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Name: Joseph M. Regulus
Location: At home or the 52nd and Mane
Species: Unicorn Noble Lord


A handsome, often smiling, golden eyed unicorn stallion. He carries himself with a regal and confident poise. His mane and tail are white and lime green while his coat and horn are of an azure blue color, all of which he keeps very clean. Joseph has a nice and attractive build, similar to a fellow famous pony of Canterlot named Fancypants. Speaking of unicorns, when he casts magic his horn glows with a light green corona that shoots off golden sparks. Often times when you will see him he is wearing his signature lime green neck tie and white collar. Also he wears one of his many sharp looking custom tailored suits. Usually with most of his suits he is also wearing them with a matching vest and underneath the vest would be a white button up shirt and collar and at the ends of his front hooves, buttoned cuffs and gold cufflinks of his own cutiemark. His cutie mark are two soda bottles, one lime green, one white and they cross together forming an 'X' on his flank. Now married he almost always wears a platinum metal band at the base of his horn. Sorry ladies, this stallion is taken!

Formal wear Joe: A nice black suit with silver thread and with jet black collars. He has a white shirt with jet black buttons on with a silver neck tie that seems to shine as if it had a metallic hue to it and platinum cufflinks. His hair is groomed perfectly and a silver band is tied at the base of his tail.

Some fellow players had enjoyed making art of MojitoJoe. Honestly I approve of this, if you do however please PM me because I would love to see it!

Apparently an artsy pony did put him in his suit, thank you! Joe in his suit More art from friends! This one was made by lotta its Joe as a foal. Also thanks for my new profile pic. Its awesome! And another thank you goes out to Iona I love the cutie mark and thank you so much for your help!


MojitoJoe was raised in wealth and polite high society, which taught him to be very courteous and mindful of his manners. You might say a bit too mindful. However, unlike some others from his situation he is far from being snooty and stuck up. Instead he is quite the opposite and a very independent unicorn, wanting to earn his keep and the respect of other ponies through hard work and dedication. Joe is also a very honest unicorn, a straight shooter as he calls himself. He has very little tolerance for liars and cheats. Many who know him would say that Joseph is a passionate pony in all that he does. And when push comes to shove he has shown that he is willing to put himself between danger for the sake of other ponies.

If this was a Dungeons and Dragons game Joe would be a clear text book example of Lawful Good. Sometimes snarky but all around good guy who plays by the rules... usually. Whats important is that he tries his best to do whats morally right.


Shadow_Orchid/Milagra_Lilac - His beautiful wife

Felicity Rose, Dan_Cobalt & Ariel - His beautiful children

Scarlet - His cousin

Lucian - Also his cousin and brother to Scarlet

Enigma - Also known as Aaricia and is another cousin of his

Clarity_Blitz - His estranged aunt and the mother of Jester, Sonic_Blitz, Lucian, and Scarlet


Head of the noble house of Regulus, Entrepreneur Sodamaker/Caterer, Alchemist and now restaurant owner (52nd and Mane). His soda business, MojitoJoe Beverages Limited is now an organized LLC which he shares ownership with Kitecres and Filthy_Rich

A picture found on Joseph's desk at work and on his mantle back home

(Artist: Sketches )

A floor plan for the 52nd and Mane provided by our lovely artist Iona

PnP Stats

HP: 3

MP: 8

SP: 5

Gumption - 2 Not exactly a strong pony but he isn't a push over as he can do most average work horse duties with ease.

Quickness - 2 Joe isn't really that athletic, and sometimes if distract will fall on his own hooves. However he is a good dancer and a decent fencer.

Excitement - 1 Joe is a very social pony but years of etiquette training and doing everything "proper" and correctly does hamper his ability to cheer others up through general silliness.

Smartness - 4 Highly educated in many manners from business, management, magic theory, alchemy, history... he is a Renascence pony when it comes to education... heck he is also bilingual

Caring - 4 His heart is sometimes way to big then his head... but he is an excellent judge of character because of it.

Friendship -1

Cutie Mark: Two soda bottles, one Lime Green, one white and they cross together forming an 'X' on his flank. This signifies a few things. Obviously soda and the making of it is involved but as they are cross it is as if they are being clinked together a common gesture to show camaraderie and fellowship. Joe has been a pony to promote this all his adult life.


MojitoJoe's Joes! - A minty flavored carbonated drink with a hint of lime juice. It is so good, his name is on every bottle!

Cherry Jubilation - A very cherry flavored soda that is sure to always hit the sweet spot!

Orange Day Dreams - An orange dreamsicle flavored soda. So smooth and so right on a hot summer day.

Laughing Hydra Root Beer - The infamous Root Beer endorsed and approved by resident friendly hydra Fred, Ted and Ed.

Lemon Lime Time - A classic zesty lemon lime soda filled with carbonated goodness, perfect when your ready to take a break.

Joe - Cola - A classic cola drink made by a classy pony.

Appleloosa Sarsaparilla - A little taste of the frontier life in a bottle.

Sweet Apple Sours - Made from granny smith apples from Sweet Apple Acres, its a sweet and tart drink that will make you happy to pucker up.

Rainboom Punch - Its not just a fruit punch flavored soda... its Equestria's first energy drink!

Luna's Blueraspberry Moon - A recipe created by Princess Luna herself, enjoy this uniquely tart and sweet flavored soda and apparently the 2nd ever made energy drink.

Cream Bean Soda - An extra fizzy, extra creamy, and extra delicious vanilla flavored cream soda. An experience in a bottle everypony should try!

Skyberry Blue - A light blue soda with the taste of blueberries in every sip! A unique and flavorful carbonated drink.

Tickled Pink - Lemonade just got better. This pink drink takes everything thing you like about lemonade and combines it with crisp carbonated bubbles. What could be better?

EX-37 - A bright green energy drink that will knock your horseshoes off! A strong and sweet flavor of strawberry and kiwi melon, this twisted mix must've been thought up by a crazy alchemist!

Princess of Purple (P.o.P) - A fizzy drink filled with crisp grape taste! Deep purple in color as if wrapped in velvet this drink is a royal in color and flavor.

Griffon Mountain - A tasty citrus soda packed with flavor. You would want to screech like those proud feathered friends when you get a hit of this!

Brief History

When he was just a foal he was already living the easy life. His home was a mansion and he never knew hunger or want. His foal days needs where fulfilled by the staff of the mansion, his mother and when he wasn't too busy working his father. For as long as remembered, his foal days where always happy filled with songs, games and many days spent in their private garden. His stern and protective father, a unicorn named Solomon Regulus was a highly respected magician and alchemist. He was as well the head of the noble house of Regulus. His duties where numerous but chief among them was the business of teaching promising students the ways of magic and more importantly potion making through alchemy. His warm and life loving mother, a foreign born Earth pony named Anne, taught him her language (what ever the Equestrian equivalent for French) and was the source for most of his joy in those days. As he grew up, outside a few and far between play dates with the foals of other house family members and their friends he really didn't had any time of his own or to make friends on his own. Most of his foaldays where spent alone with his studies. His early education was private and partially tutored by his father and tutors of various skills and disciplines.

One fateful winter, his mother passed away in her sleep unexpectedly from illness. With her passing, it was the coldest winter Joseph has ever remembered. It was that spring year his father decided that it was time for him to leave home, and sent him away to the Reedsmere boarding school for promising magicians in Canterlot. He spent years learning the arts of magic... and yet still his shame he never had developed his cutie mark by this time. He was the target of many bullies and pranks but he pressed on, ever wanting to earn his father's approval and praise which he got few and far in between.

It wasn't until near his second to last semester, now a very young colt he finally discovered his special talent. As a way to make a few friends, he used the equipment found in the alchemist labs to make sweets and other limited substances. He, on his own and armed with a cook book filled with recipes on making homemade sodas he discovered he had a knack for it... He made a large batch of a soda that he now has named after himself and on that day he was no longer the target of the bullies, instead he became a school hero among his class mates.

Years passed, more winters gone and went, and not in any one of those years did he and his father fully reconciled their differences. Eventually The Great Solomon Regulus passed away. Another blow to Joseph... and it was then he inherited the title of head of house. With nothing left to hold Joesph to that frozen mansion he sold it on the cheap to his servants so they can retain their home and left forever.

More years had passed, during this time the young lord made changes. Some in the house didn't like others approved for his boldness. In truth, Joseph was pursuing his own dreams wanting to distance himself from the old holdings of the house. He buried himself in his work to learn the art of business, cooking and soda making. Now at this time living in Canterlot on the old estate, he met a beautiful mare by the name of Mer Verde, a French born artist, sadly however ... she too pass on and a month from their wedding day. All this tragedy in his life Joseph had enough of it... and he has finally decided to take his leave of the courts of Canterlot. Going back to Manehatten he used his contacts there to get what he needed to start his business and with his hodgepodge of skills and vast resources at his disposal he left again to apply it in his new life here in Ponyville.

His past however will not escape him. He tried to keep the residents of Ponyville from knowing his real nature and who he was... fearing that if they knew he was a wealthy noble they'd judge him with preconceptions. However that proved impossible. To his surprise when they found out, he was still greeted warmly and was welcomed to the town despite his poor ruse. It took him some time but he has learned to balance his responsibilities which he had admit to himself he ran from with his new life among the ponies of Ponyville. At times there had been challenges that put Joseph on the brink but now with friends and an ever growing family at his side he feels he can take these challenges on.

Magical Power

Joseph learned alchemy at an early age and it colored his magical abilities as a unicorn. Namely he learned the connective bonds between particles and how by manipulating these bonds can result in amazing feats. Applying magic into the equation creates even more and wilder results! As such in Joseph's case and with his understanding of chemistry and magic theory he developed a few unique spells, many of which involves the use of what he calls "spheres". These spheres are often made of water and after many years of practice and experimentation he discovered that he can extract the components from the air around him. Not only that but he can control it's density, viscosity, and even fill these spheres with water or gasses he can pull from his environment, all the while manipulating them using his natural unicorn telekinesis to move them and alter their shape. Yes they are "bubbles" but they aren't as fragile as you and I might think them to be.

His opinions of others...

- The mane six

Applejack: A dear friend and business partner. He at first thought their relationship would be strictly professional but as time passed they grew closer as companions. Joe feels that in both in good times and bad times he can always count on her. Especially now for she and her family treats him like one of their own. Joe sometimes feel a little jealous over how well her family gets along and wishes his own could put their differences aside. So the fact Applejack treats him like family warms his heart.

Fluttershy: A bit quiet but he sees in her a warm and gentle heart... very motherly. After saving him from being stuck outside in the a lightning storm he is very grateful to Fluttershy. He can't tolerate the idea of anypony upsetting a pony so caring and kind like her.

Pinkie_Pie: She is a bit nutty but in that fun kind of way. He hopes to learn more about her but hasn't had the opportunity to really spend time with this pony. He has heard enough from others to know that she is super sweet to her friends and is a fun loving filly. All the more reasons to like her already.

Rainbow_Dash: Joe thinks she is an amazing friend. Although she seems to goof around allot and despite her seemingly lack of a work ethic she is alright in his book and is happy to count her as a friend. It just seems to him that like nothing can get her down, she is full of excitement and lives everyday for the fullest... She truly knows how to seize the day.

Rarity: She is a delight to Joe. Her grace and her beauty seems to be only matched with by her kindness and her generous spirit. He loves her appreciation in the finer things and thinks she has excellent taste, the suit she made for him is proof enough. Knowing that such a pony is here in Ponyville makes him feel less alone for he knows there aren't many in Ponyville with their same interests. As of late she has become a confidant for Joe and he realized they had become each others sanctuary from the difficulties of being entrepreneurs.

Twilight: Joe thinks she is very level headed and a pleasant pony. He appreciate her intelligence and honestly feels that he can go to her for counsel on any topic or problem. She seems to also have much of the respect in town and he feels she is a natural leader. He doesn't show it but he is a little jealous over her magical ability, but because she uses her ability wisely and expertly to him its only a passing thought. In fact he hopes maybe she can give him a few pointers on how to harness and use more energy. As time passed he found that she seems to had grown respect for him, respect that Joseph cherishes. Joseph is very touched that she cares for him that much. In turn Joseph every now and then likes to do the same and check up on her.

