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Name: Mayor P. Mare
Location: Town Hall
Species: Earth Pony Mayor

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark consists of a simple scroll of paper, tied in the middle by a blue ribbon. It represents her natural talent for speeches and expression. Association: Excitement

Appearance: This mare’s coat is of a tan color, fitting in nicely with the unnatural gray of her mane and tail. The earth pony’s stature is average for a mare her age, and her eyes are very blue, contrasting with the subtle colorings of the rest of her. In honor of her title of mayor, the politician carries around a cravat, which she calls her poofy neck-thing due to her own ignorance of its real name, and a pair of glasses she requires to aid her vision at all times.

Personality: Mayor P. Mare is, overall, a very chipper mare, taking things lightly. More often than not, much more lightly than they’re supposed to be taken, unless it involves money or something that affects her greatly. She has it easy to speak with other ponies, and is very charismatic, managing to even be influential sometimes. This earth pony thinks highly of herself as a leader, as well as her speeches and actions as motors that drive the townspeople.

Likes: Speeches, pickles, reading, long walks on the beach, taxes.

Dislikes: Villains, science textbooks, overworking.

Hometown: Ponyville

Current Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Ponyville Mayor

Summary: Mayor Mare works in Town Hall daily, as the elected official of the town. As of late, it's been rumoured that her mane isn't naturally gray, but instead pink. She hasn't spoken about it, though! The earth pony's first name isn't commonly known, either.


Gumption: 2 - As an earth pony, despite being a bit aged, she is still fairly sturdy and can handle herself.
Quickness: 2 - She's not the fastest pony in Ponyville, but she can get around.
Excitement: 4 - She is not shy, and is willing to interrupt long as she has something she feels is important to bring up. Definitely, she hypes things up a lot, and is able to cheer ponies up with her speeches.
Smartness: 3 - She’s not the smartest out of the bunch, but is fit to solve (Or at least pretend to solve) whatever problems come up in front of her.
Caring: 2 - While she may not think too much about others, she’s certainly concerned about Ponyville and its well-being.
Friendship: 1 - Not many yet!
HP: 6
MP: 5
SP: 5