Account Characters
I'm not dead and I'm not for sale
Current Name: Jester Stonehoof
Birth Name: Clay Stonehoof
Age: 23
Occupation: Manager and Part Owner of The Press.
Production Manager at 52nd & Mane.
Relationship: Single


Gumption: 2 - Though Jester is not physically strong he is very determined and is known to be quite stubborn.

Quickness: 1 - Slow and steady.

Excitement: 2 - Jester tries to keep a cap on his emotions, though they do slip out, and he isn't the best motivator.

Smartness: 5 - Jester sees more then he lets on, he is very analytical and can often lose himself in thought.

Caring: 3 - He may not always act it, but Jester cares deeply for his friends; trying to protect them anyway he can he'll often put himself in harms way.

Friendship: 1

Cutie Mark: Black Spade - Jester has a natural aptitude for games, allowing him to quickly master rules and strategies. +1 to all game related rolls.

Associatted Stat: Smartness

Hp: 4
Mp: 8
Sp: 6