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Name: Glimmer
Species: Earth Pony Crystal Pony
Name: Glimmer Topaz

Age: 26 (November 10th)

Well to start off, this pony is VERY shiny! She is a shorter pony, with a pink coat and a golden colored mane and tail, both with a stripe of purple through them. Her eyes are a bright purple. She wears her mane up with a braided ponytail on the side. Her cutie mark is a blue rhombus shaped gem with a purple ribbon tied around it.

Glimmer has a business of designing and making dresses in the crystal empire. She loves fashion and will often try on dresses for fun! Over all this is one very laid back pony, she remains calm in most situations unless of course she can't find the right fabric while she is working! Glimmer doesn't try to draw attention to herself but if somepony notices her she will stop and chat with them. She is not one to get dirty although she doesn't freak out about it if it is unavoidable.

Glimmer grew up in the crystal empire, she was the shortest filly in her class when she was young, but made up for this by being the first to get her cutie mark! She knew at a very young age that she loved clothing and making it, so that is why it didn't take too long.
She lived with her family in a smaller yet very comfy house in the crystal empire. Her whole life Glimmer's parents taught her good manners and how to behave like a lady. And she has never forgotten her lessons!
At the age of 9 one of her designs was purchased by a wealthier mare who liked it, and since then she has made a living selling dresses and clothing!
Now Glimmer has begun traveling, and expanding her business, the next stop PonyVille!