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Name: Almondflash
Location: All over Equestria!
Species: Pegasus Pony
Name: Almondflash]
Coat/ Mane White/ Brown
Cutie Mark Currently a blank flank.
Age 13

((my apologies for the undetailed profile, this character is still under development.))

Almondflash is a kind pony that loves to joke around and play. She was born the only pegasus in a family of earth ponies, and though they loved her she always felt like... an outsider.

Eventually, she left the nut farm she was raised on and is currently traveling all over Equestria, trying to find her purpose and cutie mark.

She is a fantastic flyer, due to all her time using that as her main mode of transport, but she is stronger and faster with walking than your average pegasus because her family didn't like it when she flew and they couldn't keep a sharp eye on her.

On her extensive travels, she has met many creatures and has lived with most of them. She was taken in by a family of griffins, joined one of the great dragon migrations, and was taught by zebras that lived in strange treehouses on an island off the coast of Equestria.

Those who become most attatched to Almondflash often call her by her nickname, Nutty. That is because when she gets excited- she gets nutty.

Almondflash loves to read and write and nap, and hopes to write a book about her travels and the creatures she has met as soon as she can find a place to settle down.

Often, she has nightmares while asleep behind dumpsters and in bushes- more often than not about her dangerous travels where narrow escapes from fierce creatures were not uncommon.

Creatures Encountered w/ brief description:

Dragons: accompanied them on their annual 'Great Migration' across Equestria and to their roost high in the mountains.

Griffins: Lived with a small griffin family for a few weeks.

Sea Dragons: Slept on a riverbank and woke up to find herself staring straight into the eyes of a sea serpent.

Manticore: She was trapped in his den, but found a hunk of food from a former meal and saved herself for a night.

Timber Wolves: Dwelled in a tree as they stood below, not letting her get down.