Account Characters
Name: Double Scoop
Location: Wherever Things are Happening!
Species: Pegasus
Appearance: Double Scoop is an average sized mare with above-average wings. They may seem a bit awkward sometimes but they're excellent for long periods of flying. Her hair is a bright, vivid purple while her coat is a lighter blue. More often than not, she'll have a camera or two around her neck; sometimes more than that. Her cutie mark is, you guessed it, two cameras side-by-side.

Double Scoop was born into a family of ice cream makers but her life took a very different turn when she discovered her passion for reporting. She started carrying around two cameras to make sure she didn't miss anything. When one camera runs out of film, she'll always have a backup just in case something happens while she's changing rolls. If it's a particularly important day, she'll carry more cameras in case she has to take so many pictures while replacing the first roll that she needs to then replace a second roll, then a third, a forth and so on.

Her drive to set herself apart brought her to Ponyville where she hopes to make her mark as a freelance journalist. After all, Ponyville has seen the emergence of Nightmare Moon, the Rise of Discord, the Attack of the Glooze and is home to Celestia's Apprentice. There's no doubt it's a town where big things happen and it's just the sort of place for a reporter to make a name for themselves!

Her parents still live in Hoofington and she's a cousin of the Mix family.

Puzzles and Ponies:
Gumption: 2 - She can hold her own as well as the weight of her cameras.

Quickness: 2 - Her big wings don't make her very fast but she's not a slow pegasus either.

Excitement: 4 - Enthusiasm is key to being a sharp reporter!

Smartness: 2 - She knows her cameras really well and she's picked a few things up along the way but she still has a lot to learn.

Caring: 3 - Understanding and empathizing with ponies is key to understanding what questions to ask (and to digging for more dirt!)