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Name: Iona Armwing
Species: Other

Physical Appearance

Iona is a changeling. She's quite tall, but not as much as Chrysalis or Celestia. Her mane and tail are longish and green, with holes. Her legs also have holes in them, towards her hooves. Her carapace and the bands that go across her flanks and stomach are green, while her eyes are also green with black vertical slits for pupils. She is a little bit pudgy, but has lost some and doesn't seem uncomfortable with her weight.

Iona's Backstory, Part One

As a foal growing up in Canterlot, Iona was constantly surrounded by the most
upper-class ponies any could meet. They lead rich lives, ate expensive gourmet
foods, wore the most luxurious clothes any pony's money could buy and did all sorts of rich things, puzzling the little foal. She couldn't understand why everypony was so uptight and didn't laugh or play.

Her father, once a royal guard in the palace, started teaching her at a young age how a proper pony should act. What to say, how to say it, how to act, how to dress, how to eat and most importantly: NEVER get dirty. Supposedly born to a pegasus father and a unicorn mother, Iona's care was given over to her god parents when everyone else moved back and forth between Canterlot and Cloudsdale. She continued to grow under their guidance and became just what her father had hoped she would become.

A prim pony with proper manners but snooty and high-class nonetheless, as is not too uncommon a sight in Canterlot. And yet, underneath all of her training about etiquette and how she should be, Iona felt conflicted. She didn't want to know the proper way to eat or the correct method of conversation. She still just wanted to make friends and have fun, despite it being frowned on by the vast majority of the city's populace, but continued to do as they said and acted as they expected her to. For that was what her father wanted. Eventually, Iona decided that she wanted to leave Canterlot and made her way to Ponyville, having heard that some ponies she used to know could be found in the town as residents.

Iona's Backstory, Part Two

After a finding her siblings in Ponyville and falling in love with a local pony, Iona settled down in the quaint little down and slowly allowed the years of forced etiquette to melt away as she eventually adopted two lovely fillies with her significant other. Not to say that she didn't remain proper and polite, but she certainly was nothing like the snobs in Canterlot anymore. Unfortunately (or fortunately) an accident occurred during a unicorn ritual that would have allowed her to display enhanced magical abilities and robbed Iona of all of her energy, revealing her to be an insect-creature known as a changeling.

Initially in denial, she came to accept her own body in subsequent months and learned from her parents that they had known all along. Despite a bit of public backlash, Iona came to settle down in Ponyville again, accepted as the town's residential (and benevolent) changeling.

P&P Numbers

Gumption - 3 She is capable of being strong and brave, but not overly so.
Quickness - 2 Average, likes to be casual but is capable of running fast enough.
Excitement - 1 Prefers a relaxing chat to a crazy party and while she can enjoy either, she prefers the former.
Smartness - 3 Quite intelligent, though sometimes her emotions get the better of her logical side.
Caring - 4 "Awww, did you stub your poor little hoofsy? Lay down here and I'll make you a cup of cocoa! Iona's going to take good care of you!"

Iona's Forms

Iona - Iona's regular form.
Anoi - Iona's mock-royal form. The size and shape of Celestia, with a white coat, long, fiery, flowing mane and tail, and green eyes. She wears a silver chest-piece, tiara, and shoes on her hooves.
Kyna - Iona's kirin form. A little smaller than Celestia, she has a black mane, white coat with blue-green scales along her back, the front of her legs, under her eyes, and in a column up her face from the top of her nose to her hairline. Her eyes are green and her pupils are vertical slits. Her tail is dragon-like, with a vertical membrane fin towards the end with black and white stripes.
Mini-Moon - Iona's Nightmare Moon form. Basically NMM as a foal.
Felicitas - Iona's draconequus form. Her torso is lengthened and her limbs mismatched. She is a little smaller than Discord and has the fore-legs/arms of a dragon and a griffon, one hind-leg is pony while the other is that of a mule. Her tail is long and dragon-like, while her neck is lengthened a little and her horn is split into two, one a non-branching brown deer antler while the other a slightly spiraling black ivory-like spike. Her left sclera is blue and the iris green with a black pupil, while her right sclera is red with a yellow iris and white pupil. Her black mane and the tuft at the end of her tail are slightly more straightened. (Currently on hiatus. Maybe on vacation in Haywaii.)
Iona - Iona's pony form. White coat, dark brown/blackish mane and tail and green eyes. Her cutie mark in this form is a masquerade mask.

Iona does not gain special powers in her forms. She is still just a changeling underneath them.

Art of Iona as done by others: