Account Characters
Name: Mahir
Species: Other Camel
A camel that by some stroke of ill fortune, found itself in Ponyville. He speaks some equestrian, and as such will commonly say things that other ponies find incomprehensible.

He is a dirty tan color, with fur on his body instead of a mane or tail. He has one small hump that is obviously still forming on his young body.

In human years... he's about 13-15. In camel years... probably three or so in real life. I have no idea how aging works in Equestria.


Gumption: 4 He is tough from being able to survive in the desert.
Quickness: 2 Slow and steady keeps you from dying of heat exhaustion.
Excitement: 1 He's not that excitable. Unless something tries to eat him.
Smartness: 4 He knows how to keep himself alive.
Caring: 2 He cares about those who show him kindness.
Friendship: 1 He has no friends yet.