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Name: Kimono
Location: Ponyville
Species: Unicorn


Cutie Mark: A yellow neighponese paper lantern. The light within signified the mare's constant search for knowledge, and the enlightment she seeks to go through every day. Association: Smartness

Appearance: Kimono's coat is of a dark magenta color, contrasting with her green eye color. The mare's horn is not overly long, as per the usual norm for female unicorns. She's of an average height, and her mane and tail bear a purple and light blue color, the latter in

Personality: Kimono is very cheerful and optimistic, and her attitude is motherly overall. She's pretty perseverant, however, so it often makes for long nights without sleep when she has to work. She's often absent-minded, as this mare tends to focus on her own work way too much, so she might end up looking clumsy or distracted when she is outside.

Likes: Books, food, cooking, long walks, smiling.

Dislikes: Ponies with negative attitudes, bullies.

Hometown: Neighpon

Current Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Secretary of Events and Finances at Town Hall.

Summary: Kimono works as the Secretary of Events and Finances in Town Hall, handling the budget and contact with businesses during festivals, operations of the town watch, and general secretary-like stuff. She owns a pale blue raccoon, named Tattle, who can be often found around the house.


Gumption: 1 - Kimono's not strong at all! She may be in shape, but physical strength is not viable for her, at all.
Quickness: 2 - Just as she's not strong, the mare's not fast either. Just good enough to run away once in a while.
Excitement: 3 - Kimono's really excited most of the time, both about her job and her eternal search for knowledge!
Smartness: 4- Kimono considers this to be her strongest point. She's one to study and research every day, and attempts not to hinder when studying magic and spells.
Caring: 3- Finding pleasure in the smiles of others, this mare does her best to help them through problems.
Friendship: 1 - Not many yet!
HP: 4
MP: 7
SP: 5