- OCs and Support Casts (In alphabetical order)

AceBreakdown A nice pony. Joe find Ace to be a rather good fellow to speak to though for a while he was rather uncertain to make of his nervousness. Eventually and with very little pressure from Joseph he discovered a number of interesting facts about Ace... facts that he promised to more or less keep to himself about even if one of the facts (that Ace was very attracted to Joesph and had romantic thoughts about him) was in retrospect a bit humorous if not flattering. Either way he became rather quick friends with him and Joe reassured that unlike his previous experiences in Manehatten he will find that most of the ponies of Ponyville are more loving and tolerant then he might had first expected. He hopes in time Ace feels that he is accepted. Lately however his behavior seemed to had change for the worse. He seems to flip-flop from this nice pony he met to... well a jerk. One that has caused his former boyfriend Greasehoof and his adopted son Diskie to run away from him. Can he be saved from himself? Joesph doesn't have an answer for that, but clearly most of the damage is done and irreversible.

Andromeda Such a motherly pony. Joesph meet her awhile back, and after several polite conversations it seemed Andromeda took a shine to him. Joseph at first was merely flattered but as time passed he came to realize she saw right through his smiles and saw the hurt that was in his eyes. He allowed her to know of his pains growing up and the grief he was stricken with. She in turn gave Joseph advice and in her own way helped him avoid a calamity that was to befall on him. For she is a reader of fortunes and learned from reading Joseph's that he had learned Joseph was in danger of losing himself and his noble house... her warnings lead Joseph into the right direction. Joseph is thankful for her and has felt it was and still is necessary to show his gratitude. All she has to do is ask. He has taken upon himself to learn more about her sons Star_Buck and Auger. Both of them shown to be good stallions and at times Joseph has taken upon himself to check up on them and offer assistance or advice. Now with the birth of her newest daughter between herself and her new husband Tek_Croon Joseph and his wife where offered to be her heart parents... which they gladly accepted.

Chell A kindred spirit to Joe. She is a very intelligent pony who tries so hard to make the most amount of ponies feel better. She sacrifices a lot of her time and energy for others and Joe can relate to that kind of way of living. For Joseph he does much the same and really think they are both very similar, the only real differences between the two of them in his eyes are their slightly different backgrounds and the unique hardships they both faced growing up. Also, Joe sees Chell's magically and physically induced disability of being mute not as a handicap and is highly offended by any pony who tries to treat her poorly or worse "pity" her because of it... even though he does desperately wants to help Chell regain her voice. The idea that for two weeks she had her voice back but to only have it stripped away from her was the worse thing that could happen to any pony and he will seek to use his means to bring her beautiful voice back! Now however with the guard disbanded he noticed a change in her, yes she is spending more time with her mate TigerHeart but she has been spending less and less time out with the general public. He hopes she isn't turning into a shut in... lately though that concern has turned into something else. A letter was given to him implicating of her being of nobility! From all the sounds of the letter and his investigation there is a great inheritance that is being held back from her. It troubles Joseph that her adoptive mother is holding this information back from her. Yes she loves Chell and is only protecting her from the potential trouble it can cause if, but this protection on her isn't helping at all in his opinion. Chell is not a pony who can sit idle and allow things to happen. Like himself they both stand up and take action when the need is great and what greater need is there then to serve one's family and community? As of late he is hearing things about Chell and her demeanor that worries Joseph. One of these things recently was that Chell and Tigerheart had split up and Shine has gone missing. These things are complicated by something Joseph already knows about Chell and honestly its one of the worst kept secrets among their friends, the fact that Chell has developed romantic feelings for Joseph and others and she feels guilty for it ... Despite this Joseph still lovingly embraces Chell and show her there is nothing wrong for her to have these feelings if they are true, because in the end its their friendship and willingness to be selfless for others and do whats right that matters. Joseph knows that no matter how much love he might share and have for Chell nothing would tear him apart from his love for Milagra. As for Chell, Joseph feels that there friendship allowed them accomplish many things together including and most importantly finally after months and months of work... operation song bird was a success. The once mute and "broken" pony can now speak again!

Cornelius A liar, a cheat, and an extremely selfish pony. His machinations alone caused nearly the destruction of the Stuffington noble family for his desire for revenge against his best friend Gregory for an old grudge against him. He can't understand how a pony could spend years and years nearly over half of his life lying to someone about their friendship just so he could find a chance to hurt him when he is down and all of this over the fact that Gem fell in love with Gregory and not Cornelius? Not many ponies ever made Joseph this upset or angry but Cornelius certainly did... he is glad he is now forced by a magical compulsion to only say the truth and as for Cornelius seeking forgiveness? He has a long way to go to earn it from Joseph. However... currently in his weakened and surprisingly very aged state... Joseph wants him to leave in peace so with heavy heart he did eventually forgave him...

CrystalBrookes A young doctor, Brookes is a high spirited mare that Joseph has taken a liking towards. She is seriously dedicated to her job and to her friends. Joseph sees a lot of himself in her, especially when it comes to her work ethic. However he also sees she is a bit of a hot-head and while Joseph has had the restraint to keep his hooves from flying and striking somepony even when they deserve it she will likely punch something at the drop of a hat. Joseph has done his best to impart her the old wisdom that violence begets violence and thus makes a violent solution only one of last resort. He hopes it sticks because not once but a few multiple times now her hit first ask questions later approach in dealing with her problems had landed her in trouble. He also noticed she has taking a liking to Milagra, Joseph can only hope this means for them both a new friendship.

Crystal_Shard Fellow alchemist and a bit of a lovely nutcase... Joseph honestly likes her. Yes she has her quirks but they make her fascinating. She was handicap at a young age with the loss of most of her horn when she was a foal yet she retained her desire to learn about magic. Crystal became a mare that Joseph feels he can honestly say is a better alchemist then him... better as in that she is 100% dedicated to the art while he takes to it only part of his time. Because of this dedication to learn, to explore, and to try out new ideas he loves talking to her about this topic. It makes him smile knowing there is someone else out here who can not only talk about this topic objectionably with him but perhaps engage with him debate, and collaboration on this magical art. She quickly grew on him and he finds that he became fast friends with her. Lately she has agreed to work as a research aid in the field of alchemy for in return of a salary pay. Also she has done him a great favor and acted as his mid-wife for Shadow Orchid and with her help and that with Enigma and a nurses aid herald his twins Daniel_Cobalt and Felicity_Rose into the world. In someways and in Joseph mind she became like family to him despite her protest that it was no big deal. Sadly this fast friendship seems to be hitting a rough patch as of late... long story short she poisoned Joseph and she didn't realize until after the fact why it was wrong... Joseph as hard it is to believe is willing and had more or less forgave her. Frankly he is more worried that her incident with WickedWishes had disturbed her more then he first thought and now with how more and more she has receded away from everyone ... he just doesn't know what to do. Clearly he wants to embrace her and show her that she is his friend but he isn't sure if its enough. You can show a pony water but you can't force them to drink it. Many months had passed and now her future hangs in the balance. One that depends on the friendship of others... And Joseph will step up to her side and put his very reputation on the line if it means he can do her right.

DiamondCharm A lovely lady. Diamond is genuinely a very nice pony and Joseph finds her a lovely pony to talk to. She has charm, wit, and class. In many ways she reminds him of his cousin Scarlet Rose. He is glad the two of them became friends. Joseph does worry a little about her from what his cousin has told him as well as what he overheard from others, her outbursts especially seem to be very passion driven and for such a smart lady she does get over her head a bit. For those reasons Joseph made it abundantly clear if she needs a friend to talk to in private for what ever reason to consider him for those times.

Diskie So much could be said about this little agent of chaos... Joseph at first wasn't sure what to make of him. A crazy ... thing ... that really worked hard to intrude itself into his life and the lives of many of his friends. It took a long time and a lot of patience on Joseph's part to learn more about who and what Diskie is. With this knowledge and after many little conversations with him he found himself honestly liking him. Diskie has taken himself to call Joseph "Mr. Order" and seems to run to Joseph when he is confused about some of the more "serious" things in life. Joseph make it clear to him that if he ever needs guidance that he can rely on him... and Joseph had thought about it but if it is possible he is willing to become his new legal guardian if it means Diskie can have some stability in his life.

Enigma A cousin and a wonderful one at that. Not saying that his other cousins are not but of all of them, it was this one he felt the most connection too and most protective of. Enigma, otherwise known as Aaricia is a black beauty from another noble family who... due to misfortune... lost their status and influence. She was however not that cared for by this pure unicorn family line for she is an Earth pony. She spent many years in an orphanage in Canterlot, saddened by her state of being. Eventually however a loving couple from the House of Regulus found her and decided to have her a daughter, one that they couldn't have on their own. She was introduced to Joseph as well and the two of them became fast playmates and Joseph had something of a brother/sister relationship with her. For the only ponies he really had grown up to play with where his cousins. As the years pass they both grew but they kept fond memories of one another. Every joyful moment, every tragedy, every success, every failure she was there for him and he was there for her. Now a days she is far more independent but still every now and then she needs the calm words of her "Joey" and maybe a tender hug to reassure her that she is alright. For all their growing not a lot had changed between each other and frankly neither of them mind it. In fact it gives them comfort to know that no matter how much they do change, their relationship as friends and family hasn't.

Fairy_Dust She is such a sweet heart and Joe feels protective of her. She has shared some of her very hurt feelings to him and being in Joe's nature to not turn a pony away in need he had offered to her a place to stay at his home while she sorts things out. Joe feels that he needs to bring this girl out of her shell a bit, have her feel that she is allowed to have fun. He loves to see this pony smile and hear her laugh because it seems to Joe she doesn't to much of either and when he does bring a little happiness to any pony it always makes Joe feel he is doing right in the world. Maybe as time goes on he will get her to open up more but until then he is happy to have this shy and beautiful pony as his friend and housemate. As of late he worries about her. He didn't realized until it was too late that she was in fact in love with him, and now there is strain in their relationship. He still wants to aid her and help her find out the truth behind her cutie mark but what then? What are they if not just house mates? ... Sadly its been over a month since she has disappeared from Ponyville... he isn't sure where she went and she left with out even saying goodbye... Such is life but it does bring a little sorrow in his life as he truly did want to help her... even if he was to late to realize the love she had for him.

Filthy_Rich Owner of Barnyard Bargains, Joseph regards him a practical business pony. He was always impressed by this gentlecoat's way around the all mighty bit and how he made it work for him. Filthy owns and operates one of the best distribution and wholesale stores he has ever seen. Family own and operated Filthy has a lot of pride in his work and Joseph can relate. Often they compare notes and their successes and gauge one another in friendly rivalry in who can make the bigger profits in the quarter. Other times they talk about their familes, which he dare say would wonder how that daughter of his became so ... well spirited and un-bashful about the money her family has. Currently they had joined forces with their business minds and with Cresendo_Kite's resources as well as their own they now have opened a yet to be named LLC business related to Joseph's Bottling operation.

Fyrelight A secretive pony but for good reason. Joseph hired him by Zane's recommendation as a chef. His skills in cooking and kitchen duties is rather vast for a pony who claims to had no formal practice. Joseph however noticed immediately that Fyrelight for all his politeness and humility he is suffering both deep culture shock and is scared of something. With a little pressure he finally got the truth out of him and a deep secret. Joseph accepts him despite his secret and told him in his family he will find sanctuary. In return he suddenly finds himself with a second body guard and despite his distant approach Joseph treats Fyrelight as a good friend. He knows his past haunts Fyre but he hopes the shadows of those days are now going to be long behind him... but only time will tell. As they learned one another better he watches as a blossoming relationship happens between him and his cousin Enigma. He wants to help foster this relationship and let it grow. Its clearly good for both of them and anything he can do to help these two Joseph will do it in a heartbeat.

Gem: A one time annoyance and now a friend. Gem came to this town of Ponyville under mysterious reasons. At first Joe thought not well of her, unhappy with her treatment of others and acting as if he is privileged to everything. She was the kind of pony he had avoided to be like his whole life. However as time passed he discovered her motivations and even grew sympathy to her plight. She was deeply hurt and only wanted to be reunited with her family, her daughter and husband who are both lost to her. Joe did what he can to help her for first out of sympathy but then... out of love and friendship. She changed so much since then and became kinder, gentler and humble... he regards Gem as a deep and personal friend, and at one point a pony who he could love ... but this is a love that can not be and they both knew it. Destiny might had brought them together but fate and duty drove their hearts apart. For now they are friends and Joe wants to support her and keep to his word that he will bring her family back together... some how. And he did! It was glorious and one of the most happiest moments he has ever seen... Now comes the newest question... what will keep them together?

Greasehoof Either this pony is a potentially good for the town, or he is a troublemaker ... Joseph at this time is undecided. What he has heard about him and the little contact he had made both makes Joe very uncertain of how to think about him. There had been complaints he had overheard about Grease and most of these complaints had been about Grease's argumentative nature. Obviously this has not won him any favors from anypony (Namely in one incident he heard from Mrs. Cake, Grease threw around heated nails in her store of all things attacking ponies who where trying to stop him when arguing with one adobehoof). He has also heard about how he had went to the aid of a few ponies in need and they seem to appreciate it very much. Either way Joseph has his eye on this one. As of late he grew a little respect for him... but he still wants to keep him at arms length. He has a suspicion that anger problem of his has not and will never be resolved any time soon or easily.

Hemlock a strange mare... but one Joseph has grown attached to. Funny really because you could've sworn when they first met that she wanted to do something wicked and unmentionable to him... well maybe that was real then but over time Joseph learned of her quirks and her personality. She deep down is like any other pony out there. Desires love, acceptance, community... and for Joseph it was a big challenge to openly embrace Hemlock. At one point he did in fact had to make this choice. Hemlock sought him out and wanted to know what sort of relation is she going to have with him given her commitment and love for Lucian, his cousin. She wasn't sure if he would accept or reject her for all her previous actions under the influence of the being going only by red_eyes. Joseph took a leap of faith and embraced her. Literally. He hugged her and showed her a physical openness to the mare. A sign of trust that he would think this blind mare would respect and so happens she did. Since that day they only grew closer and became more and more like family. He knows she is still a snake in their den of lions but she is loves this family and will do anything to protect what she gained... Joseph himself would too.

Iona The first day he meet Iona he fell head over hooves for her. He had tried to court her but found as time passed and after some deep conversations with Iona, he came to realize his feelings for her was misplaced love Joe had for his fiance Mer Verde, who had passed on a year ago. Never the less, Joe considers her a good friend and wishes to learn more about her still, feeling they both have a lot in common. He thinks as well that Iona is an excellent judge in character and takes her advice about other ponies and how things are between them very seriously. Also she makes some excellent cookies and tea and an expert at the art of conversation, thus he enjoys her company very much. Jossph finds her transformation magic to be a mix blessing. In many ways it makes it a tad bit difficult to talk to her because a lot of the time she gets way into character for what ever she is making herself appear as. But at the same time it makes her happy and she never had used her power in an abusive or mean spirited way, in fact many of the time it was entertaining and fun to see how others react to her. He especially likes it when she lets him be "in" on the joke. She now works for him at the restaurant as the manager of all front end operations, freeing Joe to take care of financial and creative endeavors for his business. In many ways this is a great favor to Joseph and frees him of a lot of stress and he is very thankful of her... and in an odd about way, with how close she and her siblings have gotten to Joseph... its like they are family to him... Even after her great reveal of her true form being a changeling queen Joseph still loves and embraces this mare. He was shocked like any of course over this revelation however? He truly believes her words and actions before. He trusts her and will continue to trust her.

Jester A great friend and now his personal liaison. Jester is an interesting pony to Joe. The first day he met him, Jester had out right confessed to him that he was a huckster from Canterlot who ran afoul with the criminal element and that he was a con-artist. After some words where exchanged and he discovered this poor pony was on the path of redemption Joe decided to help him out... No pony is beyond help and he took a gamble with him. Joe soon discovered he had befriended the most loyal and trustworthy pony he has ever met. So much so he had named him his first and thus his private assistant. Joe's can't think of any other pony he might trust as much as he does Jester. After meeting his family Joseph has made efforts to help "normalize" his family relations, wanting Jester aka Clay to be happy. In many ways Jester is becoming Joseph's protege and little does he knows it Joe had made plans that if something dreadful where to ever happen to him 52nd and Mane will be left to him and Iona. He is also very happy to see him and Skyblaze together... the tow of them seem so very compatible. He wonder if the day comes and he asks for her hoof in marriage if he might be the best Stallion? Until then he will keep that to himself as he does not want the Armwings to think his is being pushy with that potential union. Lately he noticed his right hoof stallion has been under a lot of pressure and he seems to challenge himself to more and more tasks that are both in Joseph's name as well as in his own. He worries he might be overwhelmed. He will help him not over extend himself. Though their friendship was tested, and so was Jester's loyalty... In the end of the Darkdays incident they grew closer and now Joseph refers to Jester as Clay and Clay has his Joseph's permission to call him Joey so long they aren't in public. You'd think things are going perfect for these two right? ... Nope ... somehow something from Clay's past is chasing after him. Joseph knew when he took him on as his first that he had a criminal past. He thought it was all behind him and that the crimes he had committed as a con-artist was over. Apparently something was pinned to him. Joseph wants to help him desperately but before he was even aware of this Clay ran away, left cryptic clues about what happened, resigned from his post and ... was just gone. Joseph is upset, angry, and distraught but ... he can't afford to appear weak to anyone nor could he investigate any of this personally or it might cause him and his house great trouble. He was caught in a rock and a hard place once again with Clay. He is looking for answers but very carefully, he does not want to lose the defense of "plausible deniability" if the worse happens and Clay is caught before these charges can be lifted from him. The long and the short of it? He eventually freed himself from this position, left the 52nd, opened his own place in town called "The Press" with Duo... had the most significant thing happen in his life! A birth of his very own child... and then fearing his past will catch up to him and affect his family and friends he went into hiding again... He hopes one day he will return.

KiteCres An honorable pegasus, Joe thinks rather highly of him and considers him a good friend. Joe thinks that Kite seems to have all the potential skills necessary to lead yet is frustrated over the fact it seems Kite would rather sit back and let others take command even when he is a better fit. Joe even went so far to plug the idea into his head that Kite should be more then just a guard captain but something like a sheriff and really use his force of personality and the respect he has earned to help the pony populace. But he values him to much as a friend to be pushy on this issue, and he does see a method to his ways. As time passed his constant devotion and his big heart shown Joe time and time again that KitCress was a pony that he can not only depend on but a pony who truly earned a kind of brotherly love from him. Now with him no longer the head of the now defunct guard he worries he might had lost his purpose... but he will be there to support Kite as long as he needs him. Seeing that now he is with Apple_Bumpkin however he worries a lot less now.

Lucian Joseph always remembered him as a cold, stern and calculating, strategist and planner... but something has made him more ruthless and with out sympathy for anyone. Growing up they where often paired up together much to his own displeasure for while Joseph wanted to go and play games like normal colts would with one another Lucian either wanted to play chess, study, or when he least expect it spook and pull pranks on Joseph. Now as adults it seemed little has changed except for when finally when Lucian after he had lost to a duel to in his attempt to usurp Joseph by sword no less Lucian has now finally see the true strength in character and leadership in him. Lucian however is far from over in his attempts to undermine his cousin... and every attempt to stop him from one plan seems to grow a new one in its wake. It seems he is always up to a new plan that grows from the ashes of the old... a constant game of calling check while Joseph moves in defense of his pieces. One day Joseph hopes this game will be over and finally one of them will be the total victor but the outcome is still murky. Then again... he might be able to end this stupid game where they are both winners ... and it will all be in thanks to Hemlock.

MacabreHaze A strange one... Joseph wasn't sure what to make of his odd looks and mannerisms. He seems to be almost off and unfit as if he is trying to rediscover ... well everything! However Joseph admires his willingness to help others despite his appearance which is a bit fearsome and almost beast like. He tries very hard to make others around him happier and risks his body for anyone. Joseph doesn't know if he will or can get the whole story about who he is and what happened to him. Honestly he feels that Haze himself has not idea and maybe it is for the best.

Mayday Joe has meet a lot of ponies in Ponyville. Many of them are very helpful and friendly and selfless. But Mayday takes the concept of being selfless to a whole new level. She seems able to put any and all of her personal desires and wants aside for any pony and she just helps everyone no matter how she may feel about them. Joe is amazed by her selflessness and her ability to reach out to others even in her own awkward way. There had been times Joe would've possibly had given up and moved on if it wasn't for Mayday and her encouragement. Joe hopes that she does well and thinks she is a model citizen of Ponyville... but she does need to think about herself every now and then... it must be stressful being able to drop everything for everypony else. He also wonders how she puts up with Iona's antics. Yes they are funny but sometimes he just really want to talk to "Iona" and not her personas she adopts when she is transformed. Then again that must speak volumes of their relationship that she can not only tolerate these forms but encourage them and support her.

Moon_Star A bit of a sad pony. Joseph doesn't know a whole lot about her but the little he has heard from and seen tells him she has quite the story to tell and he wonders if anyone ever really did heard the whole story. For now she seems stable and for the most part happy. She also has been described to Joseph as an idealist who feels there should be more fairness by everyone. Joseph admires that she somehow manages to keep such a view when in reality not everything can be fair. He hopes sincerely that things go well for this young mare and that she find her way in life.

Obsidian A stalwart, direct yet oddly polite pony. For a long while Joseph has heard of this pony and knew of his existence. However unless it involved their common friend Rarity they rarely crossed paths. Things recently had changed. Obsidian during a daring adventure who went with him and Shadow to retrieve a rare reagent Obsidian spoke in length to Joseph about his origins, about his dragon blood lineage and most importantly his love for his cousin Scarlet. Joseph made it clear to him he is more then happy to allow them to see one another but to know that he will not tolerate any mistreatment to his fair and loving cousin. So far Obsidian has been nothing but a gentlecolt to her and has earned Joseph's trust... but neither the less Joseph keeps a close eye on Scarlet and this developing romance.

Octavia Joe is having a hard time figuring out this pony. He has seen her many times and has tried to talk with her but it seems she is always up to something and always in trouble with some pony. He can't understand why she acts the way she does yet he can never seem to find the words or the time to express his concern over her. Joe thinks she acts the way she does to drive everypony away from her and that means to Joe that there is something deeply troubling Octavia. It is in Joe's nature to help out other ponies but this one might take the cake as he had seen others who tried to help her or gotten close to her eventually was hurt by her actions in some way or another. So he takes approaching her with some measure of caution. He sees an opportunity however to help her as of late. He had intervene in her favor from what would've been a lengthy prison sentence. She now works under and for Iona at the restaurant as a server, he has also made it mandatory that every so often they have "reviews" which really are just talks between him and her. Joseph thinks deep down she has incredibly difficult trust issues... so he wants to show her that there are a far greater number of ponies she can trust then she previously thought before.

PlatinumSpark/Axl/the whole Starcade_Guild These Acadian ponies ... Joseph has many mixed feelings about them. Of the two that stand out the most its PlatinumSpark (who Joseph heard by many refer to him simply as Sparky) and Axl. Sparky seems to be well meaning, genuinely helpful, and well received by many. Joseph for the most part likes him because he is willing to listen to reason when given to him. But he does question ... what does he do? He sees him often just hanging on other ponies roof tops and doing much of nothing. He says he isn't apart of this guild he keeps speaking of but he is one of the first to come to speak for the guild's defense and justify their being in town. Then their is Axl... Where Sparky is often calm and collected Axl is unpredictable. He could be for a long week a very reasonable pony, then next? Overtly sensitive and emotional. Joseph thinks there are some deep seeded trust issues in this one and when his world view is even slightly shaken up he reacts very strongly to it. He hopes that Axl finds balance in his life and peace. As for the rest of the guild of Acadians, he knows of Noland for he worked with him, by far the most intelligent and reasonable of the bunch and has a true sense of purpose... he pitty Noland because it sounds to him he is hearding cats when it comes to their charter members. Glyde, he has a low opinion of him... what with his obsession with tornadoes. Joseph had to stop him from causing pure havok at Sweet Apple Acres with those mini tornadoes when they first meet... He still isn't happy over those days even if he did calm down. The others he doesn't know as well to make a real opinion of them.

