Account Characters
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Name: Filthy Rich
Location: Ponyville
Species: Earth Pony Business Tycoon
(If you want to RP with Fil-I mean Rich, just let me know!)

Filthy Rich is one of Ponyville's richest residents, and owner of Rich's Barnyard Bargains, a store that mostly buys, sells, and distributes produce all over Equestria. He is also the father of Diamond Tiara. Don't call him Filthy. He hates that.

Rich is a bit snooty, but not really arrogant, as he sees himself as a sort of pedestal for other ponies. Something they can strive to reach, rather than him being out of their reach entirely, as arrogance would imply. He's harsh with his workers, just like Tiara, but not for the same reasons. He legitimately doesn't understand why other ponies can't keep the same demanding schedule and work ethic as him, rather than just being... Well, a jerk for the sake of being a jerk. He sees more use in profit than other ponies, but he's not the dishonest sort, in fact he puts a lot of value on honoring one's word and deals. He is also confident to a fault, always sure of himself, and he always knows what he's going to say before he says it. He is constantly trying (and failing) to instill a sense of common courtesy and integrity into his daughter, who has been all but ruthlessly spoiled by her mother.

Filthy Rich has a greyish amber coat, and light blue eyes. His mane is a charcoal grey, though the amount of gel he uses in it makes it very shiny indeed. His build is only slightly larger than the average earth pony, mostly because he's not afraid to do some actual work if he needs to, though he hardly ever does need to. He's never seen without a collar or tie, though he likes to wear different styles and colors now and then. His money... Erm, Cutie Mark is three bags of money, denoting his skill for business and trade.


Gumption: 3 - He's strong enough to lift heavy boxes of farm supplies and produce.
Quickness: 1 - He's not too quick on his hooves, then again, he doesn't need to be.
Excitement: 2 - He can pull through a work day AND night, pulling double shifts to push sales and paperwork!
Smartness: 5 - While not a genius of book smarts, Rich knows how to sell a pony something. ANYTHING. He could probably sell Luna an one-way all-expense-paid trip straight to the Moon!
Caring: 2 - Rich believes in the bit, and that the bottom line is what's important in most situations. Not to the exclusion of somepony's well-being, however.
Friendship: 1
Total: 14
Cutie Mark: Money Bags - Rich gets a +1 on rolls involving money, for which he usually uses Smartness, due to being business savviness

HP - 5
MP - 6
SP - 6