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Species: Pegasus
Retconned back a few months. For reasons.

While of unknown Origin, Oni does have a simple enough specialty. Namely, he's especially good at shaping clouds, or even using them for things. They still have to be around for him to do his work, but he's quite good at it. He can even solidify cloud structures rather nicely, the same way that most of clouds dale has been constructed.

His attitude? Generally cheerful and easygoing. Lazy one moment, energetic the next. He loves getting in and out of trouble at times, but he's also known to think about things a good deal.

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Green Week Badge:

Oni Sorasousha
A pegasus from the Neigh-Pon Cloud archipellago. He's particularly talented when it involves just about anything with clouds, and he generally tries to make friends as best he can.

Gumption: 2 - He's not terribly strong, but he's not completely helpless.
Quickness: 2 - He's not the fastest Pegasi, but he's not _too_ slow either.
Excitement: 2 - He's got to have at least some energy to get his projects done!
Smartness: 5 - He's extremely intelligent, and more often than not his innovations with designs are what make the things he makes out of clouds, special.
Caring: 2 - He cares about things, but he's very easily distracted by his projects, generally being busy, and while he isn't apathetic, he tends to overlook things in that "guy way."
Friendship: 1 - He's pretty new in town and has only made a few friends

Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a simple cloud. It represents his ability to manipulate and craft clouds, however, and despite being a rather plain mark, he's smart enough to know how to do a lot with it. His cutie mark stat is Smartness.

HP - 4
MP - 7
SP - 6

Amazing Oni by Mayday

Sali style Oni Sketch!