsidian throws in with InkyMarks. (( +1 friendship to Inky's roll ))

01:20:30 Thistledown: (( charges in, rears up, and hammers at The_Groundskeeper's leg with both forehooves. (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +3 Gumption +1 running start ))

01:20:42 The_Fiddler: (( Quick question; are we going to be rolling Quickness AND Gumption for charging and attacking? ))

01:20:43 Shadow_Feather: Shadow lets his head fall back, dazed. Over half the feathers on his face were gone, and the shock wave had blasted him quite a few feet. He staggers upright, gasping, tears still streaming down his face. He looks at the centaur, and a look of pure rage domes over his face. "I wil DESTROY you for this!" he screams, and flies straight at the centaurs face, talons extended. (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +5 quick +1 running start ))

01:20:48 The_Groundskeeper: Well, each missile will erupt into a sizable explosion.))

01:20:54 Luna: (( No~ Only Twilight gets to go into the Avatar state. It's her thing. ))

01:21:02 ArcaneScholar: ((Kay~))

01:21:03 Greenling: Greenling gags and hops to her hooves. "Today has been absolute MANURE, anyway!" She suddenly dips her head, licks Darkseed's jewel into her cheek and snorts. "I need to blow off some steam...!"

01:21:08 : Fluttershy_ flies up above the fray looking around frantically for her best friends. She calls to each and motions them all to go toward Twilight_Sparkle and help her. Then she motions to Twilight_Sparkle to bring the group to form up around Princess Luna. She has that fearfull look in her eyes, but she's doing what she must.

01:21:32 Rainbow_Dash: (( Greenling.... did you mean kicks? ))

01:21:39 : ArcaneScholar slams The Groundskeeper with the strongest ice spell he can use (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +4

01:22:00 : Pancake's eyes widen as she sees missiles flying everywhere. she pauses for a moment and looks at SapphireNight, remembering what she said... then Sunset_Skye... she nods to him and looks up at one flying too them, she pounces at it.

01:22:04 Greenling: ((No.))

01:22:24 Rainbow_Dash: (( I just don't get it... whatever, fight! ))

01:22:32 : Sunset_Skye growls and digs his hooves in against the shockwave, far enough back that it didn't throw him. His whirlwind might have helped, he wasn't sure, but he let it go and took a slow step in front of Sapphire, a shimmering dome of compressed air around her. He'd take the missile in is own chest before he even let it test the protection he could offer her. He grits and digs deep, drawing out the throwing stars from his packs, the wind spinning a volley of five until the metal sings. Without a gesture they rocket forward, a hurricane force wind carrying them for the beast's head. (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 ))+4 quick

01:22:33 : Axl calls to Kyubi_Hart. "Think you could cover us for fire..." He calls to Platinum. "Come on lets do this!" He activates the hexagon on his scarf and draws his two blades. "Ok Ryu, me and Platinum form a triangle formation and run!" (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) + 3

01:22:35 : Surprise cheers, moving back a bit to avoid any 'magic missiles'. "Yay, yay, yay ,yay ,yay...!" she repeats over and over. She wasn't too good with rhymes.

01:22:41 Axl: (( enter key .... ))

01:22:45 Axl: (( but meh ))

01:22:49 : Inkwell frowns, and sends her disks not flying at the Groundskeeper - but at the magic missiles getting launched, trying to disrupt the attacks and protect her friends. (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +4

01:22:56 : DiamondCharm levitates the mess of roses from her mouth as she begins to charge. She attempts to swing and strike the giant stone centaur with the bouquet in the face using her magic (( (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) +5 -2 incompetent combatant ))

01:23:10 : Thunderball is hit, knocked away, and tumbles backward before landing on his head. He slowly gets to his feet, looking over at the creature. It was a bit more powerful than he had expected. Which means that the plan needed to shift from offense to defense. He would tire the creature out, like a boxer dodging his foe before knocking him out. He positions himself in front of SapphireNight, and in turn in front of NightmareMoon. He would defend them first, since their safety was the priority here.

01:23:36 Agile_Flourish: (( (( !1d6: 6 Total: 6 )) +4))

01:23:43 : Rarity puffs out her chest and waits for one of the projectiles to get close enough to catch with her magic. When one comes near, instead of catching it, she does a little spin causing it to fly in a wide arc around her and back at the giant. (( (( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 )) +3

01:24:11 : PlatinumSpark takes out his retractable rod and begins sidestepping the missiles. He runs up to Ryu_Sword , PlatinumSpark and Kyubi_Hart. "READY XD!!!" (( !1d6: 1 Total: 1 )) + 4 Speed

01:24:12 Fluttershy_: (( rarity should add +1 for pillow-fight experience ))

01:24:20 : Marl is flipped onto his back by the shockwave, just in time to avoid a missile blasting the ground where he had been. He rights himself as quickly as he can, and charges straight toward The_Groundskeeper at Twilight's command, not bothering to try to avoid any missiles that may be coming his way. (((( !1d6: 2 Total: 2 )) +4 gumption, I guess?))

01:24:21 : Agile_Flourish dodges those missiles like something outta Macross. Before attempting to fly down and strike the Groundskeeper (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +2

01:24:22 PlatinumSpark: (( + mark ))

01:24:22 Shadow_Feather: (( XD ))

01:24:31 : The_Fiddler luckily was just far enough to be pushed back only a few inches. She charges forth to...smack The_Groundskeeper in the groin! The groin being the lowest possible point she can hit. (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +3 quickness, (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) +3 gumption (not sure what we're rolling exactly, since quickness should really be to hit. Or dodge the missiles.)

01:24:38 The_Fiddler: (( Check 'em ))

01:24:44 Shadow_Feather: (( and running start ))

01:24:51 : Klondike looks onward, unsure of what exactly Greenling was about to do. In this state, all he could do was watch anyways.

01:25:02 : Pinkie flips about excitedly, dodging blasts, sending herself bounding around the outskirts of the battle. "He thinks he can take his victory for granite, but he fails to realize that ponies never quit! "

01:25:10 : MojitoJoe watches the missiles ... he looks up and rears back to Thunderball and the other ponies who have not yet charged. He creates a bubble shield around himself and others he hopes it is strong enough to resist the magic missile (( !1d6: 5 Total: 5 )) + 4 smarts

01:25:10 : Sand_Chaser jumps back from Greenling and stares at the centaur with a frown. No way she was charging at that, and her magic wasn't strong enough. Maybe she could just help anypony who got hurt.

01:25:13 Ryu_Sword: "Alright!" he says drawing his blade so it unleashes a blade wave to cut down a magic missile as he charges with Axl and Platinum. !d6+3 gumption))

01:25:22 : Lemon_Drop is pushed back by the shockwave, but since she was farther away it doesn't affect her as much. She focuses for a moment, watching the missiles, the Groundskeeper, everything, before just sitting next to Klondike. "....I don't like this."

01:25:28 : Sable_Night tilts his head to one side... "Well, I suppose whatever you think you should be doing... But I'll be fine."

01:25:49 : Myryan stomps out a rolling cadence.

01:25:59 Ryu_Sword: (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 ))+3 gumption. stupid dice fail!))

01:26:32 : Rainbow_Dash finally getting the charge order, she would burst free from the main group, and she would start to build up speed, flying just over and past Kite as she does so, billowing her wings out as she gets ready to build up speed. She knows what she's got to do, and it's going to be even trickier than usual. She would have to start a Rainboom right above it... make sure that the nova is released there!

01:26:51 Apple_Bumpkin: The fight seems so far away to Apple_Bumpkin as she stands there looking at Sable_Night inspecting the crystal things and frozen ponies. "Are these even real? Can we help them?"

01:27:11 Marl: ((Yeah, we really need to establish what the rolls are for. Can we get a PM decision here? Are we using quickness to rush or gumption to attack or what?))

01:27:22 : Chell grins triumphantly for a whole three seconds as her plan goes off without a hitch...and then comes the hitch. Stupid hitches... Always getting in the way of a fantastic plan... She'd been rather proud of that one, too. She gets knocked back a distance by the shockwave, then portals herself behind the Groundskeeper, which looked like it might be safer than in front of him... She gritted her teeth. The missiles were moving fast... She had one shot to save somepony else. Nightmare Moon and Sapphire still looked to be prone, but Sapphire had Sunset protecting her... Likewise, Marble seemed to not be moving, but she also seemed to be protected... Spotlight wasn't, either. She gritted her teeth, and wished fervently she had four portals to work with... She opened a portal underneath Nightmare Moon, and pulled her to safety quickly. She prayed silently that somepony would help Spotlight...

01:27:44 Apple_Bumpkin: (( and will we be notified by whisper if a magic missile targets us? or should every pony assume one is heading toward them? ))

01:27:45 Skyblaze: "If we can, let me know what I can do," says Skyblaze to Apple_Bumpkin.

01:27:49 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Magic = smart , physical = gumption , other thing = use whatever makes sense. ))

01:27:58 : Phantasm loses his footing slightly--not having approached the Groundskeeper. "We shall see about that!" As if to spite the Groundskeeper, he amplifies his voice louder, attempting to demoralize him with jaunting music. "You are nothing but a spectral tool, a nuisance, a bother and a farcical fool! Lay down your arms and submit to our will, or you'll be nothing more than a stain on the hills! Your power dwindles and our power grows, you would be wise to quit while your face is unmarred by our blows.." (( (( !1d6: 3 Total: 3 )) )) +4 smartness ((demoralize attempt)) (( (( !1d6: 4 Total: 4 )) )) +3 quickness to dodge projectiles

01:28:08 ArcaneScholar: 9

01:28:12 : Kyubi_Hart takes to the air and starts some covering fire of fire arrows at any on coming missiles headed toward the group. ((+1 friendship to Ryu, Axl and Platinum. I think thats how it works.))

01:28:24 ArcaneScholar: (( (( !1d6: 5 Total: 5 )) +4 smartness barrier spell.))

01:28:47 The_Groundskeeper: There is at least one missile per pony.))

01:28:59 The_Fiddler: (( So shouldn't everypony roll quickness to dodge? ))

01:29:04 Sand_Chaser: (( What about non-attacking ponies? ))

01:29:04 Shadow_Feather: (( can I double post to react? Forgot to so that. ))

01:29:07 : ArcaneScholar throws up a decently high level barrier spell around himself.

01:29:17 Twilight_Sparkle: (( just roleplay, you don't need to roll. ))

01:29:28 Luna: (( That sounds nice. ))

01:29:38 Marl: ((He didn't give anything to roll against, actually, so don't worry about- yeah, what Twilight said.))

01:29:38 Sunset_Skye: (( yay! ))

01:29:39 Shadow_Feather: (( kk, so can I double post this once? ))

01:30:16 Luna: (( No, we still have like thirty ponies. If ponies start going down then I'll think about it. ))

01:30:25 The_Fiddler: (( *grumbles about realism and goes to make her next CoC campaign while she waits for The_Groundskeeper to post again* ))

01:30:27 Shadow_Feather: (( kk ))

01:30:46 : KiteCres looking for Rainbow Dash, "Rainbow Dash! I'm going to give you the last of my strength in this! This calls for your Sonic Rainboom! I'll give you everything I've got to give!" he pulls in air at a tremendous pace as his body bulges for a second time that night. His throat tingling with the force he was about to unleash as he glances up to Rainbow Dash. He winks and brings his head down. Wings snapping back before snapping forward furiously, mouth opening as he finally unleashes the full powered roar of the Ursa Major. Any Pegasus could use it to rocket them forward while he's still in the roar.

01:30:51 : Nao gets in front of Twilight once again, and does her best to deflect any of the incoming magical blasts with her sword. She would easily be putting herself in the way of two of the shots, but she doesn't seem to care, she would push herself, flinging one of the shots away with a backhoof swing, and the second is deflected as she huffs, straining herself hard. "I told you... you can't defeat her! She's mine!" She growls at the groundskeeper in the tone of a child who has been deprived of it's favorite plaything.

