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Species: Earth Pony Six Appearances

Current Status:

Doc Stable still says she should keep from working for another week but she is up and moving!

Triplets born! (Birth Date: May. 25)

Recent Updated:

Bumpkin and Crescendo Kite are hitched! She is now wearing a platinum earring. Sorry boys, she's taken!

Crescendo Kite gave Apple_Bumpkin a silver locket with a black cord that loops big enough to go over a pony's head. The front has the onyx heart smooth-cut while the back has the rose amethyst. The inside when opened is lined with interlocking sapphires.

Sable_Night has returned to Ponyville from parts unknown. Bumpkin hasn't seen him much though.

Notes of Interest:
For showing kindness to TGAPTrixie, she has earned a favor.

Apple_Bumpkin was voted 'Most Sassy' mare in Ponyville.

Apple Bumpkin is one of the famous Apple Family.

Fearless and innocent, Apple Bumpkin is a great friend for exploring new places and trying new things. Ever optimistic, she always assumes the best intentions of people and things (oddly though, she is skeptical of small, cute things). If she had a middle name, it would be 'tease'. She's not as strong as her cousins but only because she's used to working in a dairy instead of an Apple farm. Apple_Bumpkin always speaks her mind and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She greets everypony with a candid description of how she sees them.

Apple Bumpkin grew up on a dairy/apple farm just outside Fillydelphia. Due to the influx of new ponies in Ponyville, Applejack sent word to the family that they'd need some help expanding the orchards in Ponyville. Apple Bumpkin was their response. She currently resides in a 5 story building in the Ponyville residential area she calls 'Armwing Tower'.

Three caramel apples adorn this filly's flank. It symbolizes her sweet nature and her loyalty to the Apple clan. She earned it while serving guests at a family party. She wears a green scarf, a locket around her neck, a platinum earring, a red jade tail clamp, and in the snow, a silver cape.

Apple Bumpkin's greatest difficulty is being ignored. She's fine with getting her chores done or doing nothing to no pony or with no pony but if she want's your attention you'd better recognize her or be prepared to see her not so sweet side. She also demands respect so you'd better not hint that she's anything but capable and intelligent. Also she has shown some intolerance toward Unicorns using their magic to affect other ponies without permission, likely stemming from childhood difficulties with bullying. She also suffers a slight inferiority complex.

Birthday: Nov. 18, and 19 years old.


Gumption: 3 - Not nearly as strong as AJ but gettin there.
Quickness: 2 - Why are all the ponies in such a hurry?
Excitement: 3 - Easily amused and a chronic thrill-seeker
Smartness: 2 - Don't bother me with the details.
Caring: 3 - If it aint tryin ta kill me, love it.
Friendship: 1

Friendship is Magic pt 1: Apple Family introduction.
Dragonshy: At the park at the beginning.
Green is Not Your Color: In the group that swarms Fluttershy just after "Mmm, Juicy!"
Over A Barrel: Various locations wearing a bonnet.
The Last Roundup: At the party in the barn.

Green Week!
Given: see Storm_Watch
2012-06-18 MojitoJoe 21:05:19, Woolbur.