Account Characters
Species: Unicorn
Those of the Equestrian forces may recognize Lt. Game plan.

He is a white unicorn, with blond hair and green eyes.

His cutiemark is two unicorns, one black the other white facing each other.

He seems to know a little more than he should.

Gumption 3 Macabre may not be strong physically, but he is very much willing to take any pain if it means he can help.

Quickness 2 Macabre isn't too fast, but he isn't to slow either.

Excitement 3 Macabre is absolutely delighted to try new things and tends to be a little bit bizarre at times.

Smartness 3 If anypony would actually get to know him, they would find out he is actually quite perceptive and smart. his child like demonour masks most of this..

Caring 2 Macabre means well, and is willing to sacrifice his own well being for other ponyfolk.

Friendship 1 Macabre is very new in town.

Magic -

Castling. A defensive spell by its name, Castling can create a temporary barrier around him. This cannot be cast in midair. It actually has a number of uses.. While castled, he cannot move or be moved, unless the object he castled on is moving, like a boat. He can use it to become a temporary stand. And it can be used as a containment field. Which is generally a bad thing since he has to be in it every time. It requires constant concentration though.

En Passant - A movement based spell, it cause him to instantly shift from where he is, to approx 10 feet any direction. This can be cast in midair. After use, it becomes harder to use a second time for a few seconds.

((Currently an illusion created by Lucian and placed on Macabre Haze))