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Name: Grace Beauty
Species: Pegasus
Location: Everywhere - She moves around Equestria every day!

Aquamarine coat with a light blue flourecent mane. Bright red eyes but are almost always covered with glasses. A cute little tuft a tail and a cutie mark of a stage representing her love to be on stage and her love of modeling for crowds who watch. It also allows her to use her star struck ability which makes everybody who watches her model become totally in awe.

When Grace was just a filly, her dream was to become a ballerina and whenever she would get the chance, she would dance in front of any crowd she could find. She would always wear the most beautiful dresses and little by little, she got more interested in showing off her dresses then actually dancing. Instead of dancing, she'd catwalk. Her family knew, however, that he passion was for dancing so they tried to discourage her for modeling. As Grace grew, she grew farther and farther apart from her family until one day, she grew tired of her family's nonsense and ran away from home. She traveled far and wide throughout Equestria, modeling for money to survive off of. Eventually, after years of just trying to survive alone, another fashion model, one named Lady Flawless, saw her model and absolutely adored it! She got Grace the job to model. She'd become rich, famous, and everything she'd ever hoped for. Grace easily accepted. She did hesitate, however, when Lady Flawless told her that she would have to change her name to a stage name, as it can cause to many privacy problems if she uses her real name. Grace thought about it and just thought of Lady Flawless, as she was now her role model for being gracious enough to accept her as her student. She thought "How about instead of Lady Flawless, I can be Mistress Perfect!" and that's when her name became to be. Throughout the many years since then, although she hasn't seen her family yet since that one day as a filly, she's become an Equestrian sensation and if you want to see any model, Mistress Perfect is the one to see!

Daily Diary

Day 1 of Role-Playing
Dear Diary, today, me and my friend Arriety Mana went to this new store that just opened up recently called VINMART. We went inside and the first thing I wanted to see is if they had a good café. I went upstairs to the fourth floor where the café was and there was Tea and Biscuts. TEA AND BISCUTS. This was one of the few places I've been to that have had Tea and Biscuts! They were amazing! This was my first time to Ponyville too and it was very pretty. I think I'm really going to take a liking to this place :D

Characters Met

Lady Flawless is the one who got me into modeling and is someone who I admire and can really look up to!

Arrietty is my best friend and we go everywhere together!


Gumption = 1 - Ponies as fabulous as moi do not have any need to be strong.

Quickness = 1 - You can't walk to fast on a catwalk after all.

Excitement = 4 - Any fashion show just amazes me!

Smartness = 3 - You may not know it at first glance but I can be pretty smart when I have to!

Caring = 4 - It's through my modeling! I express my caring for every single pony out there through my modeling!

Friendship = 1 - I'm not too good at making friends but I'm hoping to make some at some point...

HP = 5

MP = 7

SP = 1 + Cutie Mark