01:31:01 DiamondCharm: ((Oooh, I love call of colt-thulu))

01:31:12 The_Groundskeeper: It is not easy trying to figure out a way to respond to all of this at once.))

01:31:29 Shadow_Feather: (( my sympathies ))

01:31:32 Thistledown: (( I feel for ya, Groundskeeper's player! I really do! ))

01:31:42 Pinkie: (( If you need us to pause, just throw a frying pan at us! It works for Luna! ))

01:31:47 Sable_Night: (( Welcome to my world. Except in my world we didn't have a 'one post' rule. ))

01:31:57 Sable_Night: (( You're lucky. ))

01:32:27 The_Groundskeeper: Indeed will will need to decide how to deal with such problems in the future.))

01:32:30 Ryu_Sword: ((Your an evil monster if things get to difficult do what all monsters do CHEAT! XD))

01:32:53 Agile_Flourish: ((Is it sad that the first thing I'm thinking of is "thunder clap, intimidating shout, down potion, RUN?"))

01:33:02 Pinkie: (( Generally speaking? Keep RPs under 30 ponies if possible. ))

01:33:15 Sable_Night: (( Extremely, Flourish. ))

01:33:18 Shadow_Feather: (( Incredibly, but its still awesome XD ))

01:33:35 Sable_Night: (( Of course, I'm fiddling with a d20 and two d10.... ))

01:33:41 The_Fiddler: (( I have a hard time running a campaign with five people. 50? I would hugs myself. ))

01:33:45 Agile_Flourish: ((As the guy that has played tank characters his whole life this whole thing seems like a REALLY bad pull :P))

01:33:51 : Helpful_Heart is pulled by the sudden rush of wind toward KiteCres. She fights it but the shift is enough for a magic missile to whiz behind her. She watches in horror as Bishop_Heart gets hit by one and falls to his knees. She starts scribbling again but is now keeping an eye out for more of the projectiles.

01:34:44 Pinkie: (( It's at times like this that we need a pony named along the lines of Leeroy Jenkins. ^^ ))

01:34:56 ArcaneScholar: ((I could so do that.))

01:34:57 Shadow_Feather: (( YES!!!!!!!!! ))

01:35:01 Apple_Bumpkin: (( Or Lord Hamster ))

01:35:06 Obsidian: (( I already did the battle cry ))

01:35:17 ArcaneScholar: ((As a guy that plays WoW on a regular basis I could totally do that.))

01:35:51 PlatinumSpark: (( Gotta love these all nighters :3 ))

01:35:57 Sand_Chaser: (( Maybe multiple enemies in the future? That would make it easier. ))

01:35:59 : Luna rears back and flings forward, her horn flaring brightly. There is a loud bang an a miniature moon fires out at the creature at incredible speed. Heck yeah ballistae Princess! She artfully dodges her missile, swooping around it as it tries to track her.

01:36:56 Thistledown: (( if it'll help Groundskeeper, I'm practically falling asleep, so Thunderball can be knocked unconscious by one of the magic bolts. I won't be able to stay up much longer. ))

01:37:06 Thistledown: (( not Thunderball... Thistledown. duh ))

01:37:17 Greenling: ((*pats Thistledown*))

01:37:26 Sable_Night: (( Pretty sure those magic bolts do more than knock ponies unconscious. ))

01:37:33 MojitoJoe: (( hugs Thistle ))

01:37:46 : Stocking leaps over the missile coming from her sideways, and slashes through it with her blades while spitting them into her forehooves, the explosion would propel her forward, and she would try getting low, much like Octavia had, making quick, lateral slashes at the creature's midsection.

01:37:51 Marl: ((I feel like that happens more than once a night when you and Thunder are in the same room. Night, Thistles!))

01:38:41 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Thistledown goodnight))

01:38:55 Inkdrop: (( Night, Thistle! ))

01:39:04 ArcaneScholar: ((Night Thistle!))

01:39:09 Phantasm: (( Night! ))

01:39:11 Sand_Chaser: ((Night!))

01:39:13 Pancake: (( gnight Thund- Thistledown! ))

01:39:18 Shadow_Feather: (( night! ))

01:39:24 Skyblaze: (( not going quite yet, but 2am is about my limit. ))

01:39:54 Shadow_Feather: (( I'm along for the whole ride, I got nothin tomorrow :D ))

01:40:19 ArcaneScholar: ((I'm seeing this to the end hopefully.))

01:40:55 : Panty says something that certainly does not bear repeating in any way, as she wastes a shot on the missile that comes her way. Nonetheless, after that shot, she corrects her aim and tries to get the Groundskeeper's head in her sights... it's hard to aim with so many ponies going for him at once, but she's waiting for the right moment... she doesn't want to hit somepony else by accident, even if it couldn't hurt _them_. The Groundskeeper was, of course, a manifestation of darkness.... the holy weapons that she and her sister bore, were rather likely to be more effective against it, than they would ever be against any mortal pony.

01:41:30 Chell: ((Folks, I'm dropping off, too. Got work in the morning. Sapphire's gonna take over Chell duty for the rest of the night. Her word's as good as mine. Thanks for everything! It's been fun!))

01:41:40 Agile_Flourish: ((Night Chell!~))

01:41:43 Pancake: (( gnight! ))

01:41:44 Marl: ((Night Chell!))

01:41:45 Shadow_Feather: (( Night, Chell! ))

01:41:49 KiteCres: (( *hug* Night Chell! ))

01:41:50 Inkdrop: (( Aw, Night Chell! ))

01:41:53 DiamondCharm: ((Sleep well, Chell!))

01:42:05 The_Fiddler: (( Have a good sleep, and a good day Chell! ))

01:42:08 SapphireNight: ((Ciao Chell! ))

01:42:10 Marl: ((Inb4 Sapph totally blasts Chell's character.))

01:42:11 Sunset_Skye: (( night Chell! ))

01:42:16 Bishop_Heart: (( lets whisper the goodnights! ))

01:42:20 Obsidian: (( night Chell ))

01:42:25 : Kyubi_Hart hugs Chell goodnight.))

01:42:28 Thunderball: (( night Chell! ))

01:42:39 Shadow_Feather: (( or not XD ))

01:42:53 : Firefly takes Flight after Rainbow Dash, perhaps surprisingly at close to the same speed! Of course, she's never performed a Sonic Rainboom, but the boost of Kite's roaring propells her forward, and she rides on Rainbow Dash's drift, picking up speed, and grinning as she feels the rush of speed around her, moving so fast that there was very little chance of any projectile hitting her. She felt alive. She felt hope!

01:43:10 Ryu_Sword: ((It is a good idea from now on though.))

01:44:41 MojitoJoe: (( G'night Chell ))

01:45:24 The_Groundskeeper: His missiles were cut short as he was attacked by so many things at once, drawing his arms close to act as shields. He would stagger back, obviously phased by the attack before many of the black thorny vines uncurled from his body. The thorns appeared to grow in size and the vines themselves began to crackle with fel black energies. He pulled his arms away from his chest before he suddenly hurled his clenched fist upwards in a sort of unppercut motion. An immense black fist made of darkness rose from the ground and smashed into the miniature moon, causing it to shatter, hurling rocky debris over a large area. The Centaur then surged forward with a loud shout, charging through and towards other ponies. The vines would lash out at every pony he happened to pass by, which was to say all of them, eventually. Being struck by a vine would of course hurt due to the thorns, but would also stun anypony they struck, electrocuting them, more or less.

01:45:37 The_Groundskeeper: attacks*))

01:47:00 : Obsidian pushes Inky out of the way and takes the hit (( I is stunned ))

01:47:07 : The_Fiddler's glorious charge is brought to and end, as she is both slammed into and electrocuted. Well, that was pretty disheartening.

01:47:13 The_Fiddler: (( lol an* ))

01:47:51 Greenling: Greenling narrows her eyes at the oncoming vine. "Oh, you just wanna play MAMA'S GAME?!"

01:48:01 : Sable_Night tilts his head to one side... "I.. probably could, if I knew how, but I don't know how.. so I just have to wait for them to win...."

01:48:03 : Sunset_Skye grits his teeth again, digging deeper still as the shield around Sapphire slowly encroaches out to surround him and Thunderball as well. He looks over at the other conscious pony and manages a grin, even as the monster begins heading in their general direction. "This.. Is how i always wanted it, if it was gonna get ugly.. Side by side with you.. Think you can bust out some of that lightning if i keep this up to protect us..? Nopony's getting to Sapphire unless i'm on the ground first..!" He growls, knowing he would burn himself out soon at this rate, but the air around the three howled and compressed till it almost shimmered. Sweat beaded on his brow as he concentrated, hoping it would be enough to withstand a strike or two from those vines. He was thankful they weren't right in the monster's path.

01:48:08 : Thunderball looks over at Sunset. "Forgive me for leaving her... but I have to go and make sure that thing disappears." He charges forward at the beast, electricity crackling across his body. Might as well slam against the mighty behemoth head on, because there was no other way. Of course, he wasn't going for it's chest or head... he was going to take out it's legs to disable it. He dives low, knowing that he might just get trampled in the process. \

01:48:12 InkyMarks: Gah! Obsidian! Think, think.....*In a burst fo frenzied thought, I duct tape a spray can of WD-40 to my welding gun making a very poorly advised, and very short lived, flamethrower, sending an oily wall of flame at an attacking vine*

01:48:12 : Axl gulps and jumps back to back with Ryu_Sword. "Plat's give us some room!" He looks up at the debris falling and then whispers to Ryu_Sword. He nods and then readies him self swords out. "Ready when you are!"

01:48:27 DiamondCharm: The Velvet Backstitch attempts to parry the lashing tendrils with her roses and gapes in awe as the roses do nothing save for get smushed by the giant vines. The vine lashes viciously across her neck and shoulder, and she falls to the ground, convulsing in a very unseemly manner.

01:48:31 : Thistledown was right in front of The_Groundskeeper's forelegs, and is grabbed by a vine and knocked aside when he charges. She cries out as she is sent spinning away, landing on her side, effectively out of the fight.

01:48:41 : Fluttershy_ squeaks in fear as she is charged by The_Groundskeeper. Her wings fold and she flops to the ground staring blankly upward.

01:48:45 : KiteCres watching so many ponies being attacked, he couldn't stand idly by. No longer letting hesitation hold him. [Let this be the Roar of hope!] He lets loose the floodgates, pushing everything he is into this one roar. [Let we ponies have hope, have strength and never give in!] he roars harder, feeling what he was doing in his throat, but he had to help give them hope!

01:49:24 Obsidian: (( did I hear a goat? ))

01:49:30 : Skyblaze will help Apple_Bumpkin in any way she can. (( Even though I won't be online, if you need Skyblaze to do something Apple_Bumpkin, you can have her do it. She's a coward, except when it *really* matters, like now. :) ))

01:49:46 : Marl staggers back a bit as The Groundskeeper does everything he does, and immediately drops to the ground as he starts to flail the vines. "Flaaaaank...." he says, wincing, as the vine whizzes past his head. He jumps up, checking himself, disbelievingly, before he sees that several ponies had been hit and immediately rushes to help DiamondCharm, whose convulsing doesn't look very good.

01:49:49 : Agile_Flourish dives down and shoves Fluttershy out of the way, only to get electrocuted

01:49:52 : Inkwell yelps, as shards of rocks and vines lance over the area, and she has to pull back her rainbows to focus on defending herself, occassionally sending a glowing lance out at the huge statuesque creature!

