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Name: Blaire
Species: Earth Pony
Name: Blaire Bokette

Age: 25

Special talent : Wedding planner

In a relationship with: Damion_Page

Blaire is a taller pony, with a lanky but elegant appearance. She has a white coat with light blue lacey markings all over. Her mane and tail are a golden yellow color, and will usually be pulled back into her signature pony tail. She has dark blue eyes and long full eye lashes. Her voice is soft and sweet sounding with a visible french accent. ((Because she is originally from Prance.)) And her cutie mark is a wedding bouquet.

Blaire is all about making a bride's special day as perfect as it can possibly be! She loves everything wedding related and will often get sucked into her work. She is a very happy mare most of the time but if she has more than three clients at a time she will become wired and a weeeee bit crazy.
She spends most of her free time designing wedding themes and bouquets because she loves flowers as well as weddings.

Blaire grew up in Prance with her parents and her older sister. When Blaire was sixteen she moved to Canterlot with her family and that is where she found her love for weddings.
Years later she was one of the most respected wedding planners in Canterlot, her sister had given birth to a foal, and she was living on her own.
Within the last few years Blaire has decided that she was to slow down and move to quiet town to share her special talent with! Now she is in PonyVille!
Blaire now works at "Glimmering Brides", A bridal shop that will soon open, along with the founder, Glimmer, and her niece Bonnette.

Friends and Aquainances:

Bonnette : Young niece
Glimmer : Friend, and Co-worker