Account Characters
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Name: Marl Quarry
Location: Probably on his bench in The Hub
Species: Earth Pony

A dark brown earth pony who moved to Ponyville from a small farming town outside of Manehattan. Studied medicine for several years, but disliked the unnatural feel of the big city his university was in and decided he'd prefer to work with his hooves. Still enjoys reading the occasional medical text, though, and is actually quite knowledgeable in the fields of anatomy, physiology, and medicine.

Intelligent and a voracious reader, but not exceptionally smart. Thinks quickly, but talks (and moves) slowly, so he often gets left behind in conversations. Sturdy and fit for hard work, but not exceptionally strong. Can be calm and confident in crowds when needed, but prefers small groups or solitude, and often just keeps to himself rather than contribute to discussions. Extremely level-headed; knows what needs to be done, but prefers to let others take charge. In all, he is exceedingly average. His cutie mark is of a balanced scale.

Generally, he's just a good old country boy.


Owns a tiny log cabin outside town, fronting a small corn field.
(Please note that this is just a rough layout of the cabin, and while the furnishings are there and it's more or less to scale... the actual cabin would be nowhere near as nice looking as this may lead you to believe.)

Has taken Mahir in as his own, provided the family that sent him away doesn't come for him somehow.

Has a fear of heights, flying, and having his bench tampered with, and is easily disturbed by impossible/improbable/generally ridiculous events.

Will be teaching the Biology class when school starts.

Is likely being followed around by Bird.


If he's online in the Hub and not currently engaged in an RP, he's most likely sitting on his bench in town square, open for approach in character. Just send a PM to confirm and head over, he's almost always up for conversation or helping with character development - whatever you want!


Gumption - 4
Quickness - 1
Excitement - 2
Smartness - 3
Caring - 3
Friendship - 1
Cutie Mark Ability - Level-headed: rational and objective, +1 to rolls against persuasion, mind control, etc.