01:49:52 Shadow_Feather: Shadow is in a pure rage, red clouding his vision. He swipes his talons across the centaurs face, roaring as sparks flew away in a flurry. He flies around for another pass, this time flicking out his blades, but is stymied by a barrage of rock and vine. He dodges all the rocks, but becomes entangled in the vines, roaring again as electricity surges through his body. He fights for a few seconds, slashing at the vines with blade and talon, shredding a few. But eventually, the shock overwhelms him, and he slumps in the knotted bramble, coughing out a last, "Con...sarnit!" before falling completely unconscious.

01:49:53 : Pancake was already almost gone from the missile... this isn't helping... she lays motionless, her eyes still watching Sapphire...

01:50:21 : Surprise decides to hide behind Pinkie for now. Even if she did give off more of a 'little sister' vibe than a 'shield' vibe.

01:50:31 : Chell_ spots Fluttershy collapse and quickly shoots a portal underneath her , casting the exit safely behind the charging creature. She looks back at Nightmare Moon, still apparently unconscious....

01:50:35 : Agile_Flourish convulses and screams in pain as she gets KO'd.

01:50:44 : Stocking almost lands a slash, but ends up getting wrapped up, and shocked by one of the vines... however, the mixture of pain, and electrocution doesn't seem to make her scream. If Anything, she just kind of grins stupidly, not really bothering to fight much once she's wrapped.... Even if her weapons may have been effective, they're kind of useless when she isn't actually swinging them around. She doesn't drop them though!

01:50:51 : Ryu_Sword nods "Lets go!" he says as they both begin to spin back to back out of the centaurs way and smash any debris near them

01:51:13 Skyblaze: (( nite everone! Wish me bye in PM if you want. Apple_Bumpkin controls Skyblaze for the time being, should she wish to. ))

01:51:22 : PlatinumSpark knocks back any remaining missiles and spins to back to get some distance away from the centaur. "This is screwed up!" He gets caught in the leg by a thorn but he keeps going .He wasn't going down that easy..

01:51:22 Shadow_Feather: (( unless I get a revive by a unicorn or something, Shadow is gonna loose most of his coat to burns... ))

01:51:31 : ArcaneScholar sees the other ponies go down, sees their pain and... Well... There's always a point where a pony just wants to get mad... And...

01:51:36 Surprise: (( Unicorns can't heal Shadow_Feather.... ))

01:51:38 : MojitoJoe opens his eyes to see that the bouncy barrier bubble had successfully defended him from the incoming attack... He looked over to see that Thunderball had galloped passed him... he looks around sees the behemoth charging at and through his friends. He stands firm with his shield up and back up so it can encase himself and Nightmare Moon... hopes its still strong enough to defend them both.

01:51:46 : Marble_Sheen stumbles to her feet, and shakes her head, wincing, before she slams her hooves down, pushing a shard of rock up out of the ground, and turns around, launching it at the monster with a fierce kick, fighting now from a distance with her talent of stonecraft!

01:52:09 Shadow_Feather: (( oh... *facetalon* I must be getting tired. Guess I'm down for now. ))

01:52:15 : ArcaneScholar roars wildly and slams a full column of freezing cold magic right into the groundskeeper's face.

01:52:15 Shadow_Feather: (( brb ))

01:53:05 : Phantasm observes the Fiddler fall and goes into a rage. "No one will steal vengeance from me! You will suffer for a thousand eternities!" *he magically grasps his whip, readying himself for the vines. He rolls under a few vines, leaping over others. He sends the whip careening towards the Gatekeeper's face. He didn't care that it would likely be ineffective, he wanted to leave a mark anyway he could. Seeing Arcane Scholar's ice magic, he gets an idea. Galloping over to him, he makes a request.* Scholar! Set my whip ablaze.

01:53:14 : Twilight_Sparkle pulls Fluttershy into the cover being one of the fallen rock created earlier from the previous attack... once noticing something, she takes The_Fiddler into covering too. "Becareful pony! Take cover!" There are certainly enough fighter ponies around. She will just do her best to keep everypony safe. Of course, the loud scream from Agile, she would try to pulls her in, too!

01:53:55 : Sand_Chaser hadn't been ready to fight, or for that matter defend, because the second the vines flew outward she was struck, collapsing immediatly from the shock of the blow, but also from the prick of the thorns that dug into her fur for only moments before she was on the ground. And the younger pony was out cold, at least for the time being.

01:54:07 : Panty tsks. "Oh flank it...." She remarks, forming the sniper into a more utilitarian Assault Rifle that's rather like an AK-47, and she gives up on caution, and just starts to fire! If it hit any pony it would only be about as bad as a paintball shot, though she knew if she could get some hits on the big bad, it should do some heavy damage!

01:54:15 Luna: (( BLERHG. Soslpy. ))

01:54:15 : Apple_Bumpkin nods to Sable_Night. "Well, allright. Ah suppose then ah'll jus do what ah can ta give ya time to figure it out. Watch yerself!" She turns to Skyblaze, "Well, this feels familiar. Let's go kick some flank!" She then charges Skyblaze following back toward the main body of the fight

01:54:29 : Rarity cries in terror as she is charged, she dives out of the way, suffering only light scrapes...and the loss of a large chunk of her mane. When she righted herself, she noticed immediately. She looks on the ground, a long trail of purple hair behind her. Her eyes narrow dangerously. "My mane! You fiend...It...Is...ON!"

01:54:30 : Pinkie continues to pose and wave her pompoms, urging on the rest of the ponies! "We can do it, yes we can! Chip his kiester, that's the plan!" She eeps as a stray bolt of energy surges at them, and she does a flip, slamming down what looks like a cotton candy machine in front of her to protect both her and Surprise, sending pink cottony goodness spraying over the area!

01:54:31 : Kyubi_Hart flies up out of harms way blasting debris with fire arrows as she goes ((No attack from her shes just getting out of the way for now.))

01:55:00 Greenling: Greenling lets out a warcry thst splits the sounds of battle in one furious outburst: "[B]CASSEROLE!!![/B]"

01:55:25 Klondike: Considering the distance between the raging centaur, Klondike is easily able to see that its charging, and manages to get a good distance away from the centaur, but not the vines. (Convenient exit is convenient. I'm out for tonight. Please pm your goodbyes.)

01:55:39 InkyMarks: *lightly smoking, extremely fatigued, and now completely out of flammable materials, Inky is very unsteady on his hooves. The armor weighs very, very heavy upon him, and he falls to his knees for now...but at least a LOT of the vines have been charred to cinders*

01:55:43 : Nao continues her spot, remaining near Twilight. She would deflect and slash around to keep the tendrils away from Twilight and herself... though while she'd defending Twilight... she forgets about herself for just long enough to get caught by one of the tendrils. As she is shocked, she would look at Twilight, and grin. "Don't you... dare lose.... You're only.... allowed... to lose to me!" She manages, before fainting.

01:55:46 Greenling: (('Night Klondy))

01:56:14 Inkdrop: (( Night! ))

01:56:31 MojitoJoe: (( Good Night to you! ))

01:58:09 Casserole: Suddenly, another set of vines, these strong and firm, lift Greenling out of the path of the shocking vines. A huge bulb with sharp teeth rears into the window. Casserole is not pleased...

01:58:42 : SapphireNight opens an eye. She was in a considerable amount of pain for being...well, she didn't want to think about it. She could see ponies everywhere. Flying ponies...and in front of her...Pancake? She shouldn't be here. "Paaann..." she tries to drag herself along with one arm, managing to close only a small distance and finally using a very weak spell to drag her the rest of the way. "Pan-cake...why are you here?" she pulls her close and her eyes flutter again as she tries to remain conscious.

02:00:15 : Rainbow_Dash weaves through the tangle of vines that try to hit her, but she makes sure not to get taken out. SHe's determined. Boosted in speed by Kite's roar, and followed close by another... incredibly fast Pegasus, she makes it just right... pushing for the breach, and creating a sheen of prismatic light before her hooves, before releasign a burst of pure sound, force, and rainbow light directly above the Groundsckeeper, a Sonic Rainboom... and heading straight up afterwards, to keep the speed going!

02:01:00 : Helpful_Heart flies backwards staying out of the way of any tendrils as she continues her work taking as accurate a record as possible. She prayed silently that Hardy would get out of the way

02:01:22 : Pancake manages to move a paw in the general direction of SapphireNight "ny-" she's cut off by her eyes shutting for a moment. she comes back too and just sort of stares at SapphireNight, not really able to do much.

02:02:13 : Firefly watches Rainbow Dash ahead of herself. She follows much in the same pattern, dodging vines as well, and also building up speed. She'd never rainboomed, but when Dash does, she starts to fly in trails around Dash's contrail, leaving a blue streaking helix around the rainbow as she rides along Rainbow's drift like an invisible halfpipe, her own flying, the force of the roar, and the sheer speed, only helping to increase the strength of the Rainboom!

02:02:53 : Bishop_Heart stumbles coughing from the missile blast, trying to stay near helpful heart but also angled to take him out of the path of the rampaging beast.

02:09:34 Greenling: ((..... Everypony got a post?))

02:09:41 ArcaneScholar: ((I'd think so.))

02:10:03 ArcaneScholar: ((20 minutes should be long enough right?))

02:10:10 Apple_Bumpkin: (( it's been 6 minutes since the last post. I think that's green for the groundskeeper ))

02:10:10 Shadow_Feather: (( easily ))

02:10:59 Marl: ((I'd say twenty minutes is plenty of time to give everypony a chance. But I'm sure the Keeper's just working on his post.))

02:11:17 Shadow_Feather: (( fair enough ))

02:11:20 Greenling: (( I was just checking.))

02:12:10 MojitoJoe: (( the fact we got this much done in with this many ponies I must say I'm impressed. ))

02:12:40 Greenling: ((yeah,, we're all pretty much awesome))

02:12:49 Marl: ((Yea and verily.))

02:12:54 The_Groundskeeper: There were just so many of them, and they were stronger than he could have anticipated. New cracks formed in his body and bits of stone chipped away, white light still seeping from the tainted Elements of Discord within him. They were still working their magic, weakening him from within.. He let out an immense, defeaneing roar of pain and frustration as black bolts of energy began to spontaneously form around him, dozens, maybe even hundreds of them, much larger than his magic missiles. He threw out his arms as they suddenly exploded outward from him, hurling themselves in every direction, targeting the ponies besieging him. His legs gave out from under him and he crashed to the ground with an incredible thud, skidding to a stop. He flailed his arms and legs widly, writhing on the ground as bright beams of light began to sprout from his body. More and more appearing as time passed.

02:12:59 Fluttershy_: (( Go Team! ))

02:14:00 Shadow_Feather: Shadow is blasted clear out of the vines as the Rainboom explodes almost over his head. He is flung to the ground, where he lay, unmoving. His cloak is in tatters, and his leather barding isn't much better off. Half his coat is gone, and he has a large gash running down his right side. He smokes a bit, a few bits of his coat nearly burning from the intensity of the electricity in the vines. This was gonna be a LONG recovery. (( And with that, I'm off. Night everypony! ))

02:14:09 : Nao is fainted near Twilight, still clutching her prized blade tightly in her forehooves!

02:14:41 : Obsidian struggles to his hooves after the last attack

02:15:16 Casserole: Casserole rumbled loud as a rockslide, deftly avoiding flying limbs and going to the body in the center...

02:15:27 Marl: ((Okay, everypony that's going to still be stunned, can you sound off real quick OOC so we know?))

02:15:40 Agile_Flourish: ((Stunned!))

02:15:43 The_Fiddler: (( Ho! ))

02:15:47 : Rainbow_Dash continues to streak across the sky, noticing Firefly. She actually had to do a doubletake, when she realized that rather than steadily trailing further, and further behind her, the other Pegasi is actually hoof for hoof, keeping right up with her pace when the Rainboom is over!

