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Name: Octavia "Melody" G
Location: Ponyville
Species: Earth Pony Musician
Current Residence: The Octave

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(WiP, contents subject to change pending player's laziness)

Octavia is a thin gray Earth Pony with a lengthy charcoal gray mane and tail. Her demeanor can appear aloof and condescending, but beneath lies a charitable and well-meaning soul. Having spent most of her life practicing her music, studying, and interacting with the well-to-do; she tends to behave formally, albeit warmly, around others. With friends, she prefers to play the straight-mare to any antics, and can have difficulty expressing feelings to those closer to her.

Her cutie mark is a purple treble clef symbolizing her devotion to her musical studies. She is a musician from the Celestial Music Conservatory in Canterlot; and was chosen for her talents and dedication to perform in the quartet for the Grand Galloping Gala. Since then, she has enjoyed a fulfilling - if somewhat demanding - career. The only thing Octavia loves about as much as her art, is enjoying time with her friends.

When it suits her, Octavia greatly enjoys playing the "Eccentric Artist" and dabbles in all manner of strange idiosyncrasies and pass-times. Deep down, she isn't all that complex or different from other Ponies; but that doesn't keep her from putting on airs or acting out!

Profile Art by Hua

- "Oh, no, I had private tutors and attended a prestigious university. The local library is where I go to harass the librarian and check out copies of books I already own - in order to prevent others from reading them."
- "Octavia you are under arrest you cannot just order a meal!" "I am getting it to go."


Is wearing her bow-tie, as usual! a charcoal-colored duster, black stetson, lavender bandanna, cowboy boots w/ spurs, and two hip holsters! apple costume french maid's outfit a charcoal colored 3-piece suit with a smashing pink necktie, and a red flower in the buttonhole of the collar. Along with this, she has a matching short-brimmed fedora atop her head.


Gumption: 1 -
Quickness: 2 -
Excitement: 2 -
Smartness: 5 -
Caring: 3 -
Total: 13
Cutie Mark: Treble Clef - Octavia gets a +1 on rolls involving music, for which she usually uses Smartness, due to her classical bent and analytical approach.
HP - 3
MP - 8
SP - 5