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Name: Eliza
Location: Ponyville
Species: Pegasus
Cutie mark: A Cornucopia

Recent Events:
-Eliza found out that VarienQuill was cheating on her.. again.
She has left him, and is now just trying to focus on her work.

Eliza is a white pegasus with a blue and black striped mane. She has light blue hooftips, and light blue eyes. She is about average height for a mare and her cutie mark is a Cornucopia.

Eliza came from Fillydelphia, and lived in Cloudsdale for a few years before she ventured to Ponyville to look for an opportunity to become a weather pegasus, and maybe even start a business of her own. After all, it had been her dream to do both.. or at least one. She has made only a few friends in her time at Ponyville, but she is mainly just focusing on fulfilling her goals.

((In progress))



Gumption: 2 -She isn't that strong, but she can lift some heavy things.
Quickness: 4 -She's got to be fast to become a weather pegasus!
Excitement: 2 -She can get excited about things, but is usually very calm.
Smartness: 3 -She reads a lot of books in her spare time.
Caring: 2 -She helps anypony who needs it, but only if she has enough time.


*Bolt- takes 1 point from excitement and adds 1 to Quickness when flying.

*Concentrate- Takes two points from Quickness and adds them to smartness when in competitions or playing minigames.