02:15:47 Shadow_Feather: (( I'm out completely. Stunned! ))

02:15:57 DiamondCharm: ((Stunned... and stunning, as always, darling.))

02:16:06 SapphireNight: (( Barely conscious ))

02:16:12 : Pinkie peaks her head up over the cotton candy machine, before ducking back down - and coming back up with a pink helmet on, several colorful flowers poking out of it in possibly the lamest attempt of camoflage ever, even as she pulls a tube up over her shoulder, firing the confetti cannon at the monster in the distance, sending swirling, hissing, whistling fireworks displays at the beast's rocky hide! She then yelps and ducks behind the cotton candy machine as it is obliterated by a huge black bolt. "No! Not Fluffy!"

02:16:16 Sunset_Skye: (( i'll be conscious through this, but not much longer as it's going to burn out just about all my reserves to protect a certain other pony and cat ))

02:16:17 Stocking: (( -is stunned, and enjoying it far too much- ))

02:16:23 Spanner: (( Out myself. Have fun everypony! ))

02:16:24 Pancake: (( same as Sapph. ))

02:16:28 : The_Fiddler lays behind the cover that Twilight_Sparkle fortunately brought her to, and shakily reaches a hoof toward her; "Re-*cough*-member, that with great power, comes great...friendship!" she exclaims, before....well, not going unconscious. How undramatic...

02:16:52 Obsidian: (( Technically stunned ))

02:17:00 : ArcaneScholar focuses on blocking the black bolts with multiple moving barrier spells, trying to protect as many ponies around him as possible "Form up in front of the wounded!"

02:17:05 Marble_Sheen: (( Stunned, probably barely conscious after this last volley and everything that happened. ))

02:17:25 MojitoJoe: (( How many ponies are near by where I am with Nightmare Moon? ))

02:17:35 MojitoJoe: (( Stunned or not ))

02:17:39 DiamondCharm: The Velvet Backstitch continues to convulse rapidly. She manages to catch sight of Marl standing above her and she tries to speak with him as the electricity subsides, "G-e-e-e-t o-u-u-u-t o-f h-e-e-e-r-e c-i-t-i-z-e-e-e-n!" She manages out as her body slowly comes to a halt, "It's... not safe."

02:17:43 : Lemon_Drop eeps at the black energy bolts, and ducks from any coming her way. She then shakes her head. She couldn't sit here! But what could she do? She looks over to Sapphire, then stands up and walks over. She sits next to the pony who was once evil, and the cat. "...Are you okay?"

02:17:49 Agile_Flourish: ((Logging Agile off, she's not getting up anytime soon.))

02:17:56 : Firefly indeed, does keep pace with Rainbow Dash quite well once the Rainboom itself seems to have passed. She would still be flying hard and fast, but indeed, certainly keeping pace with the blue Pegasi!

02:17:56 : Sunset_Skye sees SapphireNight and Pancake moving beneath his shield, and almost drops it in shock. That and every strike of the vines had felt like a sledgehammer inside of him as his compressed air defense did its best to hold out. "S-Sapphire..!! It's okay, it's gonna be okay..! Pancake's right there, i'm r-right here..! Just hold still, i'll protect you, i don't care what it takes!" He grits his teeth and cries out, a beam of darkness on his shield driving him to his knees, but one more look at Saph is enough for him to hang in there. He hastily draws out his throwing stars and launches them one by one till he's all out, knowing it might be futile but having to try anyway. He then dips his head till it touches the ground, turning to look at Sapphire and smiling weakly as he pours everything he has into protecting her, far past anything he could have ever given for anypony else. "I.. N-never stopped hoping.." He gasps and shudders a little as the shield buckles, but he was -not- going to lose her, not matter how much it hurt to keep the power flowing through him.

02:18:00 InkyMarks: (( I'm near the Groundskeeper, very close to incapacitated, and dangerously close. ))

02:18:23 : Axl has himself and Ryu_Sword slow in there spin they jump off each other just in time to dodge one of the giant arms. "Nice working with ya Ryu ^^ We should team up again sometime" He says as he slides to a halt on the ground. He looks around for anypony i need.

02:18:24 Greenling: Greenling rides atop its bulb, swinging her horn and bringing every plant available to horrible screeching rage. The moss formed itself into a thing the size of a small bear with sharp teeth of broken stone, following Casserole towards the main beast.

02:18:29 : Marble_Sheen is about to launch another rock at the monster as a bolt tears through it, hitting her, and sending her collapsing to the ground, shuddering as she is peppered by pebbles. She winces, and then crawls towards Nightmare Moon for a few moments, before collapsing, shivering on the ground. (I'm near ya, Mo-Joe. ^^

02:18:30 : Thunderball is blasted backwards flying through the air like a ragdoll. He lands back where he had been before, right next to Sapphire and Sunset. He struggles to his feet, thanking the stars that he had managed to stay conscious after that attack. He stands up, breathing heavily. He whispers to Sunset, knowing that things could get much worse, then, he crouches down and whispers something to Sapphire. With that done, he flies forward, straight at the monster. He was so slow, so weak now. But defeating it was all that mattered right now. Hopefully this last assault by those still around would defeat this thing.

02:18:30 : Surprise pulls water balloons from...somewhere. It seems Pinkie's powers have rubbed off on her! She hurls them at The_Groundskeeper; "SURPRISE!" she cries.

02:18:34 : Apple_Bumpkin asks Skyblaze for anything she might have that may be useful. She happens to have a vial of acid. Apple_Bumpkin takes the acid and bucks it at the rock guy thing, being as careful as she can not to hit any ponies

02:19:16 : Twilight_Sparkle notices what Flidder said, and sighs. "Alright alright..." and decided to to Pulls Noe behind covers too. "There... Happy?" she does pokes her head out and spots Surprise and pinkie along with Firefly and Rainbow Dash first. Cause they are the most colorful one. Though she would later cheers on with the odd creature... summoned by the Greenling. "Er... Every ponies is doing their best already... I need to steps it up."

02:19:47 : Inkwell winces, as she brings up a rainbow shield before her, getting pushed back by several black blasts that cause her rainbow 'shield' to crack visibly. "Okay, this is not fun!"

02:19:49 : Panty grins as she can see what's happening to the Groundskeeper, and she continues to fire over and over, not drawing her hoof from the trigger for even a moment as she laughs. "That's right you're going down! It's all over! Repent!"

02:20:11 InkyMarks: ((wait...why are we still attacking? Didn't the groundskeeper just explode?))

02:20:29 The_Fiddler: (( He's in the process of maybe exploding. ))

02:20:29 Thunderball: (( it isn't dead yet. ))

02:20:32 : Fluttershy_ snaps out of her daze at Twilight_Sparkle's unintentional pep-talk. She looks around for ponies who are hurt and dashes to the rescue. Her first target: Shadow_Feather.

02:20:32 Casserole: ((No, his arms fell off))

02:20:39 Inkwell: (( May be in the process of exploding. ))

02:20:39 InkyMarks: (( Ohh ))

02:20:44 Luna: (( Exploding =/= Exploded ))

02:20:47 : ArcaneScholar is backing up slowly towards Sunset and Sapphire, flaring up the strongest barrier spells he can manage to keep their wounds from getting any worse. He doesn't want to give up yet. Not now. He would grit his teeth and after defending against the barrage, slam the Groundskeeper with his strongest spell.... He roars as a huge column of fire crackling with electricity erupts from the ground under it.

02:20:47 Greenling: ((Ponies kill it DEAD.))

02:20:50 Marl: "Now's not the time, Miss Diamond!" he says, quickly, and drags to as safe a place as he can find as fast as he can, trying to avoid the missiles exploding around them. Once he's gotten her hidden behind a rock, he holds out a hoof, sternly. "Stay here, and don't draw attention to yourself." he looks around for more, and he rolls his eyes a bit when he spots Shadow_Feather. Of course. He rushes out and begins to drag his sorry flank back as well, muttering about how heavy griffons are.

02:20:59 Sand_Chaser: (( Not dead yet! ))

02:21:01 Panty: (( Panty of course, has no reservations about shooting something that's been disarmed. -rimshot- ))

02:21:11 Greenling: (( XD))

02:21:12 : Pancake stares at SapphireNight... she tries to move but fails at it. she tries again, and again, and again... its not happening.

02:21:17 Lemon_Drop: (( XD ))

02:21:20 Inkwell: (( We'll continue hitting him hard until he has finally exploded! And then exploded again! ))

02:21:37 Greenling: ((And then we will bury him in SPACE.))

02:21:38 : Phantasm laughs mockingly. "On second thought, dearest Scholar, I don't think that will be necessary!" He jumped backwards to avoid the falling entity, but could not avoid the explosion from the projectiles. He is hurled a ways back, landing with a thud near the Fiddler. He stands up, throwing his cape to the side with a circular flourish of his hoof. With a shout full of malice and contempt, he calls to the Groundskeeper. "Your crude parlor tricks are no match for me, scoundrel! Taste the Ponyjab Lasso!" He levitates his whip through the air to assault the Groundskeeper. It whistles, screaming through the air and attacking the entity.

02:21:41 Lemon_Drop: (( Can you do that? Can you explode twice? ))

02:21:41 : KiteCres suddenly moving to cover as many ponies as he can as he slams his hooves into the ground, teeth gritted as he closes his eyes. He rams his head down and feels the slam of energy, sliding across the ground as he guards them bodily, shaking as he's barely on his hooves from it. [Pony Feathers! Good thing that hit my head, or I'd be in some real danger! Why didn't I get to Airenes shop and get my armor?]

02:21:45 ArcaneScholar: We're gonna bury what's left of you in a SOUP CAN!

02:21:57 : Chell_ watches The_Groundskeeper collapse to the ground. She tried to think of something -anything- she could do to help from here. She looks around...boulder. She smiles casting a portal underneath it and the exit portal on a nearby cliff. When it flies out, she recasts the entrance portal so it falls through and gains momnetum then she recasts the exit portal causing the boulder to launch into the air. It soars up for awhile before plummeting down right over The_Groundskeeper.

02:22:05 Inkwell: (( I don't know! But what if he can? ))

02:22:26 Greenling: ((I guess we can get Fluttershy to finish him?))

02:22:34 : MojitoJoe concentrates on his spell as the flying debris and the dark energy is getting more and more difficult to manage and to deflect but he needs to defend all the ponies he can. While his barrier expands now to cover Marble Sheen he pulls out one more bottle of soda to enchant... He is so going to feel this later... he takes careful aim while levitating the soda bottle rocket and fires it at The_Groundskeeper.

02:22:49 Sable_Night: (( I hope it's filled with mine. ))

02:22:55 Marl: ((You're not a bad eldritch centaur, you just made a bad decision.))

02:23:17 Greenling: ((and deserve to burn for it))

02:23:19 : PlatinumSpark takes out his guitar and slams it on a arm flying towards him. It explodes sending him into the air. "That could've of gone better X_X This sucks!!!" He flies up into the air hoping somepony would catch him before he lands. "Haalllppp!!!"

02:23:32 : Helpful_Heart scribbles furiously. She looks up just in time to see a large black orb flying right at her face. Oh dear...

02:23:38 PlatinumSpark: (( insert Guitar twange for lulz* ))

02:23:58 Sable_Night: (( It's El Kabong! ))

02:24:07 : Sand_Chaser lays still where she was, amongst where the vines had hit. She had barely shifted since the strike had rendered her unconscious, however the multiple blasts of energy and other such objects had scooted her about like a doll. Limp and unmoving.

02:24:08 InkyMarks: *My vision, what I see through the slit of of my visor, swims in and out of focus. The sounds of battle seem muffled. My armor feels more like a prison. Too tired to move...except for one thing. With a pull of a string in my mask, a bottle rocket, home made, out of cardboard and other assorted odds and ends, FOONTS out of a tube on my side, along with three others. Each is labeled 'The Prickly Pear' in black sharpie, and streak towards what's left of the groundskeeper.*

02:24:14 ArcaneScholar: ((El Kabong laced with unstable explosive.))

