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Name: Artemisi Herbs
Location: Ponyville Apothecary
Species: Unicorn
Name: Artemisi Herbs
Nicknames: Doc Herbs / Arty

Gender: Colt
Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Dark Green Mortar and Pestle; A leaf is sticking out of the bowl
Coat Color: Steel Grey
Mane Color: Greying, still half azure
Eye Color: Azure
Age: Middle-aged
Other: Grey mustache and small reading glasses

Personality: To acquaintances, Doc Herbs is usually polite, reserved, and contemplative. However, in the midst of his work or among good friends he takes on a more eccentric, jocular attitude. He tends to quickly become obsessive over novel insights in botany or pharmaceutics, rare botanicals and teas, and any other thing that catches his fancy to the point that he often forgets what he was originally doing completely. While not being much of a social pony, Doc Herbs does participate in some of the larger events in Ponyville and has a developed a few close friends in his years there.

Growing up in a middle-class unicorn family on the forested outskirts of Canterlot, Doc Herbs had a relatively normal childhood. He discovered his secret talent and his cutie mark when his parents and little sister fell ill with the flu one winter. For a week he took care of his family by cooking meals, ensuring that they took their medicines, and by making peppermint tea to soothe their throats. When he needed to go to the market and pick up more medicine for his family, Doc decided to become a little creative and purchased some other herbals to mix in with the peppermint tea. Surprisingly, the next day his family was fully recovered, despite their complaints about the bitter tasting tea the day before. After hearing their praise, his cutie mark appeared.

After graduating secondary school, Doc Herbs attended the prestigious Canterlot School of Pharmacy, and was an above average student. After graduating, Doc took up a position as a pharmacist in one of Canterlot’s many medical centers, but he soon found himself bored with the monotony of filling prescriptions. Moreover, he quickly became disillusioned with the unicorn method of developing new medicines—namely synthetically creating drugs from substrates via magic and chemistry. To Doc, this method was limited based on onepony’s imagination. He believed that nature’s botanicals did not have this limitation, and, if onepony was willing to distill and tincture enough, more powerful pharmaceutical compounds could be found!

The combination of curiosity and scientific obsession had Doc turn his apartment into a working laboratory where he proved that one of the Equestria’s best known drugs, Aspirin, could be produced from willow-bark with minor chemical alterations. Elated, he presented his research at the next Canterlot Medical Research Symposium to his peers. Unfortunately, his peers refused to believe that an archaic, unenlightened science like herbalism could possibly have developed a drug similar to what modern medical magic and chemistry could do. Doc Herbs was subsequently accused of academic fraud, stripped of his comfortable job, and blacklisted from the pharmaceutical scene.

For a while, Doc Herbs wandered around Equestria looking for a place that would hire him despite being blacklisted. Eventually, Doc Hooves made his way to the frontier town of Ponyville. There he met an old mare who went by the name Madame Herbs. Madame herbs came from a family of herbalists who had been one of the first families to settle Ponyville, and, having no children of her own, was quick to adopt the eager Doc Herbs as a surrogate son. Over the course of five years, she taught the Doc Herbs the lore, methods, and trade secrets of an herbalist in exchange that he would promise to take on the herb family name and take over the apothecary when the time comes.

For Doc Herbs, or “Arty” as Madame Herbs refers to him, he has finally found his life’s calling. Throughout the day he attends to the normal business of the Apothecary (mostly selling and preparing modern prescriptions, herbal remedies, oils, cosmetics, herbal liquors and other tinctures), and at night he is free to pursue his research on the medicines that can be created from herbs harvested from the Everfree Forest.

Eventually he hopes to publish a herbal recipe book that “mimics” (i.e. duplicates chemically) the effectiveness of the most common modern medicines.

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