Account Characters
Name: Glooze
Species: Other Pegasus
A meteor, ensconced with the wicked aura of nightmare moon. Created in her last hours a thousand years ago. A backup plan, a plan B. A child. Sired to ensure her return. A tool, and nothing but. The meteor hit the earth, through webs of magic. Already primed for life, it created a being on impact, but bad energy cannot create true life. This being, unaware, but aware enough to know that it was missing.. Something. It sank beneath the land, and for so long, so very long it was submitted to the wills of nature, twirled along, through the bedrock, so angry.

Then, after so many years. Such countless rage, to the surface. A single feather from a pegasus gave to it a form. A brief flash, and an inkling of the world around it. The capability for memory. An old creature has a long memory. An old pain. Instinct took over, it sought for itself to be whole, something it needed. It began to take. Glooze terrorized the lands of Equestria for nearly a fortnight. He attacked pony, after pony. First Rainbow Dash was taken in the skies above the city, and he was scattered across the land through her ingenuity, a sonic rainboom in his gooey core.

A small pony, Apple_Bumpkin, she ate it. We're still not sure why. But he took root in her, and at first, he used her. Through her, he attacked her cousin Applejack, and even sweet Fluttershy! The wretched beast would not be stopped. Though.. Something in him changed that day. His instincts began to take a backseat. He was strong, but he had... Compassion, empathy. He understood his ward, and through her he began to understand the world around him. Fear, it was everywhere. Hatred, it was there too. For the first time he began to see how monstrous he truly was. No longer did he hunt out of instinct, but out of a conviction. A new conviction. The pain that followed him, he had a word to connect it to. The word was 'monster'.

That word. So compelling, so hurtful. He knew they were mobilizing against him. He was a monster, and they wanted him gone. The next was Rarity, in her own home. Quick, violent. In his hurry he almost went to far. Her element protected her. Two more, two more for him and he knew he would be complete.