02:24:26 Fluttershy_: (( Umm... Those are my lines... if you don't mind... that is... ))

02:24:35 Casserole: ((*makes note to save Sand Chaser*))

02:24:59 Marl: ((Flank, I was going to grab Sand too, but I forgot.))

02:25:02 : Inkwell yelps, and reforms her shield into a catchers mitt, shooting it out towards Platinum Spark to catch him - and gets blasted herself, flying into the air! ((Gotta return the favor to one of her savers. ^^))

02:25:32 Inkwell: (( Or at least make up for putting him in a coma that one time... ))

02:25:38 : Luna sits back and watches... Man her citizens could kick flank.

02:25:51 : Inkdrop stares at Panty. Whoever this pony was, it was quite obvious she had this covered. And Inkdrop had not had to- What was wrong with Inky? She runs, dodging...whatever she had to dodge. She stopped by Inky, and decided to toss a pyrotechnic from the bag Inky gave her at the Groundskeeper, before grabbing Inky after he sets of the bottle rockets and gets the hay out of the explosion radius.

02:26:00 : Bishop_Heart sees Helpful_Heart about to get blasted. He grabs a rock from the landscape and kicks it expertly into the path of the orb, intercepting it just inches from her face.

02:26:32 Sand_Chaser: (( Is Casserole like the pony version of Aubrey II ? ))

02:26:43 InkyMarks: (( Inkwell is a member of the Rainbow Lantern Corps. ))

02:27:06 Sand_Chaser: (( Well not physical pony, but you know, MLP safe version ))

02:27:18 Inkwell: (( Kickin' flank for the Luna! You know it's because we love you! And... well... don't wanna be trinkets on an interdimensional mantlepiece. But mostly because we love you! ))

02:27:20 Thunderball: (( next arc: Rainbow Lantern Corps. ))

02:27:25 Casserole: ((Yep. See his pic.))

02:27:30 : Rarity's horn glows brighter than perhaps it ever has as she intercepts dozens of the black spines. With great skill and grace, she turns them about and launches them back right at the cracks like a dozen needles about it pry it apart.

02:27:36 Obsidian: (( I call Orange ))

02:27:58 The_Fiddler: (( I call green, because I already have the outfit. ))

02:28:09 Fluttershy_: (( I'll be the pink lantern... If nopony minds... ))

02:28:09 Greenling: ((DARK green. ohwut))

02:28:16 Sand_Chaser: (( I did, I was wondering if that was your inspiration. Also, I want to be a yellow lantern! Hay yes. ))

02:28:26 Inkdrop: (( I! ))

02:28:28 : Kyubi_Hart sees PlatinumSpark and Inkwell go flying "I'll help!" she says using two hug wind arrows to slowly lower the two to the ground "There!" she says happily. Unfortunately she let her guard down and ends up paying for it with a black orb to the back "Ahhh!" she cries out as she falls to the ground

02:28:31 MojitoJoe: (( Shoot I forgot to add a witty catchphrase when I fired my soda bottle rocket...*insert to previous post* "Drink Soda... Jerk!" ))

02:28:33 Pancake: (( white. <.< >.> not racist. ))

02:28:47 Marl: ((Nopony wants to be purple? Heck yes, mine.))

02:28:57 ArcaneScholar: ((Which ever one causes explosions more.))

02:29:01 Thunderball: (( red is mine then XD ))

02:29:01 Wolfe: ((Can I join in?))

02:29:04 Sable_Night: (( Marl.. Purple lanterns are all.. girls... ))

02:29:06 Axl: (( Go ahead Inkdrop :3 ))

02:29:18 Marl: ((*I'm okay with this.jpg))

02:29:26 SapphireNight: ((Plaid?))

02:29:26 Sable_Night: (( Who are powered by sensuality. ))

02:29:44 ArcaneScholar: ((Aaaaaa- outofmyheadoutofmyheaaaad))

02:29:48 PlatinumSpark: (( Inkwell and Kyubi_Hart are falling..... ))

02:29:58 Inkwell: (( I'd still be the best lantern. I've got ALLL da colors. ))

02:30:02 Luna: (( Spark is the only Paisley Lantern ever. ))

02:30:05 ArcaneScholar: ((Also perfect finisher time for a villain made of ROCK.))

02:30:11 PlatinumSpark: (( well sh- ))

02:30:17 InkyMarks: (( “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power… Inkwell Lantern’s light!” ))

02:30:17 Inkdrop: (( Go ahead with being the black lantern, Axl? I will. I will do just that. ))

02:30:20 Pancake: (( no Inkwell, black has all the colors. silly filly! ))

02:30:24 KiteCres: (( *snickers* Mmm, Blue Kite. ))

02:30:34 Luna: (( Each core has their own oath, Inky. ))

02:30:45 Sand_Chaser: (( Which is why I picked yellow FEAR FTW. ))

02:30:58 PlatinumSpark: (( Can't I be pewter/silver? ))

02:31:07 Inkdrop: (( Oh my gosh, that means I'm the super-lantern! *hoof-pump* called it. ))

02:31:08 Fluttershy_: (( soooo much OOC... ))

02:31:08 : The_Groundskeeper was soon obscured in a bright white light that seemed to be slowly and steadily expanding, a hand, or a hoof, and maybe even a tendril emerging from it briefly as the creature within the light continued to flail and scream. After a moment, the light increased in intensity, if that was even possible and suddenly exploded outward. Everything went completely silent as everypony's vision went white. There was that strange sensation of falling again, and that weird jolting of gravity shifting about in a seemingly random fashion. Very slowly, the light faded. Everypony would now find themselves either inside the ruin of a castle, or outside of it in a dark and rather spooky forest. All was quiet except for the movement of various ponies stirring and the night wildlife.

02:31:12 Luna: (( Wait. What are we doing? BACK to STORY ))

02:31:13 Inkwell: (( Err, No, technically, WHITE has all the colors. Black is no color what so ever. ))

02:31:23 : Ryu_Sword nods to Axl "Sure your a great swordscolt." he says as they jump off one another. He lands and rolls then gets up he sees Kyubi get hit "NO!" he says charging over and catching her "Kyubi are you alright?" he asks but shes unconscious

02:31:44 Inkdrop: (( Don't ruin my moment, Inkwell. ))

02:31:45 Greenling: Greenling blinks. "... My bloodlust is not sated."

02:32:06 Ryu_Sword: ((Drat didn't get that out before groundskeeper))

02:32:10 : Obsidian struggles to his feet. "I HATE cracking the 4th wall"

02:32:15 Inkwell: (( I so did not cause this Luna. Honest. ))

02:32:18 ArcaneScholar: waaaaaaaagh! oof! augh! augh! my face!

02:32:19 Casserole: Casserole, in its usual thoughtful way, had saved all the indisposed ponies it could grab with its vines.

02:32:20 InkyMarks: *the stress of interdimensional travel takes what's left of my strength, and my vision winks out*

02:32:29 : Apple_Bumpkin blinks a few times and immediately starts looking around for Sable_Night

02:32:37 InkyMarks: Oww...

02:32:42 : Thunderball is thrown back a bit by the light that blinds him. He falls back to where Sunset and Sapphire are, making sure they are both alright. "Are you two ok?"

02:32:59 : Agile_Flourish eventually stirs...

02:33:14 : Inkwell winces, as she face-plants into the crumbling wall of a castle, her legs twitching. "... Ow."

02:33:15 : Pancake does what she can to move closer to SapphireNight through all this... she cant do much...

02:33:19 : MojitoJoe is holding up his barrier still when all went white. His eyes are shut tight and his form is still standing over Nightmare moon defending her.... Slowly he opens his eyes and speaks outloud... "IS it over?"

02:33:21 : Sunset_Skye coughs heavily, gasping as his power finally, mercifully, burns out on him before he hurts himself more. He collapses on his stomach next to Sapphire, still conscious but barely. He blinks weakly, trying to clear his vision a little bit. Hearing Thunder he looks up weakly, managing a tiny smile. "T-T-Told.. You.. S-She'd be s-safe..."

02:33:27 : ArcaneScholar catches Inkwell with his last bit of telekinesis

02:33:27 Inque: *calling out* Inkdrop! Inky! Anypony! Where'd y

02:33:32 Narrator: (( Above the spot where the groundskeeper had been, numbers count up rapidly to eventually display "700,000,000" and thousands upon thousands of bits would rain down where the creature once stood, flooding everywhere. ))

02:33:32 Inque: 'all go!!!

02:33:38 : Spotlight_Sample chuckles... There is a soft wisp of of darkness from deep inside the pony's body, and it worms its way out through the mouth.... It takes the opportunity. The PERFECT opportunity. The beast is gone, and all that is left is power. Glorious power, the dark wisp stops, twists and spasms, then sizzles away into a tiny, bright speck, which sinks into the ground where the Groundskeeper last stood... And then.. Nothing.

02:33:52 Thunderball: (( last ooc for me, since it fits. "In fearful day, in raging night. With strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars... for hope burns bright!" Just had to say that. ))

02:33:55 : Inkdrop closes her eyes at the light, and keeps them closed for the falling. "Well, are we..are we safe, now?" She said, rising to her hooves and opening her eyes. "....Inque?"

02:33:57 : Fluttershy_ smears salves on shadow_feather's wounds, then dashes to the other injured ponies each on in turn, applying cream to the burns

02:34:03 Spotlight_Sample: (( So... GGG? ))

02:34:07 : Agile_Flourish stands up sees this and.... "JACKPOOOOT!" She launches forward at the bits.

02:34:13 Spotlight_Sample: (( Itallmakessensenow. ))

02:34:18 Fluttershy_: (( woot @ Scott Pilgrim reference ))

02:34:21 : Marble_Sheen winces, as she lands near Nightmare Moon, shivering as she continues to drag herself slowly towards her, tears streaming down her cheeks.

02:34:26 : Marl drops Shadow as he is dragging him and covers his mouth with a hoof, almost losing what little was left in his stomach on the unconscious griffon. Once he recovers enough to move, he forces himself to ignore whatever had happened and runs around to check DiamondCharm and then Sand_Chaser.

02:34:31 Inque: Inkdrop! *hugs* What happened!? Everypony disappeared suddenly!

02:34:45 ProfessorWhoof: ((What's the haps?))

02:34:46 Inque: I was so worried...

02:34:47 Luna: (( And with his dying struggle, he destabilizes Equestria's economy. ))

02:34:56 Agile_Flourish: ((Hahahaha.))

02:34:57 Greenling: ((XDDD ))

02:34:59 Luna: (( What an evil monster. ))

02:35:04 : Pinkie peaks up from behind the exploded cotton candy machine, before taking a wad of cotton candy into her mouth, nomming gently. "Mmm... that's some good victory!"

02:35:05 : The_Fiddler was laying down, so now she gets to lay down in midai- nope, back on the ground. Noticing that feeling has returned to all her limbs, she stands. Well, that was...mainstream. She looks about for her team; "Velvet Backstitch! Phantasm!?"

02:35:15 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Luna you so sily ))

02:35:18 : ArcaneScholar helps Inkwell down to the ground before giving her a great big hug

02:35:24 : Twilight_Sparkle is again, downed for the count only to slowly get up. "Ugh... what happened?"

02:35:24 Inkdrop: "Oh...well, there was this odd place, and a battle, and a monster, and we won."

02:35:39 : Phantasm lands. His cape found its way back around him. Normally, he would have glided to safety. But he re-entered Equestria upside down and landed with a thud. He got up, growling. "That buffoon! That imbecile! That braggart of cosmic proportions! He stole my whip! I would bring him back just to destroy his ugly visage once more! The nerve of him.." He hears Fiddler calling for him. "Over here, mare."