ProfessorWhoof A well meaning, sometimes annoying busy body. Joseph honestly likes him and considers him a good friend. He does however finds his way to just 'Pop' into things a bit of an annoying habit. If he is going to interject himself into Joseph's business he would prefer a bit of a warning. He has found when push comes to shove and if you need a friendly bit of advice or even an extra pair of hooves to get things moving along he is always willing to help and he admires that. Now him and his wife RavenShadow who Joseph really has no opinion of... which is a crime really, he suspects she is a great pony but thats only because Orion tells him so... but their daughter certainly makes Orion happy. He accepted his request to be the child's heart parent. He hopes however for his daughter's sake that he never has to taken on the full role of parent to this child.

Sandy_Rivers Simply put? She hates Joseph... pure and simple. In her presumptions and her own personal dislike of all things highsociety types she believes that Joseph is an evil, corrupt and vile force. That he is seeping his influence into Ponyville for some sick personal gain. She has always been very vocal about it and has taken every opportunity to drag Joseph's name through the mud. While these feelings of hers are real for her it pains Joseph to think someone could so misinterpret him. Nothing he says or does is good enough to repair this warped image she has constructed of him. It bothers Joseph greatly because he does understand how his public image affects how others treat him. He knows that even though ponies deep down aught to judge others based on their actions and who they are on the inside they will make their own assumptions and snap decisions based on what they see on the outside. And if someone out there could look to Joseph who is a philanthropist, a friend to many, and a community pillar as a corrupt, evil, snobbish fiend in disguise?... Well it does make him a bit self-concise and even wary of who and what he is. He knows he can't make everyone happy, and no pony aught to... but Joseph feels that if he can at least get this one pony to see him for who he truly is then perhaps its worth it... so far its an uphill battle and one he wonders if he aught to just give up on. But of course Joseph is a stubborn pony isn't he?

Scarlet Joseph's cousin and sister to Lucian. Where Lucian is cold and unfeeling, Scarlet has her heart on her sleeve. Always wanting to live life to the fullest she is always on the look out of ponies like herself who want to party, gossip, and look there best. Where ever she goes she has a tendency to create these gossip circles and she tends to them. She enjoys the thrills of it and more importantly the attention. Lately she has come to terms seeing how she isn't going to be young forever and needs to make a move to find a suitable Stallion to have a serious relationship with. By that she means someone who can treat her right, be upstanding and noble ... not these poor excuses for men she has been given by her father to pick. Joseph has given her sanctuary at his home and provides her enough buffer from her and her father to finally give the poor mare some breathing room to be herself and under nopony's strict eye and hooves. She is grateful for this and tries so hard to please her cousin and his friends for being so kind to her. Also there are rumors going about that she and Obsidian are starting to see one another regularly, is this true? You have to ask her. But of course, Joseph knows.

Scraggly/Loneheart: Joe thinks that Scraggly has come a long way since he has first meet him. At first he did pity him feeling sorry for his lot but as time passed and conversations where had he sees that this timid and awkward pegasus does have strength in his character. He is happy to see he has accomplished so much and gained real good friends of his own so he feels a little protective and even proud of him but when he sees Scraggly beat himself up or worse yet choose to sleep in a street he gets upset at him and will not stand for it. His brother Loneheart on the other hoof is a cad and a no good bully in Joe's mind. He wants to see that unicorn humbled by his brother, perhaps that will be the only thing to get that smug unicorn to stop acting so poorly to everypony. Now seeing him married to Seabreeze Joseph thinks he sees a whole new colt... no ... stallion in him. He wishes for the two of them a happy marriage and if they ask of him for any help more then likely they will get it. However, seems he has completely left town, abandoning his wife, child and everything... It just doesn't make any sense to him. Why would somepony leave such a family behind?

Seabreeze A young and big hearted athlete. Her ways are brash and Joseph would be the first to admit it that he doesn't follow half of the sports lingo she speaks about but he can tell right away she is a tremendously good natured pony. Joseph is more impressed by her spirit and can-do attitude then by her actual skill and ability. In fact Joseph thinks if she puts her mind to in, she could accomplish a whole lot more. But regardless, everything should go at its own pace... And now with her being the wife of one Scraggly he wonders if this fiery spirited mare is going to either settle down or pull that pony out into the light and get him to be more then he sets himself out to be? But that is not the case now. Her being a single parent worries him and he tries his best to make sure the mare knows she has friends and loved ones at her side.

Shadow_Orchid/Milagra_Lilac The love of his life. A lively pony, she seeks to help other ponies to grow their dreams and make them realities. At first he was cautious of her but he soon discovered that she made him feel more alive then he felt for a long time. Her constant flirting and his desire to learn about this mysterious mare led them to be together. It has been a long time since Joseph had truly gave much of his heart to any other pony and she was attracted by Joe's devotion and his powerful inner will to do not only the hard thing but the right thing. Recently he faced Shadow's inner darkness... literally ... Joe had breached through despite all of it's attempts to lie, manipulate and to scare him away and now he is together with her. Only time will tell if this is a love that is meant to be. Every day that has passed since then and every time they spoke Joseph finds more and more reasons to love this mare. If only he can show her its okay to be a more public figure, after all he wants the world to see the love they have for one another. Joseph has made many steps to help her come "into the light" however its a slow and difficult process but he has some moderate success. She has been more open to appearing to his friends, she has been even more welcome to display her affections for him publicly even telling Joseph those oh so important words of "I love you". Then, it came out that she is pregnant with his child... or rather children. With her pregnancy underway Joseph wants to make an honest woman out of her and plans to marry Shadow soon, but will he be able to do so in time and would she say yes? That thought did worried him. He planed and his plan is simple... he is going to slowly introduce her to the idea of being more public, shower her with love and affection, give her gifts of courtship (( So far a rare flower, his cuff-links which are now her earrings, a stunning platinum necklace and a beautiful dress )) and when the time is right... he will pop the question. Lets hope for the best! It did finally happen, he proposed to her after a great harrowing moment for the two of them and right before Princess Celestia herself! And now after so long and so many trials and difficulties... Joseph and Shadow are now the parents of two lovely and beautiful foals, Daniel Cobalt and Felicity Rose... they couldn't be prouder parents to bring these beautiful foals into the world and she is now his wife. With her at his side he is on top of the world. Their relationship is almost like a fairy tale... they will have their happily ever after but he has a funny feeling there are plenty more adventures before them, as lovers, as friends, as parents and more... And that adventure is now one of self discovery for Shadow as she reconnects herself to the identity she has long abandoned, that of Milagra_Lilac.

