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Name: Ixia
Species: Other Flutter Pony
Flutter ponies tend to isolate themselves, sticking to their own kind, hidden away out of sight and mind. Most ponies might even assume that they just aren't real. And that's generally how the Flutter Ponies like it- even if you are to meet one, they aren't likely to be very nice to you.

That's what made Ixia so odd.

As far as flutter ponies go she's actually rather nice. She's also much more interested in the world than most of her kind- so much so that she left to go explore it on her own. She says that one day she'll return to the rest of her kind, but the longer she's away... the less sure she is of it.

Despite being unusually adventurous for a flutter pony the rest of her kind still seems extremely fond of her, probably because she also embodies all the traits that flutter ponies admire- beauty, grace, and intelligence. In fact, she'd be an ideal flutter pony, if only she would stop leaving the valley to frolic with non-flutters.

She isn't as stuck-up as most flutter ponies, but she still seems to hold herself a bit above other ponies, even if she does an okay job hiding it. She is very capricious though, tending to pay attention to (and be nice to) ponies just as long as they remain interesting to her.

She also apparently smells really nice.

It's been revealed that when Ixia was sixteen she ran off with a Griffon that happened to wander into (and get chased out of) the valley. She hasn't really elaborated on the details of that relationship, other than that the griffon, Bob, was her first love.

She's really just a stones throw away from being evil (well, she's more neutral than evil)- she's nice and caring to most ponies, but just because observing people is interesting. If she doesn't find you amusing to watch she really just doesn't care.

Gumption 2 – It's not that she's not very strong, it's just that she's a flutter pony- and thus slender and graceful. And weak.
Quickness 2 – Flutter ponies aren't all that fast.
Excitement 2 – They also generally aren't very excitable.
Smartness 3 - She's got a decent enough head on her shoulders. Her writing sucks, though.
Caring 4 – Unusually caring for a flutter pony, providing that you aren't threatening somepony she loves.
Friendship 1

Cutie Mark - An ixia flower. Makes those that meet her instantly take a liking to her- some more strongly than others.


Olent- Coincidentally enough the first pony that Ixia met after wandering into Ponyville, Ixia is clearly very fond of Olent. She lives in Olent's house, has a mock family with her, and has even introduced Olent to her (rather embarrassing) parents.
She's told Olent that she loves her, though she didn't say if it was in a romantic way or not, but seeing as she's extremely clear when she ISN'T romantically interested in someone (Dandy), it seems likely her feelings are romantic. Ixia doesn't seem to be in a hurry to push things along.

Kelpy_Blue- When Kelpy first arrived in Ponyville all alone and lonely it was Olent and Ixia that took her in and acted as her surrogate parents (though Ixia was admittedly the less responsible of the parents). Now Kelpy's real Mom is back with her, but Ixia still remains close to Kelpy.

DandelionDust- Ixia's best friend from Flutter Valley. Dandy has a romantic interest in Ixia, but it's a one-sided thing. Ixia has turned her down five times now, telling Dandy that she values her friendship but isn't interested in anything else with her.
That being said, Dandy and Ixia know each other better than anyone else, with Ixia able to clearly understand the motivation behind some of Dandy's more outrageous behavior and Dandy able to be one of the only ponies that understands the extent of Ixia's capricious nature.

FiddleNecks- Ixia's (slightly feeble-minded) cousin. Ixia's always been very close to Fiddles, finding her silly personality cute and fun. Fiddles is also notable for being the only pony who can read Ixia's writing.

Greenling- Has amazing skills, and is so very nice to FiddleNecks. It also doesn't hurt that she's downright interesting. Greenling is a pony that Ixia would very much like to get to know further.

KiteCres- This pony is large and kind- and for a long time the only pony other than her that seemed willing to stick by Dandy despite her being... well... her. Ixia thinks of him as very reliable, especially when there's trouble. He's a little silly at times, though.