02:35:42 Casserole: Casserole purrs and hugs all the ponies yet to wake up.

02:35:44 Pancake: (( that about sums it up Inkdrop. ))

02:35:48 : MojitoJoe looks around wearily... "Is it over?..."

02:35:55 : Inkwell groans, and hugs Arcane Scholar back. "You take me on some of the most interesting dates..." She groans, rubbing her nose.

02:35:55 : Obsidian walks shakily over to Luna and Nightmare_Moon. "So, what now?"

02:35:58 Greenling: Greenling sighs. "STILL angry."

02:36:01 Luna: (( You could buy everything in Equestria three times over with that many bits! ))

02:36:08 Twilight_Sparkle: (( wait, what? Plant can purr AND hug? That is so overpowered. ))

02:36:15 : DiamondCharm rises to her hooves and holds her head painfully as The Fiddler calls for her. She rushes to the Fiddler's side, "I'm here, Fiddler! What sort of foul trick do you think he's got concealed under the hem now? Somepony like him, with a few stitches loose, certainly still has a few tricks up his sleeve..."

02:36:19 ProfessorWhoof: Ofion jerked awake. "Raven!"

02:36:25 : Lemon_Drop looks around, opening her eyes. "...I never want to do anything like that ever again."

02:36:29 ProfessorWhoof: ((Orion))

02:36:29 : Fluttershy_ tends to Sand_Chaser

02:36:32 Casserole: (( ;_: ))

02:36:38 Inque: I wonder why I didn't go...?

02:36:43 ArcaneScholar: We might be able to go on a more relaxing one if stuff didn't keep happening.

02:36:46 : Axl and Platinum pound hooves together *Epic Brofist*. " That wasn't too bad^^" His swords forms back into the hexagon. [Now where's Fluttershy_ and Luna so I can hug them both?]

02:36:47 : Rainbow_Dash finally comes down from above, towards the group of the others, and she sighs a bit, finally relaxing as she looks to Twilight. "We totally did it...."

02:36:51 InkyMarks: Ah c'n answer that...*coughs* ow.

02:36:57 RavenShadow: (( Orion was brought to the med tent. ))

02:36:59 ProfessorWhoof: ((Disregard mine))

02:37:09 : Luna is actually detuning the moon from its blueshift.

02:37:16 InkyMarks: Inkdrop, you there...? Ow...

02:37:18 : Stocking stirs a bit and sits up some. "..... It's over? But it was just getting fuuuun..." She whines.

02:37:24 : Ryu_Sword looks around still holding Kyubi "Well we're back home." he looks to Kyubi "Are you okay?" he asks but shes still unconscious so he moves her to his back "Lets go find the others." he says looking to the ponies around him

02:37:24 ArcaneScholar: I need to check on the others though, I'll be right back to escort you home!

02:37:28 : Sand_Chaser lays mostly in a crumpled lump, having missed about half of the battle to those vines she blinked her eyes open rather slowly and looked around at the other ponies.She didn't bother moving, or even speaking. Just surveying for any ponies she new that were hurt. And she was far to shy to say anything to the pony caring for her, somepony she didn't know? Craziness.

02:37:35 : Marble_Sheen shivers, and then collapses, her energy spent, still several feet from Nightmare Moon. "'m... 'm sorry... Princess... lost... gift... lost... please... please forgive..." She murmers weakly, her eyes glassy as she shivers.

02:37:36 : SapphireNight pulls Pancake closer to her as she feels the falling sensation again. When she finds herself back on the stone floor she is at a total loss...She finds Sunset collapsed on her...she can't move. Oh well.

02:37:38 Greenling: Greenling wanders over to the patch of scorched\ earth where The Groundskeeper once was and mercilessly beats it with a branch.

02:37:49 Sand_Chaser: (( I have a strong urges to make another Lunacy pun. ))

02:37:49 : ArcaneScholar heads over to Greenling

02:37:54 InkyMarks: Inque din't go cos' no collector'd have two of th' same thing in his collection, Ah reckon...

02:37:55 ArcaneScholar: ........... You're fine aren't you?

02:37:59 : KiteCres wheezing gently as he winces and rubs at his throat after he regains his vision and footing, shivering gently and looking to everypony before moving to help where he can. He stops as he looks to Nightmare Moon, then moves to make sure all the other ponies are alright as he gulps gently, not saying a word as he helps check and make sure the ponies are safe around.

02:38:01 Luna: (( ... Greenling makes me laugh. ))

02:38:03 : Inkdrop turns around. "Inky! You're okay! I saved you from an explosion."

02:38:18 Greenling: "What?" She asks, still beating the blackened spot.

02:38:19 : Thunderball looks over at Sunset and Sapphire, nodding before running over to Nightmare Moon. Seeing Marble_Sheen, he grabs her and pulls her towards Nightmare Moon so that she can be with her. He had gotten Marble into this, and he was going to see it through.

02:38:23 : Inkwell laughs. "Take your time. That was one interesting little bruha."

02:38:32 : Fluttershy_ rushes to InkyMarks and tends to him

02:38:33 Luna: (( *totally activates the Lunar Cry and rains monsters upon equestria* ))

02:38:38 ArcaneScholar: You're fine.

02:38:38 InkyMarks: Really? Cos' Ah feel awful explosiony right now...Ah don't think ah c'n move righ' now...

02:38:50 ArcaneScholar: Good job out there, Greenling~

02:38:53 : MojitoJoe Joe is standing over Nightmare and his bubble sheild is still up but he finally lets it go as he falls to his side

02:38:54 : Panty shifts the weapon she'd been using back into two pairs of panties once again, and makes her way over to Stocking. "Hey... Stockers....I have to fulfill a promise before I can go back home with you..... you can go on ahead of me, if you want..." She remarks, grinning with a ragged look.

02:39:11 : Inkdrop keeps hugging Inque. "Then don't move."

02:39:11 Marl: ((Are we... ditching the one-post thing? Or are we waiting for NMM to do something, now?))

02:39:12 : ArcaneScholar heads over to Sunset and Sapphire, kneeling down to both of them

02:39:27 Greenling: ((Shhhh Marl.))

02:39:30 : PlatinumSpark sighs and calls to Inkwell. "Thanks for the save^^!" He rubs his hooves together as if removing dust. "That was just like old times . "

02:39:33 InkyMarks: *blinks* Oh...izzat Miss Fluttershy? Thank ya miss...Ah'm jes' gonna rest mah eyes a bit...

02:39:38 Sand_Chaser: (( XD ))

02:39:40 InkyMarks: *K.O.*

02:39:40 Luna: (( *bumps the posts to two* ))

02:39:41 PlatinumSpark: [Except I didn't get paid >.>]

02:39:42 : Marble_Sheen shivers, looking up at Thunderball, and gives him a weak nuzzle, before curling up next to Nightmare Moon. "'m sorry my Princess... sorry..."

02:39:45 : Chell_ finds herself outside the castle when the light clears. She immediately starts looking for her friends.

02:39:53 Inque: I...wasn't much help...

02:39:58 Marl: ((Careful, Luna. You give these peasants an inch...))

02:40:11 : Firefly drops on down to land. She isn't sure how she's ended up here with the others... but she would finally come down, landing on a tree branch. "..... Huh... well... this is a new place I guess...." She remarks, looking around for a while. "Guess it wouldn't hurt to stay a while.... it looks like things are safe.. it's gone... whatever it was."

02:40:12 : Lemon_Drop walks over to Chell. "I hope you know what to do, because I don't."

02:40:25 Inque: Since when can Inky fight!? It was like he'd been a soldier...

02:40:26 Ryu_Sword: ((Smacks Marl upside the head.))

02:40:26 : The_Fiddler hugs DiamondCharm; "We did it! Well, not so much us as the others, but still!"

02:40:27 : ArcaneScholar helps move Sunset off of Sapphire to make her more comfortable. "You're back? For reals this time?"

02:40:32 Inkwell: (( -(Cackles, and takes the Ruler, now that she had been given an inch!)- ))

02:40:32 Luna: (( They turn revolting, I know, I know. ))

02:40:41 Greenling: ((HEY.))

02:40:44 Sunset_Skye: It takes great force of will to pull himself down next to Sapphire instead of collapsed across her, but he manages thanks to Archie's help, laying next to her and panting heavily. Every muscle in his body felt like it was cramped on him, and he felt terribly weak.. Still he manages another shaky smile at her. "G-G'morning sunshine.."

02:40:52 : MojitoJoe lays there near Nightmare Moon and the others who he defended breathing deeply as he tries to remain conscious.

02:41:05 Inkdrop: "Inque, you being here, now, is help enough."

02:41:09 Inque: Miss Inkrop....can...can ya help me drag Inky home? If we leave him here Pear'll tan mah hide...

02:41:10 : Helpful_Heart almost dropped her quill when the world shifted again but undaunted, she continues her scribbling after giving her husband a very proud look.

02:41:11 : Phantasm turns around dramatically, flaring his cape out and heading towards the Fiddler and DiamondCharm. "We helped. Never doubt that."

02:41:15 : Obsidian cracks his neck and looks down at Nightmare_Moon. "Are you alright, Moon?"

02:41:24 : Fluttershy_ runs to tend to DiamondCharm

02:41:25 : Pancake lays comfortably next to SapphireNight... its been too long.

02:41:25 : Axl has leaped at Fluttershy_ in slow motion to glomp her.

02:41:28 : Chell_ shakes her head. She reaches for her notebook...but it seems to have been lost somewhere. She just shakes her head and starts looking for Kite. They would need to get everypony back to town safely.

02:41:29 : ArcaneScholar plops down next to them for a few moments "Awesome to have you back, Sapphire... Now..."

02:41:31 : Surprise just so happened to appear right behind Firefly. She couldn't pass this up, so she flies down in front of her; "SURPRISE!"

02:41:35 Nightmare_Moon: Wanted that to go a bit longer, but it was getting a tad late, so decided to just wrap it up. =P))

02:41:40 : Marl sighs a little seeing that most of the creatures who had taken the trip seemed to be recovering. Then, his heart drops and he looks around anxiously for several other ponies. "Sunset! Miss Sapphire! ...Shine!" he adds at the end, spinning around outside the castle and scanning the clearing.

02:42:07 : Inkdrop nods, and grabs inky by the tail. "Let'd go," she said, through said tail.

02:42:16 Inque: (( Is given heart attack by Surprise. ))

02:42:20 : DiamondCharm returns the hug, "We certainly did! I think our job here is done." She turns to regard the unfolding happy ending to what could have been a wholly satisfying tragedy.

02:42:23 : Pinkie continues to eat cotton candy from the destroyed machine, occassionally spitting out a bit of jagged metal.

02:42:29 The_Fiddler: (( Hay, the event ends at 4 AM. It is 2:42 AM. I want more! *raises picket sign* ))

02:42:32 Inque: *grabs hold too*

02:42:50 Ryu_Sword: ((Its alright you couldn't have expected a turnout like this. *hugs Nightmare_Moon*))

02:42:50 Greenling: ((*sighs* I;ll go put on my villain hat...))

02:42:56 Inque: (( Sinestro descends from the sky to fight Octavia. ))

02:43:13 : ArcaneScholar pants "C-come see me about that wagon sometime. I think I can help sort something out for you. Just enjoy each others company for now!"

02:43:18 Lemon_Drop: (( *joins Fiddler in protest* ))

02:43:18 Twilight_Sparkle: (( Need to go as well. Bye! No respond needed. Good night everypony. ))

02:43:21 : ArcaneScholar stands up and glomps Agile

02:43:23 : Firefly blinks as Surprise manages to catch her completely off guard, and she ends up whirling back a little bit, before she chuckles a little bit, and she smiles back at Surprise. "Heh.... Looks like you're doing alright, Surprise...." She remarks, smiling as she closes her eyes."Glad you made it."