Shinula A lovely zebra and good friend. For her lack of social graces Joe loves to talk and debate science with her. Even though she frowns upon alchemy her perspective on it is a reassuring counter point for him. In some ways the fact she might be one of his favorite equines to talk to about this subject because not only she can follow along but she might have some insight on alternative and more natural non-magical ways to get the same results. Outside of work related conversations, he can tell that Shinula has trouble fitting in even if she has a good grasp of understanding Equestrian etiquette and mannerisms. He hopes to see more of her when she is not busy which like Joe seems to be a lot of the time. Also he finally found out she developed a relationship with one named Marl. He is rather tickled over this and hopes for the best.

Sonic_Blitz Such a youthful colt! Joseph loves hearing about this kid's exploits. He is a fast learner, a stalwart friend to other foals, an athlete, a stellar flyer, and in Joseph's eyes has a very bright future ahead of him. Joseph sees that Sonic is at that difficult age where he is not quite a foal anymore but not yet a stallion. A lot of things are going to be confusing for him. Joseph hopes that with the family and friends he surrounds himself with he will grow up to be one amazing stallion. To that endeavor Joseph pushes him in his studies, especially in literature hoping it will stimulate him to expand his horizons. For his efforts Sonic affectionately call Joseph "Uncle Joey" ... And Joseph is very endeared to this youth for it.

Thunder_Ball is a solider and a sad story... Joseph had heard his story from many sources and from the pony himself. But it isn't his story that worries him. Its his goals... or lack there of. Thunder_Ball demands respect for his pursuit for perfection yet time and time again he had put himself at odds with many ponies. Thunder_Ball says he needs to save everyone and become a perfect solider, guardian... in Joseph's mind what he hears is a pony who wants to become a Tyrant... a God... A God with out emotions and one that will judge everyone and everything under his watchful eye. To punish them under his powerful muscles and menacing brutality if anyone dares stray from his narrow view of what is the right way to live. His fury fuels him to be this way and its what makes him a danger to himself and others. He claims he has control but he had destroyed himself over and over again. Thunder_Ball pushed former loves away, starting with his wife when he left her unanswered for ten years and then again with several others in town that tried to get close to him, trying to be there for them for everything, smothering them with his passion and seeking purpose through them. Heck, Joseph thinks he did the same when Thunder himself had put it "sold his soul" to Nightmare Moon. In his service to her, he tried to smoother her with his loyalty and affection, once more seeking purpose in his now purposeless life. A life he himself made in his pursuit for perfection. His fury and passion and his inability to contain them and direct them appropriately is the catalyst of all his problems and thus... Joe truly pities him. Does he think however he can be saved? Yes... Joseph thinks so but it will take more then just one pony to show him the error of his ways and to let go of all that anger and hate, not to mention him having such a legacy issue...

VarienQuill Is not sure exactly what to make of this pony. At first he shown him every reason to distrust, be disgusted, and be annoyed with this pony's intrusive and frankly rude mannerisms. He expects ponies to have a certain set of standards but Varien was reproachable in how he conducted himself in public. Always smirking, always staring ... honestly Joseph thinks his being creepy is very off putting and he wonders how on Earth that this self professed journalist succeeded in his career with his very poor social skills. Lately however, Joseph noticed that Varien has been making an effort to change his public image. A lot of the things that annoyed and brought to Joseph distrust of him has started to die down. However Joseph is a bit on his guard when around him and rather keep this reporter at arms length. He knows what he did at Twilight's house which he still and never will forgive him for, he knows how Varien lost his job back in Manehatten and the ponies he made upset with his slanderous reporting, and he knows that unless Joseph is direct with him and honest that Varien will have trouble adjusting to his new life in Ponyville. Call it a fault on Joseph's nature but despite Varien's faults Joseph still wants him to do better and succeed. His idea of a magazine business if it takes off can bring about a new money into the town. He hopes the advice he has given him turns things around but Joe won't make any promises he can keep. Leave that to the ponies who deal with statistics.

Wormwood He... she... This androgyny pony has quiet the interesting story to tell. At first Joseph wasn't sure what to make of Nicole and Nicholas Wormwood. In fact for awhile he though they where two different ponies entirely. But after a little exposure to them He found out they are one and the same. Wormwood wants help from Joseph, namely an endorsement and perhaps some financial backing but Joseph was worried that Wormwood was holding back some very important truths about their past. For awhile there was just no grounds for him to stand on with them... so they went out on their own. Recently however they suffered mercury poisoning and came to Joseph's door. He helped to cure Wormwood and now finally after so long Wormwood is slowly revealing the whole story to him.

Zane Joseph met him recently and he is glad to have him as an employee and as a friend. He is a talented bartender with amazing flair and panache. He also seems to be able to give anypony he talks to good advice and a chance to feel more at ease. But underneath this cool demeanor lays the heart of a pony in grief ... Joseph knows grief himself. Zane is angry and needs a friend. He is happy to see that Fyrelight has been such a good friend. They are so opposite of one another but it works out. Also Zane has offered himself as a bodyguard... Joseph accepted this offer and had found Zane is more then willing to put himself between him, his family, his friends from bodily harm... All and all Joseph hopes that Zane knows that Joseph thinks of him more then just an employee but also as a trusted friend.

More is to come!