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Name: Bonnette
Species: Earth Pony
Age: 16

Occupation: Intern at Glimmering Brides.

Appearance and Such:

Bonnette is a young mare with a pale yellow coat. Her mane is pink, poofy, and she wears it up in a high ponytail. Her bangs cover the entire right side of her face. Around her left eye is a pink circle, with a reddish/orange/pink lace like pattern around. There is another one of these spots on her back. She also has light, pale blue eyes. Bonnette is a blank flank.

Personality and Such:

Bonnette is an angsty teen, who doesn't have much respect for her elders, prefers to socialize or do nothing than work on homework, and is shy around cute colts. She's trying to find her place in the world, as she is still a blank flank, but she isn't trying too hard. She's rather lazy and unfocused a lot of the time, and doesn't care much for anything for what goes on in her own little world.

Occasionally, she will back-talk or throw insults in French.


Bonnette's family from her mother's side is from Prance, but she herself was born in Vanhoover, Equestria. Her mother found her daughter to be too much of a slacker, so she sent Bonnette here to Ponyville to live and work with Blaire, Bonette's aunt.

Bonnette's parents. Her mother; Nesrine, and her father; Splash Paint.