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Name: Greenling
Location: On the edge of Ponyville-- into the Everfree
Species: Unicorn Lunatic
Currently laying unconscious in her greenhouse. Unknown cause, and unknown if she'll ever wake up.

Born in the town of Mane, Greenling was doomed to be forever the height of a very young filly, and several pounds heavier than looks good on her tiny body. This made growing up among her slender and statuesque siblings very demeaning, giving her a sour outlook on other ponies. She left home after her mother, Sweetline, ignored her feelings.

She got her cutie mark after noticing her ability to grow plants and flowers. Greenling came to resent her cutie mark and calling after the return of Princess Luna, who she identified with and fell in love with. Since the princess's return, Greenling has been planning to travel to Canterlot and meet her.

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Physical Description:

Height on par with that of a very young pony; slightly pudgy, with a round belly that can brush against the grass. Her mane is cropped short against her neck, but her forelock is long and hangs down over either cheek. Her tail is longer, the two colors separated and twisted around one another. She does this to keep it from flying away or getting caught in things. The colors are reminiscent of new leaves and rich moss. Her coat is a soft buttery yellow, and almost velvety to the touch. Her eyes are bluish-cyan.

Cutie Mark: A sunflower with a center made of abstract brown swirls and surrounded by bright yellow petals with a single leaf the same color as her mane.


Personality: Greenling is a suspicious, fairly antisocial pony whose dislike of others is rooted to a foalhood full of emotional pain. She hates when other ponies call her a filly, despite being a full-grown mare. She has a very independent mindset and is always a few steps ahead of others. In spite of her hard exterior, she is very unsure of herself and is easily hurt by what other ponies say. If she manages to make a friend, she will do everything in her power to assure that they are taken care of and protected.


Greenling was born in the town of Mane to her highly successful mother, a Pegasus named Sweetline. Greenling was one of the middle foals in a family of seven, and was considered a figure of bemusement to her family. Her small stature was very unlike the tall and statuesque bodies of her sisters and brothers, and this often made her the butt of many hurtful jokes. The last straw came when Sweetline began running for mayor of Mane with a campaign showing a painting of the family with a highly insulting image of Greenling, and the slogan of 'If She Can Teach and Protect Her, She Can Teach and Protect You!' She informed her mother that she would be leaving home, and was touched by her mother's assurance that she always had a home with her.

After leaving home, the small unicorn had many adventures with her solitary friend, Archon. They met after Greenling was mistakenly put into an orphanage. Together, they traveled throughout Equestria, somehow surviving situations both surreal and horrifying. In these travels, Greenling learned many useful spells and strengthened her magic. Sadly, the two were separated after an attempted pilgrimage went horribly wrong.

More recently, Greenling has relocated to a greenhouse a little ways outside the small burg of Ponyville, where she works to create a gift that will put her in the highest graces of Princess Luna, of whom the small unicorn is hopelessly besotted.

Likes: Plants, Flowers, Bees, Tea, When ponies larger than her back down
Dislikes: Being called a filly, Being unable to reach things without magic, Ponies who don't listen

Quote: "Don't make me make you!"


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