02:43:26 Greenling: (('night!))

02:43:45 : Fluttershy_ moves on to Obsidian

02:43:48 : The_Fiddler uses the ring to make Superman, and has him re-enact the ending of Superman one. ))

02:43:49 : Rarity pulls herself up from the ground, now that the danger has passed, she can properly mourn her lost mane. She tears off a piece of her dress and makes herself a makeshift cover before looking for her friends.

02:43:53 Myryan: (( *gives Twilight_Sparkle an extra respond to stockpile for when they are needed. * ))

02:43:54 : Sand_Chaser manages to sit up, sighing and craning her neck to find anypony she knows. Accounting for anypony she knew. Diamond, Marl, Sunset, and Greenling had all made it out. She looked around for a few others before smiling and resting, comfortable now that everypony had made it out safe.

02:44:28 : Thunderball watches Marble Sheen break down, but he holds his composure. He knew Sunset and Sapphire were alright, but now he had to worry about Nightmare Moon. He had to make sure she was alright, he was still in her service after all.

02:44:57 : ArcaneScholar ** They hug and brohoof and decide that it was time to check on the others first. They head over to check up on Nightmare Moon.

02:45:15 : Axl suddenly turns to PlatinumSpark. "Don't forget our bet because you blacked out after Luna's hug you have to ask out Vinyl Scratch!"

02:45:21 : Nightmare_Moon was lying where she had been before they were all transported to the Dark Manifestation's realm. She was awake, staring down at the floor, looking incredibly forlorn. She scuffs a forehoof across the stone floor.

02:45:39 Marl: ((Forlorn NMM is adorable NMM))

02:45:40 Firefly: (( yeah, I need to get some rest myself... Also. Not going to be announced, but there is going to be a Mini-event tommorow. Namely, Panty's Departure. It'll happen pretty much, as soon as Panty talks with Sweetie Belle, and after everypony comes back... pretty much to here. ))

02:45:49 : Fluttershy_ gallops over to Marble_Sheen and tends to him

02:45:56 Fluttershy_: *her

02:45:59 Firefly: (( There is a _surprise_ planned for the end of that event. ))

02:45:59 : Phantasm fumes. "Mare--Fiddler. I would discuss...things with you in my sanctum."

02:46:00 : MojitoJoe looks up weakly at Thunderball from where he is laying near Nightmare Moon... "Is... she hurt? I... I did my best."

02:46:01 : KiteCres nodding silently to Chell and gestures to the wall and back towards town quickly. They really had to get ponies back to town and safely, and her portals could get them transported in record time.

02:46:09 : The_Fiddler grins, and keeps her hold on DiamondCharm; "Now, onto our next order of business. Firstly, we should set to giving those Nigh-...former Nightmares a very stern talking to, at least. Then, we...come up with a cool name. Nothing too mainstream." she says, nodding.

02:46:13 KiteCres: (( Very cool. ))

02:46:15 Firefly: (( but I'm not saying what it is. Till then. Ta ta! ))

02:46:18 : SapphireNight smiles weakly at Sunset. "Hi.." she says in her even dreamy tone. "Did we win?"

02:46:21 Marl: ((Night Oni!))

02:46:31 The_Fiddler: (( Awww, well then I'm going to retire Surprise for now. Since Firefly is gone. Also, night! I'll be there! ))

02:46:39 Casserole: (('.... bye~ *waves* sadly))

02:46:40 : Thunderball kneels out in front of Nightmare_Moon. "My princess... please do not feel down. What can I do for you to bring a smile to your face?"

02:46:45 Agile_Flourish: We just kicked that thing's flank straight into the 12th DIMENSION!

02:46:45 : PlatinumSpark rolls his eyes at Axl. "Nopony else knows about that bet. I don't have to do it!!!"

02:46:49 : Marble_Sheen is weakly looking up at Nightmare Moon with every bit of adoration that she always had, her weakened body not allowing her to do much more than that.

02:47:04 : Pancake falls asleep laying against SapphireNight... she's not smiling but she's obviously happy.

02:47:05 Firefly: (( The following statement is true. the preceeding statement is false. ))

02:47:12 : DiamondCharm nods and trots purposefully to the band of Nightmares.

02:47:13 : ArcaneScholar and Agile high hoof and trot over to Nightmare Moon.

02:47:21 Greenling: ((*pfffft*))

02:47:22 Pancake: (( yes. ))

02:47:22 Axl: (( *Head explodes* ))

02:47:35 Sand_Chaser: (( What were the six elements of discord again? Also, Night!))

02:47:35 : The_Fiddler grabs onto DiamondCharm's shoulder; "Not right now!"

02:47:37 Phantasm: (( *draws non-euclidean geometry* ))

02:47:42 : Sunset_Skye chuckles softly, but this just makes him cough, which with his cramped muscles hurts terribly. "Y-You were the hero.. My hero.. J-Just like i said.. I-I kept you safe, a-after you saved us all, with the others.."

02:47:52 Pancake: (( *divides by zero* ))

02:47:54 : Ryu_Sword heads inside the castle to look for the ponies that were in there Kyubi still on his back

02:47:55 Agile_Flourish: U-um.... Excuse me?

02:47:58 : Apple_Bumpkin loads the sleeping sable_night onto her back and takes him back home with her after giving skyblaze and arcane scholar brohoofs

02:48:02 Obsidian: Moon, I have two requests.

02:48:11 Sand_Chaser: (( -harms chuck norris -))

02:48:11 Greenling: Greenling sighs and strokes Casserole's bulb before hugging it tightly. "You're safe... and I'll never leave you again..."

02:48:16 : Agile_Flourish responds to Bumppkin's brohoof in kind

02:48:24 : SapphireNight blinks. "Where is Nightmare Moon?" she tries to sit up, but nothing-doing

02:48:25 : Phantasm sighs. "Your friend can come too. I cream," he says, remembering his counterpart's success with that bargaining chip.

02:48:33 Fluttershy_: (( WHo else still needs Fluttershy_'s medicinal help? ))

02:48:43 KiteCres: (( *Raises hoof* ))

02:48:56 : Axl needs Fluttershy so he can glomp her

02:49:05 : Fluttershy_ runs to KiteCres and tends his burns. She's too busy for glomping

02:49:09 Obsidian: (( Raises hoof too, you kinda went to me and then immediatley went to somepony else ))

02:49:09 Casserole: Caserole hugs her back, letting out a soft sigh.

02:49:23 MojitoJoe: (( needs painkillers IC for overextending his magic ))

02:49:31 Fluttershy_: (( then assume your wounds weren't very severe. I put cream on your burns ))

02:49:43 Sunset_Skye: "Don't know.. T-Think she's okay though.." He tries to look around a little.

02:49:56 : ArcaneScholar reaches into his saddle bags, flinching at the pain from stretching his neck like that as he pulled out a small box.

02:50:01 : Axl trots over to The_Fiddler. "Hey you doing ok ?^^"

02:50:04 Fluttershy_: (( I've been running from pony to pony so nopony gets much more than simple dressing ))

02:50:20 : DiamondCharm narrows her eyes at The Fiddler, "Right now they're disorganized and don't know what's going on. We can come up with names later, but for now they need *direction*."

02:50:42 : ArcaneScholar places it on the ground next to Nightmare Moon.

02:50:48 : PlatinumSpark trots over to Ryu_Sword and Kyubi_Hart. "Is Kyubi ok?"

02:50:58 : Inkwell groans, and rubs the various aches and bruises on her body. "Well, that was..." She pauses. "... this isn't going to happen every Lunar Festival, will it? Because next time I think I'll just sit it out..."

02:51:05 ArcaneScholar: I wasn't kidding about sharing tea with you sometime.

02:51:24 : SapphireNight closes her eyes and waits for some strength to come back to her.

02:51:34 : Marl rushes into the castle, still calling out for Sunset_Skye and SapphireNight. He stops in the middle of his shouting when he sees them, though, and sinks to the ground, relieved. "I told you she was just trying to go for the dramatic come-from-behind victory," says, mostly to himself.

02:52:12 : Pinkie laughs. "We all made it safe and sound! Relatively safe and sound! Sorta safe and sound... well, we're back in Equestria at least, and we saved our friends and family, and I'd say that is as good as any reason to party, don't you think?" She looks around for Surprise.

02:52:13 Axl: (( Sorry but everytime I read the words 'The_Fiddler' . I can't help but chuckle. ))

02:52:19 : Fluttershy_ runs to help Agile_Flourish

02:52:23 : Chell_ is wandering around trying to direct ponies who can move out of the castle so they can be escorted home.

02:52:29 Ryu_Sword: ((Ryu went into the ruins to find the ponies that were still in there with Kyubi still on his back))

02:52:39 : Nightmare_Moon sighs deeply before she slowly rises to her hooves with obvious effort, groaning a little. She speaks without pulling her gaze away from the castle floor. "I just...need to be alone right now." With that, she spread her wings and gave them several testing flaps before she rose into the air. "Tell everypony I'm sorry." She looked a bit unstable at first, but once she righted herself, she took to the sky, moving slowly and carefully through the air, exiting through a missing portion of ceiling.

02:52:40 : Agile_Flourish rejects the help, she got hit enough to get temp ko'd but not terribly burned.

02:53:00 Sunset_Skye: "D-Don't push yourself.." He mutters weakly to Saph, before looking up at the big hazy blur that sounded like Marl. He still can't get up. "S-Shut it.. T-Too tired for a witty r-remark.."

02:53:01 Greenling: Greenling glares. "Somepony take me to her! I need a word!"

02:53:07 : The_Fiddler shakes her head; "We wait until they are at home. We confront them there, at night, whilst they are in the middle of eating dinner preferably. And we shall have sticks! Yes, big, brutish, sticks. Then we talk to them." She looks at Axl; "This is a meeting. Get a mask, then come talk to us."

02:53:10 : MojitoJoe continues to lay where he is waiting for him to regain strength in his legs to stand. He defended the ponies he could, including Nightmare Moon and if that's all he can do...

02:53:29 : MojitoJoe ... then it was worth it

02:53:31 : Fluttershy_ helps Agile_Flourish anyway, then continues to The_Fiddler

02:53:44 : ArcaneScholar sighs, taking the box back. He'd have to give it to her later.. He heads to Joe.

02:53:45 : Axl trots away because The_Fiddler is still CRAZY

02:54:06 : Obsidian calls after Nightmare_Moon. "You're at the top of the VIP list!"

02:54:13 Phantasm: We cannot beat somepony simply because they are stupid. Otherwise the Everfree would be nothing but stumps, given its proximity to this bustling burg of bumbling buffoons.

02:54:19 : Marble_Sheen pauses, her eyes wide, pleading, as she tries to get to her hooves. "M-Mistress! P-princess..." She shivers, and collapses, tears in her eyes. "Princess Moon... I... I'm sorry... I failed you... don't leave me..." Her voice fades away into silence, as she curls into a loose ball, shivering, in too much pain and far too tired to do anything further...

02:54:48 Ryu_Sword: ((Okay so who's in the castle or ruins what ever they are?))

02:54:49 : Agile_Flourish winces and crouches down next to Marble Sheen

02:55:01 Chell_: (( I am ))

02:55:11 SapphireNight: (( Ditto ))

02:55:11 Obsidian: (( Me too ))

02:55:11 : Agile_Flourish very, very carefully lifts her onto her back to carry her into town.

02:55:13 MojitoJoe: (( same ))

02:55:16 Sunset_Skye: (( me too ))

02:55:17 Pancake: (( me. ))

02:55:19 ArcaneScholar: He Joe? You still alive there?

02:55:24 KiteCres: (( Is too. ))

02:55:25 Marl: ((Marl just got there.))

02:55:26 Casserole: ((Me, I think...))

02:55:28 Inkwell: (( I am, just near the entrance, though. ))

02:55:30 ArcaneScholar: ((Me and agile are there.))

02:55:31 : PlatinumSpark has an injury on his leg and is limping slightly but he'll live.

02:55:51 Marble_Sheen: (( I am where Nightmare Moon was, so yes, in the ruins. ))

02:56:04 MojitoJoe: "Yeah... I'm alive... just can't feel my legs. No wait I feel my front left hoof... hello there little hoofie..."

02:56:07 ArcaneScholar: ((Practically everypony is in the ruins.))

02:56:09 The_Fiddler: (( The_Fiddler, DiamondCharm, and Phantasm are probably near the entrance; outside. I suppose. ))

02:56:22 Pinkie: (( I am outside the ruins at least! ^^ ))

02:56:26 : Marl shakes his head and pulls himself to his hooves, moving closer to actually check on them. He trips a little over something, and closer inspection reveals it to be the contraption Shine had been wearing. He pauses a moment, then keeps walking, a smile on his face. "You just don't have one because I'm always right. You guys okay?"

02:56:33 : Thunderball goes to fly after her... because he has to protect her. He pursues her until she is too far for him to catch up to in his current state. "My liege... I failed you." He flies down to the ground, not sure who is in charge right now. He figures KiteCrew is the only pony to talk to. "Kite, seeing as Luna is no longer here... I would like to issue to you my surrender on behalf of all of the Nightmares. I take full responsibility for all that has happened here." He looks at the ground, he wasn't sure what else to do.

02:56:34 Pancake: (( should we move to the wilds now that its over? ))

02:56:47 Sand_Chaser: (( Didn't we re-appear where we were? ))

02:56:53 Ryu_Sword: ((Wait if so many ponies are inside who's outside? I assumed we all ended up where we started when we came back to our world.))

02:56:57 : DiamondCharm nods, "So long as your sticks are only brandished AFTER they make threatening gestures or comments at us? I'm game for that. Shall we... pop a seam and escape the scene?"

02:57:05 Greenling: ((GAH. CONFUSE.))

02:57:25 ArcaneScholar: ((Lets just have some background nurses called onto the scene to help us carry all the wounded ponies to the med tents.))

02:57:34 : The_Fiddler looks around, then nods; "Yes! To the headquarters!" she cries, before casually limping away to the hub.

02:57:48 KiteCres: (( Since Chell would be using Portals to help us do such. XD ))

02:58:06 Sunset_Skye: "Everything hurts," he replies to Marl with a weak little laugh, which in fact just hurts more. "R-Remember the field..? That.. times about twenty.."

02:58:06 ProfessorWhoof: Orion enters the castle. "Sapphire? Are you here?"

02:58:08 The_Fiddler: (( Room change my mini- I MEAN fellows! ))

02:58:15 : Phantasm was beginning to have doubts about his vengeance. He realized it was now only his vengeance--he wasn't fighting for Smoky anymore. That stallion had long since forgiven her, even if the Phantasm thought she was undeserving. But even now he could see the merits Smoky praised in his "friend..." He falls in line after the two mares.

02:58:19 ArcaneScholar: ((Mass migrate to the hug through chell's portals!))

02:58:23 : Ryu_Sword walks into the room with all the ponies "How is everypony?" he asks looking around

02:58:31 : DiamondCharm follows stiffly after, turning to Phantasm, "Come! We have much to discuss!" ((Room Change!))

02:58:35 Sand_Chaser: (( To the hug? SOO calling it that from now on))

02:58:36 ArcaneScholar: *hub

02:58:38 PlatinumSpark: (( HUG X__X ))

02:58:43 Sand_Chaser: (( TO THE HUGGG!))

02:58:48 Greenling: ((..... *wonders where to go*))

02:58:49 : Fluttershy_ tends to MojitoJoe

02:58:50 ArcaneScholar: ((AWAAAAY!~))

02:58:52 : Chell_ casts a portal on a wall and taking careful aim, fires another at the town square in the distance.

02:59:10 : ArcaneScholar trots back up to Inkwell and escorts her through the portal

02:59:24 Pancake: (( what abou- *sighs, due to being ignored.* what about the rest of us? we should maybe move to the wilds room. ))

02:59:24 : Agile_Flourish takes Marble Sheen through on her back

02:59:24 Ryu_Sword: ((To flood the HUG! XD))

02:59:44 MojitoJoe: "Shadow_Orchid is so going to be mad at me gettin swept up in a different dimension... or think I'm wonderfully brave and selfless of me to defend a pony even like Nightmare Moon... I don't know which..." He looks up to Fluttershy... "Oh thank you... Really I just need help standing... I think?"

03:00:18 : MojitoJoe has no sense of balance at the moment and falls back down

03:00:30 : RavenShadow is with Orion, supporting him. "Miss Sapphire?"

03:00:30 : Shadow_Orchid catches MojitoJoe and the two disappear into the shadows

03:00:49 : KiteCres looking to Thunderball silently before moving over and hugging around his neck silently as he sighs and smiles. He wished he had a notepad and gently shakes his head to Thunderball, showing he couldn't talk, but his answer is pretty plain. It's good to have Thunderball back.

03:01:18 : Helpful_Heart is still scribbling furiously, adding diagrams and notes

03:01:20 : Chell_ starts waving ponies over to the portal.

03:01:24 : PlatinumSpark is poking his injured leg. "Ow ow ow ow...."

03:01:37 : Fluttershy_ runs to PlatinumSpark next and tends to his leg

03:01:49 : Sunset_Skye looks up weakly at ProfessorWhoof and RavenShadow, hearing their voices. He's lying right next to Saph. "T-Top of the m-mornin'.."

03:01:50 PlatinumSpark: "Uh oh..."

03:01:55 : MojitoJoe a slightly dizzy sounding "Wheeeeee!" is heard from the shadow that Joe fell in

03:02:04 : Axl gives Chell_ a hug and then jumps into the portal. "YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!"

03:02:17 Greenling: Greenling sighs and pats Casserole's bulb. It's time to go home.

03:02:17 : SapphireNight opens an eye, but it is distant and unfocused.

03:02:36 Greenling: But before she does.... "Sapphire?"

03:02:48 : Thunderball sighs. "If that's what you wish. I'm still in service to Nightmare Moon... but I do need to be alone right now. Perhaps it is time to accept that I'm no longer needed in this world. I'm an outdated relic compared to ponies like you..." He looks sadly over at Sapphire and Sunset, knowing he had failed in more than just war.

03:02:49 : Rarity sighs and jumps through the portal.

03:02:50 : Pancake is laying against Sapphire, but she's asleep and injured from an explosion and some epic plant whip electric thing.

03:02:54 ProfessorWhoof: Orion runs to them both. "You two, med tents, now."

03:03:03 : Marl snickers. "Oh, don't be such a foal. You got your mare to help you recover, and vice versa. Now... shall we get you two out of here? I think Miss Chell placed a portal back to town." He looks up at Orion and Raven and smiles a bit.

03:03:32 Greenling: The yellow mare glowers and shakes SapphireNight's shoulder. "Hey..."

03:03:39 : KiteCres grabs Thunderballs head at that and snorts at that, shaking his head at him for being stubborn about it.

03:03:51 RavenShadow: "Oh no...Sapphire, you...what happened?"

03:04:09 : Sunset_Skye looks around at the others around him, still a bit protective over the mare he loved and thought he might lose this night.. Of course this isn't much more than head-lolling and a wing thrown slowly but protectively over Sapphire. "H-Help getting there.. Would be lovely.."

03:04:20 Ryu_Sword: ((Since it appears to not be instant transmission I'll RP going through the portal.))

03:04:28 : Pancake groans...

03:04:30 PlatinumSpark: "Owwwwwww"

03:04:40 : SapphireNight doesn't speak, but she holds onto Pancake for dear life.

03:05:01 : Lemon_Drop jumps through the portal, fearing the perception shift.

03:05:10 ProfessorWhoof: "Did anypony see a portal on the way over?".

03:05:10 : Fluttershy_ bandages his cut and then looks for more ponies to help

03:05:34 : Marl laughs. "No, we were going to make you drag your sorry tail back on your own." He kneels down a little and tries to help them up and sport them if they need it. "It's back there," he says, jerking his head a little toward the portal.

03:05:35 PlatinumSpark: "Thanks Fluttershy_...." He jumps into the portal.

03:05:36 : Thunderball sighs. "You can think what you want Kite... but you said it yourself. I'm not a guard any longer." He wanders over to Sapphire and Sunset, grabbing them both. He might not be good at his job, or have anything left to fight for, but he could get these two lovebirds somewhere safe. "Ready to go?"

03:05:46 : Chell_ waves to Orion and points at the portal on the wall

03:05:54 Marl: ((*sport=support. Wow.))

03:05:57 : Fluttershy_ spies Pancake and gently picks him up and cuddles him, checking him for wounds and putting cream on them

03:06:14 Pancake: (( *rolls eyes* her. ))

03:06:20 Fluttershy_: *her!

03:06:35 : Sunset_Skye actually -smiles- at Thunderball, although it's a mostly vacant and completely exhausted one.. "Beds.. by each other.. or i hit you when i get better.. Thunder.."

03:06:37 ProfessorWhoof: "Ah, Thunderball! Fantastimc. Take them through that portal, please." He begins trotting to it.

03:06:58 : Ryu_Sword looks to the Professor "They're both exhausted. You think you can levitate them through the portal?" he asks heading toward it with Kyubi on his back

03:07:18 : KiteCres watching him for a while more and tries to talk painfully, "Still..Mentor, Thunderball." before moving to the portal. Chell was in charge here for now. He jumps through.

03:07:20 : Pancake looks up at Fluttershy_, she's pretty good at that. she almost smiles. but she reaches for SapphireNight, thats where she wants to go.

03:07:20 : SapphireNight hangs off Thunder's back, one eye open and staring at notjhing...until Fluttershy picks up Pancake.S he reaches for her.

03:07:32 : RavenShadow follows Orion to the portal. "They're in good hooves, right?"

03:07:37 Pancake: (( daww. ))

03:07:53 : Fluttershy_ carries Pancake and follows Thunderball and SapphireNight through the portal

03:08:03 ProfessorWhoof: "I should think so."

03:08:18 : Ryu_Sword walks through the portal

03:08:20 : Thunderball goes through the portal, carrying the two with him. He would make sure they shared a bed next to one another. He had to.

03:08:45 ProfessorWhoof: With a nod to Chell, they return to the square.

03:08:56 : Marl shakes his head and pauses a moment, looking behind him, before following the others through the portal.

03:09:05 : Chell_ continues rounding up the stragglers to get them through the Portal.

03:10:41 Helpful_Heart: **The Hearts thank Chell and move through the portal

03:11:15 : Apple_Bumpkin carries the sleeping sable night through the portal

03:11:24 : Chell_ nods to them as they pass

03:14:36 Chell_: (( You ponies coming? ))

03:15:10 Greenling: ((Yeah.....))

03:15:31 Greenling: Greenling sighs and trots through, gasping in horror as she enters.

03:16:11 Chell_: (( That it? ))

11:38:51 : Wisp bubbles gently up through the the ground of the decrepit castle, fingers rolling gently in patient approval... It could be worse. The thing sinks back down into the ground, and goes elsewhere.

19:39:20 Moon_Star: (( and then a booming voice said, there shall be dubs (( !2d10: 5 6 Total: 11 )) ))

19:39:37 Moon_Star: (( Check Em (( !2d10: 5 7 Total: 12 )) ))

23:26:43 Colgate: (( *one person golf clapping in the distance, everypony else staring at him* ))

23:27:11 Myryan: (( Amazing ))